CD 28 – S-Exhibitionist


CD28 S-Exhibition is designed to make the listener into an exhibitionist and attention whore, confident about wearing the sexiest clothing to get the attention she wants, and able to ask and demand the things she wants. It’s both a hypnotic adventure and a personality changing conditioning, which can be used by women as a standalone CD, or as a sequel to CD27 by male to female transgenders.

Primary Purpose: Make her an exhibitionist !

So your woman is shy and inhibited, and you want her to loosen up, show some skin, dress sexy and lose all the mental hangups. This is the CD you want. The problem with trying to act confident and to lose inhibitions is, we all have history. We’ve learned what’s right and what’s wrong from our parents, from our role models growing up, from being told “cover that up, you look like a slut”. And it’s hard to undo decades of training to look and act like a conservative woman.
That’s why the CD starts with the listener as an amnesiac in a hospital. There is no history, no memories, to hold her back. No expectations of how she should behave. From there, it’s easy to create the personality of an exhibitionist, who loves showing off to get attention. To create maximum results, CD16-Acceptance should be used first, to create actual amnesia of personal history during the hypnotic adventure. In general, two weeks of daily training are necessary to get full effects from a CD, so you should count on two weeks with Acceptance prior to using S-Exhibition. Before that, CD1-Trance Training is a good place to start to learn to trance deeply. Does that sound too long to you? Hey, 6 weeks to turn someone into a raging exhibitionist seems pretty reasonable to Me.

The Hypnotic Adventure:

You wake up in a recovery clinic, amnesiac, with a gorgeous female body and increasing exhibitionist tendencies

For women:

You wake up in a hospital clinic, and you can’t remember who you are. Perhaps you’ve had cosmetic surgery to become the gorgeous babe you see in the mirror… or perhaps you were always this beautiful, but had an accident that led to your memory loss. Either way, you have no past to hold you down, and a healthy libido driving you to explore your body. So after exploring your awesome body in the shower, you go out to shop for some sexy and attention grabbing outfits. As you venture in public, your thoughts become more and more lewd, as you imagine things you could do to get men to pay attention to you. Surprisingly, you feel no shame whatsoever. Maybe you used to be prim and proper, but you can’t remember. Maybe you were a slut, shamelessly sleeping around. But whatever you were, now you want to dress to get attention, and you go for what you want without any doubts or reservations.

For transgenders:

You’ve just had your sex change surgery, and possibly some facial surgery, breast implants, and whatever other surgeries would be needed to turn you into a total babe. You’ve been in the clinic long enough to heal completely, and you’re ready to go out into the world as the gorgeous woman you were meant to be. But for some reason, you can’t remember any of this: All you know is that you’re a woman, a very beautiful woman, with no memories of her life. Whoever you once were doesn’t matter. Now you want to go out into the world, and be seen, looked at, desired, paid attention to. You want to go shopping, find some clothes that will show off your great body, make heads turn, and feel like the center of the world! You find yourself horny, eager to have guys fawning all over you, and becoming a major attention whore.

Either Way:

In both cases, once you’ve done your shopping for something nice to wear, you come across a restaurant whose waitresses wear sexy uniforms. This is exactly what you needed to be able to get the attention you crave, and meet some men! You apply for the job, wanting it very badly, imagining yourself having to give the manager a blowjob to get hired, and getting pretty aroused at the thought. Once hired, you flirt with your first customer… fantasizing about going down on him in the bathroom. And perhaps it will happen? You’re becoming sooo much of an attention whore, you might have to switch jobs to become a stripper! And that is the topic of CD29-S-Tripper, the third and final part of the S series… and of your hypnotic transformation…


Track Name Description Length
The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word. 15:20
Sets the trigger word for feeling arousal on command. Ends with the trance trigger. 4:02
Euphoric Trigger
Sets the trigger word for feeling euphoria on command. Ends with the trance trigger. 4:54
You awaken to your beautiful female body, remembering nothing of your past. 3:23
And as you wonder who you are, all you get is a blank. Even how you got to the hospital is a mystery. But your body feels good. Very good. And without memories, you feel free to become anyone you want to be. 3:48
You take a shower and discover your body’s soft skin and sensual curves. 4:28
You find panties, a bra, a low cut top, pantyhose, a skirt and heels to wear. Then, it’s time for makeup. And you can read what your name is… on your credit cards. That must be who you are. But with credit cards, you can go shopping! 6:00
Attention Whore
Now it’s time to slip on that sexy dress, and more and more you find you want to look like a woman. You don’t want to look silly at the party do you? So you need to do it right. 12:52
Waitress job
There’s a restaurant looking for waitresses, and their uniform is very sexy. This is the perfect way for you to flirt with some guys! And maybe drag one off to the bathroom… 11:05
Needing to experience this again and again to become more and more of an exhibitionist, you awaken feeling wonderfully slutty. 1:25


Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the sequence make sense. Here are the cuts you can make:

-No Trigger Training: Once the desire and euphoric triggers are strongly installed after many listenings (meaning the subject reacts strongly to them), you can cut out the trigger Track 2 –Desire Trigger (4:02) and Track 3- Euphoric Trigger (4:54), though you should reinforce the triggers occasionally. This cut reduces the trance by 9 minutes.

-Sample Cuts: At first, you must include the trigger training of tracks 2 and 3. You could train with just those, using tracks 1,2,3 and then 10 to awaken.

Then, once the triggers are well set and give you a strong reaction, you can cut out tracks 2 and 3’s trigger training, and just use track 1 for the induction, then go into the adventure tracks 4,5,6,7, and then the awakening track 10.

You can alternate between the introduction to this introduction to the story, which lets you explore your sexy body, and the actual conditioning, which would be with tracks 1,8,9,10.


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