December 12, 2017: Holiday Greetings

Hello girls!
Little fixes to the site have been ongoing, and everything seems to be working as intended. At the moment, I am adding sound clips to the CD/mp3 pages so you can better choose what form of feminization suits you best. After all, nothing says “vacation” like day-long intensive brainwashing sessions, soothed by the lulling voice of your favorite hypnotic Mistress, won’t you?
The castle is a little quieter now as the year winds down, since My slaves have gone home to infect their families with the notions I have taught them and recruit a new crop of submissives. This allows Me time to work on the site and the next CDs, between My own holiday parties, intimate time with My girlfriend, and other private projects.
To those of you with loved ones, enjoy them. Life is short. And to those who are struggling, I say this: Stop watching the news. Focus on the things you can do to make things better. Problems may seem enormous, but if there’s one little thing you do know how to resolve, do that. You are not all powerful, but neither are you powerless. Take joy where you can to cure the paper-cuts of life.
For your yuletide entertainment, I would recommend Dreadnought by April Daniels, which I greatly enjoyed as an audio-book on my long drives to and from My Evil Lair. You can also get it as paperback, mp3 CD or Kindle e-book. It features a trans girl who receives super powers, and mirrors the tragic struggles of many trans people alongside a ray of hope. It’s really good, but if you want something more lighthearted you can check out Template: A Masks Story by Rodford Edmiston. What can I say, I like super heroes, especially trans ones.  And in two days, I’m going to see a kickass lady with a lightsaber in theaters…
Happy holidays to all My Girls!


June 22, 2017: Welcome to the New Updates page!

Fine-tuning the new site is an ongoing process. Today I found that the First Session Page didn’t actually link to the Trance Request Form, and fixed that. It should make new session requests much easier, without having to look through the menus to find it. Please let Me know when you find issues with the site so I can flog the webmistress for her mistakes. Oh, and so she can fix them too!


And there’s a first exciting sessions review by the lovely stephanie cummings of turning her into a stripper cam girl. Read it here: //




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    1. This site is for “Entertainment Purposes” only. Therapeutic hypnosis can be found here.
    2. I am responsible for my requests to and the resulting actions of the hypnotist of this site.
    3. I understand that I may become hypnotized, even if I did not intend to be.
    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
    5. The information gathered by my hypnotist is private, as is the content of sessions, unless I choose to make some of it public.
    6. I am entering this site of my own free will, and I agree to hold harmless the hypnotist and owner of the site. I will not hold them liable for anything that occurs as a result of my session.


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