CD 10 – Vixen

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Uses trigger words set up by CD3-Elegance. Requires prior training with Elegance.

Vixen trains you to hallucinate your female body in trance, making your female self more and more real, at the expense of draining the lifeforce out of your male personality, making your male side weaker, while your female side gets stronger, more real and in control. The more you use it, the more dominant your female self becomes.


Track Name Description Length
Going into trance and setting the trance trigger. This is the same induction as Gemini.  15:20
Choosing a sexual experience to relive, which may be having sex with someone, or simply masturbating. The important part is that it should include a buildup to a powerful orgasm. Once you’ve chosen the memory you want to relive, the trance triggers are used to deepen the trance.  1:24
You return to the sexual experience you chose, and relive it fully, going into your body of then. But as the experience progresses, you start changing into a woman, and eventually orgasm as a woman, more and more intensely, while your breasts continue to grow, the body reshapes itself, and your mind becomes female.If the sexual experience was masturbation, you feel more and more that you are fingering yourself.If it was intercourse, you feel that you are the one being penetrated.If it was oral sex, you are being licked.
The sex of the partner is never specified, so it could be a man, a woman, a woman with a strapon, or a shemale. That’s left to your own preference. You also learn to drain lifeforce from your male personality, in order to make your female one stronger and more real.
In trance reality, you go to a full length mirror to learn to see your female body more and more clearly and feel it more fully real… 5:00
And then you start fondling your breasts and fingering yourself to a wonderful female orgasm 7:54
You’re a very naughty girl! You feel perfectly justified in draining your male personality to make yourself totally real. You take what you want, and you want to be real, more and more. Vixen is Dominant, at least to her male counterpart.  1:47
The trigger word is set to become Vixen every time you hear it. At first, the change will be more mental, but as you keep training with the CD, you can also learn to hallucinate your female body on command while awake, in addition to having your female personality take over.  0:43
Being Vixen feels sooo good, you need to become Vixen more and more often. 0:52
Awaken from trance as Vixen. At first, the change will only be mental, but with practice, you will continue to see and feel your female body.  1:01



Anyone you consider to be your Dominant can use the trigger word to make you Vixen. There is no trigger word to return to normal, though the effects will initially fade with time, especially when going to sleep. If you want temporary effects, make sure you space out your listenings of Vixen, once you have achieved sufficient realism for the transformation, and skip the addiction track.

This kind of transformation process is very effective with a live session. I cannot guarantee the results will be as good with a recorded session, though you do have the advantage of being able to practice over and over with the CD. Most people should be able to experience a realistic transformation with repeated use of this CD. It can also be used for transformation training purposes in conjunction with sessions.

This CD does not alter your sexual preference, nor does it encourage dressing or acting as a woman. So unless you have other conditionnings, constant use of this CD would lead you to eventually be Vixen 24/7, seeing and feeling your female body, while still dressing and going to work as a male. However, your female personality would be in control, and your male one would eventually fade away. In that sense, this CD is relatively safe, because it won’t encourage getting a sex change… since you’ll already be a woman (but not to worry, later CDs will address transsexualizing… I just try to keep each topic on separate CDs…)

For those who already have a female name, and to avoid having everyone named the same, I suggest you consider Vixen to be your family name. Thus, if Adam (from the logs) was using this CD, she could think of herself as “Bethany Vixen” once transformed. Of course, if you’re just playing with your lover, you can use Vixen as a nickname.

This CD is only intended for use on men and transgenders.


There was a mistake in at least some of the copies of Vixen, prior to February 12, 2005. Track 6-Naughty was described as being 5 minutes and 15 seconds. It *should* be only 1:46. If your version is 5:15, that means your track 6 includes tracks 6, 7, 8 and 9 (the awakening). Then it continues with the already heard tracks 7, 8 and 9, but the listener has already been awakened.

No content is actually missing, but this prevents people from adding or removing tracks 6,7,8, or 9 at will, the way it was intended to. To replace your track 6 with the shorter (non-redundant) version, as intended, you can download it from the site. The mp3 version downloads faster, and can be converted back to WAV format, for inclusion on an audio CD. If you don’t know how to do that, and have a fast connection, you can get the original WAV format of the track.

V06-Naughty.mp3.x (1.667 Mb)

V06-Naughty.wav.x (9.237 Mb)

Right click on the file you want to get, and select “Save Target As” to save it to disk.
Then, when looking at the file in your File Explorer, remove the “.x” extension.

The only reason that extension is there, is because I want people to download the files, rather than play them off the site, and they won’t play until you remove the .x extension.

If you don’t have Vixen… then you can get this as a free sample from Vixen. Lucky you!


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