CD 04 – Male Charm


For increasing or creating sexual attraction to men, and experiencing sex as a woman with men.




This recording can be used with women and men to increase or create lust for men, cocks and cum. Very useful in force feminizing males. With each listening they will become more slutty and horny for cock. It is meant for use by Masters and Mistresses for the training of their slave girls and feminized sissy slaves, but can be used on yourself if so desired. It uses a scenario of meaningless sex, reinforced with extreme pleasure, to condition the subject to crave sex with men, and become a perpetually cock hungry slut.

The CD is divided into very specific tracks, to allow customization of the training. If you’re training a male slave to become a shemale for instance, you’ll want to skip track 9 which involves vaginal sex. And if you only want partial change, you must skip the permanence and addiction commands of Track 11. If you want to take things slowly, you can start by playing up to track 4, and then skip directly to track 12 for awakening. And if you want just to make them feel like a girl, without any involvement of men, you can just play just 2 and 12, so they transform into a woman, and awaken as a woman. This feminizing may be slight at first, but will become increasingly stronger with each listening, so they come to see themselves as a woman more each time they awaken.

WARNING: This CD does not have an induction track, as there was no room on it for a 22 minute induction track. It cannot be used on its own. To use it, you must have the subject trained with one of the other CDs that have inductions, until they learn to completely lose awareness of their body in trance.

For willing female slaves, I recommend starting them with sub-Consciousness. For willing sissy slaves, I suggest using Elegance. If your subject is somewhat reluctant to submit to your agenda for them, start them on Trance Training, to ensure they go mindlessly deep into trance on command, before using any other CDs. All CDs use the same trance trigger, keyed to My voice alone.

Track Name Description Length
Track 1 Tells the subject she wants to be a slut, and will enjoy it. If the subject has been trained with other CDs to go deep into trance, and you do not want them to know what will happen to them, skip this track and start at Track 2. 0:51
Trance Formation
Uses the trigger word established in all previous CDs to bring the person deep into trance, imagine their ideal feminine body sitting at bar, and become that person, feeling and seeing their body as being sexy, big breasted, and totally female. Warning: This CD does not have a trance induction. The subject must first be trained to go into trance with other CDs, until the trance trigger is irrisistible, and has learned to completely lose awareness of their body in trance. Assume this will take about 2 weeks of daily practice with another CD. 10:57
The subject learns how wonderful it feels to flirt with a man. 5:26
The man starts caressing and seducing her  5:27
She starts feeling him through his pants, and then stroking his cock, getting more and more aroused by the effect she’s having on him. 4:34
She can’t stand it anymore, and takes his cock in her mouth, learning the pleasures of cocksucking. 4:19
A second man takes her away from the first, and she learns to enjoy kissing men. 2:23
Her clothing gets ripped away, and she is placed on her back on a table, feeling so horny she puts up no resistance.  1:30
She gets taken by one man, while sucking another’s cock. Skip this track if you’re training the subject to be a shemale. 8:47
She gets taken off the table, onto her feet, still in high heels, and leans over it to get taken up the ass.  10:19
This track creates an irrisistible compulsion to listen to the CD every day, as often as possible, until the subject is completely and permanently a cockslut. Skip this track if you only want to reinforce attraction to men, otherwise your subject will become totally addicted to listening to this CD, and the addiction will not stop until they are a total slut, constantly horny for men and cock.  3:55
The subject awakens still feeling and seeing their body as female. This hallucination will get more vivid and realistic every time they listen to the CD, until they perceive themselves as a big breasted slut all the time. Such hallucinations usually fade after going to sleep, unless the CD is used for too long, in which case it becomes permanent. How long is “too long” ? That depends on the subject. 3:06

Warning! If listened to in its entirety, this CD creates a permanent change in the sexual preference of the listener. It does not make any changes to sexual attraction to women, if any exists, but it creates an obsessive attraction to men and cocks, as well as a compulsion to please them sexually in every way.

TRIGGERS: This CD sets a trance trigger word, which is only usable by Me. Because it plays the techno music throughout the CD, that tune becomes deeply associated with being a horny cockslut, so you can use the last track as a trigger for slutty behavior. Just pop that tune into the CD player, and watch the results… (that tune is the only trigger usable by someone other than Me).

Revised Male Charm: Tracks 13 and 14 have been removed, to make space for track 0, the new induction. If you want the old version of Male Charm, mention this in the Note section of your order.

The old version requires that the person be so well trained with other CDs that they go into trance on command with the trigger word. Adding the induction makes it far more usable, but only 80 minutes will fit on a CD, so something had to go. Track 13 was just confirming that the listener is a slut, and track 14 was the music by itself. All the action is still in there.

Debriefing – Track 13 She is told how much she enjoys being a slut, and how she’ll need to get some cock, or at least look at pictures of cocks as soon as possible. Skip this track if your subject usually shows amnesia for their time in trance, and they don’t know you’re making them a slut.

Techno Slut – Track 14 This is the Techno music that she hears playing in the club during her slutty adventures. After a few listenings of the CD, just playing this music will make her feel very slutty and extremely horny for cock. It will trigger all her conditionings, and can easily by played on a loop at a party where she is to service men, or in the car on the way to a club.

The techno Slut track is available for mp3 download on request from Male Charm buyers, on the trigger words page. CD buyers can ask for that page’s address.


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