CD 13 – Fempire


Requires previous training with CD 3 – Elegance.

The seduction of a lady vampire

The vampiress is the ultimate femme fatale, forever young, beautiful and sexy, seducing her prey with her eyes, her voice, and luring them to feed her endless hunger for blood, eventually turning them into creatures of the night like herself, thralls to her and to their newfound hunger. But there are many kinds of vampires. Some hunt for blood and life, while a rarer breed hunts for maleness. They are called fempires. Gorgeous women who feed on unsuspecting males, draining all their maleness away to feed themselves. And what happens to a man once all the male essence is gone? They become women, thralls to the fempire who made them.

Levels of draining

LEVEL 1: If a lecherous fempire drains a man only a little, he becomes effeminate, dainty, and intuitively knows what colors match with fushia (heck, now he knows what fushia IS! ).

LEVEL 2: If she drains a little more, he becomes gay, or at least bisexual. He feels the loss of manly essence, and tries to replenish it however he can from those more masculine than him, by drinking their cum. Of course, it’s not his own maleness, and such infusions never quite satisfy the need, nor do they make him any less of a nancy boy. Girls hold less interest, as they are like him, feminine and yielding. He needs to be penetrated, to feel that maleness he’s lost inside him, if only briefly. He wants to be pretty, to primp and to be desired. He’ll almost certainly grow his hair long, and groom himself carefully. It’s very common for them to dress as a woman, and fantasize about how much better life would be as a woman. They may also find it more difficult to parallel park.

LEVEL 3: If she drains everything, he becomes a woman. A very horny woman who craves maleness…

LEVEL 4: If the fempire keeps drinking his male essence, even after it’s all gone, he gets to have a negative amount of maleness. That is of course impossible… and hence supernatural. He becomes a fempire too, a supernaturally ultra-feminine girl with a constant hunger for maleness, and is a thrall to her maker. Like her mistress, she too will hunt for men in the night, to quench her hunger with regular injections of maleness, in her pussy, her mouth, her ass… and even with her eyes if she so desires. She will remain young and beautiful for as long as she keeps feeding on maleness. San Francisco is an example of what happens when a number of fempires live in a city…

As to sexual preference after the change, monosexuals (hetero and homosexuals) often remain monosexual, and bisexuals generally remain bisexual. Fempires can have sex with women, though they of course do not get fed by it. However, a few fempires have found that butch lesbians make a fine midnight snack, to the shock and horror of their lesbian community, who find the fempire’s prey has suddenly turned into a perfect lipstick lesbian… except for the fact that she’s now also going through guys like kleenexes…

The Story

You start as a man, walking down a street at night, when you decide to stop at an after hours Jazz club. There you find a raven haired beauty with blood red lips singing with the irrisistible voice of a siren… and as she sings, and you stare at her lips… her eyes… her bosom… her eyes… you fall under her spell. It is a very slow seduction, partly telepathic, which leads you to follow her afterwards to the dressing room… where you will feed her hunger willingly… and be transformed….

This hallucinated adventure can be used by anyone. Regardless of your gender, you start out the adventure as a young man, and become female by the end. It is not meant to condition for anything… except to obey the Fempire as her sexy thrall, and enjoy being as she made you, during the fantasy.

This CD uses trigger words set up by the Elegance CD’s second track, so for best results, train with that CD first. As a hallucinated adventure CD, it is advanced, and it’s best to have experience with a medium level CD first.


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