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Hi! I'm bimbo Amy, and like, I'm gonna tell you how to get like, all hypnotized and stuff on the phone. Cuz it's like so much fun! *giggle*

  1. Like, you gotta do three things to start the fun.
  2. You gotta get a Keen.com account
  3. You gotta find the listing of your hypnotist so you can click on the thingee and start talking, and like, get hypnotized. Mmmmm

Like, you get 5 free minutes when you join Keen, but like if you want more (and like I know I do!) you gotta transfer some more money into your Keen account so you can spend it in phone calls. It's like, shopping ya know, and shopping is fun!

To become a member of Keen.com

  1. You start by, like, clicking the mouse thingee on the Keen picture above.  You will have to do a lot of this clicking stuff, but like it isn't too hard.
  2. Look at the top of the screen and click the mouse thingee on the words "Join Now"
  3. Fill in your member name (Mine is bimboamy!!!), email address, and pick a password.Don't pick "dumbandsexy" as a password... it's taken!

To call Mind Mistress if you are a member of Keen  (or Peachy-Keen!)

(So easy even a dumb bimbo like me can do it!)

  1. You start by, like, clicking the mouse thingee RIGHT HERE, CLICK HERE, YEAH! Ohhh that feels good...
  2. Ok... see how easy that was!  Now you, like, have to look at a little picture thingee on the left-hand side of the screen (I think it's my left hand?!?)
  3. If the picture looks like a little green phone, you just click on it and read (I know it's hard but you can do it!) the directions on the screen. soon you will hear the voice of Mind Mistress!!!
  4. If the picture looks like a black phone that is off the hook.. Wait a few minutes. Mind Mistress is there but already making some other bimbo's dreams come true!
  5. If the picture looks like a door. and this is a real bummer. Mind Mistress is not there!  You can click on the door thingee to get e-mail when she is available. but you can't talk to her right now.

Like real important note!

To add money to my Keen.com account

  1. From almost any page in Keen, click the mouse thingee on "My Account".  If you are a new member your account starts with $5.00 that you can use to hear Mind Mistress whisper in your ear!
  2. Click the mousey on "Add to Account"
  3. Here is the really really hard part.  You have to fill in all these blanks with stuff about your credit card and your name and your address. whew!  It took me hours, but if I can do it, you can too!
  4. Now it's EZ again. you just have to type in how many dollars you want to add to your Keen account.  I like to add big round numbers because they remind me of big round breasts!  Just make sure you add enough to talk to Mind Mistress without running out!  Then just click the cute little button that says "Add Amount".

That's it... You're done!   Go back to the top and look for the green telephone thingee to talk to Mind Mistress!


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