Feminized Cheerleader Part 1

Hypnosis Logs: Feminized Cheerleader Hypnosis part 1

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StephM Session #3

Steph has finished her two sessions of basic training, and is starting her first hallcinated hypnotic adventure. Click on the link to part 2 if you want to skip our initial discussion, and get to the story. Click on Part 3 if you want to see how real the experience felt to her.

Nothing really evil here, just a fun feminization fantasy. πŸ™‚

Part 1: Setup

Part 2: The Trance

Part 3: The Adventure

Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


stephm: hello mistress! I’m in the process of submitting payment now, but I am also on a business call that is going WAY over what I expected.
stephm: i hope you had a nice weekend πŸ™‚
stephm: (and as a heads up: the buttons are a little screwy- clicking on the 1 hour session adds a 1/2 hour session to the cart. I had to click on the 5 pack to get the 1 hour in the cart).
stephm: OK, so I am off my call.
stephm: I’ll leave IM open so that you can message me whenever you want to :*
mind_mistress: Ah, there you are…
stephm: Hi mistress!
stephm: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: As you have realized, the payment system is sometimes off…
mind_mistress: which is why paying at the last minute is a bad idea
stephm: too true.
stephm: I was able to figure it out though πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Also…
mind_mistress: When I give you an appointment…
mind_mistress: you reserve the time with your payment
mind_mistress: if you don’t pay in advance, then I don’t set My alarm clock πŸ˜‰
stephm: :)) i understand
stephm: sorry about that
stephm: :”>
mind_mistress: That’s all right πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: it just means you have nothing reserved, and you only get Me if I happen to be available when I wake up πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
stephm: πŸ™‚ am I that lucky today?
mind_mistress: yes
stephm: <:-P
mind_mistress: But I have to wake up a bit and delete some spam πŸ˜‰
stephm: sure thing πŸ˜€
stephm: i’ll be here.
mind_mistress: So what’s your order number on your receipt?
stephm: 43534DAF-481F3D56-638-AA3C4 ;;)
mind_mistress: number
mind_mistress: 4 digits
stephm: oh… XXXX it says
mind_mistress: Okay πŸ™‚
stephm: oops
stephm: XXXX
mind_mistress: I only get the receipts much later… another reason why I prefer early payments
stephm: thats makes sense
mind_mistress: Okay…
mind_mistress: so we’re done with basic training…
stephm: πŸ˜€ yay
mind_mistress: and ready to start your specifics
mind_mistress: you did really well with your training πŸ™‚
stephm: *is pleased* πŸ˜€ thank you mistress!
mind_mistress: We can do the full range of hypnotic effects with you ;;)
stephm: you are quite the trainer
mind_mistress: Thank you
mind_mistress: Even so, not everyone becomes as skilled at you with trance effects
mind_mistress: So now, what is your fantasy?
stephm: I love the fempire fantasy…
stephm: there is something so inexplicably erotic to me to have my willpower and my masculinity drained from me in such an intimate and physical way
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: All right, so we have a main plot device… the fempire…
mind_mistress: But now we need the situation
stephm: as far as personal fetishes, I really have a thing for feminization (obviously ;)) and pantyhose/stockings & opera gloves. i don’t know if any of that would be useful though
mind_mistress: Which CDs of Mine do you have?
stephm: actually… πŸ™ none πŸ™
stephm: i wanted to experience personal sessions with you before cd training so I could find out how your style effected me
stephm: which has been an overwhelming success
mind_mistress: That’s fine πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: I just like to have that on file to know
mind_mistress: Okay, so we need a setup for the story
mind_mistress: Otherwise it will be over in one session
mind_mistress: Fempire comes up, drains you, poof you’re a girl, story done
stephm: :))
mind_mistress: not much dramatic tension there
stephm: perhaps something in an office? Like she’s the boss or secretary?
mind_mistress: hmmm
stephm: or a rival?
stephm: maybe someone I unwittingly crossed at some point who now would like some well deserved revenge?
mind_mistress: High school is another possibility
stephm: that works too πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: It generally has more built in tensions than an office
stephm: yeah, i could see that. All the politics and social awkwardness
mind_mistress: yup
mind_mistress: I’m particularly fond of that one πŸ™‚
stephm: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Do you want to go with that one?
stephm: sure!
mind_mistress: Okay, now we have a plot device and a setting
mind_mistress: We need one more thing…
stephm: :-/
mind_mistress: I’m not sure how to express that
stephm: i am wondering what the one more thing is. πŸ˜‰
stephm: characters?
mind_mistress: We need the tension
stephm: ah
mind_mistress: the “Problem”
stephm: gotcha. as the primary storyteller, do you prefer the woman to come from a position of apparent inferiority or superiority? I say “apparent” because we know, in the end, she is from a position of actual superiority, regardless of appearence.
mind_mistress: That doesn’t matter
mind_mistress: Either works
stephm: the antagonist could be a tutor… like a student aid or teacher?
stephm: and I could have some kind of issue with my grades or disciplinary problems…
mind_mistress: When in doubt…
mind_mistress: there’s always…
mind_mistress: Cheerleaders πŸ˜€
stephm: πŸ˜€
stephm: that is always a good time πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Like… they need someone extra
mind_mistress: but why would they not pick a girl that’s already a girl?
stephm: πŸ™‚
stephm: that is interesting
stephm: i’m a-ok with any scenario you would like to do in this setting… i want to try to keep it as enjoyable for you as possible.
mind_mistress: I just need a reason why they’d want to make a girl rather than pick one
stephm: maybe because none of them started off as girls except the head cheerleader?
mind_mistress: Hmmmmm
mind_mistress: THAT would make sense
stephm: and since they take the willpower away, they get the perfect squad?
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: What would it mean to have willpower taken away in this context?
stephm: maybe free thought? so the whole squad acts with a precision that is unmatched across the state?
stephm: everyone does what they are supposed to do and when they should do it… so there are no mess ups or inter-squad politicing/power plays
stephm: they could be gunning for national cheerleading competition.
stephm: maybe they also use the new “girls” to keep enticing more and more people to either join them of have a favorable opinion of them, so the whole school is behind them… like the squad literally “rules the school”
mind_mistress: Ah yes…
mind_mistress: And that’s where the sex comes in πŸ™‚
stephm: oh, incidentally, I was going over the logs from our last session, and oh my, that was intense.
stephm: and having me repeat after you my love and need for cocks was exceptionally erotic. i wanted to thank you again for you time πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
stephm: …and I can no longer hear the yahoo im “water drop” sound without thinking of you. :”> but I digress…
mind_mistress: lol
mind_mistress: You’re welcome πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: It’s training for triggers…
mind_mistress: but at the same time…
mind_mistress: I make it fun and relevant πŸ˜‰
mind_mistress: Okay, I’m getting a general sense of this…
mind_mistress: now… what kind of kid are you in high school?
stephm: … kind of an everykid. Maybe a little smarter than most with slightly better looks. Kind of athletic, but not someone who really stands out that much.
stephm: maybe thats the kind of kids the girls go after
stephm: ones that can disappear without much comment
mind_mistress: Oh, I know
mind_mistress: They need to raise the squad’s GPA πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: so they’re looking for a smart kid.
stephm: beauty and the :-B
mind_mistress: lol
mind_mistress: So I think that sets it up pretty well πŸ™‚
stephm: but i guess after the transformation that ugly ducking becomes quite the swan… thats probably why the squad is so “perfect”
stephm: yes, i think you did πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Are you okay with a story setup that doesn’t get you transformed today?
stephm: sure… i’m ok with that
mind_mistress: Okay πŸ™‚
stephm: our next session may have to be the last one for a few weeks though since the bar is coming up and I go into full time study mode
stephm: though now you really have me eager to see how this story will progress absent transformation in this session. I am intruiged. πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Let Me design a few characters…
mind_mistress: Say… does your fetish extend to spandex?
stephm: yes, its not quite as high up there as the hosiery, but spandex is still very hot πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Cool
mind_mistress: I’m more into spandex than hosiery ;;)
mind_mistress: and it works better for Cheerleaders
stephm: yes it does πŸ™‚
stephm: anything that clings like a second skin is just… πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Excellent…
mind_mistress: Do you have a high school buddy or two we can add ?
stephm: sure. my two close friends from highschool here Mike and Rich
stephm: here = were
mind_mistress: tell Me a bit about them
stephm: Mike was the funny guy, always craking jokes. He wanted to be a animator for disney. He was always drawing. A little chubby, and a nice guy to hang with
stephm: rich was more athletic. He wrestled and was the first person to get me to go to the gym. One of those guys who didn’t really say much, but was always there when you needed him
mind_mistress: and what social status did your bunch have?
stephm: I was always all over the place… except for the football team… I never really hung out with them. We would hang out with people from most other social groups.
stephm: For the most part we would spend our weekends with people from the theater program or some of the less popular sports clubs
stephm: like tennis swimming and wrestling
stephm: i was always trying to hang out with mroe girls than boys though. πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Did you have cheerleaders?
stephm: as in hang out with them, or did my school have them?
mind_mistress: have them
stephm: yes
mind_mistress: what were they like?
stephm: we were the “rams” and our colors were purple and gold
mind_mistress: We rarely have any here in Canada
stephm: for the most part, they were as you would think highschool cheerleaders were
stephm: kind of stuck up
stephm: very attractive and they knew if
stephm: if = i
stephm: it
stephm: grrr. can’t type
stephm: there was one girl though, christina, who was also in the theater program
stephm: she was more down to earth, a nice girl
stephm: she used to tell me that the other cheerleaders believed their own hype
mind_mistress: Do you want to use that squad and colors ?
mind_mistress: or a different one?
stephm: isn’t purple one of your faqvorite colors?
stephm: πŸ˜‰
mind_mistress: Sure
stephm: i’m ok with using those unless you think something else woulf be better
mind_mistress: I was gonna use Black and Red and a red fox
stephm: that works fine for me
mind_mistress: But that’s because I’m making it up
mind_mistress: either works πŸ™‚
stephm: haha
stephm: we can go with the red foxes
stephm: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: And do you want the gals you knew from the squad?
stephm: sure πŸ™‚
stephm: you can change anything you like though, if you think the story would work better
mind_mistress: Then you have to tell Me about them
stephm: the girls i knew from the squad where christina (who i told you about) Kerri & Alli (allison) who were twin sisters, both were nice on the surface when you would talk to them, but you could tell they couldn’t care less about you unless you were a football player, and they blew you off pretty qiuck.
stephm: Megan was the ice queen. prom queen and knew she had a lock on it from day 1
stephm: total bitch. and was so hot she knew she could get away with it.
stephm: she actually used to practically demand homework from mike, and he would give it to her
mind_mistress: πŸ˜›
mind_mistress: Wow, what a wealth for a story!
stephm: (you women have an unfair advantage, i tell you)
stephm: and the only other one i still remember was Kimmy (kim) who was almost the walking stereotype for an airheaded cheerleader. but at least she was pleasant.
mind_mistress: Who was queen of the cheerleaders?
stephm: Oh I would say Megan.
mind_mistress: Was she captain?
stephm: yep
stephm: and dated the captain of the football team.
stephm: and dumped him after prom, since she got what she wanted
mind_mistress: Okay, how does Megan look?
stephm: brunette, with haze./green eyes. she was about 5’9 with serioulsy long legs. Very pretty face… she looked a little like scarlet johanson from a few years ago when she had longer hair
mind_mistress: Candidate for fempire?
stephm: if you want the fempire to be the hottest girl in school who pretty much always got what she wanted and knew it? Who would use people for her own amusement? Then I think you have the right girl
stephm: πŸ˜‰
mind_mistress: Well, what would a fempire do?
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
stephm: probably all of that as well as remaking the people around her as she wished. πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Okay, so we should probably stick with your known colors and mascot then
mind_mistress: what’s the uniform like?
stephm: purple and gold halter with a purple ”
stephm: “R” on it
stephm: the skirt was purple with gold pleats
stephm: i’m trying to find pictures on the internet… but no dice
mind_mistress: spandex?
stephm: when the would wear it they would wear black spandex usually
mind_mistress: you mean spandex leggings
stephm: yes, sorry
stephm: on really cold days they’d wear a spandex long sleave shirt
mind_mistress: cool πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: bathroom and we can start πŸ™‚
stephm: <:-P
stephm: i’ll do the same
stephm: ok πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Okay
mind_mistress: How did Megan treat you?
stephm: her and I never really interacted, but I assume she’d probably have treated me the same way she did everyone else: use her beauty and brains to manipulate me in giving her what she wanted
mind_mistress: and were your grades better than Mike’s?
stephm: typically
stephm: except in art
mind_mistress: Perfect πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: So what age are we starting you… hmmm
mind_mistress: Thoughts?
stephm: junior year? 16-17?
mind_mistress: That’s the last year of high school here
mind_mistress: what is it there?
stephm: senior year (for me anyway) was 18
stephm: but i was older than most because i was born a fews days after the grade cutoff
stephm: so most people were 17ish
mind_mistress: the system’s a bit different here
mind_mistress: how many grades in high school?
stephm: 4
stephm: 8-12
stephm: or 9-12 i mean
mind_mistress: Junior is grade 11 ?
stephm: yes
mind_mistress: Megan was what?
stephm: she was in my grade
mind_mistress: and your buddies too?
stephm: she was a little younger i think… but also a junior
stephm: mike was 1 grade below. rich was the same
stephm: as me
mind_mistress: and he could do her homework being one grade below???
stephm: he was in my english class, which she was in as well. he was also in her global history class (but I wasn’t)
mind_mistress: ah okay
stephm: he was in a few advanced classes. we call the AP courses here
mind_mistress: makes sense
stephm: my grades were a little better than his, but i didn’t have any ap classes.
mind_mistress: what did she do to make mike want to do her work?
stephm: flirt. but in a pretty demanding way. Her confidence really blew him, and most guys (to be honest) away
mind_mistress: okay πŸ™‚
stephm: she’d wink or smile and make it very clear that if she got what she wanted she’d be happy
mind_mistress: are you still good for time today?
stephm: yes I am
mind_mistress: Cool
stephm: you have my complete and undivided attention πŸ™‚

Part 2 – The Trance

mind_mistress: Then let us begin…
mind_mistress: so as you are sitting there…
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen…
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body…
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing…
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow it is…
mind_mistress: and feeling…
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep it is…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: feeling your body more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: you can start feeling the blue liquid…
mind_mistress: everywhere inside your body…
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow and filled with it…
mind_mistress: breathing and feeling…
mind_mistress: it pleasantly heavy…
mind_mistress: and warming…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: and paying attention to the feet…
mind_mistress: and the blue liquid inside…
mind_mistress: you can start to feel the numbness…
mind_mistress: relaxing…
mind_mistress: heavy…
mind_mistress: and numbing…
mind_mistress: the feet…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and do you feel the numbness already?
stephm: i’m starting to…
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: just taking your time…
mind_mistress: and feeling the blue liquid…
mind_mistress: with every breath more…
mind_mistress: paying attention…
mind_mistress: to the insides of your feet…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and it’s getting heavier?
stephm: yes
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: doing very well…
mind_mistress: and while the numbness spreads…
mind_mistress: in the feet…
mind_mistress: and perhaps further…
mind_mistress: you can pay attention to the hands…
mind_mistress: and feeling the blue liquid inside them…
mind_mistress: warming…
mind_mistress: and getting heavier…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: it can start getting tingly as well…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and has the tingling already started in the hands?
stephm: yes mistress
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: spreading,…
mind_mistress: in the hands…
mind_mistress: in the fingers…
mind_mistress: and the palms…
mind_mistress: and soon…
mind_mistress: to the wrists…
mind_mistress: and lower arms…
mind_mistress: with every breath a bit more…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and while it’s spreading there…
mind_mistress: how far has the numbness spread from the feet?
stephm: up to my calves mistress. almost to my thighs
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: spreading…
mind_mistress: and increasing…
mind_mistress: in the feet…
mind_mistress: ankles…
mind_mistress: calves…
mind_mistress: knees…
mind_mistress: spreading so nicely…
mind_mistress: heavy and numb…
mind_mistress: to the thighs…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: doing so well…
mind_mistress: the thighs.,..
mind_mistress: and after that will come the pelvis..
mind_mistress: and while that’s happening…
mind_mistress: how far has the tingling spread from your hands?
stephm: up to my biceps
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: blue… heavy…
mind_mistress: and relaxing…
mind_mistress: deeper into trance with every breath…
mind_mistress: And what do you feel in the pelvis at the moment?
stephm: i feel numb
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: so good…
mind_mistress: and then opening the feet…
mind_mistress: on the sides…
mind_mistress: and letting the blue liquid flow out…
mind_mistress: naturally…
mind_mistress: easily…
mind_mistress: releasing it ….
mind_mistress: to be free and happy…
mind_mistress: Mmmm
mind_mistress: letting the feet become so nicely…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: draining the feet…
mind_mistress: and soon the ankles…
mind_mistress: and the calves…
mind_mistress: and while they drain…
mind_mistress: you can open the heels of the palms…
mind_mistress: to drain the hands…
mind_mistress: and fingers…
mind_mistress: letting them become just as well…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and can you feel them draining?
stephm: yes mistress… getting hollow
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: so good…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: and soon draining the wrists…
mind_mistress: and the lower arms…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm…
mind_mistress: and while that happens…
mind_mistress: how far up from the feet are you blank and numb now?
stephm: all the way to my pelvis…
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: so good…
mind_mistress: deeper and further in trance…
stephm: so good
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: feels wonderful…
mind_mistress: to go deeper…
mind_mistress: and you can feel the opening at the nape…
mind_mistress: at the back where the neck and head meet…
mind_mistress: allowing the head to drain away…
mind_mistress: and the neck to drain away…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb….
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: That’s right…
mind_mistress: and your feet are getting soooo blank and numb…
mind_mistress: it’s like they’re fading away…
mind_mistress: dissolving into the blankness…
mind_mistress: along with parts of your legs…
mind_mistress: melting and fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: can you feel that?
stephm: yes
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: draining and fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: *TranceTrigger*
stephm: i obey
mind_mistress: Mmmm
mind_mistress: and what is there left to drain?
stephm: just a little left in my head…
mind_mistress: Good… and what is there left of you now?
stephm: blankness
stephm: nothing
mind_mistress: Yesss
mind_mistress: going even further…
mind_mistress: *TranceTrigger*
stephm: i boey
stephm: obey
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: very good…

Part 3 – The Adventure

span style=”color: #ffcc00;”>mind_mistress: and feeling wonderful…
mind_mistress: you can drift back in time…
mind_mistress: to being in high school in your junior year… in the early fall…
mind_mistress: In the school cafeteria for lunch with your buddies…
mind_mistress: Mike and Rich at the table with you…
mind_mistress: and do you see yourself there with them?
stephm: yesss
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and you can drift closer…
mind_mistress: to your body of then…
mind_mistress: seeing more and more clearly…
mind_mistress: the closer you get…
mind_mistress: until you get soooo close…
mind_mistress: you drift all the way in…
mind_mistress: seeing as you did…
mind_mistress: out of your own eyes…
mind_mistress: hearing the sounds of a cafeteria full of students…
mind_mistress: and feeling your body…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: That’s right…
mind_mistress: and you look down at your food…
mind_mistress: what is it?
stephm: chicken nuggets and fries
mind_mistress: Mike says in a British accent: “I say, old chap”
mind_mistress: “We are certainly enjoying the finest culinary delights of the world”
mind_mistress: he then stares with one eye closed at his food
mind_mistress: “Are we not lucky that this fine establishment hires only 5 star chefs?”
mind_mistress: he takes a bite of his own chicken nuggets
mind_mistress: and makes a face
stephm: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: “Hmmm… perhaps I was a bit hasty in my estimation…”
mind_mistress: Rich: “Yeah. right. 5 star. Sure”
mind_mistress: Mike laughs
mind_mistress: Mike : “So how’s things’ today?”
stephm: going well. i can’t wait to get out of here though.
stephm: i’m so done with this place already
mind_mistress: Mike: “And miss this 5 star meal???”
stephm: hahaha i think i’ll manage
mind_mistress: Rich: “Mike, you’re crazy”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Thank you… I have to be to survive this school”
mind_mistress: You glance around…
mind_mistress: at the various cliques and tables…
mind_mistress: you notice Megan get up…
mind_mistress: scanning around
mind_mistress: like she’s looking for something or someone
mind_mistress: while you munch on your food…
mind_mistress: She leans back to talk to her girls at the table
mind_mistress: What are you thinking?
stephm: damn she is beautiful
mind_mistress: yeah…
mind_mistress: she is Hot
stephm: too bad she’s a bitch
mind_mistress: yeah
mind_mistress: and doesn’t even notice you
mind_mistress: not that that’s necessarily a bad thing..
mind_mistress: but you’d enjoy her attention
stephm: yeah…
mind_mistress: And then she walks over to your table…
mind_mistress: and you see her face transform…
mind_mistress: as she puts on her flirty game face
mind_mistress: she’s soooo fake
mind_mistress: Megan: “Helloooo Mike” πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: Mike: “Ohhhh… ummm… hello Megan…”
mind_mistress: She comes up behind him…
mind_mistress: and lets a finger trace a bit down his shoulder…
mind_mistress: you see his eyes pop… smile on
mind_mistress: “Do you have it done… dear?”
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: “Oh… yeah… I do… how… is it going…?”
mind_mistress: Megan: “Oh, well, I’m wonderful as usual…”
mind_mistress: “But Connie got injured last night”
mind_mistress: she frowns
mind_mistress: “And now we’ll have to find a replacement for the squad”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Ummm… that’s… too bad. I hope she’s okay”
mind_mistress: Megan: “Whatever”
mind_mistress: “She’ll be off a few months”
mind_mistress: what are you thinking?
stephm: why does he let her suck him in like that? he’s normally such a smart guy but little miss fake over here smiles and he melts
mind_mistress: He pulls out the work he’s done for her…
mind_mistress: Megan: “Say… Mikey… who do you know who gets really good grades?” ;;)
mind_mistress: Mike: “Ah, well… Steve here has pretty good ones…”
mind_mistress: Megan turns her eye beams onto you…
mind_mistress: Man is she beautiful…
mind_mistress: “Steve…”
mind_mistress: ;;)
stephm: yes?
mind_mistress: “How good are your grades?”
stephm: i do ok…
stephm: …usually A’s
mind_mistress: her eyes sparkle…
mind_mistress: very attractively…
mind_mistress: “Do you now…”
mind_mistress: Desire
mind_mistress: is she on your side of the table or across?
stephm: across, behind mike
mind_mistress: She leans towards you…
mind_mistress: making her cleavage more apparent…
mind_mistress: Gulp!
stephm: wow
mind_mistress: “Stevie… I’m glad to hear that” ;;)
mind_mistress: “you may not know it… but we cheerleaders also strive for academic excellence…”
mind_mistress: “and we have a minimum requirement for squad GPA to compete…”
mind_mistress: you’re barely listening…
mind_mistress: man… her eyes…
mind_mistress: her lips…
mind_mistress: you find yourself nodding…
mind_mistress: “Stevie… tell me… ”
mind_mistress: “Do you like cheerleaders?”
mind_mistress: ;;)
stephm: yes! i mean… sure. doesn’t everyone?
mind_mistress: “of course…”
mind_mistress: “But some people think we’re dumb or something…”
mind_mistress: “You don’t think that, do you?”
stephm: “no….”
mind_mistress: you notice Mike being pacified by her hand on his arm as she leans…
mind_mistress: he’s still smiling…
mind_mistress: “And you’re in my year…”
mind_mistress: “Maybe… we could do some study sessions together…”
mind_mistress: she bats her eyelashes…
mind_mistress: takes a breath…
mind_mistress: making her cleavage even MORE interesting…
mind_mistress: “Would you like that?”
stephm: yes!
mind_mistress: what are you thinking?
stephm: oh my god.. she’s paying attntion to me
mind_mistress: yessss
stephm: she soooooooo hot
mind_mistress: it makes you feel soooo good…
mind_mistress: so manly…
stephm: yesss
mind_mistress: to have such a hot babe paying attention to you…
mind_mistress: “Now, stevie…”
mind_mistress: “I don’t study with just anyone…”
mind_mistress: “I’ll want to get to know you first…”
mind_mistress: “To see if you fit in with me and the girls…”
stephm: really?
mind_mistress: She glances over to her table
mind_mistress: “do you see anyone there who doesn’t fit?”
stephm: “no.”
mind_mistress: “That’s right… because we’re very selective…”
mind_mistress: she sighs…
mind_mistress: making her cleavage jiggle
mind_mistress: wow
mind_mistress: you kinda think she’s playing you…
mind_mistress: but you don’t care…
mind_mistress: “So you’d have to fit in with us…”
mind_mistress: “and you DO want to fit in with us… don’t you Stevie?”
stephm: “yes… i’d like that.”
mind_mistress: She gives you a big smile…
mind_mistress: it melts you on the spot
mind_mistress: you WANT to have her smile at you like that more…
mind_mistress: “How much would you do to fit in with us Stevie?”
mind_mistress: ;;)
stephm: “I’d do… alot.”
mind_mistress: she cocks her head…
mind_mistress: waiting
stephm: “…just about… anything.” smile
mind_mistress: “Good!”
mind_mistress: she claps her hands
mind_mistress: “That’s what I wanted to hear”
mind_mistress: and she smiles. Again.
mind_mistress: THAT smile
mind_mistress: man oh man…
mind_mistress: “And tell me… what kind of athletics do you do Stevie?”
mind_mistress: You notice Rich looking a bit disgusted
mind_mistress: and focussing on his food
stephm: “i run a few times a week and…” look over to rich “what?”
mind_mistress: Rich: “Nothing.”
mind_mistress: Megan: “And…?”
stephm: “and sometimes I lift weights with rick”
stephm: rich
mind_mistress: she nods
mind_mistress: Rich sighs
mind_mistress: at you getting his name wrong
mind_mistress: Megan looks at her watch: “Wow, look at the time..”
mind_mistress: “So I’d like you to come watch our practice after school…”
mind_mistress: “and then we can get together and see how well you fit with us…”
mind_mistress: “Doesn’t that sound fun?”
stephm: “Sure does!”
mind_mistress: “Later Stevie… Mike… Tah tah…”
mind_mistress: she waves and wanders back to her table
mind_mistress: you’re… tingling
mind_mistress: stunned
mind_mistress: Rich: “Ahem”
stephm: “yeah?”
mind_mistress: Rich takes a funny voice meant to imitate yours: “Oh Mike, how can you let her manipulate you like that…”
mind_mistress: “you know she’s just using you… ”
mind_mistress: “she’s so fake…”
mind_mistress: “bla bla bla…”
stephm: “its not like that, man.”
mind_mistress: Rich:”You told Mike he was pussy whipped… and look at you, you’re no better”
mind_mistress: “a little attention and you’ll do anything she wants. Pathetic”
stephm: “I’m telling you, it’s not like that, man!”
mind_mistress: Mike laughs
mind_mistress: Mike: “So tell us, oh wise one… what IS it like exactly?”
stephm: “Well it certaintly isn’t me doing HER homework.”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Are you so sure of that?”
stephm: “Yeah. she just needs some help studying, is all.”
stephm: “I’m not going to do her homework.”
stephm: “Period.”
mind_mistress: Mike: “And if she asked you to do it… and she sighed again… and SMILED… can you honestly say you’d say no?”
stephm: “I….”
mind_mistress: Rich is staring at you
mind_mistress: Mike is grinning
mind_mistress: Mike: “And then she’d say Plleeeeeease?”
stephm: “I… yeah. I’d tell her I can help her learn how to do it. But I wouldn’t do it for her. She won’t learn any other way.”
stephm: “yeah…”
stephm: feels insincere
mind_mistress: Rich raises an eyebrow
mind_mistress: Mike laughs
mind_mistress: Mike: “Sure dude… whatever you say…”
mind_mistress: “we’d do anything for some crumbs and you know it”
mind_mistress: “Mind you, it looks like a sweeter deal than I’ve gotten”
mind_mistress: Rich: “Yeah, on the outside… but look at her crowd… do you honestly think you’ll fit in? That she’d honestly invite you to her table?”
mind_mistress: you look over to her table
mind_mistress: and try to imagine yourself sitting there
stephm: “Well….. no.”
stephm: “i don’t she would…”
stephm: “or I didn’t, anyway. but she was just talking to me… i mean us”
mind_mistress: Mike: “I’m yesterday’s news dude… ”
mind_mistress: Rich: “and I don’t even register on the radar”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Ah, I don’t mind… much. It was fun while it lasted”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Plus I’ll get to make fun of you as her new footslave!”
mind_mistress: he grins
stephm: “Psh. You wish.”
mind_mistress: Mike: “Hey, I know I’m just a toy for her… but I can live with that. We all are. That’s just the way it is”
stephm: nods
mind_mistress: Mike: “Until I’m rich and famous making cartoons… then the babes will be MINE!!”
mind_mistress: he laughs evilly!
mind_mistress: “mouahahahaha!”
stephm: :))
mind_mistress: He glances at the clock “Almost time for class”
mind_mistress: “I guess I won’t see you tonight… Stevie..”
mind_mistress: he winks
mind_mistress: He gets up to return his tray
mind_mistress: “Later”
mind_mistress: What are you feeling?
stephm: dumbfounded… am I really that weak? one smile and I fall over myself?
stephm: is mike right?
mind_mistress: Rich: “Dude, she’s pulling your strings like a puppet”
mind_mistress: “and you’re dancing for her with a big smile”
mind_mistress: “Later”
stephm: “later man.”
mind_mistress: and for now…
stephm: shrugs uncomfotably
mind_mistress: it’s time to drift out…
mind_mistress: and awaken at the count of 1
mind_mistress: remembering your adventures vividly…
mind_mistress: knowing going back to trance and this place will be easier and faster and more natural every time…
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1

Part 4 – Debriefing

mind_mistress: Hello πŸ™‚
stephm: hello!
mind_mistress: That was fun πŸ˜€
stephm: wow… it felt so real
stephm: …wow. πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Using people you know gives them immediate depth and realism…
mind_mistress: though it takes a bit longer for Me to get the necessary info to play them
mind_mistress: and of course, I’m guessing at their actual behavior πŸ™‚
stephm: lol well in highschool we were all pretty much stereotypes of some sort
stephm: you got them pretty well
mind_mistress: Cool πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: High school makes it easy for stories that way…
mind_mistress: like you say… stereotypes…
stephm: i don’t know if it was you or your decription or my memory or what have you, but damn megan was hot.
mind_mistress: YEah πŸ˜€
stephm: so desireable… *shakes head*
mind_mistress: I did use a trigger to boost that πŸ˜‰
stephm: well wow. that worked. πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: but you were already most of the way there
mind_mistress: I enjoy stories like this, with more plot than porn
mind_mistress: it evokes real feelings
stephm: yeah, it does. πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Well, when shall we continue?
stephm: being that my schedule is going to be getting cramped soon… is wednesday good for you?
mind_mistress: This week?
stephm: if possible. if not I can do monday of next week…
stephm: i have a final on friday, so I can’t that day
stephm: what can I say… i really want to see how this story ends. πŸ˜‰
mind_mistress: Oh, it’s designed to go on for a while…
mind_mistress: Wednesday works
stephm: oh really? cooooool
mind_mistress: Pay in advance this time πŸ˜‰
stephm: i’ll do it right now. πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Same time?
stephm: sure thing!
mind_mistress: Okay πŸ™‚
stephm: thank you mistress πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: You’re very welcome
mind_mistress: I had fun
stephm: me too!
stephm: after wed, i’ll probably have to take a month or two off, but then I can try to schedule regular sessions again.
mind_mistress: ok
mind_mistress: I’ll be sure to leave you with a cliffhanger πŸ˜‰
stephm: :))
stephm: again. thank you mistress >:D<
stephm: see you on wednesday πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Have a good evening Stephanie… ;;)
stephm: you too
mind_mistress: Oh, is there any of this you wouldn’t want posted, other than your last name, which I’d remove?
stephm: not at all, i’d actually feel kind of honored to make it on your site πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Would you want to keep the last name on your yahoo ID, since it’s fake anyway?
stephm: Sure πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: All right. This would be a great example for people to read of how to design a fantasy story scenario for sessions
stephm: πŸ˜€
stephm: i’ll be feminifamous
stephm: a new word
mind_mistress: heh heh
mind_mistress: Thank you, good night
stephm: you too
stephm: πŸ™‚

Part 2


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