CD 03 – Elegance

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There are two ways to use this CD. The first is as the basis of a feminization training program, with CDs only, or as reinforcement with session.

The second is as basic training for advanced CDs, as it teaches the trigger words used by nearly all later CDs. It is necessary to train with Elegance before any hallucinated adventure CD. If you don’t want any feminization side effects, but just want the trigger word training so you can use later CDs, you can just listen to tracks 1,2,4, and skip the feminization track 3.

The goal of Elegance is to make the person obsessed with looking feminine. If used on a male, it will make them a very vain sissy, who needs to keep checking her hair and makeup in the mirror. If used on a woman, it will make her extremely aware of her looks, and need to be ultra feminine at all times.

For Women

By itself, it is useful for women who find themselves too tomboyish, who would like to feel more sexy and feminine, and pay more attention to their looks. Those who would like to look more girly, but don’t really feel motivated to take the time to make themselves more attractive, will find this CD extremely effective in transforming their daily routine so that beauty care is a basic and necessary part of their life. Those who have tried it found friends, lovers, and co-workers commenting on how good they now look, and have found that beauty salons are now a source of pure bliss. And it’s a great boost to look more professional at work… to find yourself a mate… or please the one you have.

For Men

Men will find themselves craving perfume, more and more, until they actually put it on. Then they will need to put on some makeup… take care of their nails… their hair… wear feminine underwear… progressively adding each element of femininity until it is completely normal and necessary for them, automatically going to check themselves in the mirror every time they hear the trigger word. Some just do it after work. Some use very subtle shades at work so it’s not noticed. All of them eventually need to at least have feminine underwear all day at work. The CD is designed specifically so that part-time girls can manage a day job working as a male, meaning there are no suggestions to wear dresses, high heels and such. That next step is taken by CD 14 – Elegance II, which leads to dressing and living as a girl full time, thus progressing from crossdresser to shemale.

For Masters and Mistresses

Whether you’re using this on a female or male, you’ll enjoy how much fun it is to use the Elegance trigger word on them, see their eyes go wide with need, as they run to the bathroom to refresh their makeup…

If you don’t want them to get to that point, which can take about 4 to 6 weeks of daily use to achieve, make sure you space out their listening of Elegance to once every week or two, when they start showing signs of obsessing on their looks.

As with all hypnotic conditionning done over a period of weeks, some of it will be permanent, and some of it will fade with time if it is not reinforced. Listening 5 times a day over three days, and then stopping, will produce a very intense effect, but almost all of it will fade away within a week or two. Listening once a week over three months will produce a weak effect, but one that is nearly permanent.

So to produce an intense but temporary effect, have them use it intensively over a short period. To create a permanent effect, have them use it regularly over a long period of time. To create an intense and permanent effect, have them use it at least once a day for a long period of time.

Think of it this way. Going once a year to a casino for a week does not make someone a gambler. But going once a week for a year does. Dressing someone as a girl every year at Halloween does not make the person a crossdresser. But doing so every week does. It becomes part of their life. Regularity over a span of time is the key to permanence.


This CD is like hypnotic Aikido. It uses your resistance against you. The more you try to resist it, the more intensely you need to do it. The more you try to think of reasons why you shouldn’t do these things, the more you come to enjoy them and believe you should.

So by all means, RESIST! Try to think you shouldn’t….

The Making Of

While Trance Training is highly processed to sound very smooth, recordings 2 and 3 are almost raw. They are direct recordings, of My voice only, from an actual phone session. You can experience what a phone session with Me is like, and hear the pauses where I expect you to answer Me. I was careful during the induction to make sure not to use the person’s name, or repeat any specific information related to their answer, so you can provide your own details. I also made sure that it was suitable for men, women and transgenders.

Elegance contains the whole phone session, except for the Slave Girl Track, which is in CD2-sub-Consciousness.


Track Name Description Length
Very deep trance induction. Its tone is more dominant than that of Trance Training, but still in My usual style which is to seduce into submission.If you inserted Track 2 (Slave Girl) of the sub-Consciousness (slave girl) CD after the induction, you’d be hearing the whole session as it happened. It seemed better to separate the enslavement and feminization parts into two CDs. As it is, this CD lasts 70 minutes! 22:26
Track 2 is meant to train you to experience specific feelings when I say certain trigger words, which are used during conditionning in Track 3, and in most later CDs. Having this training will greatly enhance your experience a number of later CDs, and is required before using CD 4 – Male Charm, CD 10 – Vixen, CD 12 – Massage, CD 13 – Fempire, CD 14 – Elegance II, and CD 15 – Three Icons.  7:28
Track 3 is the meat of this CD. It trains the man or woman to need to look more and more feminine, the more they listen to the CD, step by step. So at first they might only need to wear a bit of perfume… then some blush… then lipstick… they’ll need to push back their cuticles, and file their nails so they’re nicely shaped… grow them longer… and wear nail polish. The need to wear jewelry, panties (the only thing that is redundant for women, unless they’re so butch they wear boxers!), nylons, to keep the legs smooth and hairless, to trim the eyebrows and wear mascara increases with each listening. The really wicked part of this conditioning, is that the surge in need happens whenever they hear a specific word… a very common word. So almost anyone they meet will unknowingly trigger their need to be increasingly feminine. There is no escape… everyone will be reinforcing their girly behaviors… 35:23
Track 4 is the awakening track, from the original phone hypnosis session.  4:14


The tracks are separated so you can creatively repeat the tracks you want. Once you’ve trained a lot with the whole CD, you can skip the induction, since Track 2 starts with the trance trigger word that’s established in the induction. You can also skip track 2 once the trigger word reactions are firmly established. Track 3 also starts with the trance trigger. And you can loop the feminization Track 4 as many times as you like for a deeper effect…

If your daily trance time is limited, you can practice with tracks 1,2 and 4 at first, to ensure a very deep response to the trigger words, then Tracks 1,3,4, and eventually just tracks 3 and 4 when you can go into trance on command.

I recommend this CD for wives and girlfriends that need to learn to be more sexy and feminine, as well as a part of feminization training for boyfriends and husbands. And whenever they’re not looking feminine enough… you can just use the trigger word to create a surge of need… (If you’re buying this for someone else, ask Me for the trigger word in the Note section of your payment).

For makeup and shopping suggestions after listening to this CD, you can go to the links page.

TRIGGERS: This CD sets a trance trigger word, as well as some training triggers in Track 2. All these triggers are only usable by Me. There is also a trigger word to boost the desire to be feminine. It is usable by everyone, and is a very common word. Please don’t email Me to ask what it is, unless you’re giving the CD to someone else. If you listen to the CD, you will know what the word is for yourself.


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