CD 07 – Youth


Regress your metabolism to female puberty for breast growth through past lives. For boys & girls.



Breast Growth Theory

Skip this part if you’re not interested.

I’ve had a number of requests for a breast growth CD by transgendered genetic males, as well as some wives and Mistresses. There are a number of CDs for breast growth out there, and they seem to have good results, so why not use those? The answer is, because they won’t work. They were never intended for for genetic males. I’ll even tell you WHY they won’t work, as I’ve found out the “secret” principle they all use to grow bigger breasts (well, aside from those who just “command” you to grow breasts… and assume your unconscious can figure out how)

Step 1: Get a woman into trance

Step 2: Regress her to puberty, and have her unconscious mind remember how it made her breasts grow in the first place.

Step 3: Bring her back to the present, and ask the unconscious to do the same thing it did during puberty, adjusting hormonal levels in the same way, so that breasts start to grow again. Increase circulation to that area, bring nutrients, etc.

Since a woman *has* grown breasts, her body knows how it’s done. We just need to remind her unconscious of that fact, and tell it to do it again. You probably understand why this won’t work for males now. They just don’t have the memory of growing breasts at all!

So here comes Yours Truly, who ponders this problem for a few years, until a solution emerges. Where could a genetic male find a memory of growing breasts?

Why, in past lives as a woman!

I’m not going to go into a debate about whether past lives are real or not. They make sense to Me, but that’s just My opinion. However, when someone is regressed to before their birth, they seem to find themselves in another body. And this happens whether they believe in past lives or not! Go figure. Even devout Christians find past lives (and by the way, reincarnation was removed from Christianity’s beliefs at the Second Council of Constantinople during the first millenium). Regardless of whether you believe it or not, it makes sense to unconscious minds, and that’s what’s useful to us.

How to produce breast growth in males

This CD can be used by women, men and transgenders. It regresses you to your birth, then further back, to find the last three lives you’ve had as a woman. It lets you live quickly the adolescence and breast growth of those three lives, so that your unconscious can learn how to grow breasts. Then it brings you back to the present, and puts those three past life personalities in charge of making your breasts grow, particularly reinforcing it when you wear a bra (of course, I’m not explaining all the little tricks I use to do this… but this gives you an idea). This will produce “gynecomastia” (breast growth in males), most likely by getting the adrenal glands to produce much more estrogen than usual. If the male body couldn’t produce boobs, there would be no spontaneous cases of males with breasts, and no medical term for it. We know the male body can do it.

Because this is a completely new method, I would request you assistance in measuring the results. I would ask that you measure and write down your chest, waist, hip size and weight once a week during this process for at least six months, and write down how many times you listened to the CD during each week. After those 6 months, you can measure yourself once a month, still recording how many times a week you listen to the CD. Growing real breasts takes time. So even if it works as planned, it will take a few months to get significant cleavage. As your data comes in, I’ll be able to post the results here anonymously.

I suggest using it every day the first week, every second day the second week, and twice a week after that. You’re free to use it more often, but that’s the minimum I recommend if you want fast results.

What about teenage girls??? Why is it called Youth?

Ah, I was just getting to that… you see, I’m not just aiming at breast growth. I’m aiming at making the person become a teenage girl. Completely. This means…

Younger Feminine Skin, like a teen girl

I’m telling your unconscious to remember how to make the skin young, feminine, soft, supple, silky, and smooth, and do THAT again too. Transsexuals who start taking hormones notice the texture of their skin changing to be much softer and younger looking. The same things happens to post-menopausal women who take hormone replacements. And I want the same thing to happen to you!

Proper Fat Distribution, for a teenage girl

I ask your unconscious to distribute the fat in the same way it would for a teenage girl. No fat means no boobs. So please, while good eating habits and exercising are good, starving yourself won’t help. You need some fat to go to the proper places, such as hips, face, and breasts. If you’re over 200 pounds, then it’s okay to lose weight. We don’t need that much. However, having brought back the personalities of 3 teenage girls to oversee your transformation, you may find your appetite becomes… rather girlish! (this is why I ask to record your weight in the theory section, as I expect some weight loss to occur in those overweight, and some weight gain in those who are too skinny)

Teenage girl attitude:

We brought back three teenage girls personalities, who all happen to be you, to take care of making you a teenage girl lookalike, with lots of cleavage. Do you think they’ll stop at re-making your body ? Or do you think they’ll also influence you to feel and think and act and dress like a teenage girl? You have three guesses on that one… and just remember… they’ll outnumber you! Heh heh heh. You’ll also feel the vigor of your teenage years returning, as well as the sex drive and emotional ups and downs of being a teen girl with raging hormones.

Like oh my god!!! This’ll be totally awesome!

Effect on Genetic girls:

Genetic girls have past lives too! This CD should work for them at least as well as all the other breast growth CDs on the market, with a little addes twist: They’ll likely become less mature, more energetic, notice an improvement in their skin, lose weight, return to a more girlish figure, and generally act and feel like a teenage girl would. If they had a sucky adolescence, no problem. They’ll have the experience of 4 adolescences to choose from to be the best teenager they can be. If you’re their male partner, you may have to consider taking Viagra to keep up with them and their hormones! If you like schoolgirl fantasies, then you’ll probably enjoy the effects even more.

Final note: This CD has some major side effects, due to the method used to create the breast growth. Personally, I think the side effects are fun, and a bonus. Regardless, it’s a whole package, and you either take the whole of it, or not. At the very least, it will make your life a whole lot more… interesting.

Track Name Description Length
Going into trance and setting the trance trigger. This is the same induction as Gemini and Happiness 15:22
Go back in time to your birth, and then even further, to find your last 3 female lives, then relive the puberty and adolescence of each of those lives, with respect to learning how to grow breasts. Every time you revisit them, your unconscious learns more about growing breasts. Then come back to the present.  33:41
We’re back in the present life, and we initiate a girl puberty, to get the breasts to grow in this life. 9:41
Awakening with a teenage girl attitude. 1:44


I’ve spent time trimming this CD down to bring it down to an hour, because it needs to be listened to daily. Those who can already go into trance on command (from use of previous CDs, or repeated use of this one) can skip the induction, and do their session in 45 mins.

For a quickie, you can also skip the regression of Track 2, and go straight to Track 3 for a 12 minute booster. Ideal for mornings and lunchtime reinforcement, as long as you do the full version regularly as well.

For best results, the CD should be used daily for as long as you want breast growth, and use the full version at least once a week.

Collecting Statistics on Results

If you wish to participate in determining how effective it is for breast growth, please measure your initial weight and measurements (circumference at nipple level, belly button level, and widest point of the hips and buttocks), and any other effects you notice during or after listening. Take these measurements once a month. Add your listening schedule, and brief comments. It would look something like this:

27-Nov-03: 130lbs, 33-30-32. I listened to the full CD every evening for two weeks, and on the next 2 weeks, I also listened to the 11 minute short version while going to work on the bus 5 times a week. I’ve noticed tingling in the breasts during listening, and feeling girly after listenings. The tingling lasted a few hours after each listening.

27-Dec-03: 132lbs, 33-30-32. I’m staying with the same schedule (once a day, +11 mins 5 times a week). The area around the nipples looks puffy, feels more sensitive, and I’m noticing I sway my hips when I walk. I feel a special tingle in the breasts whenever I think of the names I had as a girl.

27-Jan-04: 132lbs, 33.5-30-33. Same schedule for the week, but on weekends, I skip the full version, and listen to the short version 3 times a day. My breasts have grown half an inch, and my hips have grown a full inch! I seem to sway a lot when I walk, without even thinking about it. I also remembered some more from my past lives, see the full text in the other messages I sent.

You can use pounds and inches, or kilograms and centimeters, as you prefer. I will be gathering the short data for making statistics. Of course, you can also send Me more detailed reports, but the short form will make statistics easier, and you can send your statistic data every 3 months.


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