CD 02 – sub-Consciousness

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While Trance Training is highly processed to sound very smooth, recordings 2 and 3 are almost raw. They are direct recordings, of My voice only, from an actual phone session. You can experience what a phone session with Me is like, and hear the pauses where I expect you to answer Me. I was careful during the induction to make sure not to use the person’s name, or repeat any specific information related to their answer, so you can provide your own details. I also made sure that it was suitable for men, women and transgenders.

Sub-consciousness is the first 38 minutes of the phone session, with the awakening track added later. Its goal is to make the person into a very happy, submissive and obedient slave girl (Whether they started out as male, female or transgendered is irrelevant… they will be a slave girl afterwards)

Note For Male Doms: It will make your lady into an increasingly submissive slave girl. However, since I’m the one doing the conditioning, it talks about obeying Mistress, and doesn’t specifically mention a Master. The only return I’ve ever had on this CD was from a Master who didn’t want that. On the other hand, I have another Master who uses it with his slave girls, and soon to be slave girls, and is quite happy with the results.


Track Name Description Length
Track 1 is the trance induction. Very deep trance induction. Its tone is more dominant than that of Trance Training, but still in My usual style which is to gently seduce into submission.  22:26
Slave Girl
Track 2 is designed to logically take someone step by step from independence to being a very submissive slave girl. It all makes perfect sense as I guide your mind from one idea to the next… until you realize your deepest wish is to be a slave girl… more than anything, and that in fact that’s what you are. 15:28
Awaken Slave
Track 3 is the awakening track, that was added to separate this part of the session from the next. If you skip this track and go straight to track 2 of Elegance, you’ll be hearing the whole session as it happened. 2:17


The Tracks are separated so you can creatively repeat the tracks you want. Once you’ve trained a lot with the whole CD, you can skip the induction, since Track 2 starts with the trance trigger word that’s established in the induction. And you can loop the slave girl track as many times as you like for a deeper effect…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or man when you start listening… by the end, you’re a slave girl who wants… no, needs to obey. You can present it as a relaxation CD… to your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Or as a joke, asking them to play along for fun… Or you can request they be mailed to to your address with the name of someone else: “hey hun, look what I found in the mail… weird huh? Think we should listen to it?”

TRIGGERS: This CD sets a trance trigger word, which is only usable by Me.


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