CD 11 – Corset Diet


An invisible hypnotic corset controls your eating habits for weight loss. A fun way to lose weight!



You want to lose weight, but somehow, you keep drifting back to the kitchen… out of stress, boredom, or just a feeling like you want to eat something. You know it’s not good for you, and you’d like to be able to fit into those tight pants that you keep as a reminder of how you were not so long ago… and if you could just lose those pounds or kilos, you could fit into all those clothes again… and you feel guilty about that… about your failing to control your eating… so you eat to relieve that unpleasant guilt… but then you feel even more guilty! So, feeling helpless, you binge and gorge, since you have no hope of ever fitting into those old clothes again… and then you feel like crap, out of control, fat and ugly, in your stetchy stained sweatpants.

You don’t want to be that self-hating person anymore, do you?. You want to be slim and sexy again. If only you could bring that eating under control. And now you can.

The Original Corset

The corset is a symbol of control. Of self control. Of having that tummy completely and totally under control, adjusting it to the waist size that YOU want to have. With a corset, it doesn’t matter whether you want to slouch in your chair or not. You CAN’T. You don’t need willpower or discipline. The corset takes care of all that. You may think the food you see looks good, but when you feel that tightness around your waist that says “I can’t possibly take another bite!”, you just feel tight and full and sexy with your tiny waist and hourglass figure. And you just don’t feel like eating at all. There’s no way to loosen the belt when you’re wearing a corset… it’s just too much work to loosen, and you look and feel so darn good wearing it!

The Hypnotic Corset

I’ve taken the control that corsets give you one step beyond, with hypnosis. With this recording, you will *feel* like you’re wearing a corset, no matter what you’re wearing. And every time you try to eat between meals, to overeat, or eat things you know you shouldn’t, the hallucinated corset will feel like it’s tightening, more and more, until you feel absolutely no inclination to eat whatsoever. More than that, you’ll feel MORE SEXY and ATTRACTIVE every time it tightens and you pass up food, reinforcing your self worth and your determination to be slim and corset sexy.

Tightening Triggers

Salty snack foods, chips and nuts, greasy and deep fried foods, pastries, candy, chocolate, sugar and other sweets, soft drinks/pop, trips to the kitchen, fridge and pantry between meals, and eating desert are all covered through living those scenarios in your mind, and practicing the appropriate response of feeling tight, sexy and unwilling to eat as the corset tightens. Drinking water instead is encouraged.

Track Name Description Length
Going into trance and setting the trance trigger. This is the same induction as Gemini. 15:20
 Once in trance, you experience wearing a magical corset through a variety of situations, and reinforce the conditioning to feel your eating under control and to feel “corset sexy” every time. 15:00
This optional track reinforces your determination to achieve the waist size you desire with regular listenings of the recording, and also suggests the appeal of wearing a real corset, to bring yourself further under control, as well as to feel and look sexier and happier with your body. 2:00
You awaken feeling wonderfully comfortable, tight and sexy. 1:00


This CD is made short on purpose, and it’s meant to be used every day for the training period, until you feel that you’ve brought yourself fully under control. The listenings can be progressively spaced out afterwards, listening again more regularly if you ever feel any reduction of the effect. But as you keep listening, the effects will become more and more permanently a part of you, and you will enjoy the enhanced confidence and self-esteem from having the figure you want.

And if you do choose to wear real corsets, remember three things:

Your partner(s) will love you for it!
People at work will notice an immediate change in your waist size, which will make you feel more attractive and more confident in your smaller waisted clothing. It’s up to you whether you keep your method a secret or not!
Corsets need to be custom made to your measurements, or they are nearly useless (you can order them online however, simply specifying your measurements). Generally, corsets are made to reduce waist size by 4 inches. Beginner corset wearers shouldn’t try for any more than a 4 inch reduction, for comfort reasons, and to make sure you can actually get into the corset.
Obviously, you’ll need to get smaller corsets as you lose weight, as well as smaller sized clothing, but hey, that’s the price you pay for becoming drop dead gorgeous…

This recording is more oriented towards women and TGs, but can be used by men as well with excellent results.

Now’s the time to do something about those New Year’s resolutions…


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