Enslaved and Reprogrammed: Part 1 : Slave Girl Kitten


[custom_frame_left]spunky[/custom_frame_left] Subject: My thoughts on hypno
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:47:02 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hello, my name is Daria. I am 25, married and I’m an alcoholic. (just kidding!) Ok, serious now. I have been checking around the net latley, and reading stories and such about hypnosis and D/s (did I do it right?) It certainly sounds intriguing. Now, being a skeptic and cynic by nature (as well as a card carrying smart ass) my intial thoughts have tended to lean toward the “BS” side. However, after a closer look and a few “chats” I believe certain people can be hypnotized into doing all sorts of things. But how much is it the hypnotist and how much is it just the subject “playing along” because they like having someone tell them what do to?

So I am curious. Can a sassy, bratty, defiant little….subject REALLY be hyp-node? I don’t just mean relaxed and sleepy. I mean enslaved, changed, different memories or loss of etc. That stuff seems hard to believe. At least that it could be done to me. I have to experience it to believe it.

That’s where the big ‘Tress comes in. She thinks she can do it. Now, I like The ‘Tress. She is so smooth, cool and sexy. I love how people are so in awe and intimidated by her. Like she can just say a word and they are totally at her mercy. I respect her talents and abilities, but I am not intimitaded by her, nor am I worried that she can somehow “control” me. I am not “submissive”. Actually, I am not “dominant” either. I don’t get off on control or bossing people, nor do I let anyone do it to me. So, I guess this will be an interesting challenge for both of us. I want to see what she can do. I intend to cooperate fully. I will give her every opportunity to do her work. So, we’ll see what happens! Should be fun.


[divider] Subject:
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 13:10:00 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hello, Daria here. Well, had my first hypnotic session. What can I say? It was a blast! I am definatley hooked! She had to work on me a while, “soften” me up…Not that I wasnt willing of course! When the real trance finally hit….it was awesome! Felt so nice. I can’t wait to experience it again. Of course, that is probably because Mistress told me to feel that way *LOL*

I enjoyed it so much. Especially “submitting” and “obeying” my Mistress. Well, I will certainly tell more later.


[divider] Subject:
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:14:00 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hi, it’s me again, Kitten…er Daria…er…whatever. Well, Mistress worked on me some more. After begging of course. She has got me so hooked! I don’t mind a bit. Guess I have discovered I am a “sub”. She has even given me a new name and made me like it! “Kitten” I know who I am still, I just find I prefer being Kitten and obeying Mistress. It gives me pleasure, so why the hell not? Today she made me really horny for her and for women. Cant wait for more! Until next time,


[divider] [custom_frame_left]resigned[/custom_frame_left] Subject: update
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:23:33 -0800
To:Mind Mistress

Hello, Daria/Kitten with another update! Well, I am becoming more and more controlled by Mistress. She is in my head, and my free will seems to be breaking down faster and faster. Not that I mind though. I went into this willingly, to see what it would be like….and I like! *L* I have become a trance junkie, totally hooked on submission. I still feel like I can quit anytime, but why would I want to? I just love obeying my Mistress! It feels soooo good! Obedience is pleasure! This, coming from someone whose favorite quote is “You’re not the boss of me!” *L*

Of course, that’s when I’m in a good mood. Otherwise, it is more like “Fuck You!!!” and “Bite My Ass Bitch!!!” *L* Anyways….I guess you have to experience it to understand it. There is just nothing quite like mindless, blissful, obedience! Well, until next time..


[divider] Subject: report
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 15:11:21 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hi, it’s Kitten! I had a great session with Mistress today. When she put me under, she made me think about attractive women, and I got really hot! As we went on, I found myself thinking and wanting lesbian sex! MMMMMM..thinking about it now…..Anyways…:)….I was instructed to look at lesbian porno pics, and fantasize about girls, and masturbate as well. It felt sooooo nice to touch myself….my fingers inside….wishing they were…Oh sorry 🙂 where was I? Oh yeah, after having a nice…time with the pics, I found I just couldnt get chicks out of my mind! It wasnt long after that I tried to take a nap, when the phone rang and it was my best friend. (She is quite hot by the way). After we hung up…I started thinking about her…REALLY thinking about her if you know what I mean! I imagined inviting her over…just the two of us…having a little drinkie..:)…

Then when she was relaxed…telling her how nice she felt….how tired she was…hearing only my voice….becoming my slave…:) When she was fully “under”….I made her believe that she could not resist me….that she needed me…in every way….then I awoke her, and made her please my body….while I pleased hers….knowing she would remember none of it when we were done…

Anyways….I was so into it I didnt even realize how much I was finger-fucking myself! So I uh…had a pretty nice “O” Thats all I can write now….I am so fucking hot right now I cant stand it!


[divider] Subject: report
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 00:24:13 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hi, Kitten again! I am such a slave now! *L* Today, in the chat room Mistress demonstrated how she can control me. She turned me into an airhead in front of everybody! And I loved it!(of course I wanted her to do it). *L*

It was so much fun just….not thinking…being a goofy, silly, flirty ditz! And I do mean ditz!!! I even stripped naked just for the hell of it. I never do things like that! Could I use more exclamation points!!!!!

Anyway…I will now “be” an airhead whenever I am home alone (Im not now). So, I will write again tomorrow when I “change” (hehehe). Oh, not to forget….I think Mistress also tonight took any last remaining will from me. I belong to her now! Hooray for me!!! (hehe) I swear….I am going to wear out the key with the exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[divider] Subject: HIIIIII MISTRESS!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 16:01:01 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Like, heya! its me kitten meeeeooowwwwww! hahahahahahah
i hav been havin soooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN today!!!
i hav been listnen to cds an watchn mtv and chwenin gum
OH an i hav been dancin an singin an i look sooooooooooHOT
hehehehheeeeh :):):):):):):):):)::):):):): i luuuuuuuvvvvv smilies!!!!! anyways what was i doing?
let me reed it ok i loked at a victtorias secrit mag an i gots soooooooooooHORNYEEeEEEEE
hahahahahahah can u geuss what i did??? can u can u can uuuuuuuu????
hahahahahah then i toched all over my bod felt so good i put 3 hole fingerz inme!!!!!!!
hahahahahahah i screeemed her name so loud she is sooooooawsum!!!!
i belong to her ya no :):):):):):):):):)
well gess thats all fer now bye bye bye!!!!!
OOOOHHHH like NSYNC! they ROCK whooooooohooooooooooooo hahhahhha

[divider] [custom_frame_left]yes-mistress[/custom_frame_left] Subject: report
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 17:14:37 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hello from Kitten,

Mistress has completley enslaved me. I have no will or desire to resist her. I will do whatever she wants….be whoever she wants….whenever she desires it. My purpose is to serve her now.

At the present time, I find myself unable to resist or unaccept anything anyone says. I am also extremley horny most all of the time. This of course has made my husband quite….satisfied. Also a bit puzzled and concerned, although he is having too much fun with me to really think about it.

My true desire is for women. Especially my sexy girlfriends. I want to seduce them….make them smoke….mmmmmmmm…. Even though I don’t smoke myself, seeing women smoke really turns me on. I am also planning on dressing much different. “Dressed To Fuck” you might say. I have been wearing my thong panties to work. 🙂 Well, I guess that’s all for now.



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