The Smokey seduction of Sarah

The Smokey seduction of Sarah

More 120’s are so naughty…

by Dor_01


Sarah couldn’t believe she was in John’s apartment. She couldn’t believe it because it was Friday, and she wanted to start her vacation. Sarah had been planning her trip for a long time. She had worked with him for over a month, and they had never said more than two words to each other. Sarah was surprised when he asked her, almost begged her, to come to his apartment and help him with a special project for work.

The door opened, and Sarah walked in. “You have a nice place.” Sarah actually thought his place was too dark. “Thank you. Please have a seat.” John pointed toward a large couch. “Would you like a drink? Some wine?” Sarah thought for a second “One drink couldn’t hurt.” she said, “Yes, please.” Sarah walked to the couch, and sat down. “I’ll be right back.” John left the room.

Sarah sat back on the couch, and got comfortable. She looked around the dimly lit room and thought, “John must like to be mysterious. He keeps it so dark in here.” Sarah wasn’t certain at first but when she listened closely she could hear someone talking. She started to get up and investigate but John walked back into the room, with a tray. “I thought you got lost.”

“I’m sorry, I had trouble opening the wine.” John sat the tray on a table and handed Sarah a glass. “I think you’ll like this.” John smiled. Sarah smiled, and took a sip of her wine. Sarah thought it had an odd sweet taste at first, but it was good. “Yes it is nice. Now how can I help you with your project?” Sarah wanted to get going. After all it was her vacation time he was wasting.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’ll go get the files. Here let me refresh your drink.” Before Sarah could stop him John quickly filled her glass, and left the room.

Sarah sipped her wine, and waited for john to return. As Sarah waited she heard someone talking. She knew one of the voices was John, but who was he talking to? “John, are you talking to someone?”

“No it’s just the radio.” John came back into the living room. “Here are the files. I’m sorry they’re not in order.” John handed Sarah a stack of papers.” I’ll go look for the manifest. I’ll just be a minute.” As John left the room he turned on a small lamp on the table. “This will help you to see.”

Sarah was getting very upset with John. She had been holding back her feelings, but he was not ready to start any type of project with this mess of papers. As Sarah angrily looked through the stack of papers her mouth started to become dry so she took a few large sips of her wine without thinking. Sarah started to feel a little warm, so she took off her jacket. She could hear voices, but she just thought it was the radio.

John walked back into the room smoking a cigarette, and carrying a small box.

Sarah saw the cigarette, and started yelling. “How dare you smoke around me? Everyone knows I hate smoking.” Sarah threw the papers down, and started to get up, but she couldn’t stand.

She looked at her glass, “what have you done to me.”

Sarah fell back on the couch she was unable to stand, and could barely move.

John leaned in front of Sarah and blew smoke in her face. “You hate smoking? I think you love smoking you just don’t know it yet.”

John unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse, and pulled her bra down exposing her breast. “Your tits aren’t too bad, a bit small, but this will make them better.”

He opened the box and brought out two syringes. “Hold still. Like you have choice…” He gave Sarah an injection in each of her nipples. “Soon you’ll have big heavy tits, just like your sister Gill.”

“Gill? What’s wrong with you?” Sarah tried to move, but her body was so weak.

“Are you insane?” Sarah could feel a burning in her chest, and she started to feel light-headed. “How do you know about my stepsister Gill?” Sarah felt so strange.

“I’m a good friend of your sister’s.” Then John blew more smoke into Sarah’s face.

“Gill is my stepsister, not my sister.” Sarah coughed, and her nipples became erect. “And stop blowing smoke in my face.”

Sarah was finding it hard to think, and her breasts were on fire. “What are you doing to me?”

John smiled. “Look, I have a present for you.” He pulled a necklace from his pocket. “Look at the little red gem. Isn’t it pretty?” John swayed the ruby in front of Sarah’s eyes.

Sarah’s eyes followed the stone back and forth. “I hate Gill, she’s nothing but a slut… yesss,… pretty.” Sarah’s voice became weaker and weaker as she focused more and more on the swinging jewel.

John continued swinging the ruby back and forth. “See how the gem catches the light? It’s so beautiful you don’t want to look away.”

Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the stone. “Yes,… pretty.” Her mine was so focused; she only saw the beautiful ruby, and only heard John’s voice.

” That’s good Sarah. Watch the stone, watch the beautiful red stone.” John swayed the stone with one hand and smoked with the other. Every time he exhaled he would blow the smoke in Sarah’s face, knowing she would become desensitized to it. “Relax Sarah, relax, let your mind relax.”

Sarah’s watched the stone, and relaxed.

“Sarah I am your closest friend, you trust me more then any one else in the world.” John continued blowing smoke at Sarah. “I’m your best friend, you trust me. Now relax.”

Sarah was so relaxed she didn’t feel her body beginning to change. Her breast swelled slightly and became heavier. Her hips were getting more rounded and her sex drive was getting stronger.

“Sarah you trust me, and you know you can tell me anything.”

John removed Sarah’s blouse and bra. “It feels so wonderful to tell me your secrets.” John moved the ruby closer to Sarah’s face. “Sarah look deeper into the stone. Find its center, find the heart of the stone.” John took one last deep drag from his cigarette, and then blew a huge cloud of smoke into Sarah’s face, and then put it out. “Sarah do you see the heart of the stone?”

“Yesss, I see the heart.” Sarah’s voice was flat, and her eyes were fixed on the swinging ruby.

“Excellent, Sarah I want you to close your eyes, but you will still see the heart of the ruby.” John put his hand on Sarah’s stomach and started rubbing it in a circular motion. “Close your eyes, see the heart of the ruby, it feels so good to watch the heart of the ruby.”

Sarah closed her eyes but she could still see the ruby and she could feel John’s hand rubbing her stomach.

“You love to look at the ruby. When you look at the ruby you feel warm and relaxed.” He put the ruby necklace down, and stopped rubbing her stomach. “When you watch the ruby you feel your desire for sex growing.” He started fondling Sarah’s breast. “When you watch the ruby your mind will become open to new thoughts, and suggestions.”

John took Sarah’s dress, and panties off of her. “When you see the ruby your body will become relaxed.”

He laid Sarah back, and spread her legs. “When you see the ruby you will become slightly aroused, and the longer you watch it, the more aroused you will become.” John stood up. “Ok, she’s ready for you.”

A woman as tall as Sarah, and with a lot of the same facial features, but looking much older walked into the room. “Thanks, Hun.”

It was Sarah’s stepsister Gill. She stood over Sarah. “So she’s ready for my improvements?” She took a More120 out of her silver cigarette case.

“The drugs I injected into her tits will take effect on her sex drive almost immediately, the changes to her body will take a while, and she will need injections for the next six days for the transformation to be permanent.” He held his lighter up, and flicked on the flame.

Gill put her More to her lips, put it to John’s flame, and brought it to life. “Thanks, hun. Will she resist me?”

“She will try, but the drugs will make her body five or six times more sensitive to pleasure and the hypnosis will weaken her resistance to your suggestions.” John put his lighter down.

“Weaken? I want her mind totally open to me. When I’m done I want her to be just like me. I want her to look like me, dress like me, and hell, even think like me.” Gill took a drag from her More, and blew the smoke towards Sarah’s hypnotized body.

John looked at Sarah. “I’ll need to increase the drug dose, and it will weaken all of her old personally.”

“I don’t care. I want her to be my twin in every way, except one, I want her to remember who she was. When she is giving a man a blowjob I want her to remember who she was, and when she’s eating out a woman I want her to know it’s because I turned her into a slut.”

Gill could feel herself getting wet just thinking about the things Sarah was going to do for her. “And I want her to be so fucking DUMB she can’t add two and two without my help.”

“I’ll work on the new doses for tomorrow. You know what to do, remember take it slow.” John left the room.

Gill put her cigarette case and lighter on the arm of the couch, then lifted Sarah’s head and shoulders, and sat down then put Sarah’s head on her lap.

“Sarah keep your eyes closed, you can see the ruby. Watch the heart of the ruby, it makes you feel so relaxed. ”

Gill took a drag from her More, and then brought Sarah’s mouth up to hers and then forced the smoke into Sarah’s lungs.

Gill laid Sarah’s head back down. “First things first, you need to start smoking, just like your big sister.”

Sarah started to cough, and then suddenly she started to come out of her trance, and opened her eyes. “What the hell? Gill, you bitch what are you doing to me? Oh my god! Why can’t I move?”

“My, my, you have a lot of questions for a smart bitch.” Gill took another drag from her More, and brought Sarah’s mouth to hers.

Sarah tried to stop Gill by turning her head back and forth. “Stop it you old whore.” She held her mouth closed as tight as she could.

Gill held Sarah’s head, and forced the smoke passed her lips, and into her lungs.

Sarah started coughing. “You crazy bitch! Stop it! What are you doing?”

Gill laughed. “Right now I’m getting you hooked on cigarettes, so you’ll be a smoker just like me. Soon you’ll be doing a lot of things just like me.”

“Never! I’ll never let myself get addicted to nicotine like you.” Sarah turned her head away from Gill. Gill laughed, and put her hand on Sarah’s stomach. “Now don’t be that way. Here I’ll make you feel so good.”

“Stop it! You know I hate you. There’s no way you can do anything to make me feel good.” Sarah tried to move, but she could only manage to wiggle her fingers and toes. “I don’t have any sexual interest in women! So you’re wasting your time!” But Sarah’s was so sensitive to pleasure that Gill’s hand was sending shivers threw her whole body.

Gill slowly slid her hand up Sarah’s torso, and cupped one of her breasts. “Just think little sister, in a few days your tits will be as big as mine.” And then she ran her finger around Sarah’s nipple until it became erect. “Oh you liked that, now don’t you?”

“No I didn’t like that!” Sarah lied. The sensation of Gill’s touch was making her so aroused she was finding it hard to think of anything else but how good it felt.

Gill lit a fresh More. “Oh, I think you’re lying to me.”

She took a drag from her cigarette, then turned Sarah’s face towards her and casually exhaled. “Here, watch me smoke while I make you feel better.”

Gill moved her hand slowly down Sarah’s body. She could feel all of Sarah’s muscles tighten. “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you.” Gill’s hand stopped at Sarah’s pussy, and she ran her fingers around her vulva. “Now just relax.”

“No I won’t relax.” But Sarah’s eyes were fixed on Gill’s and her cigarette.


Gill smiled. “Shhh, relax, watch me smoke.” She could see and feel Sarah was relaxing. “Tell me what you think of smoking.” She continued rolling her fingers around Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah couldn’t move her body, but could feel everything Gill did to her… and it felt wonderful. But Sarah’s mind was still resisting. “You smoke like a whore. Now stop touching me you fucking dyke.” Sarah was hoping that would make Gill stop.

Gill laughed, “Watch the end of my cigarette it looks like the red ruby.” Then she took a very long, and a very deep drag making the end of the brown cigarette glow brightly for several seconds.

Gill pulled Sarah’s head close to hers, and then put her lips to Sarah’s and then slowly forced the smoke deep into her lungs. Gill could feel Sarah’s chest rise as her lungs filled.

Gill put Sarah’s head back on her lap and then she started pumping her fingers in and out of Sarah soaking wet pussy.

Sarah could feel Gill’s fingers pumping in and out of her, and it felt better than anything she had ever felt before.

She exhaled an enormous cloud of smoke but didn’t realize it. Sarah’s body had become used to cigarette smoke.

Gill smiled. She noticed Sarah was not coughing like she had before. “Sarah, close your eyes. Close your eyes but you can still see the red glow of my cigarette. Do you see it?”

Sarah closed her eyes. “Yesss.” “Concentrate on the red glow. Look at its center, look deep into the center and relax, you are becoming very relaxed.”

Gill lit a fresh cigarette, and continued pumping her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy. “Look deep into the center and relax, relax. Look deeper into the red glow. The longer you look at the red glow the more relaxed you become.”

Sarah couldn’t stop herself. She hated Gill and knew she couldn’t trust her, but she felt compelled to do as she was told.

Gill kept going. “Sarah the glow is beautiful, and relaxing, you want to watch it as much as you can. It’s so beautiful, and relaxing, you don’t want to think about anything else. Let all your thoughts slip away, just relax, look at the glow, don’t think just relax.”

Sarah didn’t like Gill but, she would be ok. John was still around, and she trusted him. Sarah watched the relaxing red glow, and listened to Gill.

“Relax, you feel so wonderful, you fell so relaxed, you don’t want to think. You just want to watch the glow, and relax. Let your thoughts slip away and open your mind.”

After a few minutes Gill thought Sarah was ready for the first changes to her personally. “Sarah relax, and open your mind. Sarah what do you think of me?” “I hate you.” Even in a deeply relaxed state Sarah’s feelings for Gill were clear.

“What do you hate about me?” Gill thought she would start by changing Sarah’s opinion of her.

“I think you’re a self-centered bitch.” Sarah’s voice had almost no emotion. “You smoke all the time, and those Mores you smoke stink, and you don’t care if any one likes it or not, you’re rude. I don’t like the way you dress. You dress like a whore. You try to show off as much of your ass and your big saggy tits as you can.”

Gill laughed, and continued pumping her hand in and out of Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah went on. “I hate the way you wear your make up. It makes you look cheap. I don’t like the way you talk. You’re always using foul language. Most of all I don’t like the way look at me, you look at me like I’m a piece of meat and you’re a hungry animal.”

“Ok, ok stop.” Gill smiled. She knew what she wanted to change first. “Sarah you love the way you feel right now. You want to feel this way all the time.”

Gill would start by making it hard for Sarah to think of anything but sex and smoking.

Deep from the back of Sarah’s mind her resistance pushed it’s way out. “No I don’t want this.”

Gill started teasing Sarah’s nipples. “Shhh, relax, just relax now. Enjoy how wonderful you feel. Watch the red glow, and relax. You don’t want to think of anything else, you don’t want to think of anything but the red glow, and how wonderful you feel. Relax, you don’t want to think.”

Sarah felt as if she had been shocked, as a hot wave of lust ran threw her “I, I, I Don’t want to think.” Sarah’s resistance slipped to the back of her mind.

“You love the way your body feels, it’s opening your mind, you’re starting to think more like me. All you can think about is sex.”

Gill was going to make Sarah so horny she would crave sex all the time. She wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

“You wish you could feel like this all the time.”

Gill pulled Sarah’s face up to hers, and gave her an open mouth kiss.

At first Sarah tried to stop Gill’s tongue from entering her mouth but Gill started pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt harder, and faster, and soon Sarah succumbed.

Sarah was being bombarded with one incredible sensation after another. Her mind had just barely noticed the passionate kiss. She stopped resisting it because she didn’t realize she was being kissed.

Gill thought Sarah had had enough. “John, come here. She’s had enough.” She lit a cigarette and sat back.

John walked into the room with a syringe. “How did it go? Did she succumb to your evil will?” He smiled and chuckled.

Gill smiled. “No, but she’s a little more opened to me.”

“Don’t worry she’ll slowly come around, and in no time she’ll be the type of sister you always wanted.”

John walked over to Sarah’s semiconscious body, and gave her an injection in each nipple. “This is to make sure she comes back tomorrow. This drug is very powerful, but only last a short time… eight to ten hours.”

Suddenly Sarah’s eyes snapped open, and her body became rigid.

“Sarah this is John, your oldest and most trusted friend.” He had to enforce her belief that she could trust him. “When you need a friend you know you can always call me at 555-2744. Now who am I Sarah?”

In a soft dream like whisper she said. “John my most trusted friend.” John spoke in a smooth even tone “Sarah, when I wake you up, you will remember that you helped me with a project for work, and we had a friendly chat. You told me about how you don’t care for your stepsister. That is all that happened. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Sarah’s mind was totally open to John’s voice.

“Tomorrow when you get out of bed you will remember that your travel agent called, and told you your airline, and hotel reservations were cancelled.” John knew she would call to tell her best friend, and then he would invite her over. “Do you understand Sarah?”

“Yes.” Sarah’s mind had no other thoughts then John’s words.

John and Gill dressed Sarah, and Gill left the room. John sat Sarah up at one end of the couch, and he sat at the other. ” Sarah! Sarah wake up.”

Sarah closed her eyes then opened them. “Ah, what? Oh John I’m sorry I must have nodded off.” Her face turned red, and she giggled.

John smiled. “That’s ok hun.” He knew the reprogramming had worked.

Sarah stood up, and got her jacket and purse then walked to the door. “Bye I’ll see you when I get back.” Sarah thought John was an old friend and after a few quick good byes Sarah gave John a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the door. “Good bye, have fun.” John closed the door behind Sarah and then turned around to talk to Gill. “She’ll be here tomorrow, and then you’ll see the changes to her body.”

Gill walked back into the room. “What about her personality?”

“That will take a while, but she should start to come around tonight when she sleeps.” John walked over to Gill, and put his arms around her waist. “Don’t worry baby soon you’ll have a twin.”

Sarah got home and was so tired she got undressed, and went right to bed. Soon she was in a deep sleep, and she started to dream. Sarah was dreamed she was sitting on a beach. She was alone watching the sunset when she saw someone coming toward her. She didn’t know who it was but she could feel it was her lover. Sarah got and ran to her lover and greeted them with a very passionate hug and kiss. Sarah’s unknown lover slowly slid their hand down the front of her body and slipped their fingers into her pussy. The sensation was so vivid! Sarah had never had a dream so real. Her lover began fondling her breast, and teasing her nipples. Sarah could feel her nipples becoming rock hard, and they felt like they were on fire. She broke the kiss and looked at her lover’s face. It was Gill.

Sarah sprang up in her bed in a cold sweat. “Oh my god! What was that about.” She could feel her heart pounding. Sarah tried to calm herself and just put the dreams out of her mind. She looked at her clock. “Five fifteen, I have over two hours to get to the airport. “Oh hell I might as well get up.” Sarah got out of bed, and as soon as her feet touched the floor a wave of depression hit her. She was depressed about the phone call she now remembered getting from her travel agent cancelling her vacation plans. John’s programming had worked. In Sarah’s mind she had gotten a phone call telling her the airline and hotel reservation were cancelled.

Sarah went into the bathroom to pee. As she pulled down her panties she noticed they were wet. “What the hell? Oh my god did I pee in my panties?” Sarah didn’t realize she had been having wet dreams all night. She tried to put her dreams and her wet panties out of her mind and took off her nightshirt, and climbed into the shower. Sarah started to think about what she could do about her vacation, and then it came to her. “I’ll just call another travel agent.” She smiled and turned on the water. As soon as the warm water hit her she almost had an orgasm. The feeling was incredible. She felt weak in her knees. She instinctively grabbed her shower massager and aimed it at her yearning pussy. Sarah was soon on her back in the tub, with one hand aiming the shower massager at her cunt, and the other hand playing with her super sensitive nipples.

Sarah didn’t seem to notice her breast were a half size bigger, or the fact that the dreams that had disturbed her a few minutes before were now slowly becoming her fantasies.

Sarah turned the shower to heavy massage and let the water do the work for her. She started thinking about giving a man head. She tried to think of something like a long romantic kiss or even giving him a hand job but her mind kept thinking about what it would be like sucking on her lover’s dick. She couldn’t stop herself — it was like she was having someone else’s fantasy. She tried to resist but she couldn’t; the thoughts overpowered her with her new super sensitive nipples and pussy driving her over the edge. She was becoming lost in the fantasy. Sarah thought it wasn’t her, she would never do something like that. She would never admit it, not even to herself but she was starting to enjoy it. The thrill of doing something Sarah thought was evil and wrong drove her to her first orgasm of the day.

She started to get up but the desire was not gone yet. Sarah didn’t understand what was happening to her; her lust had always gone away after an orgasm. Sarah laid back, and placed the shower closer to her yearning cunt. She closed her eyes and fantasized about her and her lover holding each other in their arms, enthralled in a passionate kiss. Sarah was vary comfortable with this fantasy and was being swept away by the emotion, the feeling of pure sexual euphoria. She shoved the showerhead as close to her pussy as she could. She fantasized about her lover sliding his dick deep inside her and pumping in and out of her harder than she had ever felt before. Sarah wrapped her legs around his hips and hugged him tight making it feel as if his dick was going even deeper inside her. She was so involved in her reverie she didn’t notices the water from the showerhead had become ice cold. The fantasy went on for several more minutes before she had another orgasm. Sarah’s mind started to slip back into reality and she suddenly felt the cold water. “Aaaaa! Oh my god that’s cold.” She jumped up and turned off the water. Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. “What the hell is wrong with you?” And she smiled.

Sarah had never been out of control like that before. She felt so strange. She had never had two orgasms in a row, and she had never had such realistic fantasies before.

Sarah dried off, and as she got dressed she noticed her bra was tight. “What on earth is going on today” she adjusted the bar as much as she could but it was just too small. “It must have shrunk.” Sarah looked through all of her underwear but she couldn’t find a bra that fit. “Oh well I’ll just not wear a bra. I’m not all that big anyway.” Sarah had not gone out without wearing her bar since she was a child.

As Sarah continued getting dressed, she put on a somewhat loose fitting top but she thought it was odd her pants and panties felt a little tight in her seat, and around her waist. “Oh well I haven’t time to worry about my clothes I need to do something about my vacation.” She knew there was something she had planned on doing about her trip, but now she couldn’t remember.

“Wasn’t I going to call someone?” Sarah couldn’t think straight, her mind kept wandering back to her dreams, and her fantasies. “What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I think” Sarah could tell something wasn’t right but what she didn’t realize was her I.Q. had been lowered with each dream and fantasy.

Sarah put on a pair of shoes, and then went into her living room then sat in a chair next to the phone. “Who was I going to call?” She just couldn’t think of who she was going to call. “I’ll call John he’ll know what I should do.” Sarah dialled John’s number without thinking and waited for him to answer.

“Hello.” John knew it was Sarah before she said a word. “Hello, John? This is Sarah.” She felt strange asking someone for help. Sarah had always been independent, and had always solved her own problems.

“Hello Sarah, how are you this afternoon?” John almost laughed out loud, he knew Sarah was feeling hornier then she had ever been in her life.

Sarah thought “Afternoon? What time is it?” She looked at the clock. It was just after three in the afternoon. Sarah realized she had been masturbating for over nine hours. “Ahhh, John I need to talk to you can you come over?” At first she wanted John to help her with her vacation plans, but now Sarah wanted to tell John something was wrong with her, but not over the phone.

“I’m sorry babe, I’m waiting for a old friend, and I just can’t leave right now, but you can come over here.” John needed Sarah to come to his place. Sarah didn’t want to bother John, but she felt she could talk to him. “Well if you don’t mind, it’s kind of important” “Oh babe you won’t bother me, I’d like you to meet my friend anyway.” John knew he had to get Sarah to come over soon, because the drugs were wearing off.

“Ok I’ll be over in a while, bye.” Sarah sat in the chair, and started thinking about why had she called John. Did she really trust him? Sarah started to think her problem was more serious than cancelled vacation plans. Sarah tried to focus on the fact she had masturbated all day, but then Sarah thought to her self. “Oh come on now, I didn’t masturbate all day. I masturbated, then went to sleep.” She got up and started to leave, when she noticed her shirt felt so good as it rubbed against her nipples.

John sat on his couch waiting for Sarah, and talking to Gill. “That was her, I told you there was nothing to worry about. She’ll be here in a few minutes.” “Good. Well baby you know your stuff. How far can I take her today.” Gill lit a fresh cigarette with her old one.

“You should have her secretly smoking by the end of the day. She won’t smoke in public but she should be addicted and you should have her mind reprogrammed so she starts to enjoys it.” John put his feet on the coffee table, and folded his hands behind his head. “You should make her want big tits like yours while you’re at it.”

Gill smiled and sat on the couch next to John. “Hers will be just like mine won’t they?”

John slid closer to Gill and cupped one of her breast. “Hers will be just as big, and just as beautiful as yours.” Then he gave her nipple a friendly pinch. A shiver ran up Gill’s spine. “Oh god hun your making me wet.” Then she blew a plume of smoke at him

Sarah was well on her way to John’s when she began thinking. “Why am I going to John’s? I can take care of my own problems.” She continued to drive towards John’s. “Oh well, I’m almost there now. I’ll just stop by and say hello and the then leave.” The drugs were starting to wear off and the hypnosis wasn’t strong enough to keep Sarah under John and Gill’s control. By the time Sarah knocked on John’s door her mind was almost clear and she was starting to realize something wasn’t right.

John and Gill heard Sarah’s knock on the door. Gill left the room and John quickly answered it. “Hello Sarah, please come in.”

Sarah looked at John. “I’m sorry I don’t know why I came here. I’ll just leave.” Then she turned to walk away. “Are you ok?” John knew he had to get Sarah to come inside. Sarah turned to face John “Ahhh… yea, I’m fine.” Then turned away.

“Did you drop this?” John held up necklace with the red ruby. Sarah turned and looked at the stone. “No, that’s not mine.” “Oh, it’s pretty isn’t it?” John swayed the ruby back and forth.

Sarah watched the ruby sway.

“Look how it catches the light, and how pretty it is.” John held the ruby closer to Sarah’s face. “Are you sure it’s not yours. Look closer.”

Sarah watched the stone closely. “Yes it’s very pretty, but it’s not mine.”

“I think it is Sarah. Look closer.” John watched Sarah’s eye as they followed the stone back and forth. “Look into the heart of the stone. Look how beautiful.”

Sarah’s eyes were draw to the stone. “Yesss, it is beautiful.”

“It’s so beautiful you just want to watch it, and relax.” John moved closer to Sarah

“Yesss, relax.” Sarah knew something was wrong, and she tried to look away from the stone, but it was so beautiful.

John continued swaying the ruby, and speaking in a soft voice. “Look at the center of the ruby, look how beautiful it is.” John put his hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “You trust me. I’m your closest, and best friend.”

Sarah knew something was wrong, but she couldn’t resist. “Yesss, best friend.”

John led Sarah into his apartment. “Come on in, you know your safe with me.” Then he closed the door behind them holding the ruby in front of Sarah’s eyes the whole time.

Sarah’s mind was slipping back into a fog. “Safe?”

“That’s right Sarah. You’re safe and relaxed.” John led her to the couch and sat her down. “Close your eyes and you will still see the stone. Relax and watch the ruby.”

Sarah’s eyes slowly slid closed, but she could still see the ruby.

John put down the necklace, and quickly removed Sarah’s top. “Hey Gill, come look at these.” Then John picked up a syringe and gave Sarah a shot in each nipple.

Sarah suddenly snapped out of her trance. “ouch! What the hell?” Sarah got up and ran for the door.

Gill grabbed Sarah just as she opened the door “Oh no you don’t, bitch.” She held Sarah around the chest, and by her head holding her hand over her mouth, so she couldn’t yell for help. John got to Sarah just after Gill and helped to forces her back onto the couch.

Sarah’s struggle got weaker as the drugs began to affect her body. “Let me go!”

Gill slid her hand off of Sarah’s mouth, down to her breast. “Shit! Your tits are almost as big as mine already.”

“I tried to tell you but your sister decided she didn’t like my company.” John laid Sarah on the couch. “Her body may be ready before her mind is.”

Sarah couldn’t move, but she was back in control of her mind. “Gill! You bitch what have you done to me?” Sarah’s memories of the day before started to rush back to her. “Oh my god. You raped me! You fucking whore you raped me!”

Gill laughed and then sat on the couch and laid Sarah’s head on her lap. “You stupid bitch! I didn’t rape you. You can’t rape the willing and hun, you were willing.” Gill unzipped Sarah’s pants, and slid her fingers into her pussy, and started pumping them in and out. “Now relax and enjoy this.”

“I am not willing. Stop! Stop it. You won’t get away with thisss.” Sarah’s voice got weaker as the drugs and the sensation of Gill’s fingers in side her got stronger.

“Shhh, relax, relax, just relax and enjoy how good you feel.” Gill smiled. She knew Sarah was slipping back under her control. “Relax, just listing to my voice and relax.”

“Nooo, I, I won’t relaxxx.” Sarah was weakening but was still putting up a fight.

Gill almost laughed at loud at Sarah’s puny attempt to resist. “Shhh, now, now relax.”

Sarah’s voice slowly faded, but her lips kept moving as if she was trying to talk. Her will was slipping, but she was still trying to resist. Sarah thought. “Nooo… I can’t relaxxx. I must resist.”

“John get me my Mores and lighter please.” Gill continued pumping her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy.

John left the room, and then returned quickly. “Here babe. I need to go. I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Thanks hun.” Gill lit a more and blew a plume of smoke in Sarah’s face. “How long will it take you?”

“I’ll be back before her drugs wear off.” John opened the door. “Remember her body is changing faster then I thought it would but her mind will still try to fight you.” John walked out the door “have fun. Later.” Then he closed the door.

Gill smiled. “I will.” then she looked at Sarah. “So little sister let’s get you smoking.” She took a drag of her More then raised Sarah’s mouth to hers, and forced the smoke into her lungs. “You love to smoke.” She began pumping Sarah’s now wet cunt harder and faster. “It feels good to smoke.”


“Nooo… I hate sssmoking.” Sarah exhaled the smoke from her lungs but she didn’t notice that her body did not react to the smoke. She didn’t cough. “It’sss, it’s bad for you.”

“Husssh, don’t think about it, you don’t need to think, just relax and enjoy how good you feel smoking.” Gill pulled Sarah’s lips to her and once again she forced smoke into Sarah’s lungs. “It feels so good to smoke.”

Sarah exhaled the smoke. “Nooo… smoking isss bad.” Sarah was so confused. She hated smoking, but she felt so good. She could feel Gill forcing smoke into her, but Gill’s finger inside her felt so amazing. Deep down she didn’t want her to stop. “Stop doing this, it’s wrong.”

Gill was starting to get tired of Sarah’s resistance to her “It’s wrong? Don’t you mean it’s evil?” Gill laughed. “You always said I was a evil bitch.” She pumped Sarah’s cunt even harder. “Well your smoking and you’re enjoying it. Are you evil? Another woman it getting you off and you’re enjoying it. Does that make you a dyke? Are you an evil dyke like me? Well, are you Sarah?”

“Nooo, I’m not like you.” The drugs were starting to take their full effect on Sarah’s body. Her pussy was soaking wet, and the incredible sensation of Gill’s fingers pumping in and out of her was growing more and more intense with each minute that passed. “I’ll never, never be like you”

“But you’re enjoying this. You’re smoking and letting me pleasure you and you’re enjoying every second of it.” Gill could tell Sarah was almost ready to come to a climax.


“No, no I’m not, you’re making me.” Sarah tried not to cum but it felt so wonderful.

Gill took a deep drag from her cigarette, pulled Sarah’s mouth to hers and then filled her lunge with all the smoke they could hold. “Cum for me, it feels good to be just like me so cum for me!” Gill pumped her fingers in and out of Sarah as hard as she could. “Cum and you’ll be just like me.”

Sarah couldn’t stop herself she didn’t want to. “Nooo, nooo!” Sarah released a huge cloud of smoke from her mouth and nose and she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Sarah let out a loud “Ahhhhh.” And then blacked out. Gill laughed, finished smoking her cigarette. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

Sarah laid on the couch with her eyes closed and her body motionless but her mind was in a struggle. Because of the drugs, and the hypnosis Sarah’s subconscious was open to the ideal of becoming just like Gill. It felt good to be Gill, the orgasm was the most powerfull she’d ever had.

Sarah’s rational mind had been weakened but was still fighting to keep her own identity. She knew she couldn’t trust Gill. Gill had always been and would always be an evil bitch, only interested in her own sick pleasure.

Gill went to the bathroom to wash up, but once there she decided to take a shower. “Hell, I’ll take a shower and by the time I’m finished she’ll be ready for another lesson in how to be me,” Gill undressed and climbed into the stall. As she stood under the stream of warm water she started to think how fantastic it was going to be to take a shower with her twin.

Sarah’s mind was still in conflict with itself and her subconscious mind was slowly winning the battle. Sarah’s rational mind was falling victim to the sexual desire that was swelling inside her.

Her subconscious wanted to know what it felt like to be Gill. The ideal of becoming an evil bitch, with no remorse for any of her actions was starting to appeal to Sarah’s subconscious. Sarah’s rational mind knew that there are always consequences to your actions.

Gill finished her shower and dried off, then lit a cigarette. But as she started to do her makeup and nails, she had a brilliant idea. She quickly put on a robe and picked up her makeup kit and went into the living room. Gill paused at the door and looked at Sarah’s motionless body then took a deep drag from her More and smiled. “This will be fantastic” Gill sat on the couch and put Sarah head and shoulders on her lap. “I’m going to give you a makeover, hun.”

Sarah’s rational mind tried to react to Gill. She wanted to tell her to leave her alone but she couldn’t move and because of her struggle with her subconscious and the drugs She couldn’t find the strength to talk. Sarah’s subconscious was becoming stronger and more and more submissive to Gill.

Gill sat her case on Sarah’s stomach then opened it. “You’re going to look so pretty when I’m done with you.”

Gill took a bottle of liquid foundation and a sponge out of her case and dripped the liquid onto the sponge. “This will feel sooo good.” Gill slowly drew zigzag lines with the foundation across Sarah’s cheeks and then ran the sponge across her forehead and slowly down the center of her nose then across her chin.

The feeling of Gill’s gentle touch on her face was so relaxing Sarah started to drop her guard.

Gill took a fresh sponge and gentle blended the liquid over Sarah’s skin with a smooth even motion. Gill turned Sarah’s head so she could see her face better and then she applied a second thicker layer of the foundation and then she took a large powder puff then gave Sarah’s face a light dusting of powder. Gill was getting some blush out of her case when she noticed Sarah’s nipple were erect. “Sarah can you hear me?”

Sarah felt like she was in a dream. She could hear Gill talking but she didn’t understand who it was or what she was saying. Sarah felt so good she didn’t open her eyes she just smiled and giggled.

Gill smiled and lit a fresh More then blew the smoke in Sarah’s face. “That’s ok Sarah you don’t need to talk just listen to me.” Gill gently put blush on Sarah’s cheeks. “Your opinion of me over all these years has been too harsh. You need to listen to me, and start thinking like me.”

Sarah didn’t really hear what Gill was saying, she felt so wonderful. Her subconscious not only absorbing every word Gill had said but causing Sarah to take a deep breath and inhale as much of Gill’s smoke as she could.

“Stop thinking about work. You need to think about sex and having fun.” Gill put her more in between Sarah’s lips. “Here take a drag of my cigarette.”

Sarah pulled the smoke deep into her lungs.

Gill smiled then got some eyeliner and eye shadow from her case. “Exhale slowly through your nose hun.”

Sarah slowly exhale a huge plume of smoke through her nose as if she had been smoking for years.

Gill laughed, and took the cigarette out of Sarah’s mouth. “Wow you learned that fast, it took me weeks to be able to do that.”

Then she carefully put a thick coat of dark blue eye shadow on each of Sarah’s eyelids.

Gill put out her cigarette, then leaned in close and started putting liner on Sarah’s eyelids. “This will make your eyes look so pretty.” Gill smiled. ” Just one more thing and I’ll be done with your makeup.” Gill got a small jar and brush from her case. “I’ll give your lips a nice thick coat of passion red. My favorite color.” When Gill finished Sarah had pouty bright red lips.

Gill looked at Sarah’s new make up and started getting wet. “Now I just need to have your hair change and I’ll be done with your new look.”

Gill started fondling Sarah’s breast and she noticed her nipples were huge and erect. She began rolling Sarah’s nipples between her thumbs and fingers.

Sarah let out a soft moan, and her eyes started to flutter.

Gill continued playing with Sarah’s nipples with her right hand but her left hand slid down Sarah’s body and her fingers plunged into Sarah’s wet pussy and she began pumping them in and out.

Sarah gasped, and then let out a long quivering sighed of delight.

Gill closed her eyes and smiled. “Sarah you love the changes I’ve made to your body. You love having big heavy tits and huge sensitive nipples.”

Sarah let out a soft “Mmmmmm.”

Gill laughed to herself. “You love how sensitive your pussy has become and you love sex, don’t you?”

Sarah’s hart was pounding, and she was breathing faster and faster but she was able to say. “Yesss.”

“You want to feel this wonderful all the time.” Gill gave Sarah’s nipple a little pinch.

Sarah gasped and said “Yesss.”

“You love your new body, and you love your new desire for sex.” Gill fingers probed deeper into Sarah’s cunt.

“Yesss, love ahhh, new ahhh, body.” Gill’s every word was imbibed into Sarah’s subconscious.

“You want to become just like me.” Gill began pulling on Sarah’s nipple.

“Ahhh, just like you.” Sarah felt an amazing wave pleasure crash through her entire body.

“Sarah your intelligence will stop you from felling this incredible. You don’t want that.” Gill loved the ideal of Sarah becoming a stupid slut.

“Nooo, no intelligent.” Sarah’s subconscious didn’t want any thing to stop her from feeling so incredible.

“You need to stop thinking so much and just start obeying me.” Gill could feel Sarah’s pussy was starting to flow.

“Obey, ahhhh, you.” Sarah had another astonishing orgasm, and let out a loud “Ahhhhhhhh.”

Gill continued pumping her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy. “Just one orgasm isn’t enough, you want more.” Gill wanted Sarah to stay horny. “But you can’t cum until I make you.”

“Ahhh, want more.” Sarah absorbed Gill’s words without thinking. She was so horny she couldn’t think of anything but her desire for another orgasm.

“You want me to make you cum?” Gill noticed Sarah was starting to squirm.

“Yesss, yesss make meee.” Sarah’s subconscious couldn’t stand it.

“But I’m a woman. You want a woman to make you cum.” Gill loved this. She thought of all those times Sarah had called her a fucking dyke.

“Yesss I want ahhh woman, make meee cum.” Sarah would say or do anything if it would make her cum.

“You like having sex with women.” Gill smiled.

“Yesss I like women.” Sarah’s head was pounding.

“You wouldn’t need me to make you cum if you were just like me.” Gill got a cigarette and lit it. “Think how good it would feel to be just like me.”

“Yesss just like you.” Sarah’s subconscious starting thinking what it would be like to be Gill.

“You can feel your body changing, and you like it.” Gill knew she could start to plant her own personality deep into Sarah’s subconscious.

“Yesss, like it” Sarah’s own personality was unaware that anything was happening to her, because of the drugs and the hypnosis.

“Your tits are getting so big and heavy, and they are starting to sag just like mine.” Gill put her cigarette in her mouth then gave one of Sarah’s nipples a gentle squeeze. “Your nipples are sensitive just like mine. You love the way they feel.”

“Mmmm, yes love big tits.” She wanted Gill to play with tits more.

“Now that you have big tits like me you want to show them off. So you want to dress like me” Gill gave Sarah’s nipple another pinch.

“Ahhh, dress like you.” She wanted every one to notice her tits.

Gill took a quick drag from her More and then blew a plume of smoke in Sarah’s face. “You love to smoke and you want to learn to smoke just like I do.”

Sarah took a deep breath pulling in a lung full of Gill’s smoke. “I love to smoke.”

“You want to learn how to be a seductive smoker just like me.” Gill took a deep drag then slowly blew the smoke in Sarah’s face. “Then you can seduce any body so they’ll make you feel this fantastic.”

“Yesss seductive smokerrr” Sarah took a deep breath.

“You’re starting to think like Gill now hun, and it feels so good.” Gill pumped her fingers deeper into Sarah’s cunt.

“Ohhh yesss think like Gill.” Her heart was pounding so hard Sarah thought her chest would explode.

“Sarah you’re not just thinking like me, you’re becoming me and it feels good.” Gill could feel Sarah was starting to move her arms and legs and she knew the drugs were wearing off.

“Ahhh, becoming you. Feels good.” Sarah was weakly kicking her legs trying to bring herself to orgasm.

“When I call you Sarah Gill you will obey me so you can become me.” Gill was going to use a trigger word to bring Sarah’s new personality to the surface.

“Sarah Gill will obey.” Sarah felt a shock of pure sexual ecstasy shoot through her body. Her legs started kicking and her arms began jerking uncontrollable. She was having a massive orgasm.

Gill started laughing as hard as she could. “You little bitch, you’re mine now.” Gill knew Sarah’s subconscious was now willing to take on her new personality.

Sarah’s body went limp as she let out a loud. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Gill could feel Sarah’s body quivering as an after effect of the orgasm “Sarah Gill. When you hear me call your name you will do what I tell you to do. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” She accepted Sarah Gill as her name.

“Open your eyes, and sit up.” Gill gave Sarah’s nipples a quick pinch.

Sarah sat up, and opened her eyes.

“How do you feel?” Gill wanted to be sure Sarah’s personality was totally subdued, and Sarah Gill’s was dominant.

“I feel confused. I’m not sure what’s going on.” Sarah Gill rubbed her eyes.

Gill took one last drag from her cigarette then blew the smoke at Sarah Gill’s face and then put it out in the ashtray. “What do you feel confused about?”

“Deep down inside part of me wants to get out of here.” She watched Gill put out her cigarette.

Gill picked up her pack of Mores and her lighter. “What about the rest of you?”

“I want a cigarette so bad I can’t stand it.” She scooted closer to Gill.

Gill got two cigarettes, and handed one to Sarah Gill. “Here you go, hun.”

“Thanks, hun.” Sarah Gill took the More and held it to her lips and then slid in closer to Gill to get a light.

Gill held up her lighter and both women leaned towards the flame and lit their cigarettes.

Sarah Gill drew the smoke into her mouth then quickly exhaled it out.

Gill watched Sarah Gill take her first willing drag of cigarette and smiled. “Watch me hun, do it like this when you realty want to be seductive.” Gill slowly closed her eyes as she took a deep lung filling drag from the dark brown cigarette. Then as she held the smoke in for a few seconds she slowly opened her eyes and let the smoke slowly roll out of her mouth and then she pulled it back in through her nose.

Gill looked at Sarah Gill and got face to face with her, and blew a plume of smoke directly into Sarah Gill’s face.

Sarah Gill smiled and closed her eyes.

As Gill exhaled the plume of smoke her lips got closer and closer to Sarah Gill’s. Sarah pressed her lips to Sarah Gill’s and slid her tongue into Sarah Gill’s mouth.

Sarah Gill felt Gill’s tongue, and at first she was shocked, but after a few seconds she accepted it into her mouth willingly and starting rolling her tongue around it.

Gill put her hand on Sarah Gill’s breast and used her thumb to stroke her nipple.

Sarah Gill leaned towards Gill pushing her nipple harder against her thumb and started to moan. “Mmmmmm.” Suddenly Sarah Gill broke the kiss. “Wait I think this is wrong.”

Gill took a drag from her cigarette and then held it at eye level to Sarah Gill. “What’s wrong?” she made sure Sarah Gill could see the red glow of her more. “You don’t mean smoking do you?” Gill swayed her cigarette back and forth.

Sarah Gill watched Gill’s cigarette. “I mean everything. It’s like a voice inside me is screaming to get away from here.” her eyes were fixed on the warm glow of Gill’s cigarette.

“You need to let that voice sleep and relax.” Gill held her cigarette a little closer to Sarah Gill’s eyes. “Make the voice Relax. You want to have fun with me. The only thing that matters is to have fun with me.”

Sarah Gill’s eyes slowly closed. “Have fun with you, all that matters.” Her eyes opened and she took a deep drag from her cigarette and then slowly exhaled a thick fog of smoke from her mouth and pulled it back into her nose.

She blew a plume of smoke into Gill’s face and smiled.

Gill started to kiss Sarah Gill again when the door opened. “Hello ladies, sorry to intrude.”

Gill turned to look at John and smiled. “Hi hun, me and Sarah Gill are kissing.” She turned backed to Sarah Gill “Let’s put on a show for John.” Then she and Sarah Gill began probing each other’s mouths with their tongue.

John watched the two women kissing and he had to smile. He knew Sarah’s old personally was under control. “Gill babe, I need to talk to you for a minute.” Then he walked into the other room.

Gill broke the kiss. “Wait here hun, I’ll be right back.” She got up and followed John into the other room. Sarah Gill sat on the couch smoking the way Gill had shown her.

Gill gave John a kiss. “Oh god hun, she is fantastic she is willing to do anything I want her to.”

John smiled and laughed. “I know babe but the drug is wearing off. We need to clean her up and get her home before her old personality starts to emerge.”

“Ok but there’s no way her old top will fit her, her tits are as big as mine now.” Gill peeked in on Sarah Gill and watched her smoke. “When her old personality takes over, is she going to smoke?”

John walked up behind Gill and put his hand on her shoulders and looked in on Sarah Gill. “Oh I think her body is addicted to nicotine now. It looks like you’ve done an outstanding job on her. Her old personality will have the urge to smoke.” he started massaging Gill shoulders. “She’ll probably think about smoking when she’s around people that smoke, and if she’s alone, and there just happens to be a pack of cigarettes around she will be very tempted to try one.”

“Is everything ready?” Gill took a deep drag from her cigarette.

“Yes everything is ready. All we need to do now is clean her up and get her home before the drugs wear off.” John playfully pushed Gill back into the living room.

“Sarah Gill hurry up and finish your cigarette we need to get cleaned up.” Gill took Sarah Gill’s hand and helped her up.

“Why? Are we going somewhere?” Sarah Gill stood up and staggered a bit. “Wow it’s hard to walk. My tits must weigh a ton.”

John looked a Sarah Gill. “They make you look so sexy, their weight is a small price to pay.”

Sarah Gill looked down at her breast. “Yes they are sexy.”

“You love your big tits.” John knew she accept his statements as the truth.

“Yes I love my big tits.” Sarah Gill gave her tits a shake back and forth and smiled.

Gill and Sarah Gill went into the bathroom. “Look in the mirror, look at how beautiful you look with your new makeup on.” She turned Sarah Gill so she could see her entire body in a full-length mirror.

Sarah Gill looked at her self in the mirror, and Gill’s words seemed to burn their way into Sarah Gill’s mind.

“I’m so wickedly beautiful.”

She couldn’t believe how beautiful her reflection was, she didn’t want to stop looking at herself she felt like she could look at her new body and made up face forever.

Gill had to pull Sarah Gill away from the mirror and into the shower. “Come on let’s get clean.” Gill turned the water and placed Sarah Gill under the flow and started washing her. “Hun when you wake up tomorrow you’re going to feel weak and everything will feel like a dream. You’re not going to be in control of your body and you will hear yourself say things and maybe think things that you will hate and you might want to change your appearance.”

Sarah Gill looked at Gill. “I don’t want to change I like feeling this way.”

“That’s why you need to help me. When you are not in control of your body concentrate on how much you love to smoke.” Gill slid her hand down Sarah Gill’s wet body and began pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt. “You really love to smoke.”

Sarah Gill felt so wonderful. “I, I love to smoke.

“You love the way I make you feel so sexy.” Gill was holding Sarah Gill up against a wall. “You love how horny I make you.”

“Yes, yes so sexy, so, so horny.” Sarah Gill closed her eyes and threw her head back.

“Remember how much you love this. Now cum for me.” Sarah Gill’s body started to shiver and she let out a loud scream. “Aaaaaaaaaa.” And then passed out.

John got Sarah Gill out of the shower and carried her to the bed. “You put some clothes on her and I’ll bring her car around back.”

Gill put her bathrobe on Sarah Gill, and then went to her closet. “What will I wear?” Gill put on a black bra, black thong panties a short black skirt and a low cut white blouse. “Hun I can’t wait till you start dressing like me.” Then Gill put on a pair hose and her favorite black stilettos

John walked back into the room. “Babe you look fantastic.”

Gill turned around to show off her outfit. “Thanks hun, I thought you could take me out for dinner after we take home.”

“I would love to.” John picked Sarah Gill up and held her like a baby. “I’ll put her in her car you can drive her home, I’ll follow in my car and then we’ll go to dinner from there.”

Soon Gill and Sarah were on their way, with John following behind. As Gill drove Sarah’s car she looked over at Sarah’s unconscious body in the passenger seat “You’re going to make a great twin.” She put her arm around her shoulders and pulled Sarah next to her. “We’re going to be not just the best of sisters, but the best of friends from now on.”

Gill put her hand under the bathrobe and starting playing with Sarah’s nipples. “The very best of friends.” Gill drove into Sarah’s driveway and parked in her garage. “We’re home.”

John entered the garage. “Hey babe you get the doors I’ll carry her in.” John picked Sarah up and cradled her in his arms. Gill got out of the car and led John to Sarah’s bedroom. He carried Sarah to her bed and laid her down. “When she wakes up, she won’t remember anything we’ve done to her.” “She won’t remember anything?” Gill looked concerned. “She won’t remember anything consciously.” John opened the front of the bathrobe and fondled Sarah’s new huge tits. “I’m sure she’ll be confused about what has happened to her.” Gill stood over Sarah. “Don’t worry sis I’ll come around tomorrow and ease your troubled mind.” Gill laughed and then leaned over and gave Sarah a kiss. “Come on John let’s go.

After having a restless night Sarah woke up in a cold sweat. “Oh my head, oh my god my entire body hurts.” Sarah had an awful taste in her mouth and her lungs felt like they were on fire.

Sarah tried to open her eyes but they felt like they were full of sand, so she sat up on the edge of the bed and put her head in her hands. “What’s wrong with me?”

Sarah got up and blindly stumbled her way to the bathroom and then found her way into her shower. Sarah turned on the water and sat motionless in the corner of the stall with her head between her knees for a few minutes, when she realized she felt something touching her legs. Sarah raised up her head, and looked down.

“Oh my god!” she stood up and ran to the mirror. “Oh my god, how is this possible?” Sarah held her new huge breast in her hands and thought to her self. “This is a dream. My tits can’t be this big. They’re twice as big as my hands. Tits? I don’t use vulgar words like that.”

Sarah looked at her self with disbelief. Her A-cup breast were now well over a double D, and heavy and her nipples were as big as the palm of her hand.

“I don’t understand what’s happened to me. How can they be so big?”

Sarah got a towel and started drying off, but every time she would brush against one of her nipples it would become erect and would send a tinge of pleasure through her body. “Oh god I, I can’t believe this.” She carefully finished drying off then went into her bedroom and sat at her dressing table. “I need to go to the hospital or something.” Sarah tried to think of what she should do but she couldn’t concentrate. The harder she tried the more her mind focused on how big her tits were.

She sat at dresser watching her new huge nipples in the mirror and thinking about how good it felt when her towel brushed against them.

Sarah’s hand started towards her breast when suddenly she realized what she was doing. “What am I thinking, there’s something wrong with me, I need to get help.” Sarah got up and went to her closet but when she opened the door she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her old clothes, business suits, and other very conservative outfits were gone, and in their place was an array of what Sarah called “slut wear”.

Her closet was filled with short skirts, low cut tops and an assortment of leather and rubber outfits that Sarah would never wear, much less buy.

“How did all this junk get into my closet? What the hell is going on?” She looked at everything in the closet but the only thing Sarah found that she would wear was a black skirt that she thought was too short, a black bra that lifted her breast making it impossible for her to hide how big they had become. Over the bra she wore a white blouse hoping it would not be as conspicuous as the deep v-necks or the bikini tops.

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. At first she though she looked ridiculous and sluttish but she couldn’t stop looking at herself and she even thought. “I look so fucking sexy.”

Sarah stopped herself and shook her head. “What am I thinking? I look like a whore.”

She started looking in the dressing table for a scarf to help hide her cleavage when she found a pack of Mores and a lighter. “Where did these come from? How did they get here?”

Sarah put the cigarettes and lighter in front of her and looked at them. At first she thought about how they got there, but slowly her thoughts became influenced by her subconscious and she started thinking. “What would it be like to smoke one? I wonder if I would cough a lot?” Sarah started looking at herself in the mirror again, and playing with the pack of Mores. “I bet I would make one hell of a sexy smoker” she didn’t realize what she had just thought.

Gill let herself into Sarah’s house. “Hello Sarah are you awake?” she walked into the bedroom, and saw Sarah was looking at her new body in the mirror.

Gill didn’t say any thing she quietly watched Sarah look at herself and play with the pack of Mores and the lighter.


Sarah couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. “I would look so sexy smoking.” Then she realized what she was thinking. “No, what am I thinking, I don’t smoke. How would it look if the woman that pushed to make the office totally smoke free started smoking?” She picked up the pack of More 120’s, and without realizing what she was doing she opened it. “If I smoked I would have to hide it from everyone.”

She pulled a cigarette from the pack and put it between her lips. “I wouldn’t smoke even if nobody knew, it’s just so unhealthy.” Sarah flicked the lighter to life and brought its flame to the end of her More. “No, I would never smoke.”

She took a deep drag, and then blew a plume of smoke at her own reflection. “But I would look so sexy.”

Gill watched Sarah smoke and knew the drugs had done their job, so she waited for her chance.

Sarah looked at her reflection in the mirror but her mind was so clouded by the drugs still in her system she didn’t really think she was watching herself.

At first she thought, “That outfit looks cheap, and the way she smokes that cigarette makes her look like a whore.” But her subconscious slowly started to emerge. “She almost looks like Gill that cheap whore, that cheap… sexy…whore.”

Sarah put her hand on her new huge breast and started rolling her fingers around her nipples as she watched herself in the mirror.


Gill knew this was her chance so she quietly walked up behind Sarah and slowly took off her ruby necklace, and dangled it direly in front of Sarah’s eyes. “Watch the stone, look how pretty it is, watch how it sparkles.”

Before Sarah could turn her head her eyes became fixed on the ruby. “Gill what the hell are you doing in my house?” Sarah had no memory of anything that had happened between her and Gill over the last two days. She only knew she hated Gill.

Gill could see that Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the ruby and she knew that soon her resistance would melt away. “Shhh, watch the ruby. You feel so relaxed and so warm as you watch the ruby.” Gill let the stone sway back forth. “Let your eyes follow the stone, as your mind becomes relaxed and open.”

Sarah watched the ruby glitter backing forth in front of her eyes. “You have nooo businessssss in my houssssse, gettt outtt.” Sarah couldn’t continue. Her mind went blank. She couldn’t think of anything but the ruby.

“Watch the ruby and relax. You feel so warm and relaxed. Your mind is so relaxed and open to me.” Gill unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse. “Just relax and close your eyes.”

Sarah’s eyes closed, and her mind became open.

Gill opened Sarah’s blouse, and then unclasped the front of her bra letting Sarah’s now huge breasts fall free. “I love your new tits sis they’re so big and heavy just like mine.” Gill got a syringe from her handbag and gave Sarah an injection in each of her nipples. “Now Sarah relax and sleep.”

Sarah’s head slumped forward and her cigarette slipped from her fingers onto the table.

Gill picked up the cigarette and put it in her lips taking a drag then smiling. ” Sarah Gill wake up.”

Sarah Gill eyes opened and she raised her head and looked at Gill in the mirror. “Good morning.” Then she looked down at her exposed breast. “Sarah hates our tits. But I made her smoke, and she didn’t even realize it.”

Gill put Sarah Gill’s bra back on her. “Hun, you did a good job, but I’m going to show you something that will help you control Sarah even better.” Gill held the ruby in front of Sarah Gill’s eyes.

“Watch the ruby, focus on the ruby, look deep into the ruby, it is so beautiful it’s all you can see.”

Sarah Gill’s eyes focused on the ruby. “So beautiful.”

“That’s right it is so beautiful you can’t take your eyes off of it.” Gill took the last drag from the More then put it out on the top of a cold cream jar setting on Sarah’s dressing table. “The ruby is so beautiful and my voice is so warm and comforting you can only hear my voice.”

Sarah Gill watched the ruby. “Only your voice.”

“Sarah Gill my words are your thoughts.” Gill put the necklace around Sarah Gill’s neck letting the ruby settle into her deep cleave.

Sarah Gill didn’t take her eyes off the jewel. “Your words my thoughts.”

“You are part of me. You are my thoughts inside Sarah’s body.” Gill got a cigarette from the pack on the table and lit it and then put the pack of Mores on the nightstand next to Sarah’s bed.

Gill could see that the newly created subconscious personality of Sarah Gill was growing stronger.

Now she had to make sure it became an exact copy of her own personality. “You are my thoughts, my desire, my personality inside of Sarah’s body. You are part of me.”

“I am part of you.” Sarah Gill now thought of herself as being part of Gill and not part of Sarah.

Gill took a drag from the More and smiled. “That’s right you’re part of me.” Gill lay down on the bed and got comfortable. “You think just like I do and your will is growing stronger then Sarah’s minute by minute.”

“Think like you, will stronger than Sarah.” Sarah Gill stared at the ruby.

Gill fluffed up a pillow and settled in for a long reprogramming session. “Sarah hates us but we want her to want us, as much as we want her.”

“Want Sarah…Sarah want us.” Gill’s words flowed through Sarah Gill’s mind like they were her own thoughts.

Gill left the room for a few minutes then returned with a bowl “Sarah needs some ashtrays. We have done a good job getting her to smoke with out realizing it, now we will get he to start smoking and enjoying it.”

Sarah Gill just looked at the ruby as Gill’s words flowed into her mind.

“Every time Sarah smokes she will weaken and we will grow stronger.” Gill took a deep drag from her cigarette then flicked the ashes into the bowl. “And when she is weakened we will make her desire for sex overpowering, and every time she has sex or masturbates her I.Q. will get lower and lower. We will make Sarah a dumb slut.”

Sarah Gill stared at the ruby and smiled. “Make Sarah dumb ssslut.”

“That’s right we will make Sarah a slut just like we are, but she will be dumb.” Gill pulled off her skirt and spread her legs. “Now Sarah Gill take off your clothes and come over here.”

Sarah Gill stood up and removed her clothes then walked over and stood next to the bed.

“Get on the bed with your head between my thighs ” Gill snuffed out her cigarette into the bowl that she had been using as an ashtray then sat it on the night stand. “Now push your face deep into my pussy.”

Sarah Gill pushed her head into Gill’s pussy as deep as she could.

Gill threw her head back. “Now stick out your tongue and roll it around.”

Sarah Gill pushed tongue into Gill’s wet pussy, and started rolling it around.

“Deeper, deeper. Now find my clit and tease it with your tongue.” Gill pushed her hips harder against Sarah Gill’s face.

Sarah Gill probed Gill’s cunt with her tongue until she found her clit, then she rolled her tongue around it causing it to swell.

Gill clinched her fist and arched her back. “Yesss, yesss oh god yesss. Now curl your tongue around it. And suck it.”

Sarah Gill did exactly what Gill told her to do.

Gill’s cunt started to flow. “Oh god Sarah. Oh god you’re fantastic.” Gill didn’t realize she had called her Sarah. “You’re the, you’re the best I’ve ever had.” Gill wasn’t sure if it was because Sarah Gill was that good or because she knew deep down it was Sarah.

Sarah Gill suddenly felt a little dizzy, but it quickly passed and she started using her tongue like a straw to suck Gill’s clit and then she started pumping her tongue up and down on Gill clit.

“Oh, oh, oh god. I, I can’t believe it oh.” Gill felt a hot wave shoot up her spine, then every muscle in her body tensed up. Gill couldn’t believe Sarah had never done this before.

“I, I can’t believe it I’m cumminnnnng.” Gill’s arms began to flail around and her legs started to tense up. “I, I didn’ttt think I could have a, an or, orgasm anymore.

Suddenly Gill’s entire body became rigged. She couldn’t say anything and her muscles were straining so hard she felt like she was going to be ripped apart. Then her muscles relaxed, and her body went limp.

Gill let out a long moan, and she grabbed the hair on the back of Sarah Gill’s head. “St, stop, you can stop now. Get up here and lay down next to me.”

Sarah Gill crawled up next to Gill and lay next to her. Gill rolled over and got the bowl and the cigarettes and lighter from the nightstand. “Get comfortable hun.” She put the bowl on Sarah Gill’s stomach and then took two cigarettes from the pack then threw it back on the nightstand. Gill put both cigarettes to her lips and lit them. “Here have a cigarette.” She handed one of the cigarettes to Sarah Gill.

Sarah Gill took the More and put it to her lip. She closed her eye and pulled the smoke deep into her lungs, then with a soft “Mmmmmm” she released a plume of smoke towards the ceiling.

Gill thought, “Wow it didn’t take long for her to become addicted to cigarettes.” Then she took a drag from her cigarette and playfully blew smoke rings at the ceiling.

Sarah Gill watched her and tried to blow a few smoke rings without much luck.

“Keep trying. Watch me.” Gill blew smoke rings and Sarah Gill tried to blow smoke rings until they had finished their cigarettes. “That’s ok hun you’ll get it soon.”

After putting their Mores out Gill put the bowl back on the nightstand. “Now, I want you to just relax and listen to my voice.” Gill slid her hand down Sarah Gill’s breast and stopped just long enough to make her super sensitive nipples become hard and erect. Gill’s hand then continued slowly down her body until her fingers found her pussy “Just relax enjoy this and listen to my voice… let it become part of you.”

“Your voice is part of me.” Sarah Gill could feel Gill’s fingers and they felt so good.

“Feeling pleasure is all that’s important” Gill put her other hand on Sarah Gill’s nipple and rolled her fingers around it. “And when you feel pleasure you’ll feel more like me.”

Sarah Gill let out a soft “Mmmmmm.” And her eyes slowly closed.

“You’re so relaxed. You feel so wonderful. My words are your thoughts.” Gill continued sliding her fingers in and out of Sarah Gill’s wet cunt. “Your mind has been filled with my thoughts of pleasure, and sex and you like them. They’re so irresistible.”

“Mmmmmm, irresistible.” Sarah Gill smiled and licked her lips.

Gill smiled, and almost laughed out loud at what she knew what was about to happen to Sarah’s body. “Sarah.” This time Gill actually meant to call her Sarah. “You’re so relaxed and open, you know you can’t resist me.”

Sarah’s original personality partially awakened. “Ahhh, what in the hell is going on?”

“I’m inside you Sarah.” Gill wanted Sarah to realize what she had done to her, and she wanted her to know about the changes that were about to happen to her. “Your body is almost identical to mine. Almost. I’m older and soon you will start to look older too.”

“Nooo, no you can’t do this to me.” Sarah tried to move but Gill was still pumping her fingers in and out of her sensitive pussy and fondling her super sensitive nipple She felt to week. “Gill, stop this madness.” She tried to move again but her body would not respond. “I won’t let you do this to me.”

“You’re powerless to stop me Sarah.” Gill gave each of Sarah’s nipples a light pinch making them become harder and more erect. “Your new body is bettered suited for sex now, and not that old job of yours.”

“No you can’t do this. I’ve worked too hard for my job.” Sarah tried to move her arms but Gill was making her feel so good that she just couldn’t.

“You can’t do your old job anymore. You’re too dumb. Try to think. You can’t anymore.” Gill continued pumping her fingers in and out of Sarah’s cunt. “You can feel yourself getting dumber with each stroke of my fingers. It feels so good you can’t resist me.”

Sarah felt so good, Gill’s voice did seem to be irresistible, but she knew she couldn’t give in. “No I’m not getting dumber.” But she knew it was true. She could feel her intelligence slipping away and she was powerless to stop it.

“You will be, soon you’ll be nothing more then a big titted slut willing to do anything I want you to do.” Gill started to laugh. “I think you need proof. Cum for me Sarah. Cum now.”

Sarah started to shake and she felt as if she was being drained as her pussy started to flow. “Oh god this can’t be happen. Gill, stop this.”

Gill laughed. “Cum for me my dumb little slut.”

Sarah could feel herself cumming and it felt so wonderful. She wanted to fight the amazing feeling but suddenly she didn’t know how. “Ahhh, you can’t do this, ahhh, to me.”

Sarah felt like her intellect was being drained too. She found it harder and harder to think.

“Ahhh, ahhh nooo.” Sarah was spent, and she lay on the bed not moving or thinking.

“Perfect, absolutely perfect.” Gills got a cigarette and lit it. “Now get up go sit in front of the mirror and watch yourself.”

Sarah opened her eyes, got up, and walked over, and sat in front of the mirror, and looked at her self. She didn’t realized what she had just done. “Gill, stop this madness. I’ll never let you get away with this insanity.”

“Relax Sarah, look at yourself in the mirror, and relax.” Gill wanted Sarah to be aware of what was happening to her but didn’t want her to fight it. “Relax, look at your new beautiful body. Now just relax. Watch it as it grows older and becomes an exact copy of mine.”

“Nooo, Gill stop thisss.” Sarah voice trailed off, and she sat in the chair and silently looked at herself in the mirror.

“That’s good hun, just watch yourself.” Gill turned on her side so she could easily watch Sarah. “It’s going to take a few hours. Look closely at your new body. Soon you’ll look just like me.”

Sarah sat and looked at her reflection. At first she didn’t notices any change but after a few minutes she could see lines form on her face especially around her mouth and eyes.

At first the lines were very light but they were growing more and more noticeable as each second passed.

She thought “Oh my god those are age lines. Oh nooo. Gill is twelve years older then me, she’s going to make me as old as she is.”

Sarah suddenly felt a wave of panic wash over her, she tried to move but her body wouldn’t budge.

She tried to say something but she couldn’t speak. All Sarah could do was watch her reflection in the mirror as she started to grow older as each minute passed.

Gill watched as Sarah started to age and could see the fear in Sarah’s eyes. “What’s wrong hun, cat got your tongue?” Gill laughed. “Did you finally figure it out? To be my twin you have to be forty-two.” Gill put out her cigarette and laughed. “Don’t worry Sarah soon you’ll love being my age. Hell, you’ll love being me.”

Sarah was terrified, and she tried to say something to Gill, anything, but she couldn’t.

She wanted to fight back, or run away, but all she could do was look at her self in the mirror as she grew older and older.

Gill got up, and walked over and stood behind Sarah. “Look, you’re becoming so gorgeous.” She took her hands held Sarah’s hair away from her face. “The last two injections I gave you were to finish your transformation, hun.” Gill put her face next to Sarah’s. “You see, you’re starting to look more and more like me every second.”

She looked at Gill’s face next to hers, and thought, “Nooo, I am starting to look like Gill.”

Sarah couldn’t do anything but watch as the wrinkles and lines formed and deepened at the edges of her eyes and mouth.

She could feel her skin start to loosen and her new huge breast sag and fall.

Gill reached down and cupped Sarah’s tits, and lifted them as high as she could. “Look at that, I can almost get your nipples to your mouth.” She let Sarah’s breasts fall from her hands with a jerk. “Mmmm, they’re so heavy now.”

Gill took Sarah’s hands in hers and held them up. “Look at your hands they’re already just like mine.”

Sarah looked at her hands and they were just like Gill’s. They were thinner and her fingers looked longer. She could see age spots forming. She thought, “What is happening to me?”

Gill put Sarah’s hands on the table and walked away.

Sarah watched her reflection helplessly, as she appeared to grow older with each passing minute.

She wanted to do something to stop all this but she couldn’t even stop looking at herself in the mirror. Sarah tried to think of some way out of this mess but her mind seemed to be in a fog. She felt so stupid, so dumb.

Gill returned a few minutes later with her makeup case. “Hun I’m going to do your nails.”

She sat down on Sarah’s bed with her legs folded under her and opened the case. “Come here Sarah and sit down facing me.”

Sarah tried to stop her body from moving but she soon found herself sitting face to face with Gill.

Gill took Sarah’s left hand and started gluing two-inch long artificial nails over her real nails. “After I put these on I’ll fix your hair.”

Sarah felt sick to her stomach, at the thought of Gill changing her hair.

Gills stopped working on Sarah’s nails just long enough to get a cigarette. “I kind of like getting in the last word with you, but it is boring.” Gill lit her more and blew the smoke into Sarah’s face.

“You can talk to me now, but you have to stay calm.” Gill took another drag an exhaled another plume of smoke into Sarah’s face.

“Gill stop this. Doing this to me it won’t make me your twin.” Sarah felt Gill’s breath on her face, but she didn’t notice the smoke. In fact, she inhaled it deeply.

“Sure it will.” Gill continued working on Sarah nails. “After you look and act like me, you’ll start to think like me.”

“Gill that’s insane, I’ll never act like you, and I’ll never think like you.” Sarah felt like her mind was starting to clear.

Gill laughed. “Now that you look like me it won’t take long before you act and think like me.”

She thought that if she could get away from Gill she could get help. “Gill these changes you have made to my body are reversible. I’ll get my body changed back.”

“What about the changes I’ve to your mind?” Gill held her cigarette to Sarah’s lips. “Here take a drag.” Sarah took a drag from the More and then exhaled through her mouth and nose. “Oh my god, what did I do?” Sarah was stunned. She couldn’t believe what she had just done.

“You see hun I’ve transformed your mind too.” Gill pulled the cigarette away from Sarah’s mouth. “You enjoy smoking now. Don’t you?”

Sarah couldn’t understand why she took a drag from the More, or why she didn’t cough. “Nooo. I don’t enjoy smoking. Not now, not ever.” Sarah started to become concerned. The drag from the cigarette was so relaxing.

Gill finished the cigarette then put it out. “Come on hun we both know you enjoyed that drag.” Gill continued working on Sarah’s nails.

Sarah watched Gill work on her fingernails. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“So you’ll have pretty nails like mine.” Gill laughed to herself. She knew what Sarah meant.

“Why are you doing all of this to me?” Sarah looked down and noticed her tits were exactly like Gill’s. She felt and looked so tired, so old.

Gill calmly said. “Revenge.” Then she finished gluing the last of the artificial nails on Sarah’s fingers. “Revenge for the way you always caused me trouble when you was a kid.” Gill got another cigarette and lit it. “You were all ways starting trouble for me.”

She blew a plume of smoke into Sarah’s face. Sarah inhaled it all. “Do you remember when you told mom you couldn’t stand cigarette smoke, it made you sick?”

Sarah remembered she didn’t like the smell of cigarettes but she had exaggerated about how it made her feel sick. “I was just eight or nine years old.”

“I was nineteen and it started the biggest fight me and mom ever had.” Gill took another drag and again exhaled her smoke into Sarah’s face. “She wouldn’t let me smoke in the house after that.”

“Gill it wasn’t that big of a deal.” Sarah noticed Gill blowing smoke at her but it didn’t bother her.

“Not to you, but it was to me.” Gill got a fingernail file and started shaping Sarah’s new nails.

“Things were never the same between me and mom after that.” She calmly continued shaping Sarah’s nails. “Sarah you need to sleep now I’m tired of talking to you.”

Sarah’s eye slowly closed, and her head fell forward.

Gill finished shaping, and painting Sarah’s new fingernails and then after they dried she laid Sarah on her back.

Sarah woke up with a headache, and a sore throat. “Oh god, what time is it?” She rolled over and looked at her clock. “Four o’clock ahhh.” Sarah sat up on the edge of her bed. “Is it four in the morning, or is it after noon?” After a few minutes she got up, and staggered to window and opened the blinds. “Son of a bitch!” was all she said when the after noon sun hit her in the face. Sarah stumbled to the bathroom sink and began washing her face.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Sarah looked in the mirror and gasped and then stepped back. “Oh my god that’s me.”

She couldn’t believe it. Sarah looked closer at her reflection. “I’m so old. How did this happen?”

Sarah youthful appearance had faded.

She had bag under her eyes, and her crow’s feet were now very noticeable and deep.

She had small wrinkles on her forehead, and at the corners of her mouth. She put her hands to her face to feel her skin. “This can’t be real, it just can’t be.”

Her skin felt so different, so loose and old and looked so dull.

Sarah’s eyes were draw down to her neck and she dropped her hands to her side. “What the hell?”

Sarah stepped back a little further from the mirror. The skin on her neck was loose. The muscle tone in her neck and shoulders was all gone.

She continued looking down her body until she saw her breast. “Oh no, no, no this can’t be.”


Her breasts were huge, and very heavy. “They’re hideous! How did this happen to me?”

Sarah cupped her hands under her breast and lifted them, to see how heavy they really were. “They’re so heavy, and big.”

Suddenly Sarah noticed her hands they weren’t smooth and soft anymore. Now they were rough and bony looking, with the two-inch long bright red fingernails her hands looked like claws. “My hands. What has happened to my hands?”

Sarah quickly put her hands out in front of her to get a better look at them, when she accidentally brushed against one of her nipples. “Ah, oh Jesus Christ.”

Sarah couldn’t believe the mind numbing sensation that ran through her. “Oh no, this isn’t right!”

She could not believe how incredibly good it felt.

She had to fight the urge to push her fingers into her cunt. “No, this just isn’t right. I need to get help.”

Sarah thought about going to the hospital’s emergency room but she was so embarrassed by the way she looked she couldn’t stand the thought of a lot of people seeing her this way. “I’ll go to my doctor, Doctor Howard.” Doctor Eugene Howard had been Sarah’s doctor every since she was a little girl. Sarah knew he would see her after office hours, that way no one would see her. Sarah went to her closet to find something to wear, but just like the day before she could only find clothes that were too revealing and too provocative.

She looked at everything in her closet and in her chest of drawers but nothing was suitable to wear. She started to give up, but then she remembered an old over coat that she had put in a box under her bed. Sarah quickly found the box and opened it. “Great, it’s here.” She pulled the full-length coat out of the box. “Perfect.”

Sarah started to put the coat on, but then she thought she had better put something on underneath it, but what?

She decided to put on a silk thong and matching bra, every thing else looked too uncomfortable and she hoped the bra would not stimulate her nipples too much.

After putting on the panties she carefully put on the bra, being careful not to touch her nipples. Sarah was ready to put on the coat, when she saw the ruby necklace.

She didn’t know why but she felt compelled to wear the stone. So, almost without any thought she put the necklace on.

Sarah put on the over coat and buttoned it up and then looked at herself in the mirror. “That’s better.”

She got her keys and started for the door she thought about calling the doctor’s office but decided there wasn’t time and so she went to her car.

As Sarah drove to Doctor Howard’s she started to think about what had happened to her and how, but her memory was so foggy. She could remember going to John’s apartment but she couldn’t remember much after that. “I remember John was disorganized.” Sarah tried to think harder about what happened at John’s. “He didn’t have any of the paper work he needed, he kept going into the other room, and then, and then.”

Sarah didn’t realize it at first, but when she tried to think about what had happened at John’s she started to feel horny and her mind began to wander.

She started to think about how good the silk bra felt against he nipples. “What’s wrong me, why can’t I concentrate?”

Again Sarah tried to remember what had happened to her after she went to John’s but all she could think about was how good the silk bra felt against her nipples. “Mmmm’ I’ve got to hurry up and get to the doctor’s office.”

The temptation to rip open her coat and jam her fingers deep into her cunt was growing stronger minute by minute. Sarah fought the urge to unbutton the coat and start pumping her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy and tried to remember what had happened to her. “I remember I got mad at John for smoking.” Suddenly smoking didn’t seem to be as repulsive as normal to Sarah.

She didn’t know why but suddenly Sarah had the feeling Gill had done this to her, she kept having flashbacks of Gill smoking, and doing something to her. “I don’t know what Gill has done to me but she won’t get away with it.”

Sarah decided to relax and put everything out of her mind, and just listing to the radio until she got to the doctor’s office. “I’ll listen to the radio and this half hour drive will go by fast.” Sarah turned on her radio and started listing to some music.

Back at John’s apartment Gill and John were in bed having an after sex cigarette. “Jesus Christ, Gill, when there are two of you I won’t be able to keep up.” John took a drag from the cigarette then handed it to Gill.

“Don’t worry hun, when you’re spent you just lay back and watch the show.” Gill took a drag from the cigarette. “How long will it be before she wakes up?”

John sat up. “You left her in a deep sleep Monday. This is Thursday so she should be awake by three or four this afternoon. What time is it now?” Gill looked at the clock on the nightstand. “Oh shit it’s almost five! She’s probably awake.” Gill felt sick at the thought or Sarah getting help and not becoming her twin.”

John got out of bed, and started getting dressed “Calm down baby. Even if she’s awake she won’t remember what’s happened to her.” Gill jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. “But what if she gets help? What if she changes back?” John finished getting dressed, then followed Gill into the bathroom. “Stop worrying. With all the hypnosis and will suppressing drugs she’ll be so confused she will probably lay in bed and jack off until we get there.” He smiled at the thought of Sarah uncontrollable masturbating. Gill smiled. “Yea, you’re right, her pussy and nipples are so sensitive if she is awake she probably is lying in bed with her finger jammed up her twat. Yelling oh what’s happing to me? Why can’t I stop?” Gill laughed. “Besides I’ve made her so dumb she wouldn’t know who to ask for help.”

Sarah turned into the parking lot at the doctor’s office and parked as close to the front door as she could. It had taken her longer to get there then she thought. She couldn’t remember what street the office was on and had driven the wrong way. It was just so hard to think.

When She walked into the waiting room she was happy to see it was empty. She walked to the receptionist’s window and rang the bell. The sliding lass window opened, and the receptionist looked at Sarah. “Hello miss, may I help you?”

“Jenny, it’s me, Sarah. Sarah Miller.” Sarah couldn’t believe Jenny didn’t recognize her.

She had known Jenny for years; they use to work out at the same gym and had seen her just a few weeks ago. “Please Jenny I need to see Doctor Howard right now.”

Jenny looked closer at Sarah. “Sarah? Sarah Miller what the hell has happened to you?”

“I don’t know what’s happened to me.” Sarah was almost in tears. “I think Gill and a guy I work with did this to me.” Jenny buzzed the door open. “Come on back I’ll get the doctor.” She met Sarah at the door and walked her to an examination room. “I’ll go get the doctor. You get undressed and put this on.” Jenny handed Sarah an examination gown and then left the room.

Sarah carefully unbuttoned her coat and let it drop to the floor. Then she unsnapped her bra letting her new huge breast pop free “Ahhh, that feels good.” Her nipples immediately became hard and erect. The urge to fondle them became overpowering.

Sarah put her hands to her breast, and began rolling her nipples between her fingers and thumbs “oh god nooo, I can’t do this.”

Sarah tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t.

She felt like someone else was controlling her hands. “No I can’t let this happen here.” But it felt like she was thinking through a fog. So hard to think.

She tried to stop herself but it felt so good. “Ohhh, I can’t do this, I’ve got to stop.”

Sarah just couldn’t pull her fingers away form her super sensitive nipples. “Oh shit, I feel so weak. Why can’t I stop myself?”

Sarah closed her eyes, and started thinking. “I feel like such a slut, a dirty little slut.” She started pulled on her nipples and squeezing her huge tits as hard as she could.

The thought of being a “fucking slut, just like Gill” charged through her mind and it felt good, so good Sarah didn’t think she would ever be able to stop herself. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to stop.

Suddenly Sarah’s mind snapped back to reality when she heard Jenny and Doctor Howard talking just out side the examination room.

Sarah finally forced herself to stop playing with her nipples. “Oh god, I can’t believe this.” Sarah quickly put on the examination gown and sat on the examination table.

Doctor Howard opened the door and walked in. “Hello Sarah. What seems to be the…” The doctor looked at Sarah and froze in his tracks. “Oh my god Sarah what’s happened to you?”

He could see Sarah looked at lest 15 years older and even through the stiff material of the gown he could see her breast had become huge and her nipples were erect.

The doctor stood in front of Sarah just looking at her in disbelief. “Sarah I just saw you a few weeks ago. How did this happen?”

She was a little confused from her ordeal. “I, I’m not sure, I think some one drugged me, or something. Now I can’t stop myself.” Sarah’s mind was in turmoil and couldn’t think straight.

“Calm down Sarah. You’re not making any sense.” Doctor Howard walked over to her, and began to examine Sarah. He looked in her ears and at her eyes but found nothing unusual. Then he listened to her heart. “Everything seems to be ok.” He had Sarah cross her legs and he tested her reflexes. “Your reflexes are slower–like an older woman’s. Open your mouth and say “ah” please.” As he examined her mouth he could smell smoke on her breath. “Sarah, have you started smoking?”

Sarah had to think for a minute. “No, no of course not. I hate smoking its a dirty habit.” Sarah knew she didn’t smoke but for some reason deep in the back of her mind the ideal of smoking appealed to her.

The doctor looked at Sarah and smiled. “Hmm, that’s odd.” “What is it, doctor?” she was becoming more concerned. “Oh nothing to worry about. I need you to remove your gown please.” He turned away from Sarah and stepped over to a small table.

“Yes doctor.” Sarah tried to tack off the gown as carefully as she could. The doctor turned back around and saw Sarah’s huge breast and large erect nipples. “Jesus, Sarah what have you done to yourself?”

“Nothing I woke up this morning and this is how I looked.” Sarah held her arms out. Doctor Howard shook his head. “That’s impossible. Your breasts might swell a little from time to time, maybe even grow a little but to grow this large in a short period is unheard of.”

“But doctor I remember going to a friend’s apartment Friday, then Saturday morning my travel plans were cancelled and then I woke up this morning looking like this.” Sarah put her hands down, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Doctor Howard was shocked that Sarah didn’t seem to realize it was Thursday. “Sarah do you know what day this is?” Sarah was a little confused by the question. “Of course it’s, it’s ah Monday?” “No Sarah it’s Thursday. Here, lay back please.” He went over to Sarah, and helped her lay on the table. “I’ll need to take some blood, and do a more extensive exam.” Sarah laid back. “What’s wrong with me doctor? Can you help?” “I’m not sure but we’ll find out.” He drew a couple of vials of blood. “I’ll send these off to the lab.” Then the doctor took Sarah’s temperature. “Sit up please.” He helped Sarah sit at the edge of the table, and then listen to her lungs and took her pulse.

Sarah sat and started to think. “Why can’t I remember the last few days?” As the doctor poked and prodded her, Sarah started to have memory flash backs of what Gill and John had done to her. She started to remember something about being drugged, and hypnotized. Sarah’s mind was started to clear at last, and she was becoming aware of what had happened to her. Sarah was going to tell the doctor what she could remember when.

“Let me see if there are any lumps or abnormalities in your breast.” Doctor Howard stepped in front of Sarah and firmly pressed on the edge of her left breast and ran his fingers around her incredibly sensitive nipples.

The astonishing feeling shocked Sarah entire body, and rendered her speechless. She tried to tell him what she had just remembered but the sensation seemed to paralyse her. Sarah couldn’t say a word or move a muscle, and her only thought was. “Ooohhh, god what’s happening to me? It, it feels so good. I, I feel like such a dirty little slut.”

Doctor Howard continued examining Sarah’s left breast. “Well other then being a abnormally large it would seem to be healthy.” He then started examining her right breast.

The sensation was just as mind numbingly powerful the second time. Sarah was stunned out of her senses. “Nooo I can’t let this happen to me. I can’t let Gill turn me into a slut.” Sarah was using all of her will to stay in control. “I won’t become a stupid slut like Gill. I woooon’t, I won’t become a big titted whore like Gill.”

As the doctor ran his fingers around Sarah’s nipple, images of Gill kissing her flashed in her mind. “No, no, no I’ll never become a fucking dyke, neverrr.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and as she exhaled Sarah’s personality slowly shrank to the background and SarahGill’s personality emerged. “Well I haven’t found any lumps, and there doesn’t seem to be any swelling.” The doctor picked the vials and walked towards the door. ” Sarah go ahead, and get dressed, and I’ll have these sent to the lab.” He stopped on his way out. “This may take a while. Get dressed and feel free to make your self comfortable in my private office.” He walked out and closed the door behind him.

“I’ll get comfortable, but I might not get dressed.” SarahGill laughed and then got off the table.

She put on her thong but left the bra, then went into the doctor’s office. SarahGill looked around the office. “Well doc let’s see, what kind of toys do you have in here?”

She looked at some of the books in the bookshelf, then she looked in the closet, then she sat in the doctor’s chair behind his desk, and looked through the drawers. Finally she found a wooden box in the bottom drawer. “Hello! What do we have here?” When she picked up the box she saw a big cut glass ashtray. She put the ashtray, and the box on top of the desk and opened it. “Bingo.”

SarahGill pulled out a large cigar, “Wow. Look at this thing. How do I light this thing?”

Sarah had watch some of her co-workers smoke cigars at an office party one time and thought it was nauseating but SarahGill would use that memory to satisfy her need for nicotine.

She found the doctor’s cutter and lighter. “Let me see if I remember how they did this.”

SarahGill carefully clipped the cigar then put it to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it.

She fired up the lighter and held it to the end of the cigar.


She slowly turned the cigar back and forth and puffed until she brought it to life with a huge cloud of smoke.

SarahGill closed eyes threw back her head blew a thick plume of smoke towards the ceiling. “Mmm that’s not bad, not bad at all.”

As the smoke filled her lungs Sarah’s personality got weaker.

Gill and John got to Sarah house only to find she was gone. Gill sat on the foot of Sarah’s bed. “Where could she be? Where could she have gone?” John sat next to Gill and put his arm around her. “It’s all right baby, I’m telling you this will be ok. She’ll be back soon.” “I hope you’re right.” Gill put her arm around John’s waist.

SarahGill had taken several deep drags from the cigar making Sarah’s own personality even weaker. “I wish the doc would hurry up. I have a little test of my own.” She leaned back in the chair, and put her feet on the desk.

A few minute latter Doctor Howard was just out side his office door “Jenny, wait at the lab for the results, and then get them back here as fast as you can.” He walked in to his office “Sarah what are you doing?”

“You said feel free to make myself comfortable. So I’m pretty fucking comfortable right?” SarahGill took another drag and then blew the smoke at the doctor.

Doctor Howard stood in front of his desk looking at SarahGill. “Sarah this just isn’t like you at all. What’s going on?”

SarahGill took her feet off the desk, and sat up. “I don’t know. I don’t understand why I’m doing this.” SarahGill wasn’t sure if she was putting on an act for the doctor or if that was Sarah’s personality finding it’s way to the surface.

The doctor sat down in an over stuffed chair that faced his desk. “Sarah, listen to me.” He leaned in closer towards Sarah Gill. “I think some one has given you some very powerful drugs.”

SarahGill wasn’t going to let the doctor change her back. She had a plan but she had to get the doctor to trust her. Deep down inside, Sarah’s personality knew she had to do something, she had to fight back.

“Sarah did you hear me?” he could see she was distracted.

“Oh doctor you’re right. Please help me.” She put the cigar in the ashtray. “I can’t control myself. I hate smoking but I just can’t stop myself.” She put her head in her hands. SarahGill was putting on an act and she hoped the doctor would fall for it.

“Now, now it’s going to be alright. When Jenny gets back with the lab results I’ll be able counteract the effects of the drugs.” The doctor sat backed and gave Sarah an encouraging smiled.

She raised her head. “When will she be back? Soon?”

Doctor Howard shook his head. “No, I’m sorry it will be a while.” He leaned forward. “Sarah can you remember how this happen to you?

“I’ll try to remember, but it’s so hard to think.” She looked down at the ruby necklace. “I remember something about this ruby.” She held the stone up in front of her eyes. “I can almost remember something about this stone.” The doctor sat back in his chair. “Is the necklace valuable?”

She took the necklace from around her neck and let the ruby swing from end of her fingers. “I don’t know, but it is pretty the way it sparkles.”

“Yes, yes it’s nice, but what can you remember?” He was a starting to get a little tired, and frustrated. SarahGill watched it swing back and forth. “It’s nice and relaxing just to watch how it sparkles.”

He looked a little closer at the stone. “Yes I see it, but please what do you remember?”

“I remember being relaxed, vary relaxed.” SarahGill spoke with soft voice.

The doctor had to listing carefully to hear Sarah. “Uh ha, you were relaxed.”

“I remember how pretty the stone was, how relaxing it was just to watch it sway back and forth.” She could see the doctor’s eyes were following the motion of the necklace. “Uh ha.” Doctor Howard was starting to focus on the stone. “I felt so relaxed when I watched the stone.” She kept the stone swinging at an even steady pace. “It’s relaxing to watch the stone, very relaxing.” “Yess… it is relaxing.” The doctor’s eyes were fixed on the stone. “It’s so relaxing to watch the stone. You feel so comfortable and calm.” SarahGill could see the doctor’s eyelids were starting to droop. “You’re so tired you just want to watch the ruby and listen to my voice and relax.” The doctor was tired, and it did feel good to relax and listen to Sarah’s voice.

Sarah Gill picked up the cigar. “You feel so calm, so relaxed, your eyelids are so heavy you can barely keep then open.”

She took a deep drag from the cigar then blew the smoke at the doctor.


“Your eyes are very heavy. You can’t keep them open.” The doctor’s eyes slowly slid closed. “Your eyes are closed but you can still see my beautiful ruby, and the longer you watch it the more relaxed you become.”

SarahGill took a lung-filling drag from the cigar then blew a huge plume of smoke at Doctor Howard surrounding him in a thick bluish-white haze.

“Relax, listen to my voice and relax.” She got up and sat on the arm of the doctor’s chair. “You’re very relaxed and comfortable and it feels so good to listen to my voice.” SarahGill slid her hand down and unzipped the doctor’s pants. “You will listen to my voice and obey me. Do you understand?” The doctor quietly said. “I will obey you.” “Open your eyes and look at me.”

As the doctor opened his eyes, and turned his head to look at her, she took a deep drag from the cigar, and then blew a huge plume of smoke into his face. “You love to watch me smoking your cigars. You would do anything for me when I smoke, wouldn’t you?”

The doctor’s eyes were unblinkingly fixed on her as she smoked the cigar. “Yesss, anything.” SarahGill felt a twinge of excitement knowing she could now control the doctor. “It feels good to obey me.” She pulled out the doctor’s penis and started teasing it to erection. “Your only desire is to please me. Nothing else matters to you but making me happy.” SarahGill could feel herself getting wet. “You want to please me, don’t you doc?” “Yesss, please you.” Doctor Howard’s cock became hard and erect. SarahGill walked to the back of the doctor’s office and stripped off her panties and then lay down on a couch. “Take off your pants and come back here Doc.”

Without hesitation he did as she told him to do. SarahGill spread legs apart. “You want me, more then you have ever wanted any woman.” Doctor Howard looked at SarahGill. Deep down he knew this was wrong. He loved his wife. He was a happily married man but he was overwhelmed, he couldn’t resist her, he had to obey. “Yesss, I want you.”

A shiver ran up SarahGill’s spine. The more she thought about it the more she loved the feeling of being dominant over somebody. “You love me doctor and you will do anything to prove it to me.”

She took a deep drag from her cigar.

“Yesss, love you.” The doctor’s will to resist was gone. His only desire was to please SarahGill. “Come on doctor.” She pulled him on top of her and to her great delight, Doctor Howard began pumping his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Deep in the back of her mind Sarah’s personality was becoming aware of what Gill’s implanted personality was doing to her.

She tried to fight. She tried to stop herself but each time SarahGill took a drag from the cigar Sarah’s personality was pushed back and as the doctor pumped his cock into he cunt she found it harder and harder to think straight.

“Ohhh, doctor deeper, deeper, ahhh god damn it, you’re good.” SarahGill’s heart was pounding and her body was covered with sweat. “Harder, harder!” She had never felt so wonderful before in her life. She felt so powerful and so in control. The doctor mindlessly pumped his cock deeper and harder in and out of her wet cunt, but she was becoming more and more frustrated. “I can’t cum unless I’m just like Gill.” At first she didn’t understand why she couldn’t cum, then suddenly she realized why. “Damn you Sarah, stop fighting me. You can’t win.”

Sarah’s personality was growing a little stronger. She was trying with all of her will power to fight back, but being fucked by the doctor felt so good.

SarahGill was still in control, and she was going to stay in control. “Give in, you know you want to.” She took a deep drag from her cigar. “It’s not a cigarette, but its effects are the same, it’s making you weaker each time I take a puff.”

She took another drag. “Give in, You know you want to. It feels good to be just like Gill.”

Sarah felt like she was trying to fight off sleep. She didn’t want SarahGill to win but it would feel so good if she did. “Nooo… you… can’t… do… this… to… meeeee…” Sarah’s personality was slowly being pushed deeper and deeper into the depths of her mind.

SarahGill felt Sarah’s personality slip away. “Aaahhh, yesss, Yeesss, son of a bitch yesss. Yesssssssss.” SarahGill entire body went into an uncontrollable orgasm.

Without emotion the doctor pulled out and started to stand up. SarahGill could see Doctor Howard was still hard and erect “Oh come on.” She didn’t have time to finish her sentence before the doctor let loose a long stream of cum that landed on her nipples. “Oh damn it.” SarahGill was disgusted by what had just happened to her but as she made her way to the bathroom she noticed it was warm and felt kind of nice. “Mmmm, I feel so dirty.” She put her fingers to her nipples and started rubbing the doctor’s cum all over them. “Oh I feel like a dirty slut.”

Deep in the back of her mind Sarah’s personality was sickened and angered at seeing the doctor cum on her and the anger seemed to make her willpower grow stronger. SarahGill watching herself in the mirror rubbing cum on her nipples until it started to dry, and then she climbed into the shower and washed the sweat and cum off of her body. “Mmmm, that feels so good.” Sarah Gill loved the feeling of warm water flowing down her huge tits.

Down deeper in her mind Sarah loved the feeling of being clean. For the first time both personalities were sharing the same emotion.

After showering SarahGill found the doctor was standing where she had left him. “Doc get dressed then go sit behind your desk.” She gathered her bra and panties and put them on. Then she went into the examination room and put on her overcoat. She looked at the examination table. “Hmm, I think me and doc could have had more fun on this thing then the couch.” She played with the adjustable headrest and then she noticed the stirrups. “This would be too much fun. Damn it, I wish I would have thought of this before.” SarahGill put on her overcoat, then went and sat in the over stuff chair facing the doctor. “Doc why do you hide your cigars?”

“My staff…, Jenny and Theresa hates the smell of them so they voted to make the office smoke free. I keep my cigars out of sight so I won’t be tempted.” The doctor showed no emotion at all.

SarahGill smiled. “Well doctor I’ll change the odds for you. Soon Jenny won’t mind if you smoke, she won’t mind at all.” Over the next several minute SarahGill instructed the doctor to forget Sarah had come to him for help. He was to forget about the examination he had given her and he was to destroy then forget about the test results. She then gave the doctor a long list of subconscious orders he would follow if she ever needed him to she would use a trigger word. Sarah had seen an old episode of Charlie’s Angels where a trigger word was used, so SarahGill thought it would be fun to try it. She had just finished programming the doctor to think she was there for her regular check up when she heard Jenny come in the building through the back door.

By the time Jenny entered the doctor’s office everything seemed normal. “Doctor, here are the test results.” She handed him a large envelope.

“Thanks Jenny.” He took the envelope and opened it. “Uh ha, I see. Jenny would you please put a new paper cover on the examination table.”

“Yes Doctor. Doctor I thought we weren’t going to smoke in your office any more?” Jenny started towards the other room, smiling.

The doctor laughed. “Sorry mother.”

SarahGill got up and followed Jenny closing the door behind her. Jenny started changing the table’s covering and SarahGill stood across from her and started to help.

“The doctor is a fantastic guy but I can’t stand the smell of any kind of smoke cigar or cigarette.” Jenny pulled the cover over the padding.

“I understand. I hate smoking too but I’m used to it.” SarahGill leaned over the table exposing her deep cleavage and the ruby to Jenny’s eyes.

“Sarah, those must weigh a ton.” Jenny was looking straight at SarahGill’s breasts.

“Yes they do and they’re so saggy.” SarahGill started swaying back and forth. “Look how droopy they are.”

Jenny was looking at SarahGill’s breast swaying when the ruby caught her eye. “Oh my yes I see what you mean.”

“My deep cleavage does make a nice home for my pretty little ruby, don’t you think?” SarahGill pushed her chest closer to Jenny’s face.

Jenny laughed. “Yes it does.”

SarahGill continued swaying back and forth. “Look at my ruby, look how sparkles, isn’t it just the prettiest thing.”

Jenny looked closer at the stone as it glittered back and forth in front of her eye. “Yes, it is pretty. It really is very pretty.” Her eyes were fixed on the stone.

SarahGill didn’t say anything for the next few minutes. She just continued swaying back and forth letting Jenny be drawn in.

Jenny thought the ruby was very pretty and the longer she watched it glitter and sparkles, the prettier it seemed to become. She started to look away from the stone but she found it hard to do.

SarahGill could see Jenny was trying to look away. “Don’t look away Jenny, you don’t want to look away. It feels so relaxing to look at the ruby.” SarahGill’s spoke with a soft and pleasant tone.

Jenny wanted to look away but SarahGill voce was so pleasant and it was very relaxing to watch the ruby.

“Watch the ruby, it feels so relaxing to watch the ruby.” SarahGill slid out of her overcoat, took the necklace from around her neck, and held the ruby closer to Jenny’s face. “Look deeper into the stone, watch it glitter, look at how beautiful the stone is. The more you watch the stone the more relaxed you become.” SarahGill raised the stone a little higher, and Jenny stood up straight not taking her eye off the stone. “You feel very relaxed. Your mind is becoming very open.” She slowly ran her hand up Jenny’s firm and muscular arm to her shoulder and then down her chest gentle unbuttoning her blouse.

Jenny knew this was wrong but she couldn’t take her eyes off the stone.

SarahGill held the stone in front of Jenny eye as she walked around the foot of the examination table. “Relax and watch the ruby. It feels good look at the ruby, and to listen to my voice, relax, open your mind to my voice.”

Jenny tried to resist, but it felt so good to listen to Sarah’s voice.

“You’re very relaxed. You’re mind is very open. My words are becoming your thoughts.” SarahGill removed Jenny’s blouse, and bra. “You’re tired, very tired.”

Jenny gazed deeply at the rube, and spoke softly. “I’m very tired.”

SarahGill smiled, she knew Jenny was almost under her control.

Deep in the back of her mind Sarah’s personality was trying to fight her way back to the surface. She wanted to save Jenny but SarahGill’s personality was just strong enough to hold her back.

SarahGill started fondling Jenny’s breast. “You are tired and you want to lay down.”

Jenny’s eyes were halfway closed, but were still fixed on the stone. “Want, to, lay down.”

“Jenny lay on the table.” SarahGill held the ruby in front of Jenny’s eyes as she got on the table.

“Jenny close your eyes you still see the stone, and it still makes you more relaxed and your mind more open to me.”

Jenny closed her eyes. “Mind…opened.”

“That’s good Jenny.” SarahGill put her necklace back on.

“You’re very relaxed and open.” She stripped the rest Jenny’s clothes off of her.

She then strapped Jenny’s legs into the stirrups. “You will forget Sarah came to the doctor for help. You will forget going to the lab for test results.” She slowly ran her hand up Jenny’s inner thigh. “It feels good to obey me and forget.”

Jenny’s voice was very weak. “Feels good. Nooo, this isn’t, right.”

SarahGill slid her fingers into Jenny’s pussy and started slowly rubbing her clit. “It feels good to obey me and forget.”

Jenny gasped at the sensation of SarahGill fingers inside her. “Nooo, ahhh, noooo… obey you.”

“That’s right Jenny It feels good to obey me. You don’t want to resist.” She rubbed a little faster.”

“Ah, ah, ahhh thisss is wrong.” Jenny tried to put her legs to gather but they were strapped into the stirrups.”

SarahGill rubbed Jenny’s clit a little harder. “Look deeper into the ruby and listen to my voice. It feels so good to obey me. It feels so good you must obey me.” “Nooo, must obey.” Jenny’s resistance was weakening and it felt good to listen to SarahGill’s voice.

“Yes, Jenny, you must obey. Look at the ruby. Your only thought is to obey my voice.” She could feel Jenny getting wet. “Give in, you want to obey me.”

Jenny tried to resist but SarahGill fingers felt so wonderful inside her and her voice was irresistible.

“It feels wonderful to obey me. Let your will go and obey me.” SarahGill could feel Jenny’s cunt start to flow.

“Obey… aaaahhhh.” With an incredible orgasm Jenny’s will let go and her mind was totally open to SarahGill.

“Jenny have you ever had sex with a woman?” SarahGill wanted to know more about Jenny.

“No.” Jenny’s voice was a soft whisper.

“But you are willing to have sex with me. And then remember nothing.” SarahGill continued rubbing Jenny’s clit.

“Sex with you, remember nothing.” Jenny’s mind offered no resistance to SarahGill’s suggestion.

“That’s a good girl Jenny.” She climbed on the table and straddled Jenny’s head. “Raise your head. Now put your mouth to my cunt.”

Jenny did as she was ordered.

“Now put your mouth against my cunt and lick me.” SarahGill couldn’t believe it, Jenny was so strong she almost lifted her off the table.

“Aaahhh.” Jenny jammed her tongue into SarahGill’s pussy with such force it almost caused her to have an orgasm. “Ohhh, oh yes Jenny yes, good girl.” She closed her eyes and threw her head back. “Doctor Howard. We’re ready for you now.”

The doctor entered the room nude and with two lit cigars.

She turned her head to look at the doctor “You know what to do.”

He handed her a cigar and then stood between Jenny legs and began pumping his cock into her cunt. “What theee? Ahhh.”

SarahGill took a drag from the cigar. “Ohhh, I love smoking…” she said exhaling the smoke into Jenny’s face. Jenny inhaled it all.

“Yes… I… I.. love… smoking…”, Jenny repeated between licks. SarahGill puffed on the cigar again. “Jenny, ahhh… you love cigar smoke, you need cigar smoke…”

“I… love… cigar… smoke… need… cigar… smoke…” repeated Jenny, still licking.

“Need to… ahhh… fuck and smoke…” said SarahGill.

“Need… fuck and smoke…” answered Jenny.

SarahGill felt an amazing wave pure pleasure shoot up her spine. “Aaahhh, ohhh. This is fantastic, Aaahhh.” She was overwhelmed.

The rush of the smoke filling her lungs and the incredible sensation of Jenny’s tongue drove her over the edge.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably and her mind felt like it was on fire. “What’sssss happening to meeee?” SarahGill didn’t understand what was happening to her. She had been acting the way Gill would but her last orgasm seemed to have weakened her and she could feel Sarah’s personality growing stronger.

Sarah could feel herself slowly start to become aware. “Mmwaahhh. What’s going on?” She could feel Jenny still licking her cunt and hear the doctor fucking Jenny, but it was like a dream.

“Oh my god this is real.” She jumped off the table and ran to the door then and looked at SarahGill’s victims. “Stop it, stop it, both of you stop it. Forget everything that has happened here and go home.”

The doctor and Jenny started to come out of their trances. Sarah put on her over coat and ran out of the doctor’s office and to her car.

She was not sure where to go but she had to get out of there. “I’ll, I’ll go home.”

Sarah started for home but couldn’t remember exactly where she lived. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I think?”

She drove around for several minutes until she calmed down. “Ok I’ll go home. I’ll be safe there. I’ll call the police, they will arrest Gill and John for what they have done to me.”

Sarah noticed a curious smell, not a bad smell just unusual, and then she realized she still had the cigar the doctor had given her. “What am I doing?”

She rolled down her window and started to throw it out when she thought. “I could try one puff that wouldn’t hurt me. Would it?”

She looked at the cigar as she held between her fingers and wondered “Why doesn’t this smell bad?” She sniffed the air.

The temptation to take a puff grew with each passing second. “I’ll just take a little puff off it, that won’t hurt me.”

She put the cigar to her lips and took a small puff filling her mouth with smoke and then quickly exhaled “Oh no, that’s what Gill wants me to do. Start smoking on my own.”

Sarah was starting to remember almost everything. She knew about Gill’s plot to turn her in to her exact twin. She could remember most of the things Gill and John had done to her “She’s not going to get away with this.” Sarah pulled in to her driveway and ran into her house. “I’ll show Gill she can’t get away with this.”

Suddenly Sarah felt a needle prick to the back of her neck, and heard Gill’s voice. “You’ll show me nothing sis.”

Sarah woke up tied to a chair, and facing a mirror. “Gill, you bitch, you can’t get away with this.”

She tried to get free but the straps were too tight. “I know what you’re up to and it won’t work.”

Sarah looked at the mirror in front of her, and she almost didn’t realize she was looking at herself.

She was naked with huge heavy breasts and large nipples.

And she looked at lest 15 years older. Her face was lined with wrinkles. Her skin was saggy and flabby.

Sarah knew this was not the way she was supposed to look, but it seemed to be a familiar look to her.

She looked closely at her face. She had on thick makeup with bright blue eye shadow, and a dark-red high-gloss lipstick. “Gill, what have you done to me?”

Sarah could not believe she was looking at herself.

Then she noticed her shoulder length blonde hair was now jet-black. “Oh my god, what has she done to my hair? It’s hideous!”

Gill walked into the room “Well, well sis did you have fun on your little adventure?” She walked over and stood behind Sarah and started brushing her hair.

Sarah noticed Gill’s hair was jet black and cut short very short. “What are you talking about? Anything that happened was your doing. You and your friend John and all those drugs you two pumped into me.” Sarah jerked her head away from Gill.

Gill thought. “Well I didn’t use enough drugs or you would still be SarahGill.

“Now, now don’t blame me, I wasn’t in the doctor’s office with you.” Gill held Sarah’s head and continued brushing her hair.

“How do you know what happen at the doctor’s office?” She tried to pull her head away again.

“You told me. You talk in your sleep you know.” She finished brushing Sarah’s hair then stared misting it with water from a spray bottle.

“You mean you drugged me and I told you what happened.” She looked at Gill in the mirror.

“So you remember what you did to the doctor and his receptionist? I never developed a taste for cigars myself” Gill put her head next to Sarah’s and looked in the mirror. “We’re going to look so perfect together we’ll be identical in every way, body and soul.”

Sarah tried to pull away, but Gill’s grip was too tight. “You might change my body to look like you, but I’ll never think like you. As for the doctor’s office I went there for help.”

Gill went to the dressing table put down the spray bottle, and lit up a More. “But before I cut your hair I need to take a cigarette break. Would you like to join me?” She lit her More then blew the plume of smoke into Sarah’s face.

“No! You leave my hair alone!” Sarah franticly tried to get free of the chair.

“Calm down. You’re going to love your new hair cut, and a lot of other things.” Gill took a deep drag from her More then leaned in and gave Sarah an open mouth kiss forcing smoke into her lungs.


Sarah went red with anger.

She pulled her head away from Gill and coughed the smoke out of her lungs. Sarah’s lungs were already use to being filled with smoke, the cough was just from habit. “You bitch. What are you trying to do?”

“You’ll feel better after I cut your hair.” Gill put her cigarette in the ashtray and picked up he scissors. “Hold still or you might get cut.”

“Don’t cut my hair, don’t cut my hair! I can fix this bad dye job, it will take months to grow my hair back.” Sarah could still taste the smoke in her mouth but it didn’t bother her.

Gill put her scissors to the edge of Sarah’s hair. “I’ll start out by giving you a light trim.” Gill cut a small piece of Sarah’s hair and let it fall to the floor.

“Gill you’ve got to stop this madness.” Sarah was starting to panic and was struggling franticly with her bonds.

Gill picked up the ruby necklace and held it in front Sarah’s eyes. “Now calm down. You’ll be ok.” Gill used a soft, relaxing tone.

Sarah’s eyes became fixed on the stone. “Gill, stop this, you can’t swing some cheap piece of glass in front, of, of meee.” Sarah’s voice stopped in mid sentence.

Gill put the necklace around Sarah’s neck.” Relax, look at the ruby and relax. I’m just going to give you a little trim.”

Gill took her scissors and with a snip she cut off more of her hair. “Just relax, we have to trim away your old hair.”

A little bit more of Sarah’s hair fell to the floor.

Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the ruby that hung around her neck.

Gill could see Sarah’s body becoming relaxed. “That’s good relax and I’ll cut away your old hair and your old memories.”

Gill cut more of Sarah’s hair “Your old childhood memories are being cut away too. You can’t remember anything from your childhood.”

More of Sarah’s hair hit the floor and her childhood memories started to slip away too.

She no longer remembered that Gill was twelve years older then her.

Sarah didn’t remember that she grew up hating Gill.

She had forgotten how much she hated Gill’s bisexuality.

She had forgotten how much she hated Gill for being a shameless slut.

Gill cut away more and more of Sarah’s hair, and took away more and more of Sarah’s memories. “You can’t remember any thing about growing up.”

Sarah sat in the chair, and looked at her self, and the ruby in the mirror. “I don’t remember growing up.”

Each time Gill cut away small pieces of Sarah’s hair, Sarah would remember less and less of who she was.

Gill smiled. “Don’t worry hun I’ll tell you all about our childhood together.”

She cut off a more of Sarah’s hair. “I was born five minute before you, and from birth we have been identical.”

Sarah sat in the chair looking at the ruby, and absorbing every word Gill told her as if it was her own memory.

Gill started implanting memory after memory into Sarah’s mind. “We were always dressed alike when we were small.”

She cut off more of Sarah’s hair. “When we were thirteen we snuck out of gym class and smoked our first cigarette together.”

“At first I didn’t like smoking, but you told me the guys would think we were sexy, and soon we were both hooked and smoked all the time.” Gill unfastened Sarah’s straps.

Sarah let her hands fall to her sides.

She cut Sarah’s hair a little shorter. “We loved to smoke at the bus stop, because all the boys would watch us. Remember how we loved to tease the boys by blowing smoke in their faces?

Sarah just looked at the ruby. “Yesss, tease the boys,”

“Remember when we were fourteen we let Todd Johnson finger our pussies, and he gave us the fifty dollars he had gotten for his birthday?” Gill cut off more of Sarah’s hair.

“Remember how good it felt.” Gill gave Sarah’s nipples a quick stork with her fingers.

“Yesss felt good.” Inside Sarah’s mind each memory Gill gave her seemed to be so real.

Gill had Sarah’s hair short, but now she wanted to shape it to look just like hers.

“Remember when we were fifteen how we lost our virginity to Jeff Peterson and Tom Cox. We went for a ride and we let them fuck us? Remember they told everyone and from then on we were the school sluts?

Sarah gazed at the ruby, and nodded her to indicate she could remember.

Gill started shaping Sarah’s hair. “Remember mom found out and she grounded us? When she had to leave town on business she had her friend Denise come stay with us? ”

Sarah just smiled and nodded.

Gill stopped cutting her hair. “Remember one night I went into the living and saw Denise and her girlfriend Ronda making out on the couch, but they didn’t see me? Remember I ran and got you and we watched them go down on each other.”

Sarah smiled. “Yesss I remember.” Gill put her hand in Sarah’s lap. “Sarah, we had sex with each other for the first time that night, do you remember what happened?”

Sarah furrowed her brow. “No I can’t remember.”

“That’s ok I’ll tell you, then you’ll remember.”

Gill started rubbing Sarah’s pussy. “After we watched Denise and Ronda we went back to our bedroom, and started to talk about what they were doing. Denise heard us talking so she came up and knocked on our bedroom door then said “Girls, go to sleep please.” So I ran over and got into bed with you.”

Sarah’s expression relaxed, and the smiled returned to her face.

Sarah’s mind was so empty of any memories of her own she eagerly accepted Gill’s memories as her own.

“Remember we wondered what it would feel like to have a woman go down on us?” “So we blackmailed Denise into showing us. She said she didn’t want to but she had no choice.” Gill rubbed Sarah’s pussy a little harder. “Remember how good it felt?”

“Yesss… felt soooo good.” Sarah started to squirm.

“Yes it did feel good Sarah. Remember how she taught us so much about making a woman sexually delighted? Remember how we couldn’t wait to try it out on each other?”

Sarah nodded her head smiled and licked her lips.

“Remember Denise would let us go down to her hair salon, and watch her work? Remember that’s why we own a beauty salon?”

Gill continued for hours creating a lifetime of false memories for Sarah. All of the memories were designed to transform Sarah’s personally into an exact copy of Gill’s.

As Sarah absorbed each false memory of her life as a beautician. Her real memories of being a high power executive slipped away.

Gill implanted the memory of Sarah and her having a mind control fetish and the memory of them meeting John at a nightclub.

She also gave Sarah the memory that John had been teaching them hypnosis, and how to use mind controlling drugs.

Gill snapped Sarah out of her trance and finished cutting her hair. “There you go hun, now we can wear wigs with out our real hair getting in the way.

Sarah looked at her self in the mirror. “Thanks hun. It looks great, but I’m dying for a cigarette.”

Sarah slept all day Friday and most of the night but she and Gill opened the beauty salon by ten o’clock Saturday morning. The salon was open to appointments only on Saturday.

Gill and Sarah were waiting for their first customer of the day, a college student that had been coming to the salon every Saturday for the past two months, and she was bringing her roommate for a free facial.

“What time was her appointment?” Sarah sat in one of the salon chairs nervously smoked her More.

Gill watched Sarah closely. “What the hell are you so nervous about? You’ve done this about a hundred times before.”

“I know, but I just can’t like remember exactly how I did it before.” Sarah got a new cigarette and lit it with the old one.

Gill laughed. “Sarah, you are so stupid sometimes.”

Sarah giggled “I know. It’s a good thing I have big tits and I put out.” She continued to giggle.

Gill smiled and thought. “The hypnotic suggestion I gave her has really done a fantastic job with her I.Q. She’s dumb as a fucking post.”

Gill stood behind Sarah and marvelled at how much Sarah looked like her.”

The bell jingled as the front door to salon opened. Gill and Sarah turned and watch two young women enter.

Gill smiled. “Hello Lisa good to see you.”

“Hi Gill this is my room mate Theresa Jackson” Lisa put her hand on Theresa’s back and pushed her towards Gill.

Gill shook hands with Theresa. “Hi it’s nice to meet you. This is my sister Sarah.”

Sarah stood up, turned her head then exhaled a plume of smoke. . “Hi Theresa.”

Theresa waved her hand in front of her face and coughed. “Hmm, hi”

Sarah giggled. “Sorry hun I forget not everyone smokes.” She guided Theresa to sit in the chair.

“Well it’s just not socially acceptable now like it was in your day.” Theresa sat the chair with a smug look on her face.

Gill helped Lisa into the other chair and looked at Lisa and thought. “What a bitch.”

Lisa sat in the chair and her eyes never lost sight of the ruby necklace around Gill’s neck.

Sarah put a barber’s bib on Theresa. “I need to take your glasses off, hun.” Sarah took the glasses and put them on the counter. “You know you’re a very pretty girl but without your glasses you’re a knock out.”

“That’s what I keep telling her.” Lisa spoke but did not take her eyes off Gill’s ruby.

Sarah opened an unmarked jar of blue gel and started smoothing it on Martha’s face. “This is an all natural product, and it is fantastic at getting rid of skin blemishes.”

Theresa rolled her eyes. “I don’t have any blemishes.”

“Of course you do hun. Everything of beauty has some flaws in it.”

“Well if you say so.” Theresa didn’t care about anything Sarah had to say; because she thought she was a dimwit. “I don’t see any thing wrong with my face.” Theresa noticed the gel tingle and it felt nice.

“Look at this ruby it’s a very beautiful stone but if you look at it closely you can see a flaw.” Sarah put her chest in front of Theresa’s face, making sure the ruby filled her vision.

Theresa strained to look at the stone. “I can see it’s a pretty ruby but with out my glasses I can’t see any flaw.” She leaned closer to the ruby.

“Well it has a flaw Just keep looking.” Sarah started to sway back and forth. “Maybe if you relax you’ll see it.”

Theresa didn’t really care about the flaw in the ruby it just suddenly felt nice to look at the stone and relax.

“Look deeply into the ruby. Look at how beautiful it is.” Sarah continued swaying back and forth. “Look into the center of the ruby and relax.” She pushed Theresa slowly back into the chair. “Get comfortable and relax.

Watch the ruby and listen to my voice.” Sarah made sure the stone filled Theresa’s sight. “Theresa, relax and slowly close your eyes but you will still see the ruby.”

Theresa’s eyes closed.

“Good girl Theresa, The longer you watch the ruby the more relaxed and open your mind will become.” Sarah lit a cigarette and then stood and watched Theresa for a few minutes as the drugs in the blue gel worked their way deeper into her body. “You love the way the facial feels don’t you?”

“Yes.” Theresa’s voice was faint.

Sarah pulled Theresa’s pants and panties down, and then started pumping fingers in and out of Theresa’s pussy. “You will make an appointment to get a facial next Saturday.”

“Mmmm, next Saturday.” Theresa clenched her fist and her back arched.

“That’s good Theresa, now cum for me.” Sarah started rubbing Theresa’s clit.

“Aaahhh, yesss cum.” Theresa’s body went limp.

“That’s right Theresa, sleep.” Sarah took a drag from her More then blew a plume of smoke into her face.

Gill looked at Sarah. “Nice job sis. Now when she comes back next week you can start changing her personality.”

Sarah smiled and giggled “Thanks hun. How’s Lisa coming along?”

Gill looked at Lisa. “Lisa’s my little sweetie. She sells her body and gives me the money and she is willingly to trick her friends into coming to the salon knowing they will become just like her. She would do anything for me. Wouldn’t you slave?”

Lisa smiled. “Yes mistress, anything.”

Sarah’s giggled. “Wow how long will be before this one is like that?”

“A few weeks. You have to take it slow so they won’t notices they are changing and try to stop it.” Gill lit a cigarette and started working on Lisa’s makeup and hair.

Sarah watched Gill for a few seconds, but suddenly images started running through her mind. “Oh, I feel kind of sick.”

“Gill stopped what she was doing and went to Sarah.

She was afraid Sarah’s old personality was trying to emerge. “What’s wrong hun?” “I don’t know. I just felt funny like I didn’t belong here.” Sarah sat down in an empty salon chair.

“I had the feeling I belonged somewhere else, doing something else.”

Gill stood behind her. “What do you mean?”

She turned Sarah towards the mirror. “Look at yourself. You certainly belong here with me.”

Gill ran her hand down Sarah’s body and started playing with her nipples. “It feels good to be here with me.”

Sarah giggled as an amazing wave of pleasure shot through body. “Yes it feels good to be with you, but it feels like what we’re are doing to these girls is wrong.”

Gill rolled Sarah’s nipples between her fingers. “But all that matters is that you belong here with me and you love doing what we’re doing.”

Sarah closed her eyes. “Yesss, I belong with you.” Her body started tremble. “I… love what we are doing.”

Gill smiled “Sis, you’re so happy here with me and you love turning these girls into whores.”

She gave Sarah’s nipples a little pinch. “You can’t think of a better way of life.”

Sarah arched her back. “Happy, can’t think. Aaahhh”

Gill pulled Sarah’s nipples hard. “That feels good. You like that don’t you?”

Sarah’s body began shaking. “Yesss, Aaahhh, Ahhhhh.”

“Good girl Sarah. Just remember all that matters is that you’re with me, and I can make you feel this good all the time. Now cum for me.” Gill let go of Sarah’s nipples.

Sarah’s mind went blank as her memories as a highly motivated businesswoman slipped away in an incredible orgasm.

Sarah never went back to her old job or her old life.

Thanks for the story ideal Sarah. Thanks for the title and all your help Jamie.

by Dor_01

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