CD 15 – Three Icons


How to become a Mistress

By meeting within your mind with the ultimate horny Slut, the ultimate manipulative Femme Fatale, and the ultimate controling Dominatrix, you can learn from them, become them, and use those aspects in your daily life at will to feel fully confident being a Slut, a Femme Fatale, a Dominatrix, or any combination of those three aspects of yourself.

There is much demand for Mistress Training, mostly by the lovers of these would be dominants. Sadly, many of these women lack the confidence necessary to develop the skills and personna to pull it off. In addition, these insecurities mean they are less likely to be willing to go through training with a Mistress. They need a confidence boost before they can begin such a training, or even begin experimenting with more dominant behaviors on their lovers.

The first part of this is sexual confidence.

The second part is a willingness to use influence.

The third is the ability to take control.

The Virgin and the Whore

In our Western world, women are still often stuck with the medieval categories of Virgin and Whore. In the more macho cultures, many men still think of women as either pure and virginal, or as dirty whore. In more “enlightened” cultures, they still have the stereotypes, they’re just less aware of them.

“Every woman’s a slut, except my mother and my sisters,” which later in life gets extended to “my wife and my daugters”. Any woman who tries to have a sexuality which is not purely for procreation gets called a slut. Worse than that, she feels *guilty* about having sexual urges! Thus, she represses them, until she convinces herself she’s not into sex, not like “those women”. She does what’s expected of her, gets married to a man and has kids.

Men choose good women to marry, those who are not whores. They marry Virgins. Of course, Virgins have no sexuality, at least none that they’re aware of, other than to perform the wifely duty of having kids. After the desired number of kids are born, any allowable reasons to have sexual desires are gone, so the sex drive gets fully suppressed.

Men, of course, still have a sex drive, partly because it’s expected of them, and partly because testosterone is what’s responsible for having a sex drive in the first place, and men have more of it. That’s when the men start going crazy, because they are stuck with a Virgin, and are unable to satisfy their sexual needs. They can’t end the relationship either, because they have kids to take care of now. So they resort to masturbation, porn, and/or marital infidelity with a prostitute, or lover. The wife finds out, and wonders how he could be so selfish and uncaring.

Everyone gets angry, and it’s messy. Only a few people realize there’s something fundamentally wrong with our models of love ans sex. Virgins are for love, Whores are for sex. Love is good and godly, sex is dirty and of the devil. In order for a woman to be loved and have a sex life, she has to… well… ummm. Actually, there isn’t any way to do it in this model. Sorry folks. How about we throw away the model? Or better yet… what would happen if we merged these two types of women, these two-dimensional cardboard cutouts, into a single whole woman who is both caring and horny?

Man or Sissy

Similarly, men are stuck with the two categories of Man and Sissy. If you’re not manly, then you’re a sissy. They’re expected to be sluts, just not allowed to be feminine. I’m not going to go on at length on this topic here, simply point out that each gender has its own hangups, and that this CD will help in accepting your forbidden desires, whatever they may be. Hence, this CD can be used by crossdressers, shemales and transsexuals to become Mistresses too. Those who want to be Masters can also benefit from this CD, being aware, however, that they are learning from the female archetypes of Dominance, and that this will likely have some side effects.


Track Name Description Length
The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you’ve learned to go into trance on command quickly. 15:20
A deepening that uses the trance trigger, and then lets you drift deeper into trance. You can skip the induction and start here once the trance trigger is well set. 1:20
Gathering Power
Nothing exists in a vaccuum. In order to be fully a Mistress, your past experiences must support it. This track takes you back through childhood experiences that support and justify you being a Mistress today. It’s the difference between thinking you’re a Mistress, and being a Mistress through and through. Many of these experiences are common enough to be sure you have them as memories.
But those you don’t have can be imagined, and then become memories for you. Just because they’ve been created, doesn’t mean they aren’t real and meaningful to you. You may not remember the rush of power of pinning down another kid on the ground at this point, starting you on the path to finding restraining others exciting, but whether it happened or not, you will after this!Other childhood memories that you have may not mean much to you now. What we do here is relive some memories that prepared you for being a slut, a femme fatale, a dominatrix, and have you realize later that you already have those traits inside you, those beliefs, those needs and desires that are the essence of the Three Icons of female dominance. (whether you’re female, or not!).Some of the powers you need to manifest the three icons are: Feeling free to satisfy your needs, the power to say no, being manipulative to get what you want, with tears, tantrums and cunning, getting away with doing what you want when it’s forbidden, tying up or pinning down people, and abandonning yourself to your desires.This track is not necessary for daily reinfocement, but the more you listen to it, the more it empowers the later tracks with depth of your personal history and your inner resources. You should certainly use it for at least the first half dozen listenings though.
Three Icons
Here we come to the place where the three icons can be found, and look at the three icons whom you’ve come to meet. This track is necessary for all listenings. At first, you should listen to all three of the next tracks, each one empowering you with one of the icons. Later on, you may choose to focus more on one of the icons in a given listening session, and skip the other two that time. Of course, these three form a balance, so focussed listening should be used for special circumstances, or for reinforcing an aspect that’s not as strong in you as the other two.For instance, you may choose to skip the Dark and Strong tracks, if you’re getting ready to go out, and all you really want is to get laid. This would put you in full Slut mode. Or you may focus on the Femme Fatale’s Dark Power before asking your boss for a raise. Or focus on the Dominatrix’ Strong Power before going to a BDSM club to whip some slaves into shape!Or, you could cycle through them, doing the Slut the first night, the Femme Fatale the second night, and the Dominatrix the third. This preserves the balance, giving you equal access to all three powers, while allowing you to fully experience each aspect by itself, and learn it more deeply. 2:07
Slut Power
First Icon: the SlutThe first role model we explore in this CD is the Ideal Slut. Your inner slut, your version of what a slut should be. It’s assumed the listener:Isn’t in touch with her inner slut,
Is in touch with her inner slut, but feels guilty about it, or
Could become an even better slut!
Your ideal slut might be Madonna, Sharon Stone, or Marylin Monroe. It could be Aphrodite, Goddess of love. Or it could be Venus, Ishtar, Freya, Parvati, or any other Goddess from a pre-christian culture where sex was holy, where sex and love were two aspects of the same thing. Or it could be you as a Sex Goddess, an incarnation of Desire and Pleasure. Reclaim this part of your power, this part of your self.Let your inhibitions drift away, dress as sexy as you want, talk the way you want, channel your lust and passion, and forget about morals and what other people think, just do what is right for you! Be the slut you want to be!
Dark Power
Second Icon: The Femme FataleOh manipulating people is bad! Or so we’re told. But most of our communication is aimed at getting people to do something, think something, feel something. Communication is about influence, not just information. If I tell you about the day I’ve had, I want you to understand what’s happened, to have empathy. If I ask someone to bring me something, I’m hoping they’ll do it. If I ask a question, I expect to be answered honestly. If I pay a compliment, I want the person to be happy (or perhaps to like me). These are all examples of communication, and in every case, the goal is to influence how a person acts, thinks or feels. Even teaching is a form of influence. Try to find an example of communication that isn’t influence, that doesn’t have any implied result that you want. At the very least, whenever we communicate, we want the person to actually listen to us! If they just walk away, or ignore us, we’re generally displeased, because we didn’t get our minimal goal of being listened to.So really, it’s just a question of how effective you are at getting people to respond the way you want. Is it more moral to be less effective? I don’t think so. I’d classify communications into three categories:

You didn’t get the result you wanted. That’s ineffective communication.
You got the result you wanted, but the listener is unhappy. That’s bad communication
You got the result you wanted, and the listener is happy. That’s good communication
The listener will be enclined to listen to you again. Plus, you helped them be happier.

If you’re going to be a puppet master, be a good one, leaving people happy. Study the arts of communication, the mind, and systems such as NLP. That way, you’ll be less likely to make people feel crappy unintentionally. Poor communication skills cause more pain and wars than anything else I can think of…

Strong Power
Third Icon: The DominatrixDo you want to be obeyed? Then act like you expect it. Feel like you expect it. Choose those who will obey you.In a sense, this one is the simplest. There’s a lot to know to be a good slut, from sexual technique, through seduction, makeup and clothing. Being a skilled Femme Fatale means studying psychology and such systems as NLP to know how to influence people effectively, without messing them up unintentionally, such as in dysfunctional families.

But being a Domme is much more internal. It’s about being confident, and choosing what you want. Setting your boundries, and saying no when someone crosses them. And when someone wants to be told what to do, you tell them. And if someone tries to take control of you without your consent, you just laugh at them!

The skills that a Dominatrix needs for BDSM play are the main ones that need to be studied and practice, and those are beyond the scope of what I can teach in a CD such as this: Bondage, flogging, spanking, sensation play, etc. There are groups that teach this in most areas, books you can get, and then it’s a matter of practice, like any other skill.

Mainly, you need attitude to get you started, the confidence to actually start doing it, make mistakes, learn from them, and keep going. That is what I unlock within you. And during play with your slaves, you can become the Queen of the Universe, though their willing submission, in a relationship that empowers you both.

Becoming Power
Now you come to integrate the Three Icons within you, and let their power become yours, as you take your place among them by assuming responsibility, and taking your place among Mistresses.Each of these icons has a code of honor, a rule to follow for its own sense of morality, and this is included in the training of each one. Self-respect and empowerment comes from following your own code of honor. And respecting your lovers, puppets and slaves, as a Slut, Femme Fatale or Dominatrix, means you will be respected as well, by them, and by others who see how you’re treating your pets, and how happy they are.You learn now how to access the power of the Slut, the Femme Fatale, and the Dominatrix, and manifest them at any point in your waking life. Additionally, you are given a trigger word for reinforcing that power. This has been added in at the suggestion of the woman who initially received this training session (you remember nearly all CDs are based on recorded phone sessions, right?). The powers will be awakened within you whenever someone says to you: “Yes Mistress”. 9:08
 Awaken infused with your inner powers, knowing you will change more deeply with every listening. 1:07



For a short daily reinforcement session, assuming you no longer need track 1, you can listen to tracks 2,4,8,9. This makes for 13 minute trance sessions, easy to fit into any busy Mistress’ daily schedule. For a more powerful experience, add one of the three icons to make it a 20 minute session. It’s good to do the full 65 minute session once a week in addition to shorter daily trances, though for best results you should use the full session at least 3 times a week during the first few weeks of your training.


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