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CD 33 - Choices

Reviews: - 2011

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On 04/12/2011 9:02 PM, PJ wrote:

A few years ago I started out on the Deep Trance Starter Kit, and off and on have used Happiness, Corset Diet and Effectiveness. I never felt like they worked, but they helped me make the decisions that I have always wanted to make. Along with assisting in my “self time.”

Recently I have added part of Choices to the mix, cutting out tracks 8-12. About two week into my “new relaxation schedule” I was cleaning the walls in my office, and I remember thinking I should get changed into something more “appropriate” for what I was doing and convincing my self that I shouldn't. I don't know how much time actually past or how long I had been cleaning. Just looking down and realizing what I was wearing. While most of my attire was what I normally would wear while cleaning, there were some differences, like the four inch heals and nail polish. Even though it scared me to find my self like that, I also found it comforting and found my cleaning far more enjoyable then ever before.


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