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You can download mIRC, a full featured IRC chat software for free by clicking here (PC only)


(There are a number of IRC clients for the Apple Mac OS that work very much like mIRC, such as: ColloquyLimeChatTextualBabbel,Ircle or Snak).


The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server we use is, SorceryNet.

Once you've installed it, run it, and click on the File menu, then Options

Click on the Add button

Description: SorceryNet
IRC Server : irc.sorcery.net
Port(s): 9000

Type in the nickname you want to use, and an alternate nickname in case that one is in use by someone else.

You probably shouldn't type in your real name or email address, unless you like spam.

Click ok.

To connect, click on the lightning bolt. In the future, this is all you'll have to do to connect after starting mIRC.

To join the channel, type: /join #adulthypnoticwishes

If you want to change your nickname, type: /nick NewName
(replace NewName by the name you want)

If you want to send Me a private hello, type: /msg Mind_Mistress Hello!

If you want to perform an action, type: /me waves hello


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