Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 4

Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log

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Session 4


TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup

Part 2: The Trance

Part 3: The Adventure

Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup

colleen: hello
mind_mistress: Hello πŸ™‚
colleen: how are you today
mind_mistress: Good πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: and you?
colleen: feeling well
colleen: had some stange dreams last night. Probobly thinking about todays session
mind_mistress: yes? Do tell
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: well I was dreaming that I was changing
colleen: I was starting to grow small breasts
colleen: was more fem
colleen: kinda weird
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
colleen: but I was liking it
colleen: somewhat erotic
colleen: actually very erotic
mind_mistress: And we were at the Magical Girl Transformation Sequence ;))
colleen: yes
colleen: strange, huh.
mind_mistress: you know the reference?
colleen: no
mind_mistress: It refers to japanese animation
mind_mistress: Magical Girl is a genre
mind_mistress: like Sailor Moon
colleen: oh. haven’t seen much animee
colleen: Magical Girl sounds interesting though
colleen: what’s it about?
mind_mistress: Have you seen any ?
colleen: very little, bits and pieces
mind_mistress: It’s typically a schoolgirl, and then there’s this typical transformation sequence with dance and flashy lights πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: She has no powers, until she does the special trigger thing to transform…
colleen: I see
mind_mistress: If She-Ra was a teen or kid, she would qualify… she has the transformation sequence ;))
colleen: ok πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: By the honor of Greyskull! I have the power!
colleen: I remember Greyskull and She-Ra and He-Man
mind_mistress: yup
colleen: it was a fun dream. I hope I have more
mind_mistress: Magical Girl style is such that teens and kids can relate to it…
mind_mistress: I’m sure you will…
colleen: you think I will?
mind_mistress: Sure
colleen: Cool! πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: The thing with dreams is remembering them πŸ™‚
colleen: they can sometimes be difficult to remember
colleen: particularly if you wake up feeling rushed
mind_mistress: Most of the dreams we have we don’t remember…
mind_mistress: it’s usually just the last one or two at best
colleen: yes
colleen: it’s a pity
mind_mistress: All right, so let’s see where we’re at…
colleen: but if we remembered them all it might be overwhelming
mind_mistress: Perhaps, but it would feel more like I’m doing something while I sleep πŸ™‚
colleen: yes it would
colleen: as I recall, I was standing by the window in moonlight
mind_mistress: yup
mind_mistress: This should be fun πŸ™‚
colleen: the transformation begining
colleen: yes πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Okay, ready to start?
colleen: you are plotting, aren’t you
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: yes ready

Part 2 – The Trance

mind_mistress: so as you’re sitting there…
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen…
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body…
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing…
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow it is…
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep…
mind_mistress: and you can start feeling…
mind_mistress: the reddish liquid inside…
mind_mistress: kinda heavy…
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow…
mind_mistress: and filled with it…
mind_mistress: feeling it more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: cool and heavy…
mind_mistress: and paying attention inside the feet…
mind_mistress: to the heavy reddish liquid…
mind_mistress: you can start feeling the tingling…
mind_mistress: That’s right…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: enjoying the feelings of trance…
mind_mistress: and do you feel it in the feet already?
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and spreading…
mind_mistress: from the feet…
mind_mistress: into the ankles…
mind_mistress: and soon the calves…
mind_mistress: with every breath more and more,…
mind_mistress: and while it spreads in the lower body…
mind_mistress: tingling… heavy…. cool…
mind_mistress: you can pay attention to the hands…
mind_mistress: feeling inside the hands….
mind_mistress: the reddish liquid…
mind_mistress: getting more and more…
mind_mistress: pleasantly heavy and relaxing….
mind_mistress: and getting tingly…
mind_mistress: more and more….
mind_mistress: enjoyably…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and from the hands…
mind_mistress: spreading…
mind_mistress: to the wrists…
mind_mistress: and soon the lower arms…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet are you tingly now?
colleen: to the chest
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and opening the feet now…
mind_mistress: in the toes…
mind_mistress: to let the reddish liquid drain
mind_mistress: from the feet…
mind_mistress: so they can become enjoyably.,..
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: draining the feet…
mind_mistress: and soon the lower legs….
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: and while the lower body drains…
mind_mistress: you can open the palms….
mind_mistress: letting the hands drain…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: draining away more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and as you drain…
mind_mistress: does it feel lighter or heavier?
colleen: heavier
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: draining the hands…
mind_mistress: and arms…
mind_mistress: sooo nicely blank…
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet are you empty numb now?
colleen: stomach
colleen: chest
mind_mistress: Mmmm
mind_mistress: so nice…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: and from the nape too…
mind_mistress: draining the head and neck…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: draining and fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: into the blankness of trance…
mind_mistress: fading more and more…
mind_mistress: letting go…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: so nice…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: and what is left of you now?
colleen: nothing
mind_mistress: Very good…

Part 3 – The Adventure

mind_mistress: and drifting now…
mind_mistress: to that place…
mind_mistress: in Londinium…
mind_mistress: at the window…
mind_mistress: in the Crow’s Rest Inn…
mind_mistress: in the moonlight…
mind_mistress: and do you see yourself there as the trader Wode?
mind_mistress: wearing the moon medallion…
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: drifting closer…
mind_mistress: seeing more clearly…
mind_mistress: until you get sooo close…
mind_mistress: you drift into your body…
mind_mistress: seeing the moonglow… our of your own eyes…
mind_mistress: and feeling your body…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: all the way in…
mind_mistress: And can you feel your body now?
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and you can feel the glow of the moon…
mind_mistress: cool and whitish…
mind_mistress: covering you…
mind_mistress: and envelopping you…
mind_mistress: more and more…
colleen: cool and blue/white
mind_mistress: freezing you to the spot…
mind_mistress: yesss….
mind_mistress: whitish blue…
mind_mistress: envelopping you…
mind_mistress: as if in a cool liquid blanket…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: and Brigit says: “This should be fun to watch” πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: and the liquid moonlight seeps into your body….
mind_mistress: more and more…
colleen: what are you doing to me?!
mind_mistress: “Me? Nothing.”
mind_mistress: and you can feel as if your flesh is becoming liquid…
mind_mistress: malleable…
colleen: what’s happening?
mind_mistress: flowing…
mind_mistress: “The medallion is doing plenty though…”
mind_mistress: and the mass of your chest…
mind_mistress: is rearranging…
colleen: I try to move to remove it
mind_mistress: you can’t move…
mind_mistress: it just makes you ripple when you try to move
mind_mistress: the mass of your chest moving up to the front…
mind_mistress: creating a weight upon your smaller chest…
mind_mistress: of two mounds…
mind_mistress: weighing…
mind_mistress: like water…
mind_mistress: and then your head…
mind_mistress: shrinking…
mind_mistress: reforming…
colleen: what’s going on?
mind_mistress: and lengthening in the hair…
mind_mistress: “You’re becoming a serving wench for me”
mind_mistress: “Just like we agreed…”
colleen: stop it!
mind_mistress: feeling your long liquid hair….
mind_mistress: flowing down your back…
colleen: I never agreed to this!
mind_mistress: as your shoulders draw in…
mind_mistress: and your arms shrink…
mind_mistress: and your fingers slim….
mind_mistress: shimmering tingling….
mind_mistress: pinpricks…
mind_mistress: and melting coolness…
colleen: oooh
mind_mistress: feet and legs…
mind_mistress: reshaping…
mind_mistress: as the watery mass moves up…
colleen: feeling weaker
mind_mistress: to your pelvis…
mind_mistress: widening your hips…
mind_mistress: and ass…
mind_mistress: and you glance at Brigit…
mind_mistress: and she doesn’t seem shorter than you anymore…
mind_mistress: she seems the same size as you…
colleen: no
colleen: I’m changing
mind_mistress: feeling your waist flowing down into your hips…
mind_mistress: very wide hips!
mind_mistress: Childbearing hips, you think….
mind_mistress: Oh no!
colleen: you can’t do this to me!
mind_mistress: “I’m not doing anything… I’m just watching…”
mind_mistress: she smiles
colleen: you caused this!
mind_mistress: deviously
colleen: WHY!
mind_mistress: “no… you agreed to the deal… ”
mind_mistress: and finally you feel between your legs…
mind_mistress: melting….
colleen: NOT TO THIS I DIDN”T!
mind_mistress: your penis and scrotum melting….
colleen: DON’T!
mind_mistress: and all of a sudden….
mind_mistress: Flowing up inside you!
mind_mistress: Whoosh!!!
mind_mistress: gone!
mind_mistress: She giggles
colleen: OH GOD! NOOO!
mind_mistress: and the changes start slowing…
mind_mistress: fully female and curvy…
mind_mistress: and solidifying….
mind_mistress: coolness fading…
mind_mistress: as you solidify…
mind_mistress: shiver…
colleen: cold
mind_mistress: which sends a ripple into your soft flesh…
mind_mistress: mounds and ass jiggling as you shiver…
mind_mistress: and then it ends…
mind_mistress: and the glow fades…
mind_mistress: she looks you over…
mind_mistress: “Very nice…”
colleen: I’ll get you for this
colleen: Change ME Back! NOW!
mind_mistress: She stares at you blankly
mind_mistress: “Why would I do that?”
colleen: I can’t be like this!
mind_mistress: “Why not?”
colleen: how can I conduct my business as a woman!
colleen: I won’t beable to retrive my goods, my gold
mind_mistress: “You asked to be able to deal in the North… for that you need to be a woman”
mind_mistress: “That was the deal”
mind_mistress: “Oh, don’t be such a baby… you have chits for your gold…”
colleen: but I need to have acess to my spices and goods
mind_mistress: “I’m sure we’ll figure something out” She smiles
colleen: I’ll have nothing to trade
mind_mistress: “Don’t worry about it… I have a few more tricks… ”
mind_mistress: “You’ll be able to get your gold and spices”
mind_mistress: “and trade them in the North, as I promised”
colleen: I didn’t need to be a woman I just needed a woman partner
mind_mistress: “Sorry, I don’t have any women to spare”
colleen: damn you
mind_mistress: “As I said, I need all the women I can get”
mind_mistress: “Now, is that any way to speak to your boss??”
colleen: you took EVERYTHING!
mind_mistress: “If you feel that way about it, then you can forget about the job and go to bed on
the street!”
colleen: now wait…
mind_mistress: “Or sell your body to the Romans for all I care…”
mind_mistress: She turns to leave the room…
colleen: I can’t go on the street like this
colleen: I’ll do as you say
mind_mistress: she turns back
mind_mistress: smiles
mind_mistress: “That’s a good girl”
colleen: I glare at her
mind_mistress: she laughs
mind_mistress: “Okay, so instead of all the blaming…”
mind_mistress: “let’s work to make this work for everyone here”
colleen: what do you want from me?
mind_mistress: “I told you. I need you to be a serving wench for a week”
colleen: allright but then we go North
mind_mistress: she crosses her arms
mind_mistress: and leans on one foot
mind_mistress: “We?”
mind_mistress: “What’s this ‘we’, Saxon man?”
colleen: I need an introduction up North
mind_mistress: “*I* have a business to run…”
colleen: I will be worth your time
mind_mistress: “Oh, I can provide you with something to smooth your business there…”
mind_mistress: “That’s not an issue”
colleen: oh I’m sure you can… like you did this to me?
mind_mistress: “You’ll be recognized and accepted as a serious merchant” πŸ™‚
colleen: lead on
mind_mistress: “I have many resources. I’m just short of wenches” she grins
mind_mistress: “But first, you have to pay for the favor I’ve done you…”
colleen: did you have to take my cock I mumble
mind_mistress: “Women don’t have such things! Watch your language young lady!”
colleen: pay for what you’ve done for me?
mind_mistress: “You ARE a bit dense, aren’t you?”
mind_mistress: “I told you… men aren’t merchants in the North. You wouldn’t have been able to do
business there…”
colleen: bitch
mind_mistress: “That’s it, I’m tired of your attitude! Out!”
colleen: all RIGHT! already
mind_mistress: “Out of my Inn!!”
colleen: I’ll be good
mind_mistress: she looks at you suspiciously
colleen: we have a deal to fullfill
mind_mistress: “Your word you’ll behave?”
colleen: this had better work
colleen: I’ll behave. I won’t like it but I will
mind_mistress: “All right. Then you should get some sleep before your first day at work.”
colleen: fine
mind_mistress: “Is there anything you need to know before I go?”
colleen: what do I wear? my clothes won’t fit now
mind_mistress: “This room belongs to one of my girls who’s away.”
colleen: so?
mind_mistress: “There’s all the clothes you’ll need in the chest”
colleen: lovely
mind_mistress: “combs and mirrors are on the table…”
mind_mistress: “The wash basin and chamberpot are in the corner…”
mind_mistress: “Everything you need” πŸ˜€
colleen: and what will my duties be?
mind_mistress: “you go to the tables, ask people what they want, come to tell me.”
colleen: Everything I need (except my body)
colleen: fine
mind_mistress: “I tell the cook… when it’s ready I bring it out, and you serve”
colleen: alright. is that all?
mind_mistress: “Even a simple Saxon like you should manage that simple task”
colleen: thank-you
mind_mistress: she says it like she doesn’t quite believe you can do it
colleen: I could really learn to hate her
mind_mistress: “Drinks you can serve yourself from the casks”
colleen: are you sure you want to trust me with such a difficult task?
mind_mistress: “I hope this isn’t too much for your male brain to take in” she smirks
mind_mistress: “No”
colleen: I smile back
mind_mistress: “But I’m desperate, and you’ll have to do”
colleen: your trust will not be misplaced *grin*
mind_mistress: “Yeah… right…”
mind_mistress: “Just remember…”
colleen: right!
mind_mistress: “If you don’t like this job…”
mind_mistress: “Sweet Salacia has jobs too…”
colleen: yes?
mind_mistress: she raises an eyebrow
colleen: I’m sure she does
mind_mistress: “You have curves in all the right places… she’d love you, and so would her clients…”
mind_mistress: “Now get to bed wench”
colleen: great
colleen: good night,,,dear
mind_mistress: “humph”
mind_mistress: she walks out
mind_mistress: “Good night”
colleen: shit!
mind_mistress: and closes the door
colleen: I’ve got to get out of this mess
mind_mistress: you’re alone in the room, with bed, chest and vanity table
colleen: I start looking around the room
mind_mistress: Bed… chest… table… basin… chamberpot… window…
mind_mistress: it occurs to you you didn’t ask when you’d be changed back… or if
colleen: I go to the door “Brigit?”
mind_mistress: you open the door?
colleen: yes I open the door or is it locked?
colleen: yes and yell Brigit’s name
mind_mistress: She comes out of another room down the hall
mind_mistress: “What???”
colleen: just a question
mind_mistress: are you shouting down the corridor?
colleen: I say as I cross to her
colleen: I speak nicely
mind_mistress: “What is it now?” she says exasperated
mind_mistress: you feel how your body moves and sways as you walk
mind_mistress: your walk is centered on your large hips
colleen: out of curiosity will you …perchance …change me back when I return?
mind_mistress: “listen, I’ll take care of that. Just go to bed and we’ll talk about it tomorrow”
colleen: it feels strange walking
colleen: thank-you
colleen: I walk back to my room
mind_mistress: “And knock on my door… don’t wake up everyone”
mind_mistress: she goes back into her room
colleen: sorry
mind_mistress: closes her door
colleen: (bitch)
mind_mistress: you find yourself alone…
mind_mistress: and your new body is far more interesting than the room to explore
colleen: yes I look in the mirror
colleen: and I see my face for the first time
mind_mistress: it’s a polished metal mirror…
mind_mistress: yes
colleen: younger hairless
mind_mistress: you’re very pretty
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: skin is very soft…
colleen: full lips
colleen: smaller nose
colleen: very soft skin
mind_mistress: yes…
mind_mistress: very desirable
colleen: same eyes though
colleen: long hair
mind_mistress: you notice you look kinda like Brigit, like you’re related
colleen: very desirable
mind_mistress: yes
colleen: red hair
mind_mistress: the boys will love you…
mind_mistress: ACK!!!!
colleen: stop thinking that
mind_mistress: yes, gotta stop thinking that…
mind_mistress: your breasts are pretty large…
colleen: I look at the rest of my body
mind_mistress: weighing them…
mind_mistress: Ohhhh
mind_mistress: Pleasure
colleen: feeling them
colleen: ooooh
mind_mistress: that feels nice
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: but for now, it’s time to go…
mind_mistress: remembering your experiences vividly…
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: you can wake up at the count of 1
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful…
mind_mistress: more real each time you return…
mind_mistress: and perhaps in your dreams as well…
mind_mistress: remembering…
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1

Part 4 – Debriefing

mind_mistress: Hello πŸ™‚
colleen: hi πŸ™‚
colleen: that was so cool
colleen: I hope I’m putting up enough of a resistance
mind_mistress: yes, that’s good πŸ™‚
colleen: this is so much fun
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: I’m glad you enjoyed!
colleen: very much
colleen: I thought I was going to be more a shemale then woman though
colleen: but either way
colleen: it’s very enjoyable
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: Well, you made no specific wish about that…
colleen: ok
colleen: I thought I did but maybe not
mind_mistress: not that I recall…
colleen: it’s all good
mind_mistress: you had very few specifications…
mind_mistress: and pretty much left it to me to create the story
colleen: it’s a great story
mind_mistress: I just gave you some options
mind_mistress: Good πŸ™‚
colleen: I’m not complaining, I’m loving it
mind_mistress: cool
mind_mistress: yes, the plot requires you to be female…
colleen: yes
colleen: you are not available next week are you?
colleen: you will be in San Diego?
mind_mistress: nope
mind_mistress: yes
colleen: 2 weeks then?
mind_mistress: yes. I’ll be coming back Monday 25th, so Tuesday should be fine πŸ™‚
colleen: I hope I can wait that long
colleen: same time?
mind_mistress: yes πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: This is fun πŸ˜€
colleen: πŸ™‚ I’m loving the transformation
colleen: where will it go next?
mind_mistress: well, bed and then a day of wenching tables πŸ™‚
colleen: yes
colleen: sometimes I really wish this could happen
mind_mistress: yeah…
colleen: I like being a girl in my dreams. thank-you
mind_mistress: you’re welcome ;;)
mind_mistress: I wish I could do it physically…
colleen: me too
mind_mistress: but this is the next best thing…
colleen: yes
colleen: to be coleen πŸ™‚
colleen: this is so erotic
colleen: I’ll see you in 2 weeks
colleen: have fun in San Diego πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Thanks ;;)
mind_mistress: Have a great two weeks coleen…
mind_mistress: and sweet dreams ;;)
colleen: thank-you you too
colleen: bye
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: bye!


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