Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 10

Gothic Horror part 10

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log


Session #7 :  27 Jan 2003

Chat Participants: Mind_Mistress ,coleen-cetil

<Mind_Mistress>  Hi!
<colleen>  hello
<colleen> it’s been sooo long
<Mind_Mistress> So have you noticed any changes since we feminized your mind?
<colleen> a few, i think….
<colleen> i seem to be more tidy
<colleen> i look at other people different, both men and women
<Mind_Mistress> In what way?
<colleen> i look more to women in a friendship sort of way, and i think that i’m looking more a men iin a sexual way
<colleen> not always but time to time
<Mind_Mistress> Ok 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> and what would you like to do today?
<colleen> its different, but fun
<colleen> i’m open to suggestions?…continue the story?
<Mind_Mistress> What is it you want most?
<Mind_Mistress> I’ll suggest the course of action in consequence…
<colleen> to be a girl, beautiful, sexy
<Mind_Mistress> And do what as a girl?
<colleen> love men,
<Mind_Mistress> What kind of girl?
<colleen> a submissive slut
<Mind_Mistress>  A whore?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> Helpless or perverse?
<colleen> maybe a bit of both
<colleen> but more helpless i think
<Mind_Mistress> Nice or evil?
<colleen> i’m not sure…
<colleen> a bit evil perhaps
<Mind_Mistress> A victim or victimizer?
<colleen> victim
<Mind_Mistress> Ok 🙂
<colleen> 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> Ready to start?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> and how attracted are you to women now, out of 10?
<colleen> 7
<colleen> 8
<Mind_Mistress> and men?
<colleen> 5
<Mind_Mistress> 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> and do you remember how it feels to go into trance?
<colleen> yes i think so
<Mind_Mistress> and feeling the weight of your body…
<Mind_Mistress> and listening to My voice in your mind…
<Mind_Mistress> You can also feel the white liquid inside of you…
<Mind_Mistress> can you not?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> All over…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling it inside…
<Mind_Mistress> and where do you feel the openings in your body?
<colleen> feet hands neck
<Mind_Mistress> Yes…
<Mind_Mistress> very good…
<Mind_Mistress> and so you can feel…
<Mind_Mistress> the white liquid…
<Mind_Mistress> draining…
<Mind_Mistress> out…
<Mind_Mistress> of your feet…
<Mind_Mistress> as they become more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> blank and empty…
<Mind_Mistress> with every breath…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> that’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> becoming blank… empty… void…
<Mind_Mistress> and heavier as they drain?
<colleen> heavy
<Mind_Mistress> Heavy… that’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> and the hands draining too…
<Mind_Mistress> Yesss…
<Mind_Mistress> out the feet…
<colleen> yess
<Mind_Mistress> and out the hands…
<Mind_Mistress> becoming pleasantly empty…
<Mind_Mistress> further and further up…
<Mind_Mistress> your legs…
<Mind_Mistress> and arms…
<Mind_Mistress> and at the back of the head where it meets the neck…
<Mind_Mistress> draining the head…
<Mind_Mistress> sooo nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling loose…
<Mind_Mistress> and heavy…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> blank and empty…
<Mind_Mistress> That’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> So nice…
<colleen> yess
<colleen> nice
<Mind_Mistress> and is there still some will glow fading ath the back of the mind… or is it gone?
<colleen> some left
<Mind_Mistress> Yes…
<Mind_Mistress> and fading more with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> and the blank numbness spreading up…
<Mind_Mistress> soo nice…
<colleen> nice
<Mind_Mistress> Happy empty…
<colleen> mmmm
<Mind_Mistress> and how far up are you empty and numb?
<colleen> chest, arms
<Mind_Mistress> Very good…
<Mind_Mistress> further and further…
<Mind_Mistress> and letting go completely…
<Mind_Mistress> to feel completely happy empty…
<Mind_Mistress> with the body fading…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more
<Mind_Mistress> isn’t it?
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> Yes, and you can go…
<Mind_Mistress> Deepnow
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress> Very good…
<Mind_Mistress> and is the body fading away… or gone?
<colleen> gone
<Mind_Mistress> Very good
<Mind_Mistress> and the will fading or gone?
<colleen> fading almost gone
<Mind_Mistress> Fading more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> feels better to be free of it…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> until it fades away completely…
<Mind_Mistress> That’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> all gone?
<colleen> gone
<Mind_Mistress> So happy 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> Free
<colleen> happy
<colleen> free
<Mind_Mistress> drifting deeper under My spell…
<Mind_Mistress> helplessly going deeper…
<Mind_Mistress> and loving it
<colleen> mmmmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> Yes…
<Mind_Mistress> and drifting…
<Mind_Mistress> towards the mansion…
<colleen> mansion
<Mind_Mistress> Where Angelina’s invisible ghost…
<Mind_Mistress> has just threatened you with a knife…
<Mind_Mistress> you remember?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> So angry with Angelina
<colleen> she threatened to make me ugly
<Mind_Mistress> and do you see your body there… naked… or are you in it?
<colleen> i see it
<Mind_Mistress> Drifting closer…
<Mind_Mistress> what expression do you see on your pretty face there?
<Mind_Mistress> seeing more and more clearly the closer you get
<colleen> relief
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> and what else do you see on your face now?
<colleen> anger
<Mind_Mistress> Yes, more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> and drifting so close…
<Mind_Mistress> you drift all the way in…
<Mind_Mistress> seeing out of your sexy eyes…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling your boobs…
<Mind_Mistress> Your beautiful body…
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> and how fully can you feel your sexy body?
<colleen> beautiful
<colleen> i can feel it
<colleen> my waist, boobs, hips
<Mind_Mistress> Yesssss
<colleen> legs
<Mind_Mistress> and you love your sexy body…
<Mind_Mistress> and what do you have between your legs?
<colleen> yesss of course
<colleen> a small cock
<Mind_Mistress> yes
<Mind_Mistress> but that’s not right
<colleen> no it isn’t
<Mind_Mistress> you’re a beautiful girl
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> you should have a pussy
<Mind_Mistress> you need to be beautiful
<colleen> yesss a pussy
<Mind_Mistress> what did Angelina want to do with you?
<colleen> need to be beautiful
<colleen> wanted to hurt me make me ugly
<Mind_Mistress> Make you ugly…
<Mind_Mistress> how do you feel about that?
<colleen> i hate it
<Mind_Mistress> and about her?
<colleen> i hate angelina
<Mind_Mistress> What must you do?
<colleen> must kill angelina before she gets to me
<Mind_Mistress> Yes
<colleen> YES
<Mind_Mistress> and how do you feel about anything that prevents you being girly and gorgeous?
<colleen> i hate it
<Mind_Mistress> Yes
<Mind_Mistress> and you’re standing naked now in the corner near the door
<Mind_Mistress> what are you doing?
<colleen> yes
<colleen> i’m looking at the room…
<colleen> the vanity…
<colleen> the closet…
<colleen> the bed
<Mind_Mistress> So what are you going to do now?
<colleen> get dressed
<colleen> must find clothes
<colleen> must find Bob
<Mind_Mistress> Do that
<colleen> i go to the dresser , opening the drawers searching…
<colleen> i find only womens things, stockings…
<Mind_Mistress> You wear only women’s clothing
<colleen> panties, garters
<Mind_Mistress> Go on, get dressed
<colleen> bras….
<colleen> they feel sexy
<colleen> i pull on the panties…
<colleen> roll the stockings up my legs
<colleen> i put on the garter and attach the stockings
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure1
<colleen> i put on the bra
<colleen> mmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure2
<colleen> it feels so good, so right
<Mind_Mistress> So good, so right…
<colleen> i cross to the vanity…
<colleen> sit and look in the mirror
<colleen> i bush out my hair
<Mind_Mistress> Long girly hair…
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure2.5
<colleen> and fix my make up, blush….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure3
<colleen> eye liner…
<colleen> mmmmmmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> So good, soo right…
<colleen> so right
<colleen> red lipstick
<colleen> so soft on lips
<colleen> eye shadow…
<Mind_Mistress> Yesss
<colleen> i stare at my beauty in the mirror
<colleen> so sex
<colleen> sexy
<Mind_Mistress> Yesss
<colleen> i rise and go to the closet
<colleen> and open it
<colleen> i find blouses and skirts and dresses
<colleen> what to wear,
<Mind_Mistress> Sexy…
<Mind_Mistress> Dress sexy…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire5
<colleen> yes sexy
<colleen> yessssssss
<Mind_Mistress> Soo happy to be a girl…
<Mind_Mistress> love being a girl…
<colleen> happy
<Mind_Mistress> so you can dress sexy
<Mind_Mistress> Get dressed now
<colleen> love being a girl
<colleen> i pick a low cut evening dress, blackwith a slit up the side
<colleen> i put it on
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure4
<colleen> it fits tight on my  body
<colleen> mmmm
<colleen> so smooth…
<colleen> so sexy…
<colleen> it shows off my cleavage
<colleen> shoes i need shoes
<Mind_Mistress> Yess
<colleen> i look in closet an find some black pumps
<colleen> 3″heels
<colleen> they fit perfectly
<colleen> and i can stand in them
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure4.5
<colleen> they make my hips lok soooo good
<Mind_Mistress> Feels so good, so right…
<colleen> mmmm
<colleen> so goood soooo right
<Mind_Mistress> Bob comes back in….
<Mind_Mistress> “I can’t find any guns in here…”
<colleen> i turn to him
<colleen> “hi”
<Mind_Mistress> “Hey, you changed dresses”
<Mind_Mistress> “Hi
<colleen> i had to
<Mind_Mistress> “Why?”
<colleen> the last one got torn
<colleen> Angilinas ghost cut them with a knife, she tried to kill me
<Mind_Mistress> “What??!!!”
<Mind_Mistress> “Shit, we’ve got to get out of here…”
<colleen> while you were gone she threatened me
<Mind_Mistress> “I thought at least the ghost was harmless”
<colleen> i was so scared
<Mind_Mistress> you want him to hold you…
<colleen> i wish you were here to protect me
<Mind_Mistress> be in his arms
<colleen> i croos to bob
<colleen> i put my arms around him
<Mind_Mistress> He hugs you….
<Mind_Mistress> “It’s okay…”
<Mind_Mistress> “She’s gone…”
<colleen> “hold me tight”
<Mind_Mistress> Mmmm… feels soooo good…
<Mind_Mistress> in a man’s arms…
<colleen> “I was soo frightened”
<Mind_Mistress> sooo safe and happy…
<colleen> feels good to be in bobs arms
<Mind_Mistress> “It’s okay coleen….”
<Mind_Mistress> “I’m here…”
<Mind_Mistress> he called you colleen!
<colleen> “don’t leave me again, Please”
<Mind_Mistress> “Ok”
<colleen> he called me Coleen! 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> you can feel your penis shrinking in his arms…
<colleen> yes shrinking
<Mind_Mistress> being close to a man makes you more girly
<Mind_Mistress> you need that
<colleen> yesssss
<colleen> need men
<Mind_Mistress> need men
<Mind_Mistress> *CRASH*
<Mind_Mistress> A loud sound outside the room!
<colleen> i caress Bobs chest
<Mind_Mistress> He holds you tighter
<colleen> “what was that”
<Mind_Mistress> “What the…???”
<Mind_Mistress> He lets go of you to go look
<colleen> “BOB WHAT DO WE DO?”
<Mind_Mistress> “I go take care of that fucking ghost!”
<colleen> DONT LEAVE ME
<Mind_Mistress> He goes to the door
<colleen> i follow
<Mind_Mistress> out in the corridor…
<Mind_Mistress> it’s dark…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear2
<colleen> BOB!

Continued in Part 11


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