CD 21 – Beach Body


The Perfect Female Body

This CD is intended to re-shape your body into its perfect female form. Meaning, it will physically change your body into a shape that is closer and closer to your ideal female form as you do the practice. This CD is similar in nature to CD7 Youth, which is for breast growth, but it deals with the entire body. It can be used by genetic males who want a female body, and by genetic women who want to perfect their shape.

It can also be used without Track 6 to continue shaping your dreaming body (trance body) which is developped in CD10-Vixen, to make it even more real and vivid during trance and in your mind. In that sense, it is a sequel to CD10.

Both of these CDs go beyond the scope of mental changes, and hence beyond the scope of psychology. If you want a “miracle”, something which is beyond the scope of current science, then you have to work with other systems of thought.

The Science: Hypnotic Body Sculpting

Other hypnotists refer to this as “hypnotic body sculpting”. You can look them up if you like. The process involves visualizing the cells changing in the ways that you want, using the mind-body connection, so that the unconscious gets the message to make changes to the body. If we are to believe their advertising and client results, this process works pretty well, though it takes time and daily practice over many months to show good results. Most commonly, it’s used by women to grow breasts, but you can find all sorts of body sculpting programs. My method does this, and something else.

Mystical Wonders

Perhaps you have heard of yogis who can slow their heart and bodily functions to appear dead, lie on beds of nails, or pierce their skin with needles without any bleeding or injury. Or people with terminal diseases who through visualization, achieve complete recovery, completely baffling the doctors. These are all examples of how the mind and body can work together to do amazing things.

How about firewalking? People can safely walk across burning coals. How do they do it? Frankly, I don’t know. And I HAVE done it, along with a group of people and the teacher who guided us. It was quite the amazing experience. All I can say is that it was a type of trance that built up a conviction that it was not only possible, but totally doable for each of us. What follows is the theory that explains Beach Body from the spiritual point of view. You can skip it if you want and go directly to In A Nutshell.

Optional: The Theory Behind it

Subtle Bodies

According to psychic theories, we have a number of bodies — the most obvious one is the physical. Beyond that, there are more subtle bodies. Each of them overlaps the same space as the physical body. If you think about it, you can think of your body as matter made of atoms. In the same space, there is a measurable electrical field generated by the body. And radio waves are moving through that same space. In a sense, they occupy different levels of reality that are almost independant of each other.

Some systems count up to 12 separate bodies, though 7 or 9 is more common. For most purposes, I think this is overkill. I just count 3 levels: The physical body, the etheric (lifeforce) body, and the dreaming body. Everything beyond that, I just call the soul, or higher self.

Etheric Body

Closest to the physical is the etheric body. It is made of an energy that is almost physical, and can influence the physical world. It serves as both the lifeforce that keeps the body alive, and as a template (blueprint) for how the physical body should be shaped. Advanced martial arts practitionners make intensive use of the etheric body to accomplish apparent “miracles”. They call this almost physical energy “Chi” or “ki”. They can use it to make their body tougher, and exert force a short distance away from their physical body. This is how they can strike a stack of wooden boards, and only break the middle one, or cause internal damage from an apparently gentle strike. Likewise, healers can infuse lifeforce to assist recovery. In fact, if you want to use your mind to create physical effects (without using your physical body normally), you pretty much have to use the etheric body, because it’s the only one that can directly influence the physical world. If you were to believe tales of werewolves and shapechangers, this is how they would have to do it.

Dreaming Body

Depending on who you ask, this is called the mental body, emotional body, or astral body. Simply put, this is the body you wear while you’re dreaming, or journeying in deep trance. It may be different from the body that people use when they do what’s called “astral projection”, or have “out of body experiences” or “go to the light” in near death experiences, but since I have no experience of that, I can’t say either way.

Those who see “auras” can see a thin layer of light around the body, no more than an inch thick (2-3cm). That’s the etheric body, which extends a little bit outside of the physical one. Then there are those who see colors a few feet around the physical body. Those are on the same level of reality as the dreaming body, and you can tell the emotional state of the person from the colors they show.

In A Nutshell

Okay, enough mystical babble. This CD works by getting you into deep trance, which means you’re in your Dreaming body. Your Dreaming body is the representation of who you are, or rather, who you believe you are, as it is shaped by your beliefs and emotions. It is the expression of your identity. As we change the Dreaming body, we are changing your identity in a way such that your unconscious will take this shape as the new blueprint for who you are, and keep it stable even when you’re not thinking about it. Because a lot of this reality level is based on emotions, it will change how you feel about yourself, how you react to the world, and how your emotions express themselves.

After you have dissolved your old shape, and taken your new shape, we need to tell the unconscious to make this body real in the physical world. We need to get the etheric body to match up to the dreaming body, so that it can influence the shape of the physical body.

Physical organs are shaped by the etheric body, as the dreaming body really has no need for internal organs. So by creating the internal organs, inside the shape of the dreaming body, we’re getting the etheric one to go along with the new program.

If you do this once, the dreaming body and etheric bodies will simply revert to their old familiar shape. But if you do this daily for weeks or months, then the changes will start to become more and more stable, eventually becoming permanent, and changing the physical body to match it. How long would it take to change a male completely into a female, using this method daily? Probably years. Will it work for everyone? I honestly don’t know. I just don’t have enough proof to make the claim, and I never lie if I can avoid it. Do I believe it’s possible for a human to change their body in this way? Absolutely.


For maximum results, I would suggest using the CD every day for three months, or 6 days out of every week, to take a break. Changes should be visible by then if it’s working. After that, 6 months every other day, and then twice a week to just maintain the changes.

The CD is 53 minutes long without the induction. With the induction, it’s 68 minutes long. While some people can do trance for that long, some find they cannot, so I have split the tracks to make two types of shorter sessions.

The first one does the whole trip into the water and back to change the dreaming body, but skips the making of organs that links it to the etheric and physical. It’s a good place to start for the first few weeks.
The second assumes the dreaming body is now pretty stable in its female shape, and skips the swimming, to focus only on making the body and its organs real. After a few weeks with just the dreaming body tracks, you can start alternating each day between the dreaming and etheric body track selections.

Making the dreaming body: use tracks (1), 2,3, 4,5, (7) and 8
Making the etheric body: use tracks (1), 2,3, 6, (7) and 8

Track 1 is the induction, which is optional for those who can use the trigger word to go into trance, and track 7 is the optional permanence trance.


Track Name Description Length
This is the standard trance induction used on most CDs. 15:20
For those who have a lot of practice with the induction and can go into trance with just the trance trigger word, this is a short intro that gets you into trance with just the trance trigger, thus allowing you to skip the induction. 0:51
We travel to a place in dreaming where you see yourself standing on a beautiful beach. You start with seeing your body as it currently is, otherwise there would be nothing to change. Then your awareness goes into your body on the beach, noticing that the water is actually a beautiful pink. 2:25
You walk into the water, progressively dissolving your dreaming body in what is actually a sea of pure feminine essence. 8:36
As you turn and walk back out, every emerging part of your body is now in the shape of your perfect female body. Your dreaming body has now been changed. 11:15
Back on the beach, you lie down and create the internal organs of your ideal body, thus linking the dreaming shape to the etheric blueprint for your body, which will slowly change your physical body to match it. 21:46
Now, the new shape and structures are made permanent. If you’re not sure that you want the results to be permanent, you can skip this track. It basically locks in the changes you’ve made. 2:03
Returning to the physical world and awakening. 1:12
Additional info, supplied by a site visitor. This may be useful to you.’Guys, you have a vagina. “It’s called vagina masculina, or male vagina,” says David Reuben, MD. It could have turned into a “real” vagina, but testosterone took care of that when you were still an embryo — back when your gender was not yet established. Now it’s a just a piece of tissue dangling from your bladder. “Every man has one,” says Dr. Reuben. You have nipples for the same reason. Men have hymens, too, sitting uselessly near the prostate gland. If you really want to know more, pick up a book on embryology. i thought i would send this to you, if your youth cd works on male breasts i would think a similar technique would work on the male vagina.’


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