CD 14 – Elegance II


Ultimate Elegance

A female who uses this CD regularly will end up wearing short skirts, high heels and tight tops nearly all the time. Wearing anything else will feel wrong, but wearing those will make her feel happy, sexy, confident and horny all the time. She will also develop an obsession for having bigger boobs, and will raise the money in any way she can to get breast implants.

A male who uses this CD will end up dressing as a woman 24/7, in short skirts, high heels and tight tops, and getting his own breast implants. He will become a sexy shemale, and love it! He will love his big boobs, and feel horny dressing like a pin-up. This will feel totally natural for him, the only way to be happy and confident is to live as a woman, and have big breasts. No mention is made of getting a sex change, so without any further conditionnings, he’ll likely be happy to become a sexy shemale and stay that way.

The next few sections address the different needs of those who would benefit from this CD.

Geeky Girl No More

Okay, so you’re female, you’re a geek, and you know it. Perhaps even proud of it! You’re smart, and you always avoided falling for the superficial crap that all the popular girls lived for. Nothing wrong with that. Except now, you’re older, you’re still smart, and you’re despairingly single. You can’t get a date to save your life, except with the scum of the gene pool. And frankly, you’re getting pretty tired of it. What good is it being a wonderful, deeply interesting person if nobody cares, notices, or ever pays any attention to you? It just isn’t fair !

Now, you may have tried to dress a little sexier… putting on evening makeup… but you just felt silly and weird, like playing dressup in mommy’s clothes. So you stuck with baggy clothes, sweat suits, “practical” wear, and old t-shirts others wish you would burn, but that you’re somehow attached to. And you feel totally invisible as a woman to anyone you find even remotely attractive. Being intelligent, you know there must be a smarter way to solve this, so you can get some meaningful companionship. So what’s a geek girl to do to get a date around here? Well, you might think hypnosis seems like exactly the kind of brainy method that could help you, and you’re right!

Using CD 3 – Elegance and then CD 14 – Elegance II, you will be using the creative parts of your brain to reinvent yourself into an extremely sexy AND intelligent woman. You know you’re a very special person who deserves to be loved. Don’t you think working on the packaging and presentation of your self would make a difference? You know it would. You’ll get noticed. Attractive people will invite you out, and you’ll be able to choose who you want, and have the luxury of turning down idiots. People will do nice things for you, just because they find you attractive. You may have felt that was unfair before, but now you may realize that making yourself appealing is just being smart. Making yourself pretty, you are showing beauty, and people feel grateful for the pleasure they get from simply seeing a lovely woman. Grateful to you.

Think about it. When you see a slob, I mean, someone who doesn’t wash, brush their teeth, wears dirty smelly clothes, eats junk and looks like crap, do you think “Oh, there’s a really smart, deeply thoughtful person who cares about people and world issues, who focusses on inner values rather than their exterior, and I’d like to get to know them.” Well? Do you?

No, you think, “Yuck, what a slob. Get me out of here!” That person may in fact be a genius, and have all those wonderful loving qualities you want in a mate. But they don’t take care of their looks. And the idea of having sex with them is pretty unapealing, to say the least. So if you judge people that way, and don’t pay any attention to your looks, isn’t that hypocritical? Double standards?

Now, I’m sure that you actually want to be honest and congruent about your beliefs, like most people do. So to do that, you have two choices:

Keep believing that it’s the inside that counts, and go out with people who are interesting, no matter what they look like, what their grooming habits are or how dumpy their home may be.
Realize that you’ve always valued both interior and exterior beauty, and that to be true to your beliefs, you need to make your exterior as beautiful as your interior, so people will want to approach you, and get to know the real you.
Admit it, you want to be sexy, sensual, and seductive, to be desired and sought after. You’re more than a match for any dumb slut who only has a pretty exterior to offer. You can outdo her in any arena. If you so choose. You can be you, and look like a wet dream too. It’s within your power to do so, and get what you want. More than that, it’s the smart thing to do.

You are in control of the depth of the effect of these CDs, by how much you listen to each CD. It’s your life. You’re in control, you know what you want, and you have the courage to do it.

Girlfriend / Wife Tune-Up

If you want your wife or girlfriend to become a big breasted mini-skirted pin-up (and she agrees, one assumes), have her train first with CD 3 – Elegance every day until she’s totally into makeup, and is completely trained with the triggers used in this CD. It’s recommended that you find a way to pay for her boob job, or she may get end up turning tricks on a street corner to finance her need to get bigger titties.

For the full slut tuneup, use this sequence:

CD 1 – Trance Training: to get her trancing very deeply from the very beginning.
CD 5 – Gemini: to get rid of her sexual inhibitions, and make her a sexy, submissive bad girl.
CD 3 – Elegance: to lay all the groundwork for CD14-Elegance II.
The next CDs can be used in any order after this, depending on what you want first:

CD 14 – Elegance II: to make her dress like a pin-up, get big hooters and love it!
CD 4 – Male Charm: to make her a horny cockslut who’ll fuck and suck and take it up the ass without the slightest hesitation.
CD 6 – Happiness: to make her a sex crazed bimbo slut.
CD 12 – Massage: to make her bisexual and into women.
CD 11 – Corset Diet: to get her to that sexy slim hourglass shape, and develop a fondness for wearing corsets.
CD 8 – Freedom: To get her to fully accept that she should be a sexy smoker.

Shemale Pin-up

The conditionnings to get breast implants are spread out throughout the tracks, so there’s really no way to avoid them. If your goal is to:

Get breast implants, but not dress sexy: Skip track 6.

Dress sexy, but minimize the desire to get larger breasts: Skip track 3.


Track Name Description Length
The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you’ve learned to go into trance on command quickly 15:20
A deepening that uses the trance trigger, and then lets you drift into trance realizing you need to become totally open to My words, malleable and accepting, so I can make you happy and sexy. 2:00
Bigger Boobs
Pretty self explanatory. Having bigger boobs is your obsession. So you can feel sexy, play with them, and have others play with them. You need to raise the money to get yourself bigger boobs, any way you can. Even getting donations from all those who will be enjoying your lovely new boobs. Using the well proven Elegance Process, the more you try to resist getting bigger boobs, the more horny you become at the thought of getting them, and the more obssessively convinced you are that you should get them, that you must get bigger boobs. 4:33
Sexy Dress
Wear dresses and skirts, tight tops and pretty blouses, show off your cleavage, wear high heels, short slutty skirts, very high heels, to go with your sexy makeup and sexy hair. You want this, need this, and every time you try to think you shouldn’t, you need to even more badly! 3:30
(Trance trigger is repeated to deepen the trance) When you wake up, your first thought is that you need bigger boobs. Then you go wash, floss, brush your teeth, wash your body and hair (I wanted to make sure everyone has proper hygiene…), shave your legs, do your hair, pluck your eyebrows, do you makeup, put on perfume and deodorant, moisturizing body lotion. You want to, need to, must. Every day. 6:36
Put on your panties and bra, feeling the need for bigger boobs, implants, to give you even more cleavage! Then put on your stockings, pantyhose or stay-ups, perhaps with garter belts. Crotchless is better for sluts, to give access to your crotch. Then put on a dress or skirt, as slutty as you can get away with, high heels, earrings, necklace or pendant and any other jewelry. Then once you’re done, go to the mirror. Check your hair. Check your makeup. And fix them if you need to, as you do every single time you see a mirror. 7:55
Sexy Smoking
This track can be skipped without detracting from the flow of the session. Sexy girls smoke, and you want to be a sexy slutty smoking girl, just like the ones you see in bars. Holding a long slim girly cigarette in your hand, sucking on it, it tastes good to you, smells good, sweet and wonderful, inhaling the smoke feeling such pleasure, makes you feel more and more sexy, and even getting addicted is sexy, the cravings for smoke are like your cravings for sex, like being horny. Cigarette smoking is very sexy and feminine and you want to be sexy and feminine when you smoke. 4:00
Every time you hear the word “Hello”, all those desires to become a sexy girl, to be more feminine, to dress ultra-feminine, to wear makeup, to get breast implants and have bigger boobs will get even stronger, and your need to do all those things more necessary for you to feel confident, happy and relaxed, because you want to be a sexy girl, and have fun the way only sexy girls can! Once you realize this, you awaken feeling wonderful. 2:28


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