Mind Mistress Log 2: Quelling the fear of hypnosis

Quelling the fear of hypnosis

Answering certain fears about hypnosis


Mistress Log 2

A real log of a visitor to My erotic mind control and hypnosis site, who uses the “talk to a live person” help function to chat with Me. Enjoy!

Mind Mistress: Hello
Visitor: Good Afternoon. I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a few questions, if you don’t mind.
Mind Mistress: Not at all
Mind Mistress: Go ahead πŸ™‚
Visitor: Thanks you.
Mind Mistress: That’s what this function is for
Visitor: I’ve seen a number of sites online, and have visited yours a number of times, but I;m nervous about online hypnosis.
Mind Mistress: What potential result are you nervous about?
Visitor: I don’t trust that it would work. that it *could* work. I’ve seen onliine inductions, and they don’t do anyhting.
Visitor: Cd’s don’t work for me.
Visitor: Actually, about losing money.
Mind Mistress: Ahh, ok
Mind Mistress: A valid concern
Visitor: and, to be honest, the Adam story scares me.
Visitor: that you could do that to someone… change them that much, or permanently.
Mind Mistress: You know, I can only change what people allow me to change
Visitor: I know that, in theory.
Mind Mistress: As for Adam and others… well, they want me to be “evil”
Visitor: but, what if? That’s the thing.
Visitor: evil?
Mind Mistress: I do therapy and spirituality at half the price. Being good isn’t nearly as popular
Visitor: so in their hearts, they want to be changed.
Mind Mistress: Yes
Mind Mistress: That’s the point
Visitor: HA.
Visitor: that’s interesting.
Mind Mistress: I can force anyone to do what they want to do
Mind Mistress: No more, and no less
Visitor: You can or you can’t?
Mind Mistress: I can
Visitor: Oh, wait, gotcha.
Visitor: But within their boundries.
Mind Mistress: Yes
Visitor: That makes sence.
Mind Mistress: If there’s a part of them that wants something, I can amplify it
Visitor: Ok, that makes sense.
Mind Mistress: but I can’t create out of thin air
Visitor: what if part of them wants it, but part is scared?
Mind Mistress: I can address what the scared part is scared of
Mind Mistress: and come to some agreement
Mind Mistress: that makes all the parts happy
Visitor: have you ever been unable to give somenone what they want, because of their mind?
Mind Mistress: There are cases where they gave up before success
Mind Mistress: You can’t fail if you don’t give up
Mind Mistress: And I don’t give up
Visitor: But you could, given time…
Visitor: and, well, the money to support that time.
Mind Mistress: Yes
Mind Mistress: There are cases where it’s a lot harder than usual
Mind Mistress: and those where it’s the opposite
Mind Mistress: Ericksonian hypnosis is heavily tailored to the person’s responses
Visitor: But you can’t know until you try?
Visitor: Like all things.
Mind Mistress: Yup
Visitor: That makes sence.
Mind Mistress: I’ve had people who thought they were really impossible to hypnotize
Visitor: I’m sorry, I’m still nervous… I’ve never, well, gone past lurking.
Mind Mistress: had tried CDs and online inductions
Mind Mistress: and then they fell like a rock with me
Mind Mistress: online, or by phone
Visitor: Really? Because it’s specific to that person. Either.
Mind Mistress: All I can say about someone who hasn’t been able to be hypnotized before is…
Mind Mistress: that the methods that were used with them weren’t appropriate to them
Mind Mistress: Which says nothing about how they’ll react to my style
Visitor: That makes sense, too.
Visitor: Because your style is differnt than they’ve had.
Mind Mistress: They kept doing tests on the population about how many are hypnotizeable and to what degree
Mind Mistress: in universities
Mind Mistress: But all they really found out is how many people respond to a specific recorded induction
Mind Mistress: Another induction would have gotten a different group of people responding
Mind Mistress: Some like authority styles…
Mind Mistress: Some like being gently lured into it…
Mind Mistress: I favor luring πŸ™‚
Visitor: hmm.. I never thought about that.
Visitor: πŸ™‚
Visitor: It seemed that way from Adam’s story.
Mind Mistress: Notice I seldom if ever tell him to do anything
Mind Mistress: I just make him *want* to
Visitor: But you suggest things the whole time.. how is that different?
Mind Mistress: Yes, you might feel thirsty now
Mind Mistress: and you might not
Mind Mistress: it’s just a suggestion
Mind Mistress: I’m not telling you what to do
Mind Mistress: Though if you are thirsty…
Mind Mistress: you might want to get something to drink…
Mind Mistress: and then again…
Mind Mistress: you might find what I’m saying so interesting…
Mind Mistress: that you prefer to endure being thirsty…
Mind Mistress: πŸ™‚
Visitor: I think I understand what you mean.
Mind Mistress: Out of curiosity, are you thirsty?
Visitor: a little, yes.

Mind Mistress: Yes, and what you do about it is your choice entirely…
Visitor: but i don’t know if it was before you made that suggestion or not.
Visitor: Or if your suggestion made me aware of it.
Mind Mistress: Indeed πŸ™‚
Visitor: Well, I made my choice. This is interesting, please, if I’m keeping you I apologize.
Mind Mistress: Classical hypnosis is about lying so well that the person believes your lies… “you are sleepy, etc.”
Mind Mistress: Ericksonian hypnosis is about telling the truth so well…
Mind Mistress: that the world starts to follow what you say…
Visitor: that’s rather eerie.
Mind Mistress: It’s the stuff of magic…
Visitor: but it makes sence, given the above.
Visitor: wow.
Mind Mistress: πŸ™‚
Visitor: … so.. I’m interested… very nervous.. and still unsure…
Mind Mistress: I’m basically a nice person, and I like making people happy.
Visitor: I certainly can’t do multiple sessions. Well, the Genie in a bottle comment is a bit intimidating, knowing how the genie works. πŸ™‚
Mind Mistress: It’s just that a lot of people like me to pretend to be evil.
Mind Mistress: If you note in the Trance Request Form, I ask people specifically what traits they want in their hypnotist
Visitor: I do like evil, I just fear permanence.
Mind Mistress: Evil is exciting πŸ™‚
Mind Mistress: So I leave it as an option
Visitor: I did see that. and it really is.
Visitor: I would love to totoally “lose control” to be aware of losing it and not be able to stop it.. but I just wouldn’t want.. well. adam.
Visitor: it’s too far for me.
Mind Mistress: However, if I was really mean and cruel, I’d make people suffer. I don’t. I want them happy.
Visitor: That’s very true too.
Mind Mistress: I don’t really care if they’re happy as business men or big breasted strippers. They make the wishes, not I.
Visitor: with Adam, you know that he’s happy because he wouldn’t have allowed it to happen if he really didn’t want it?
Visitor: as long as they’re happy.
Mind Mistress: He didn’t specifically want to be feminized. He wanted to completely lose control
Mind Mistress: It was just one way of doing it which I like, and he agreed to.
Visitor: ah..
Visitor: And it worked because he was ultimately ok with it.
Mind Mistress: Yes. A specific means to a goal.
Visitor: but then why the disclaimers that it may change the person? if it’s what they do want?
Mind Mistress: Now, you have to realize one thing. Much as I like making people happy, I also like getting paid. Which means I want them to keep their jobs.
Visitor: Haha.
Visitor: Of course.
Mind Mistress: πŸ™‚
Visitor: πŸ™‚
Mind Mistress: The disclaimers are for legal reasons
Visitor: Given the way of the world, as well, that makes sense.
Mind Mistress: A number of people get affected simply by reading through the site
Mind Mistress: and…
Mind Mistress: By having read the agreement and still going in…
Mind Mistress: they are implicitly agreeing to being changed.
Visitor: So it covers you, and your site.
Mind Mistress: I’m not talking legally
Mind Mistress: You read it and went in
Visitor: but mentally?
Mind Mistress: Which means you agreed to some influence from the material of the site
Visitor: so you want what you get from the site.
Mind Mistress: Yes
Visitor: That makes sense.
Mind Mistress: Consent is necessary.
Visitor: which is ultimately what is always needed.
Mind Mistress: Brainwashing requires the subject cooperate in small but ever increasing ways
Visitor: I thought that was about breaking down the will.
Mind Mistress: It can be
Visitor: But then where does the cooperation come in?
Mind Mistress: American prisoners in China were given simple requests…
Mind Mistress: Such as: “we understand that you believe Capitalism is better…
Mind Mistress: but in the spirit of fair play…
Mind Mistress: We would like you to write down three things that are good about communism
Mind Mistress: and three things that are bad about capitalism”
Visitor: so they got agreement in a covert way.
Mind Mistress: Yes
Visitor: ..sneaky…
Mind Mistress: Baby steps πŸ™‚
Visitor: that makes sence. Well, I have taken much of your time. And I do thank you greatly. I just looked at your rate page (it’s been a long time sicne I had…) I will definitely need to take time before trying to schedule something.
Mind Mistress: Ok, but since I have used this much time in explanation…
Mind Mistress: Do you give me permission to post this log on the site
Mind Mistress: to help answer other people’s questions?
Visitor: Yes
Mind Mistress: Thank you πŸ™‚
Visitor: No, actually, thank you.
Mind Mistress: Do you have any title to suggest for it?
Visitor: Quelling the fear, perhaps?
Mind Mistress: Cool title, I like it πŸ™‚
Visitor: πŸ™‚
Visitor: I will let you get back to your work. Thank you very much.
Visitor: I do really wish we could take more time.
Mind Mistress: Have a great evening πŸ™‚
Visitor: You as well.
Mind Mistress: If you have more questions… there’s here and ICQ…
Visitor: I appreciate that. I may take you up on theoffer.
Mind Mistress: Bye πŸ™‚
Visitor: Bye.

Mom’s rule of Wisdom #47:

Never trust anyone who says ‘Trust me’…

Mind Mistress


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