CD 34 – Host


An alien parasite is taking over your body, transforming you and will control your every action.





A sci-fi horror feminization story, starring you!

Most of my CDs are all about wanting to be a woman, transforming into one, and quieting any resistance to it. But what about all those voices inside that clamor against it? Where is their voice in all this? What about the shame of not being as manly as you’re supposed to be, the fear of transforming, not quite into a woman but rather into some kind of monster?

CD34-Host gives voice to all those feelings through science fiction. What if an alien parasite could take control of your body, turning you into some kind of terrible sex craving monster bent on infecting and enslaving the human race? What if you turned into a girl, went through all the steps to become one, and you absolutely hated it ? This is the dark side of feminine transformation and feminization, being forced to do it against your will, being fully conscious, yet unable to stop it. Worse yet, being trapped inside your own body as it acts like a woman, seduces men, and unable to do anything but act like a sex kitten while you’re screaming inside. That is true horror, and this is the experience that awaits you… if you dare.

Paranormal Enslavement Negation Investigation Service,
Homeland Security.

Report ID#34008

Our team is still unable to contain the alien parasite infestation. We request additional teams be assigned to Lambda-Host parasite hunting duty. The situation is quite dire, and I cannot overstress the danger our world faces. This creature’s adaptogen mutation is even more insidious than the much reviled Zeta-Host parasite infestation of 1997, and threatens to spread worldwide if decisive action is not taken now. We beg you to take this warning seriously.

To this end, we have created a virtual reality experience unit that allows you to experience being assimilated and converted by this parasite first hand. It comes in the form of a seemingly ordinary audio recording, and can be used on any playback device with a set of headphones. I caution you, the experience can be quite disturbing.

– What we know so far –

Appearance: This alien parasite takes the form of what appears to be light blue bikini style panties. They can however be distinguished from normal panties by their writhing and pulsating behavior when active. They attach themselves to their victim at the crotch, mimicking and giving the illusion of real panties if only a cursory glance is given.

Track Name Description Length
This is an entirely new virtual reality induction process, different from the one used in the 33 previous virtual reality units. Instead of the typical draining of body awareness, this one creates a trance state by drawing the subject’s awareness into their center until it becomes a point and then vanishes. We look forward to your feedback concerning this new process and expect a drastic reduction of the number of mental breakdowns occurring in agents that use it. 15:52
The recorded experience begins at a bar. Since we did not yet know which civilian would be targeted by the parasite, it provides only an external video view of the events that ensued. Once the victim was selected, we were able to affix a recording device to the subject’s anterior cranium without predator or prey ever noticing. Kudos to agent M. Smart on managing that one. We regret having to give up a civilian in this way, but hope their sacrifice to the cause of Homeland Security will not be in vain. 2:24
The blonde infested beauty locks the door behind you and starts wailing that she doesn’t want to do this, can’t resist it, and needs your help. Pulling up her skirt, she shows you her light blue bikini panties. They seem to be pulsating, as if alive. Revealing her breasts, she squirts milk into your face. You feel your body getting weak, relaxed, and slumping, you fall and pass out. This is the parasite’s secondary defense mechanism, used in nearly all conversions. 3:01
Waking naked on her bed, except for panties just like hers, you are almost completely paralyzed. The panties start to writhe, painfully consuming your genitals, injecting you with some strange fluid that burns. 5:06
All you can do is watch in horror as your breasts start to grow, connecting to the panties with strange filaments. The pain, the burning, keeps increasing. The filaments extend into your neck and you despair as your penis deflates and slowly vanishes into your body. 4:46
You stiffen as testicles are sucked into your body cavity, leaving you flat and smooth as a doll, with nothing more than a crease between your legs. To your horror, the crease becomes a fold, then an ever deepening slit that turns to the girlish emptiness of a vagina. My vagina, you think with a shudder. You hate it, can’t stand having it, along with those loathsomely full breasts that weigh down so strangely on your chest. Weight that tells you you’re almost fully a girl. And those panties are burrowing into you, between your legs, oh God, the pain! You soon realize you’re deep enough to take a man’s penis there. You could get fucked, no one would know you’re not a man trapped in a woman’s body. Worse yet, your clitoris starts forming, ready to deliver you shamefully female pleasures when you will get fucked. Will I? Is it really unavoidable? You realize that yes, it is… 4:08
And suddenly you can move again, not that it does you much good. You check out your new body in shame – Wide hips, vulva, long hair, feminine face, nothing you could do anything about. Helpless, you start crying just like the girl you’ve become. In revulsion, you grab your own breasts. They’re so heavy, so wrong, you hate them. Down there, you discover what it feels like to touch a smooth vulva. And then it becomes even worse. 2:31
Note that this parasite’s brains grow inside the breasts of their victim. The larger the breasts, the more in control and cleverly cunning the parasite becomes. This also makes the breasts extremely sensitive, though they can be handled quite roughly without any harm to the parasite. Field agents should remember to put a bullet through each breast, ahem, brain, to stop their sexual infestation frenzy once and for all.
Your breasts start swelling again. This is bad, very bad. The parasite takes control, making you open and close your legs over and over, and you’d look terribly sexy if it wasn’t for the wide eyed terrified look on your face. Your boob brains make you grab your crotch, it feels good but so wrong, and you can’t stop yourself. Teasing your new clit uncontrollably, you get more and more moist, aroused, breathless. The breast brains force you to slip a finger inside and you’re just sopping wet. So wrong in so many ways, you try to say it but find yourself forced to say “Oh yes, I love it! I love being a girl.” They compel you to fuck yourself and moan out “Come and take me, big boy!” as you draw ever closer to cumming. You know you’ll be compelled to transform other men into girls like you, with their very own breast brain overlords.
It is typical at this point for the subject to try ripping away the breast brains as he briefly regains control of his body, but this ultimately proves futile as they simply take control again and force further self-abuse of the female variety.
Against your will you stand at the mirror, posing and strutting sexily as your hands roam over your curves. This is who you are now and for the rest of your life. The parasite forces you to dress in a skirt, blouse and heels while you struggle with the ever growing need for sex with a man. It won’t just let you convert one, no, it’ll force you to have sex first because it knows how much it will break your spirit. Soon, you walk out, waving and smiling nonchalantly to the woman who converted you, and upon reaching the street, see a good looking man. Oh, what a nice ass he has, you think and realizing how far gone you are, a little voice inside you screams: Noooooo!
Welcome back… to what passes for the real world. 0:58

For Shorter Trances

You can practice trance with the new induction by itself, using track 1 to go into trance and track 10 to wake up. After that, you can progress through the story a few tracks at a time if you wish. It’s really meant to be done in its entirety though.



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