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The Real Radio Show : The Official Radio Station Of The Queendom

Fresh & Raw... New Celebrities Every Week... Check it Out Ladies!

Tune in every Monday, 7pm-9pm for the live recording, or Saturday nights at midnight for the slick, edited version!

Sissy Maid Scene

Sissy Maid Scene is a free website where Dommes, Masters, sissies, maids, sissy maids and anyone else who enjoys the sissy maid fetish can come and socialize with other members using : video chat, messenger, groups, blogs, forums, confessions, events, photos and videos.

Moan My IP

Okay, so this isn't really a domination site... it's a sexy girl moaning out your computer's IP address on the internet. But it's really cool, and she's really hot!

Moan My IP

Fetish Scene, stores and goods around London.

Tina’s TV/TS/TG List – Hundreds of the best TV TS sites on the net!

Affiliated with and, which you can reach through the banners for free pics. Don't you want to see how pretty you'll be?


By clicking on the link or the banners, you'll be voting for Adult Hypnotic Wishes as your favorite TG site on their list! (well, not yet... it's supposed to take several weeks to be added to their listings... so I'll change this notice once we've been added)

"The S.O.'s Outreach" (for Significant Others of Crossdressers)

"Every crossdresser has an S.O. whether it be a wife or parent, child or sibling, cousin or friend. These are our pages to reach out and touch one another."

Lots of great articles. Highly recommended to help your partner understand and deal with crossdressing.

One of the most fun and informative sites I've seen to learn more about transsexuality and gender dysphoria from a lovely post-op polyamorous transsexual and anime artist. Includes such things as "What do I tell my parents?", dating advice, and her transition diary cartoons

Il Bolero
Il Bolero

Montreal fetish fashion store for both men and women. With an extensive inventory of fetish and sexual aids.

Erotic accessories, Leather, Latex, PVC, Whips, Floggers, Paddles, Electric toys, Stockings, Lingerie, Corsets, Dungeon furniture, Shoes and boots of all kinds

Il Bolero

A personal website and resource guide dedicated to local alternative culture & lifestyles, human contact and sexuality.

The second link is to Cyber Fetish, the BDSM section of Alternative Montreal.

Serious Mistresses

UK (British) Based site, listing Serious Professional Dominas

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    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
    5. The information gathered by my hypnotist is private, as is the content of sessions, unless I choose to make some of it public.
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