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CD 20 - Uncursed

Reviews: - 2005

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Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 05:23:48 (EST)
From: "Guened Thomas"
Subject: Re: "doubting Thomases"

Dear Tranz, Honey i can assure you this Thomas girl definitely does NOT doubt that Mind Mistress exists! She is an excellent enchantress - powerful in Her website, overpowering in Her CD's, and totally Dominant in live session! For those of you who have not yet tried it, CD20 from Mistress Linda is soooo fantastic! If you (think you) are a male who wants to be a female, this will finish you off. You will learn that you always were female and you must simply work to make things right again. Just because no one else can see your breasts doesn't mean they aren't there! And it will be so stupid and embarassing to go to a urinal in a men's restroom, because you can't use it, even though everyone *thinks* they see what's supposed to be there. Forget it, girls. After this CD, you will never again stand and try to pee. You can't aim pee with a pussy, but who the hell wants to aim pee?? If the people around you simply refuse to accept what you really are, it might just make you want to arrange to have that surgery that they will hallucinate you getting, while you know you really have those breasts and that vagina anyway. Mistess is sooo great!

Luv to all,

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