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The Countess

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Got a light, sissy boy?


The Countess and her wicked cigarette holder


Photo provided by The Countess

Text by Mind Mistress

The Countess is one of My finer creations.... Based on The Baroness fan fiction, where Wonder Woman gets turned into a super vilainess with the pheromone laced smoke of a special cigarette holder... to which she becomes addicted. Except of course, that The Countess used to be a heterosexual male...She's now one lean, mean, cigarette holder puffing machines!I've had to crush her former male personality a few times,and sternly stamp out a lingering attraction to women...Especially when a throat infection kept her away from smoking with the addictive holder that keeps reinforcing her new personality. Now though, I feel confident that she will only crave sex with men, shemales, and work her charms, as I programmed her, to dominate,enslave, and feminize men into sexy cigarette holder smoking shemales And the female hormones She orders will nicely improve Her bust...

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