CD01 – Trance Training


Five layered inductions to learn to go deeply into trance, with a trigger word to easily return.



Trance training is an all purpose recording designed to teach anyone to go into a mindlessly deep trance whenever they hear Me say their trance word. Since I can’t adjust to the style of the person, this recording uses layered inductions. This means the whole CD is composed of one induction after another, building on each other. If the first induction doesn’t quite get you deep in trance, it at least softens you up for the next one… and the next one… and the next one…

Many people experience amnesia with this CD – they just wake up very relaxed, remembering only the beginning of the CD… and then it’s all a blank. The rest remember the very enjoyable feelings suggested in the CD. I don’t specifically tell people to forget, but it often happens spontaneously, since I don’t specifically tell them to remember either. The tone is slightly dominant, and fairly sensual later on in the CD, so that the subject associates feeling wonderful with being in trance. I’ve avoided being obviously dominant so that this CD can be used safely with people who do not (yet) have an erotic mind control fetish. You can give it to your stressed out wife or girlfriend to help her relax. You can give it to your bossy husband or boyfriend to help him loosen up. Or maybe to a friend or co-worker, who doesn’t understand the appeal of hypnosis… yet! And you can enjoy watching them listen to it with headphones, seeing their eyelids flutter and close, and see their extended arm go limp…. and you may notice childlike expressions at some point, as one of the inductions uses regression to childhood.

Warning: if you are using this CD as the first part of training a submissive, make sure you have them use headphones while you’re there. One Master reported playing it on the main stereo system for his submissive wife, and found himself blanking out into trance while working on the computer, and he wasn’t even paying attention to it! Obviously, it would be really dangerous to listen to this CD while driving, operating machinery, power tools or any electrical appliance. And don’t use it while cooking, unless you want supper to burn while you stand there wide eyed and smiling above a puddle of drool…

The cover itself looks quite innocent, like all CDs I sell. It says the name of the CD, and instead of My full title, it replaces Mistress with “Mist”. It only has the web address of My therapy site. And of course, the CD itself is innocent: it just gets people into trance, and lets them enjoy the experience more and more, while training them to go faster and deeper into trance when they hear the trance trigger word that’s at the beginning of the recording. They also learn to recognize what I say as being more and more obviously true, and easy to go along with…

TRIGGERS: This CD sets a trance trigger word, which is only usable by ME.

Track Name Description Length
Trance Training
Entire CD on one Track. 45:00


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