CD 20 – Uncursed


Discover your male life is a curse, you are really a woman. Let the curse be undone!



The Ultimate Transgender Dream

Many transsexuals, and even transvestites, had a dream from childhood: To one day wake up, and be a girl. That their whole life as a boy was just a bad dream, and that they really had been a girl all along. But what if it was more than a bad dream? What if it was really… A CURSE!? Hoping to wake up from the nightmare, day after day, always being dissapointed, like a twisted fairy tale where the hero never came to save the day.

This is what UnCursed is. A modern fairy tale for male to female transgenders, with a heroine, and finally a happy ending. You are the victim of this curse, having believed all your life you were male, until the Good Witch came to you one night to explain it all… a tale of gender horror, and salvation. A story of hope.

The Origins of the Tale

This faery tale came out of a real need, from a number of transsexuals that I’ve helped. A number of them have chosen to live male, as they were born, to marry and raise a family. out of compassion for them, and often guilt, they’ve decided to delay transitioning to female, at least until all the kids are grown up. However, this puts them in a situation where they sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others. And you can’t give what you don’t have… can’t share a happiness you don’t feel. Your family suffers from your despair without knowing why.

So for these people, I have found a solution: to hallucinate they are fully female, feeling and seeing their body as female 24/7 (except while shaving… have to see the hair to remove it). And yet they cannot let their spouse, children, friends, and parents know they are a woman. Is this possible, you ask? Yes it is. It just takes significant training. Those with an aptitude for trance can do it in as little as 5 sessions, with regular reinforcements from using CD 10 – Vixen. Those with an average aptitude can do it in about 8 to 10 sessions. Some can take longer to achieve this, as the main skill required is being able to vividly imagine. If you can vividly visualize your ideal female body from all angles, you probably have at least average aptitude. If not, you can develop the skill with practice.

The only problem I faced with this method was one of logic. People want things to make sense, and it’s very hard to sustain a hallucination unless it makes sense, or is at least supported by the people around you (lots of people can hold very weird beliefs, just because everyone around them also believes in the same things – pick any religion you don’t like if you want an example of that).

In this case, only I, and other transgender friends will support you in the belief you are really a woman. So I needed some explanation as to why only you can see yourself as a woman, while everyone else sees you as male. The answer: you were cursed into perceiving yourself as male… and the rest of the world along with you. The uncursing is less powerful though: while you will be to see and feel your real female body, the rest of the world will still see you as male, unless you use surgical procedures. But at least, you are a woman to yourself.

Okay, so it’s a bit far fetched. But hey, it works in Dream Logic, and that’s all we need to make hallucinations work. And it’s a nice faery tale, that answers the call beating in so many transgender hearts.

The Effects: What it won’t do

Will you wake up from using this CD, and see your body as female? Probably not, unless you’re an exceptional hypnotic subject. The point of this CD is not to learn to see and feel your body as female. That is handled by CD 10 – Vixen (with CD 3 as a pre-requisite trainer), and in a different way, by CD 21 – Beach Body.

There is only so much I can pack into a CD, so I try to make each one answer a specific need. While these CDs and others can have you experience a female body during trance, most people would need direct training with sessions to get to hallucinate their body as female outside of trance. Especially if you want it to be 24/7.

The Effects: What it WILL do

This is an exciting adventure. It’s fun to live through, and you are the central character of a magical story! You get to be a girl in this story, and be saved from a fate worse than death: Life as a man… yuck!

Then, you also get to remember your TRUE life as a girl, right up until you were cursed at age 18. Afterwards, you get to remember the rest of your life as a woman, even though people saw you as male then. So you come out of this with memories of your life as a woman. With repeated use, if that is what you desire, that feminine history will replace your old memories. But only if that’s what you want. Otherwise, you’ll remember both versions. Unless you use CD 16 – Acceptance just before this CD… then CD 20 really will erase your male memories, and replace them with female ones.

You’ll also have a good story to explain why you believe you are a woman.

Any Sex in There?

There is also the optional Track 5 – Boyfriend, for those who wish to remember having had a boyfriend as a teenager. You also get to experience having sex as a girl. To experience this fully, you need to have the training triggers from training with CD 3 – Elegance. If you wish to be a lesbian, you can just skip that track. Or, just enjoy the full experience.

Track Name Description Length
The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you’ve learned to go into trance on command quickly 15:20
Good Witch
Starts with the trance trigger word. You find yourself in bed, half awake, when a witch appears from a purple haze. She tells you that you are actually a girl, and that you have been under the curse of an evil witch since adolescence. This curse makes you and everyone else perceive you as a male, and remember only you being a male. She will do what she can to help you. 9:03
Starting with the command to sleep, and the trance trigger, the witch leads you to find your original lifeline, the timeline where you are a girl, besides the fake one of being a boy (if you have used CD7-Youth, you will have experience travelling timelines). 2:44
Growing Up
You now relive your entire life as a girl, quickly, remembering your true life as a girl as you relive it, until you reach the age of 18 just before you were cursed.
Boyfriend (5:39) – And you start reliving your 18th year more slowly, to experience making out and making love with your boyfriend. This track is optional, if you do not wish to remember having had a boyfriend…
And you start reliving your 18th year more slowly, to experience making out and making love with your boyfriend. This track is optional, if you do not wish to remember having had a boyfriend… 5:39
And going to a week later, you relive your encounter with the Evil Witch… and the mistake that angers her into cursing you. 3:25
As you stand dazed, your body totally male, remembering your life as a male, the Good Witch intervenes, appearing from the future to break the curse with her spell. 5:52
As the curse unravels, you start remembering the rest of your life as a woman, from the age of 18 onwards as you live through it quickly. And once you are back in the present with memory of your true self, the Good Witch leaves you with a blessing, as she goes to help other victims of the Evil Witch. 4:34
Awaken, remembering your life as a woman, knowing the maleness is just an illusion, and while it can still fool others, you can now see the truth through it. 1:08



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