The Joy of Series: Part 2 – Subversion

The joy of subversion

The 5 elemental personalities: the magic of how to influence people of earth, water, fire, wind and void by the psychology of their element.
The social engineering of perversion and pleasure.
Jacquelyn’s story — Part 2
submitted to Mind Mistress Linda

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[custom_frame_right]sexyelementals[/custom_frame_right] After several sessions with Mistress Linda, I had realized how much I wanted to become a sexy smoker. She had helped me to achieve this desire, and I felt wonderful, smoking more and more and becoming more feminine every day. However, something was still missing. I started to realize that my ultimate desire was to become just like Mistress Herself – to be able to convince others to smoke as well, to share my love of smoking with them, to bend them to my will. I started to dream of one day becoming Mistress’s identical twin – to look like Her, to act like Her, to think like Her, and to be able to use my will to subvert others, just as She could do. I began to understand how incredibly arousing this power could be. To my great joy, She agreed to take me on as a pupil, and She spent the next several sessions teaching me Her techniques, using a combination of hypnosis and role-playing to reinforce these ideas.

She taught me that the secret was to use people’s weaknesses against them, so that I could manipulate them into doing what I wanted (which, of course, was to become sexy smokers.) She said that everyone has a weakness, and it’s just a matter of finding and then exploiting it. There are five different types of personalities, which she categorized as Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void. Earth people are generally lazy – they want to take the path of least resistance, the easy way out. Waters are motivated by fear – fear of rejection, of abandonment, or of a negative self-image. The weakness of Fire is anger, which makes them irrational and easily manipulated. Wind people are sympathetic and eager to please, which can be used against them. Finally, Void personalities are vain and prideful, thinking they have no weakness in the first place – which, of course, is their downfall.

Following our usual relaxation and hypnotic induction routine, Mistress Linda helped me to see myself as each one of these personalities, and then proceeded to subvert me into becoming a sexy smoker, using my various weaknesses to achieve Her goal. Each scenario started with us working together in an office, but took very different twists and turns – ultimately, I always ended up loving smoking, and believing that the whole thing was my idea all along.

“Jackie Earth”

My first persona was called Jackie Earth. I was a lazy employee in an office who would do anything to get out of work. Mistress was one of my co-workers, and She pointed out that I could get to take breaks during the day if I ‘pretended’ to smoke. That, of course, appealed to my laziness, so I went along with it. She loaned me a cig and taught me how to hold it, and to puff realistically, and then lit it so I would look even more authentic. (Of course She used my desire to avoid work to reinforce how important it was for me to appear like a ‘real’ smoker, right down to keeping a pack on my desk.) I started to take smoke into my mouth and blow it out just as She did, and then eventually started to like it.

“Jackie Water”

Next, I became Jackie Water. It was the same setting as before, except that now I was very afraid, unsure of myself and wanting people to like me. Mistress made me feel that my boss was always yelling at me for making mistakes, which really upset me (at this point I totally believed I was each personality, I still remember how it felt!), and that my boyfriend was going to leave me. She used my fear against me, by showing how confident and self-assured She was when She smoked. As before, She encouraged me with baby steps first, just holding the cig, seeing how good it made me look. Then She lit it, and showed me how to puff. My self-image improved the more I imagined becoming a smoker, and that reinforced my desire to smoke more, and to start showing off my body as a sexy smoker, in order to make my boyfriend want to come back to me! I saw that the image I projected as a smoker would also give my boss confidence that I could do my job, so it seemed like the solution to all my problems and I happily became a smoker.

“Jackie Fire”

As Jackie Fire, I had a terrible temper. Mistress made me imagine yelling at people on the phone, and being angry at my boyfriend who had just dumped me. It seemed like everything She told me made me angrier (which was of course the idea!) Finally I got so upset that I needed to do something, anything, to relax, so She took me for coffee at a place where She could smoke. As we talked She reminded me that my boyfriend had left me for a girl who was a slut – way sluttier than I was – I was so angry, I wanted to get even with him! She showed me what she called a ‘voodoo cigarette’ and as She lit it and smoked it I imagined it was him that I was torturing. My anger was blinding me to Her real agenda. It got to the point where she wouldn’t let me smoke one, and I ripped the pack away from her, angry that she was ‘telling me what to do’! I started smoking it with a vengeance (Naturally, this got me used to holding a cig and eventually smoking it!). Finally, she helped me see that I had the freedom to act even sluttier than the tramp who stole my boyfriend, so I resolved to start acting and dressing like a whore, just to show him – and in the process becoming a sexy smoker.

“Jackie Wind”

When Mistress turned me into Jackie Wind, I had a very sympathetic character. I would do anything to help a friend in need, which was my weakness. Mistress told me that Her boyfriend didn’t want Her to smoke, and that he would leave Her if he found out. I felt so sorry for Her, I promised to do anything She asked if it would help to keep the relationship together. She got me to agree to pretend that Her cigs were mine, and that I had to ‘pretend’ to be a smoker in order to fool her boyfriend. Once again She taught me how to smoke as though it were the first time. At first I hated it, but I saw how much She needed me to help Her so I went along with the plan. I had to practice of course, so that I’d look believable to Her boyfriend, which meant that I needed my own pack. She also helped me to see the positive side of smoking, such as appetite suppression and relaxation, and finally I grew to like the idea, becoming a smoker myself.

“Jackie Void”

Finally, I became Jackie Void. In many ways, I was the opposite of Jackie Water – I was very self-assured, but to the point of vanity. I felt that I had all the answers, and that if only others saw things the way I did that the world would be a better place. Mistress helped me to come up with the plan of using smoking to control others so I could help them – which, of course, She had to do to me by making me into a smoker first! She did this in such a way, however, by playing to my sense of pride and self-satisfaction, that I felt I was coming up with the ideas all by myself. Flattery worked very well, and She did a wonderful job of letting me ‘correct’ her throughout the session, so that I ended up at the place She wanted me all along – as a seductive, sexy smoker.

Looking for Victims. . . .

After each session, Mistress Linda brought me out of trance and we ‘debriefed’, which helped me to retain the lessons I had learned. She encouraged me to think of a person I knew who was an example of each one of the personality types, and to try to subvert them into becoming smokers. At first, I was nervous, but as She kept reminding me, I now had Her personality so I had nothing to fear. (I wasn’t ‘me’ anymore, I was Her!)

My first victim was my secretary Carla, who is a perfect example of the Earth personality. Over the course of the next few weeks I was able to convince her to start smoking by playing to her laziness and her desire to avoid work, just as Mistress had taught me. We started taking ‘smoke breaks’ together, which she loved because it got her out of the office and into the fresh air. I helped her learn how to ‘pass’ by holding a lit cig, but then pointed out that she needed to puff occasionally in case anyone noticed. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we spent two or three breaks together each day, and I urged her to practice on her own, and to make sure that everyone knew she was a smoker by keeping a pack on her desk. I would count her cigs when she wasn’t around, and found that she was starting to smoke on her own at home. Finally, she became addicted, and after some additional reinforcement via magic (that’s the next topic!) she learned to love it, and now smokes all the time.

Next, I concentrated on my friend Sandy, who was a Water-type, shy and afraid to try new things. I not only was able to get her to enjoy smoking, but I helped her to be more outgoing and sure of herself, and to enjoy showing off her body and dressing in a more provocative manner. As in my session, I used smoking as a tool to get her to see herself in a positive way, showing how having a cig in one’s hand can give an air of confidence and self-control. She started going out with me to the bar after work so that we could talk about her life (I am a very sympathetic listener, that’s my ‘Wind’ side showing!) but of course the conversation always came back to how good smoking made me feel about myself, and I admired how nice she looked with a cig in her hand. I helped her to see how other women who smoke carry themselves with confidence, and how men are attracted to them. She began holding the cig just for fun, but after a few times where I lit it for her, showed her how to puff as Mistress had shown me, flattered her for doing it (as well as some encouragement on using her figure to its full effect) she began to smoke on her own, and has made quite a change in her personality. She is now much more outgoing,and has guys calling her all the time – all thanks to the miracle of smoking.

Finally, I began to change my wife, Karen, who has tendencies of Void. I was very nervous about this at first as she has a strong personality, but since Mistress filled me with what is essentially Her own persona, I realized that I was more than a match for Karen and that what I felt was best for her was what mattered. The first step was to get her to accept my smoking in the house – she was impressed by my (or Mistress Linda’s) resolve to smoke, and eventually gave in, although she had no desire to smoke herself. Over the next months, I was constantly showing her how much I loved to smoke, how it helped to relax me after a hard day of work, and how it energized me (particularly in the bedroom!) As a result of the previous sessions I had had with Mistress Linda, I was now doing the bulk of the housework, shopping and cooking at home (actually taking on a much of the role of ‘wife’), but to Karen I attributed this change to her good influence on me and of course to the smoking. I started to show her that she too could take advantage of the combination of energy and relaxation I had found, and since her suggestions had made such an improvement in me she ought to try it for herself (making it seem like my smoking had been her idea all along!) To make a long story short, she did take baby steps (with my encouragement) and has now started to smoke, which has drawn us closer together as we now have even more in common. We smoke after each meal, sitting around the kitchen and gossiping like two best friends, and whenever we take walks we enjoy our Virginia Slims.


By using Mistress Linda’s subversion techniques, I have been able to get several women I know to become smokers, and let me tell you – it is such a rush! To mould them into what I want them to become gives me such a feeling of power (not to mention being a wonderful turn-on!) I feel like I have found my true calling in life, and that is to follow in Mistress’s footsteps and to create more sexy smokers. As I become more and more like Her, I understand how deep this need is, and I appreciate the time and effort She has spent teaching me Her secrets. More than anything, I want Her to be pleased with me. I have received great joy in submitting to Her will – and I encourage all who read this to put your minds in Mistress’s hands, you will not be disappointed!

Respectfully submitted, Jacqueline


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