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In a nutshell:

The listener unconsciously becomes a slutty, fun loving bad girl, a slave girl to her Master or Mistress. There will be almost no apparent changes until the slave personality has replaced the normal one. Unless this is a change they wanted, they will remember little or nothing of the content of the CD until that happens, aside from the fact that it’s relaxing, and will feel the need to listen to it every day. After 2 weeks or so of daily training, the Dominant can use a trigger word to awaken the slave personality, and another to bury it again. However, there may not be amnesia about the time spent in the slave personality.

This is My answer to people who want an effective, yet safe CD (so they can keep up appearances at work).

Comparing CDs:

sub-Consciousness tells you why you are a slave girl, how to think and how to feel.

Gemini gives you a choice every time you listen to it to become more or less a slave girl, though it encourages becoming a slave girl

Everyone has a surface personality they show to the world, one that is respectable and acceptable. Everyone also has repressed desires, a wild side that they have been taught not to show, and that they are generally not even consciously aware of. This CD changes the balance between them, progressively making the wild side more and more in control, until the old personality is just a shell, used only when required, such as for going to work or visiting family.

In trance, the subject gets to evaluate their surface personality which has the birth name, is respectable, independant, driven to succeed in the world, responsible, full of worries and responsibilities, morals, shame and guilt, and has to be a “nice” person by the standards of society, ending up unfulfilled and unsatisfied, by denying the needs of their deep inner personality, which is its opposite. (The gender of the surface personality is not specified, so that it can be used by men, women, and transgenders).

The deep personality has a new, chosen name. While the surface personality is independant and respectable, this one is the opposite in every way: a bad girl, a sexy slave girl, a slut with no shame, no morals and no guilt. She’s not out for success. She’s happy and free of all inhibitions, able to satisfy her desires by obeying and pleasing her dominant, be it a Master or Mistress, and seeking only pleasure as a horny, fun loving bad girl. If it’s naughty or perverted, she likes it, and helping “corrupt” others to be bad girls like her is a good thing!

Whoever gave her the recording is obviously her Dominant, and by default, I am also her Dominant. Every time the CD is used, the deep personality grows out, and the surface personality gets thinner, until the deep personality is in control, and the other one is just for show, when useful, and serves and obeys the needs of the deep personality. Until that happens, the person is instructed to forget their experience and their deep personality, if it would upset the surface personality. The deep personality can be be brought out with a trigger word from their dominant, and another trigger word brings back the surface personality, again with no memory of what has happened.

Note that this doesn’t make the person a mindless slave. They have a mind, and they have feelings, and If you act like a selfish jerk as their dominant, they will dump you and find a better Master or Mistress to serve, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself for being such an idiot and getting what you deserve. If you treat them with loving, caring respect, and act responsibly to guide them in being a sexy, horny, slutty slave girl, they’ll love and obey you forever.

When you buy this recording, I will send you the trigger word to bring out the deep (wild) personality, and the trigger word for the surface personality, but only after it has been in use every day for 2 weeks. That amount of training is necessary for the trigger to work properly. The CD itself awakens them in their surface personality. Only I and the person who gave them the recording can use the triggers words. If you’re using this on yourself, your deep personality will just keep growing unconsciously until it takes over, though the old personality will come out when you need it to (such as for going to work). Because effects may not be immediately obvious, I do not offer refunds on this CD.

Because this is an amnesia oriented CD, there is only one track, to discourage peeking.

Note About Unwilling Subjects:

It’s possible to use this CD without the listener knowing what it does, and they may have full amnesia about their ongoing transformation if these conditions are met:

They’re a very good hypnotic subject (perhaps having been trained with Trance Training first).
Their surface personality would be upset about knowing they’re becoming their opposite.
Unconsciously, they really want to be cared for as this wild sexy bad girl. All hypnosis is based on consent, and without consent, nothing is possible.
If you’re the mind controller, doing this to a wife, friend, girlfriend, hubsband or boyfriend, you’re taking your chances. It may work as intended, or it may not. Just decide whether the goal is worth the risk, and then decide to accept the consequences of your choices. Being a Dominant means assuming responsibility for your own choices and actions.

If you’re the subject, you’ve managed to find this page, and this was done to you without your conscious consent, you have every right to be pissed off and upset. However, here’s what I suggest to you: Play along and pretend you don’t know. Let your would-be dominant show their true colors. Maybe they’re a huge jerk, and once they think you’re in their power, they’ll treat you like shit. If that happens, dump them, and find someone better. You’ve just saved yourself having to spend years discovering they’re really abusive.

On the other hand, you may discover that by letting yourself be this uninhibited bad girl with them, they treat you like a queen, respect you, love you more and do everything they can to make you happier, now that they are in the position of being able to provide for your needs. In that case, you have a true Dominant as your partner, a gem, and your relationship can blossom under these new roles. Eventually, you can reveal that you know, and that you accept this gift, but In the meantime, you can let them squirm and worry that you might find out what’s happening… heh heh… I think that’s fair…

Better Sound Quality

This CD’s sound level is louder, like that of Male Charm and Trance Training, with less background noise and a much better sound quality. I now have someone helping with soundwork, and I’m getting better at it Myself.

Improved Induction

It features a new version of My most effective induction, which has been shortened to 15 minutes and 20 seconds. This will allow more time for “fun stuff” on future CDs, and makes it easier to fit your regular listenings into tight schedules.

I’ve also designed this induction so that once a person starts listening to it, it’s hard to stop listening… until they wake up at the end of the CD, happy, brainwashed and enslaved.. Once you start it, you’re hooked!

Brainwave Synchronization Technology

The whole CD uses low frequencies to bring your brain into trance and keep it there. It targets 7.83Hz, known as the Schumann Resonance, which is the main resonating frequency of planet Earth. It is also a trance frequency in the human brain, at the border between Theta (deep trance) and Alpha (relaxation and suggestible reverie) states of consciousness.

Quality headphones respond down to about 30 Hz, which is what you will need to get the full stereo brain synchronization effect. The 7.83Hz Schumann resonnance is modulated onto a low but audible carrier frequency. Each side plays a slightly different tone, which means that the trance-inducing resonance exists only inside your head, between each of the headphone speakers. This is known as using “binaureal beats”. The beats distract the conscious mind, making it harder to think, and easier to focus on My voice, while the hidden frequency brings your brain into a trance state. Even without the induction, It’s hard to listen to these sounds for a while and not start going into trance. With the induction and the frequencies… well, let’s just say resistance is futile…

If you listen to the CD on computer speakers, you’ll only hear My voice. With good headphones, you’ll hear a pulse and feel the headphones pulsating, and massaging your head with the carrier frequency.

To test your headphones, or just experience the effect of these frequencies, you can download a short clip by right clicking on the link below, and choosing “Save as”. If you try playing it on regular computer speakers, you will hear absolutely nothing. Even cheap headphones seem to play it, but don’t seem to have the soothing vibration of larger ones. Bigger headphones are better.

Pulse5s.mp3 (duration: 5 seconds, size: 80Kb)

I find that the new induction, particularly combined with trance frequencies, is extremely effective. I look forward to hearing reports from all of you on how effectively it liquifies your mind…


TRIGGERS: The induction sets a trance trigger word, which is only usable by Me. It also has pair of triggers usable by Me and the person’s Dominant to switch back and forth between slave girl and normal personalities. The Dominant is defined as the person who gave you the CD. If using the CD by yourself, mp3s of Me saying them are available. If using it on someone else, I can email you the words. In either case,I will only send them once you tell Me the subject has been listening daily to the CD for at least 2 weeks.


Addendum: As you can see from one of the reviews below, the repressed personality may be dominant. Alicia saw her “bad girl” right personality as a Mistress, ignored the suggestions of submissiveness, and turned into a full Dominatrix when triggered. If you want to make sure it goes towards submissiveness, use CD#2. If on the other hand you want your wife or girlfriend to become a Mistress… then it may work in that direction, if that’s what she’s repressing. A shy, timid person usually has her dominant side repressed. Expectations have a lot to do with how this CD will affect a given person, since it’s so open ended. I Myself am quite fascinated at the variety of results people are getting from Gemini, and its choice oriented approach.


Track Name Description Length
Entire CD on one Track. 64:00

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