CD 19 – Oral


Need and love of Oral sex conditioning to men (cock sucking addiction).



How to make men happy

There is one main difference between a man who is content, and a man who is not. The man who is content has sex regularly.

By the same token, there is one main difference between a man who is happy, and a man who is not. The man who is happy gets blowjobs regularly. Women who suck their man’s cock, do it well, and with enthusiasm, have an undeniable advantage over all other women in keeping the men they want with them.

The Oral CD is designed to turn anyone into an enthusiastic cocksucker.

Used on a female:

It will make her totally crazy for cock, needing it all the time, craving it, and feeling empty when she doesn’t have a cock in her mouth. This is a total change, so you may not want this if you insist on monogamy. She will literally become a nymphomaniac cocksucking slut, always looking for opportunities to suck cock, wherever she is, with almost anyone available. Moderate use of the CD will produce a more reasonable result, and provided she has a partner, she’ll look forward to sucking her boyfriend’s cock, or tasting her husband’s cum, all day long.

For use with women, skip Track 07-Shemale. Using that track on a female can have unpredictable, though certainly interestesting, results. She may start wanting to wear a strapon during sex, for instance, to feel she is a shemale, or develop other male behaviours. Do let Me know the results if you try this experiment.

If you want her to get breast implants, include track 06-Boobs. Otherwise, skip it.

Lesbians wanting to be heterosexual: While I cannot guarantee this would work, it would be interesting to try and see the results. Combine this CD with CD18-Princess if you want to add a desire for anal sex, and CDs 3-Elegance and 4-Male Charm to make her girly and feminine, and into sex with men. Note that this would not actually remove their desire for women, but it would make men far more desirable than before. They would likely end up bisexual, with a preference for men. For lesbiands, skip tracks 06-Boobs and 07-Shemale.

Used on a male:

Note to men: Please refrain from using urinals after training with this CD, especially in the workplace. Use stalls instead. Otherwise, you might end up trying to suck one of your co-workers if you happened to glance beside you and see his cock. While that might be *interesting*, it would probably not help your job situation, and I *do* prefer people keep their jobs, if only so they can afford CDs and sessions… šŸ˜‰ This is obviously not an issue for women, since they will not normally be in men’s bathrooms at work.

Bisexual boyfriend / Gay Man: If used without tracks 06-Boobs and 07-Shemale, your male subject will become addicted to cocks, and likely start going to gay bars and glory holes to satisfy his insatiable need for cock and cum. This will not cure him of any desires he may have for women, but it will make his need for sex with men irrisistible and overpowering. Moderate use of the CD will allow you to make your boyfriend bisexual, or make your husband have sex with other men while you watch.

Feminized Male / Cocksucking Shemale: If used WITH tracks 06-Boobs and 07-Shemale, a man’s girlfriend can get her boyfriends totally addicted to sucking cocks, as well as craving to have breasts, with hormones or implants, until he is completely turned into a happy cocksucking shemale with large breasts. She will have to allow him to have male, shemale or transvestite lovers, to satisfy his needs. Which one he chooses depends on your preference in guiding his choices, as his hunger for cocks and cum grows.


Step 1) It is recommended you start with wearing a strapon yourself at first, to have him suck your rubber cock. Get him used to the idea of sucking cock in a safe environment, with a woman he’s attracted to, before moving onto real cocks.

Step 2) Shemales and pre-op transsexuals (pre-sex-change, so they still have a penis) make a great second step to his training. He still sees a beautiful woman, but now he’s learning how much better a real cock is compared to a rubber one. Start with big breasted shemales, and progressively move onto almost flat chested transsexuals (it can take years for hormones to fill out their breasts, so beginners will usually have flatter chests, unless they get implants right away)

Step 3) Transvestites are the next logical step towards the man on man sex you want him to have. They mostly look like women, when dressed, but not nearly as much when naked. Of course, you should have him see these transvestites when they are fully in female garb and makeup. At first.

Step 4) Once you have him sucking transvestite cocks for a while, you can then have him suck these same transvestites, but while they are dressed as men. It will drive home the point that what he needs is cock, and that the only ones who have the cocks he needs are men.

Step 5) Now that he fully realizes he is sucking men, orient him towards more and more masculine looking men. Send him to gay bars, or accompany him to gay bars that cater to gays and lesbians. Be aware that many gay men feel threatened by bisexuality, so make sure you let them know that your husband is indeed gay (or boyfriend), and that you are helping him come out of the closet, and accept his homosexuality.

Politically Correct Transsexuals: Some transsexuals object to the term “shemale”. For those, skip track 07-Shemale. Transsexuals will certainly not object to having breasts, so you can leave track 06 in the mix.

Many psychiatrists seem to think that true male to female transsexuals must be heterosexual, ie. attracted mainly to men once they are women. This training, along with CD18’s anal sex conditionning, will ensure that this is indeed the case. So if you have a lesbian transsexual friend who needs help in that department, you can offer them CDs 18 and 19 to fix them right up! The doctors will hear what they want to hear, and your friend can get her permission papers for sex change surgery.

Theory: How does this CD work?

It takes the oral fixation with sucking that everyone has as a baby, and brings it into adulthood with a new twist. By tapping into real needs that existed during infancy, we are using the listener’s own natural needs in creating the changes we want in a natural fashion.

Assuming a total obsession with cock is not desired, you should start by measuring your initial attraction to men and to women, at the very least. You can also measure attraction to cocks, pussies, shemales, transvestites, etc. separately, on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being uninterested, and 10 being unable to resist them. You can also use negatives if any of these are repulsive. If you’re not the listener, you should still find a way to ask the listener what their initial attraction level is to men and women.

Then, having your initial measurements, decide where you want to end up at the end of your training (or where you want the listener to end up), and realize that there will be some fading. So if you start at 1, and are aiming for a 7, you’ll probably need to train until you reach 9, and it will settle around 7 when you stop using the CD after a few months. If it drops below that, you can re-use the CD. Or, you can go up to 8 or so, and just use the CD once in a while as a booster.

Track Name Description Length
The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you’ve learned to go into trance on command quickly. 15:20
Deepening track that starts with the trance trigger. Find what will is left in you at this point, and bring it with you into a deeper trance. We’ll be using it later. And you start drifting to the place of past parts. 3:32
Lost Parts
Going back to infancy, you can find the oral fixation for sucking that all babies have. A lost part of you, deep in your unconscious. This is the slow version of the regression. With enough practice, you can use the brief regression at the end of track 2 to get there, and go directly to track 4 to start doing the work. 11:09
Trade Parts
You trade a part you didn’t need anyway… your will… for that wonderful oral fixation part, and come back with this oral fixation as part of your adult self. It feels so much better to be without will, and completely controlled by the need to suck. And because it’s just a baby part, it doesn’t understand waiting. When it wants to suck, it can’t wait, it wants it now! 8:52
Growing up to puberty, the oral fixation part now becomes a cock obsession part, and a deep need to suck cock. To the point that when you see a cock, you must suck it. You just drop, and suck it. No thought is required. It’s a reflex. You see a cock, and you suck it. Your will has been replaced by an unrelenting addiction and passion for sucking cock. So there’s no way to resist it. 6:09
The best way to get the cock you need is to be girly. So you must have boobs to attract the yummy cocks. There is no mention of being girly before track 6, so you can skip tracks 6 and 7 to make someone addicted to cocks without any feminization, to make a man crave oral sex with men, for instance. Note that nowhere in this CD is attraction to women altered in any way. 3:45
You need to be a cocksucking shemale, with nice boobs to get more cocks. 4:21
You are now a cocksucker, unable to resist cock. Merely seeing someone else sucking cock, even in a movie or picture, will make you need to suck cock immediately. 3:34
Forget what you experienced in this CD, but obey your new urges completely 1:06
Awaken, needing to return into trance for more training. 1:23


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