Mind Mistress Log 4: Ashley, milking-cow girl by hypnosis

Ashley, milking-cow girl by hypnosis

Getting your breasts milked is so much fun…Mooooo…

Mistress Log 4

A real log of a visitor to My erotic mind control and hypnosis site, who uses ICQ to chat with Me and gets hypnotized into a milk-full submissive cow-girl. Enjoy!


ICQ Log April 18 2002

Ash(11:28 AM) : Hello
Mind_Mistress(11:28 AM) : I’ve answered your form
Ash(11:29 AM) : Thank you so much.
Mind_Mistress(11:30 AM) : Basically I said it’s fine… and you’ll have to wait for your finances to improve
Ash(11:30 AM) : Ah, I completly understand
Ash(11:31 AM) : Is hypnosis all you do? Or do you have another Job besides hypnosis
Ash(11:32 AM) : And I never formaly introduced myself. My name is Ashley, but your more then welcome to call me Ash. It is a true pleasure to meet you.
Mind_Mistress(11:34 AM) : I’m a full time hypnotist. The site takes up all my time…
Ash(11:34 AM) : So I take there is a heavy interest in what you do.
Ash(11:34 AM) : I raelly did not believe that hypnosis was that popular
Ash(11:35 AM) : But I guess when you think about it, the apeal of going some place in your mind is very arousing
Mind_Mistress(11:35 AM) : There’s a lot of competition in therapy, but a lot less in My specialty…
Ash(11:36 AM) : What exactly happens when you are hypnotised?
Mind_Mistress(11:37 AM) : Have you read the FAQ?
Ash(11:37 AM) : Yes I have. So, when your truly hypnotised, your body actually feels everything your thinking?
Mind_Mistress(11:38 AM) : It’s like dreaming
Ash(11:38 AM) : I understand.
Mind_Mistress(11:38 AM) : In a deep enough trance, you’re hallucinating
Ash(11:39 AM) : In the “My wish” section, I talked about making a wish to become a submissive then letting the Genie have my other wishes to decide for herself.
Ash(11:39 AM) : What would you wish those other ti wishes to be?
Mind_Mistress(11:39 AM) : You know My specialty. I’m sure you can guess
Ash(11:40 AM) : So, I would be transformed into a women?
Mind_Mistress(11:40 AM) : Yes
Ash(11:40 AM) : I was hoping you would say that… I have always been extreamly embarrased of my desire to become a women.
Mind_Mistress(11:41 AM) : You’ve picked the right Genie πŸ™‚
Ash(11:41 AM) : It goes against everything in my religious background
Ash(11:41 AM) : And, I am very glad I picked the right Genie
Mind_Mistress(11:41 AM) : Thou shalt not be hypnotized into believing you’re a girl?
Mind_Mistress(11:42 AM) : I don’t recall any such passage…
Ash(11:42 AM) : Well, no.. but I always saw wanting to be a girl very much like homosexuality
Ash(11:42 AM) : And the bible, at least in the Southern Baptist tradition, is very much against that.
Mind_Mistress(11:42 AM) : The only thought crime I know of is coveting another’s wife… and that isn’t likely in our case
Ash(11:43 AM) : πŸ™‚ No, I don’t even have a girl friend, so that doesn’t have a chance at all of happening.
Mind_Mistress(11:43 AM) : However, it’s not against the religion if you’re a girl
Mind_Mistress(11:43 AM) : Does the bible have a genetic definition of womanhood?
Ash(11:43 AM) : No, not to my knowledge
Ash(11:44 AM) : Thats a very interesting point
Mind_Mistress(11:44 AM) : So if you were to become a woman… you’d be required to have sex only with men by your religion, right?
Ash(11:44 AM) : Yes, that is correct
Mind_Mistress(11:44 AM) : Oh darn!
Ash(11:45 AM) : You make a convencing argument
Mind_Mistress(11:45 AM) : Thank you
Ash(11:45 AM) : Though, I am not sure how well my preacher would by into that.. but πŸ™‚ He doesn’t matter at the moment
Mind_Mistress(11:45 AM) : Interpretation varies… the bible stays…
Ash(11:46 AM) : So, for the first wish I would become a submissive, and for the second you would make me a women. That still leaves one more wish if I am to believe the traditional three wish granting system. What would the final wish be?
Mind_Mistress(11:46 AM) : We’re no longer using the rules that say (in the old testament), how long a man’s beard is supposed to be…
Ash(11:46 AM) : Very true because it is very much outdated
Ash(11:46 AM) : Must of the old testement has fallen along the wayside
Ash(11:47 AM) : Though, never the less traditionaly respected, if not fully practiced
Mind_Mistress(11:47 AM) : That’s the thing… the bible was written in a particular cultural context, and there’s no way to update it…
Ash(11:47 AM) : Very true.
Ash(11:48 AM) : Can I confess something to you πŸ™‚
Mind_Mistress(11:48 AM) : sure
Ash(11:48 AM) : After reading your story section (which I have been doing all morning) I find myself beeing just as aroused by purples as the fellow whos quote you have at the top is
Mind_Mistress(11:49 AM) : Cool πŸ™‚
Ash(11:49 AM) : I find myself having to keep clicking back into the story section and reading that Adam story over and over again.
Mind_Mistress(11:49 AM) : Scriptural religions need to be reinterpreted in a modern context, or they end up with other dead religions as historical curiosities in museums
Mind_Mistress(11:49 AM) : Cool πŸ™‚
Ash(11:50 AM) : True, but religion to be updated would have to be completly overhauled, and the cathlic church, and many baptist churches would never alow that.
Ash(11:50 AM) : At least for their congragations, they are so entrenched in tradition that it would shake them apart if things were to change even slightly
Mind_Mistress(11:50 AM) : Catholic churches are getting pretty empty, you’ll notice
Ash(11:51 AM) : That I have noticed
Ash(11:51 AM) : Religion is definitly an excape from the harsness of reality. Life sucks in a lot of ways, and the apeal of something better after death is a constant for most people I believe. They will ultimatly go where they fit in best, and where the greatest “goodies” are offered after death.
Mind_Mistress(11:52 AM) : Religions are human creation… no matter how great the guy who gets contacted by god, you always lose some in the translation to a human brain…
Ash(11:53 AM) : Of course, and just like you said translations are so subjective. You can find passages in the bible to defend aliens invading from another planet
Ash(11:53 AM) : Its all in how you read between the lines
Mind_Mistress(11:53 AM) : And metaphors that work great in one context and are very progressive for their time… don’t really make nearly as much sense after a lot of time has passed, and in a different environment
Ash(11:54 AM) : Thats very true. Most of Christs stories really don’t mean that much today. Most of us are not farmers so alot of the metaphores are lost.
Mind_Mistress(11:54 AM) : A friend once told me Paul set out to destroy the Christian religion…
Mind_Mistress(11:54 AM) : and he succeeded.
Ash(11:54 AM) : I can’t believe you have me talking about religion πŸ™‚ I always find it such a dry subject
Mind_Mistress(11:54 AM) : πŸ™‚
Mind_Mistress(11:55 AM) : Well, it’s dry if you’re only supposed to memorize it, rather than think about it
Ash(11:55 AM) : Well, I think thats a bit extream to say that. But I would say that the structure of the church as set by the early members hampered what christianity was suposed to be.
Mind_Mistress(11:56 AM) : I’m specifically talking about Paul’s attitude towards women…
Ash(11:56 AM) : Catholisim put religion in a box with their durn cannon law. But religion is suposed to be very personal and emotinal. It isn’t about rules, every person finds God in their own way. And you are very right about the churches attitued towards women.
Ash(11:57 AM) : Women have a lot more to offer then me do, I think alot of the time.
Ash(11:57 AM) : (hence my desire to be submissive towards them)
Mind_Mistress(11:57 AM) : The Gospels are great. Almost everyone can agree with what they say. It’s all the added-on rules, practices and ideas that make it a lot less adaptable
Ash(11:57 AM) : Very True
Ash(11:58 AM) : Are you religious? If I may ask
Ash(11:58 AM) : It seems like you are, or at least have a firm understanding
Mind_Mistress(11:58 AM) : Yes I am. I’m a Druid
Ash(11:59 AM) : Now that, I can relate to. πŸ™‚ Not that I am one of course or practice it.
Mind_Mistress(11:59 AM) : I was priestess of a group for 9 years…
Ash(11:59 AM) : That I find fasinating
Mind_Mistress(11:59 AM) : So I can hold a discussion as well as a preacher of any other religion…
Ash(12:00 AM) : How did you stumble across hypnosis?
Mind_Mistress(12:00 AM) : Though we don’t have any particular interest in saving souls. It’s fine with us if people are happy relating to the spiritual powers in any way they choose
Mind_Mistress(12:01 AM) : Oh, that’s a fetish. I’ve always been turned on by it
Ash(12:01 AM) : LIke I said, people find God(s) their own way.
Ash(12:01 AM) : Ha πŸ™‚ I thought it was something deepre
Ash(12:01 AM) : When in doubt go with your desires
Mind_Mistress(12:01 AM) : I just object to those who kill for God
Ash(12:01 AM) : I think many people feel the same as you do there
Mind_Mistress(12:02 AM) : Yup
Mind_Mistress(12:02 AM) : No one likes to be attacked or their beliefs…
Mind_Mistress(12:02 AM) : for their
Ash(12:02 AM) : Are there different types of Hypnosis, or is Ericsons (I thinK I spelled that wrong) the only type?
Ash(12:02 AM) : (Sorry, didn’t mean to curb the discussion)
Mind_Mistress(12:02 AM) : The two main types are Classical and Ericksonian (New School)
Mind_Mistress(12:03 AM) : I believe that’s discussed in the FAQ
Ash(12:03 AM) : How do they differ?
Ash(12:03 AM) : You described it as almost being like a conversation (talking about Ericksonian)
Mind_Mistress(12:03 AM) : Classical I tell you what to do. Ericksonian I don’t
Mind_Mistress(12:03 AM) : Sure, I can talk about How cute panda bears are…
Mind_Mistress(12:03 AM) : Have you ever seen one?
Ash(12:04 AM) : yes I have
Mind_Mistress(12:04 AM) : Are they cute?
Ash(12:04 AM) : I think so
Ash(12:04 AM) : definilty cuddly
Mind_Mistress(12:04 AM) : Did I need to actually TELL you to imagine a panda bear to get you to do that?
Ash(12:04 AM) : No, just the word Panda was enough to cause me to imagin one in my head
Mind_Mistress(12:04 AM) : Yup
Ash(12:05 AM) : But only because I had a picture in my mind to associate the word “panda” with.
Mind_Mistress(12:05 AM) : Of course
Ash(12:05 AM) : AH!
Ash(12:05 AM) : I think I understand
Mind_Mistress(12:05 AM) :
Ash(12:05 AM) : So, when you use a “trigger” word.. its a word that you have built an imagine of in the subjects mind
Mind_Mistress(12:05 AM) : This is not mind control. Think about it πŸ™‚
Ash(12:06 AM) : So when they see that word, they automatically picture something in associatoin with that word
Ash(12:06 AM) : Am I understanding this correctly?
Mind_Mistress(12:06 AM) : No, trigger words do more than that
Mind_Mistress(12:06 AM) : Words evoke an image. No need for hypnosis to do that
Ash(12:06 AM) : Ah, please explane?
Mind_Mistress(12:07 AM) : Triggers evoke a state, or behavior
Mind_Mistress(12:07 AM) : Blink
Mind_Mistress(12:07 AM) : Did you blink?
Ash(12:07 AM) : I blinked as soon as I saw that word
Ash(12:07 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:07 AM) : THAT’s a trigger
Mind_Mistress(12:07 AM) : πŸ™‚
Ash(12:07 AM) : πŸ™‚
Ash(12:08 AM) : So how do you build a tirgger?
Mind_Mistress(12:08 AM) : I could tell you…
Mind_Mistress(12:08 AM) : bu then I’d have to shoot you…
Mind_Mistress(12:08 AM) : LOL
Ash(12:08 AM) : πŸ™‚ Trade secreats
Ash(12:08 AM) : I understand, no problem
Mind_Mistress(12:09 AM) : Put person in trance. Say, when I say “Blink”, you will blink. Wake up person
Mind_Mistress(12:10 AM) : Hi there! Blink How do you feel? πŸ™‚ Message was sent. User is Offline.The message will be delivered when user goes Online.
Ash(12:10 AM) : Well, we have covered the first two wishes, what will the third wish be after I have become a submissive and a women?
Mind_Mistress(12:10 AM) : I don’t know yet πŸ™‚
Ash(12:10 AM) : (And thank you for taking the time to explaine everything to me like you have been doing…also I truly enjoyed the discussion on religion, thank you very much)
Ash(12:11 AM) : So, I will really think and feel like a women?
Ash(12:11 AM) : (And I already smoke πŸ™‚ So no problems there.. my favorite taste on a womens lips is smoke)
Mind_Mistress(12:12 AM) : As far as you can tell, yes
Ash(12:12 AM) : (Just an FYI)
Ash(12:12 AM) : So, If I truly think and feel like a women…then could I possibly be made into a ponygirl?
Mind_Mistress(12:13 AM) : Sure… though I don’t have much knowledge of them
Ash(12:13 AM) : Thats ok, perhaps we could try something else
Ash(12:13 AM) : Is there another animal that you have changed people into?
Mind_Mistress(12:13 AM) : Human milking cow…
Ash(12:14 AM) : Can I ask what you mean by that?
Mind_Mistress(12:14 AM) : Half cow… really dumb, needs to be milked
Ash(12:16 AM) : πŸ™‚
Ash(12:16 AM) : Ha!
Ash(12:16 AM) : That sounds extreamly exciting
Mind_Mistress(12:16 AM) : it feels real good too πŸ™‚
Ash(12:16 AM) : Ummm, I blinked and I feel extreamly aroused by the idea being a cow
Mind_Mistress(12:17 AM) : Yes, and you’re about to consider pulling on your nipples to see how it feels…
Mind_Mistress(12:17 AM) : and if you do, you’ll become much more aroused
Ash(12:17 AM) : Very senstive
Ash(12:17 AM) : That must feel incredable
Ash(12:18 AM) : O my words am I hard
Ash(12:18 AM) : I am so sorry! I didnt mean to say that, thats very rude
Mind_Mistress(12:18 AM) : You need to be milked
Ash(12:19 AM) : I need to be milked
Mind_Mistress(12:19 AM) : And Moo while you’re being milked…
Mind_Mistress(12:19 AM) : Mooing would be so much fun…
Ash(12:19 AM) : Moo while being milked
Ash(12:19 AM) : so much fun
Mind_Mistress(12:20 AM) : Becoming a big breasted milking cow turns you on so much…
Ash(12:20 AM) : I need to be milked
Ash(12:20 AM) : mooing is so much fun
Mind_Mistress(12:20 AM) : You need to be milked…
Ash(12:20 AM) : I need to be a big breasted milking cow
Ash(12:20 AM) : I need to be milked
Mind_Mistress(12:20 AM) : It makes you feel dumber… happier…
Ash(12:21 AM) : so haapy
Mind_Mistress(12:21 AM) : You can even start to feel the pressure in your breasts…
Ash(12:21 AM) : I am so full
Mind_Mistress(12:21 AM) : as milk fills them slowly…
Ash(12:21 AM) : I need to be milked
Ash(12:21 AM) : milk filling them
Mind_Mistress(12:21 AM) : they can become heavier…
Ash(12:22 AM) : yes heavier
Mind_Mistress(12:22 AM) : fuller…
Ash(12:22 AM) : fuller
Mind_Mistress(12:22 AM) : want big heavy breasts…
Ash(12:22 AM) : want big heavy breasts
Mind_Mistress(12:22 AM) : hard to think…
Ash(12:22 AM) : hard to think
Mind_Mistress(12:22 AM) : more and more aroused…
Ash(12:22 AM) : so aroused
Mind_Mistress(12:22 AM) : Need to be milked…
Ash(12:23 AM) : milked
Ash(12:23 AM) : need to be milked
Mind_Mistress(12:23 AM) : Milking is like cumming…
Ash(12:23 AM) : milking is like cumming
Mind_Mistress(12:23 AM) : need the pleasure…
Ash(12:23 AM) : yes need the pleasure
Mind_Mistress(12:23 AM) : breasts filling more and more…
Ash(12:23 AM) : so heavy
Ash(12:23 AM) : filling
Mind_Mistress(12:23 AM) : so heavy…
Ash(12:23 AM) : so heavy
Ash(12:23 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:24 AM) : Do you feel any will left in you ?
Ash(12:24 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:24 AM) : Where?
Ash(12:24 AM) : my legs and my hands
Mind_Mistress(12:24 AM) : But it’s being milked away…
Ash(12:25 AM) : milked away
Mind_Mistress(12:25 AM) : drained away….
Mind_Mistress(12:25 AM) : Feels so good to be drained…
Ash(12:25 AM) : drained away
Ash(12:25 AM) : feels so good
Mind_Mistress(12:25 AM) : more and more…
Ash(12:25 AM) : yes
Ash(12:25 AM) : more and more
Mind_Mistress(12:25 AM) : Are they still draining, or empty?
Ash(12:25 AM) : empty
Mind_Mistress(12:25 AM) : empty…
Ash(12:26 AM) : empty
Mind_Mistress(12:26 AM) : and all your will is gone?
Ash(12:26 AM) : will gone
Mind_Mistress(12:26 AM) : All gone… so happy πŸ™‚
Ash(12:26 AM) : so very happy
Mind_Mistress(12:26 AM) : all open and receptive…
Ash(12:26 AM) : all open
Mind_Mistress(12:26 AM) : All empty and malleable…
Ash(12:26 AM) : empty
Mind_Mistress(12:27 AM) : Who has all your will?
Ash(12:27 AM) : mistress linda
Mind_Mistress(12:27 AM) : Yesss….
Ash(12:27 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:27 AM) : And I control you complely… and you love it
Ash(12:27 AM) : you control me completly
Ash(12:27 AM) : i love it so much
Ash(12:27 AM) : so happy
Mind_Mistress(12:27 AM) : You can’t resist any commands… don’t even want to…
Ash(12:28 AM) : don’t want to
Mind_Mistress(12:28 AM) : so happy controlled…
Ash(12:28 AM) : so happpy controlled
Mind_Mistress(12:28 AM) : and you will return to a deeply obedient trance… answering “i obey” every time I say your trance word…
Ash(12:28 AM) : I obey
Ash(12:28 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:28 AM) : and twice as deep every time I say your trance word…
Ash(12:29 AM) : twice as deeply
Ash(12:29 AM) : I obey
Mind_Mistress(12:29 AM) : Your trance word is: *Trigger Word*
Ash(12:29 AM) : I obey
Mind_Mistress(12:29 AM) : Good girl
Ash(12:29 AM) : girl..
Mind_Mistress(12:29 AM) : are you breasts very heavy with milk?
Ash(12:29 AM) : so heavy
Ash(12:29 AM) : need to be milked
Mind_Mistress(12:30 AM) : they’re soooo sensitive… sooo full…
Mind_Mistress(12:30 AM) : feel sooo good…
Ash(12:30 AM) : so sensitive
Ash(12:30 AM) : so full
Ash(12:30 AM) : feels sooo good
Mind_Mistress(12:30 AM) : To be a big breasted milking cow…
Ash(12:30 AM) : big breasted milking cow
Mind_Mistress(12:30 AM) : so dumb and happy…
Ash(12:31 AM) : so dumb
Ash(12:31 AM) : so happy
Mind_Mistress(12:31 AM) : totally obedient and loving it…
Ash(12:31 AM) : totally obedient
Ash(12:31 AM) : loving it
Mind_Mistress(12:31 AM) : and you know everything I say is true
Ash(12:31 AM) : true
Ash(12:31 AM) : everything
Mind_Mistress(12:31 AM) : and everything I ask needs to be obeyed…
Ash(12:31 AM) : everything needs to be obeyed
Mind_Mistress(12:31 AM) : obedience is pleasure….
Ash(12:32 AM) : obedience is pleasure
Mind_Mistress(12:32 AM) : pleasure is obedience
Ash(12:32 AM) : pleasure is obedience
Mind_Mistress(12:32 AM) : What is obedience?
Ash(12:32 AM) : pleasure
Mind_Mistress(12:32 AM) : What is pleasure?
Ash(12:32 AM) : obedience
Mind_Mistress(12:32 AM) : Are they the same thing?
Ash(12:32 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:32 AM) : Good girl πŸ™‚
Ash(12:32 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:33 AM) : Your name is Ashley
Ash(12:33 AM) : Ashley yes
Mind_Mistress(12:33 AM) : It’s a girl’s name
Ash(12:33 AM) : Yes girls name
Mind_Mistress(12:33 AM) : You feel very girly and you love it
Ash(12:33 AM) : so girly
Ash(12:33 AM) : love it so much
Mind_Mistress(12:34 AM) : you love it sooo much
Ash(12:34 AM) : love it so much
Mind_Mistress(12:34 AM) : you’d rather be called Ashley, like a real girl
Ash(12:34 AM) : want to be called ashely
Mind_Mistress(12:34 AM) : You love hearing yourself called Ashley
Ash(12:34 AM) : love it
Mind_Mistress(12:34 AM) : it makes you feel wonderful all over!
Ash(12:34 AM) : wonderful all over
Ash(12:34 AM) : Ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:35 AM) : warm and happy and girly…
Ash(12:35 AM) : warm happpy and girly
Mind_Mistress(12:35 AM) : you love your feminine name
Ash(12:35 AM) : love my name
Mind_Mistress(12:35 AM) : You want everyone to call you Ashley
Ash(12:35 AM) : everyone should call me Ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:35 AM) : It feels so right… sooo good…
Ash(12:35 AM) : so right so good
Mind_Mistress(12:36 AM) : makes you so happy…
Ash(12:36 AM) : so happy
Mind_Mistress(12:36 AM) : makes your breasts feel tingly…
Ash(12:36 AM) : tingly, breasts feel tingly
Mind_Mistress(12:36 AM) : pleasure…
Ash(12:36 AM) : pleasure
Mind_Mistress(12:36 AM) : when you hear your girly name…
Ash(12:37 AM) : hear ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:37 AM) : love it
Ash(12:37 AM) : love it
Mind_Mistress(12:37 AM) : want big boobs
Ash(12:37 AM) : want big boobs
Mind_Mistress(12:37 AM) : big boobs make Ashley happy
Ash(12:37 AM) : big boobs make Ashley happy
Ash(12:37 AM) : I am ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:38 AM) : Are you a boy or a girl?
Ash(12:38 AM) : want to be a girl
Mind_Mistress(12:38 AM) : want to be a girl
Ash(12:38 AM) : want to be a girl
Mind_Mistress(12:38 AM) : need to be a girl
Ash(12:38 AM) : need to be a girl
Mind_Mistress(12:38 AM) : Your mind is female
Ash(12:38 AM) : mind is female
Mind_Mistress(12:39 AM) : totally female
Ash(12:39 AM) : totaly female
Mind_Mistress(12:39 AM) : So happy
Ash(12:39 AM) : so happy
Mind_Mistress(12:39 AM) : Do you ever want to be called Ash again?
Ash(12:40 AM) : no
Mind_Mistress(12:40 AM) : No…
Ash(12:40 AM) : no
Mind_Mistress(12:40 AM) : What’s your name?
Ash(12:40 AM) : Ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:40 AM) : That’s right Ashley
Ash(12:40 AM) : yes Ashley
Mind_Mistress(12:40 AM) : How does it feel when I say your name?
Ash(12:40 AM) : so good
Ash(12:40 AM) : pleasure
Mind_Mistress(12:40 AM) : Yesss
Ash(12:40 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:41 AM) : And every time you hear or read your name,…
Mind_Mistress(12:41 AM) : you need to be a girl even more
Ash(12:41 AM) : need to be a girl even more
Mind_Mistress(12:41 AM) : To have big sexy boobs
Ash(12:41 AM) : big sexy boobs
Mind_Mistress(12:42 AM) : That’s right…
Ash(12:42 AM) : right big sexy boobs
Mind_Mistress(12:42 AM) : Can you see your boobs?
Ash(12:42 AM) : yes
Ash(12:42 AM) : so nice and big
Mind_Mistress(12:43 AM) : And you’re going to wake up at the count of 1… and you will still feel and see your boobs…
Ash(12:43 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:43 AM) : knowing you will go back deep into trance whenever I say your trance word…
Ash(12:43 AM) : yes
Mind_Mistress(12:43 AM) : 9 … 8 … 7
Mind_Mistress(12:43 AM) : Feeling so happy and sexy and feminine…
Mind_Mistress(12:43 AM) : 6 … 5 … 4
Ash(12:43 AM) : so happy
Ash(12:43 AM) : so sexy
Mind_Mistress(12:44 AM) : more and more as you awaken…
Mind_Mistress(12:44 AM) : 3 … 2 … and…
Ash(12:44 AM) : more and more
Mind_Mistress(12:44 AM) : 1
Mind_Mistress(12:44 AM) : Hello Ashley πŸ™‚
Ash(12:44 AM) : Hi
Ash(12:44 AM) : πŸ™‚
Mind_Mistress(12:44 AM) : How do you feel?
Ash(12:44 AM) : Very strange, light headed and my heart is racing…
Ash(12:45 AM) : it feels like my chest is so much heavier
Mind_Mistress(12:45 AM) : Do you have boobs?
Ash(12:45 AM) : yes
Ash(12:45 AM) : YES I DO!
Mind_Mistress(12:45 AM) : How big are they?
Ash(12:45 AM) : At least a C cup
Ash(12:45 AM) : so nice and think with the perfect nipples on top
Mind_Mistress(12:46 AM) : Do you love your boobs Ashley? πŸ™‚
Ash(12:46 AM) : they sag sligthly
Ash(12:46 AM) : I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
Mind_Mistress(12:46 AM) : Is there an error in your nickname?
Ash(12:46 AM) : But..
Ash(12:46 AM) : Yes, it should say Ashley
Ash(12:47 AM) : I must have just forgetn to type it all out
Mind_Mistress(12:47 AM) : You should correct that
Ash(12:47 AM) : Definlty how stupid of me
Ashley(12:48 AM) : I fixed it
Ashley(12:48 AM) : πŸ™‚
Ashley(12:48 AM) : That feels so much better now
Mind_Mistress(12:49 AM) : Good πŸ™‚

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    Ashley(12:50 AM) : What were we talking about?
    Ashley(12:50 AM) : I am sorry I am forgetful alot of the time
    Mind_Mistress(12:51 AM) : I was asking about your sexual preference
    Ashley(12:51 AM) : Ah yes
    Ashley(12:51 AM) : Good? Did I anwer the question all ready?
    Mind_Mistress(12:51 AM) : Not yet
    Ashley(12:52 AM) : Ah, well I definilty think women are extreamly sexy and I am very turned on by them. But once in a while I do fine myself thinking about a man
    Mind_Mistress(12:52 AM) : So how attracted are you to women and men, from 0 to 10?
    Ashley(12:53 AM) : Wome I would say like 10 and men I would say like 2
    Mind_Mistress(12:53 AM) : What do you look like?
    Ashley(12:54 AM) : Just a normal looking guy.. I have manboobs, but then some guys do. I am not embarrased of them.. even if they are like a C cup
    Ashley(12:55 AM) : I have a webcam if you have Yahoo Messenger
    Mind_Mistress(12:55 AM) : Yes, I do.
    Ashley(12:55 AM) : Would you like to see then?
    Mind_Mistress(12:55 AM) : Sure…
    Ashley(12:55 AM) : Ok, whats your yahoo screen name?
    Mind_Mistress(12:55 AM) : I have the same nick as here
    Ashley(12:55 AM) : Ah Ok
    Ashley(12:56 AM) : are you signed on?
    Mind_Mistress(12:56 AM) : Yes, invisible
    Ashley(12:57 AM) : Yahoo is being a pain, it isn’t working I am sorry.
    Ashley(12:57 AM) : I really didn’t mean to take up so much of your time
    Ashley(12:57 AM) : Its been over an hour
    Ashley(12:57 AM) : We must have been having a really great conversations
    Ashley(12:58 AM) : I am embarrased to sasy though I can’t remember alot of it
    Mind_Mistress(12:58 AM) : So are you eager to save up for a session? πŸ™‚
    Ashley(12:58 AM) : O my word yes!
    Ashley(12:58 AM) : It will take a few weeks.. but I am definilty gong to start saving
    Ashley(12:58 AM) : I get paid today and ill put a littl aside
    Mind_Mistress(12:58 AM) : Good girl πŸ™‚
    Ashley(12:59 AM) : girl?
    Ashley(12:59 AM) : πŸ™‚ I like the sound of that
    Ashley(12:59 AM) : I can only wish
    Ashley(13:00 PM) : Do you think you could post my sessions with you like you did with Adam?
    Mind_Mistress(13:00 PM) : By the way, I’ve already set your trance trigger, so it will be fast πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:00 PM) : I think they would be fun to read
    Ashley(13:00 PM) : ?
    Ashley(13:00 PM) : When did that happen?
    Mind_Mistress(13:00 PM) : Sure, I was about to ask about that…
    Ashley(13:01 PM) : yes I would very much like it if you could post everything we do on your site πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:01 PM) : During our conversation.
    Ashley(13:01 PM) : I would enjoy that very much
    Mind_Mistress(13:01 PM) : πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:01 PM) : ? Did you trance me?
    Mind_Mistress(13:01 PM) : Yes
    Mind_Mistress(13:01 PM) : You’re an excellent hypnotic subject
    Ashley(13:02 PM) : Really?
    Mind_Mistress(13:02 PM) : Quite
    Ashley(13:02 PM) : Why do you say that?
    Ashley(13:02 PM) : What did you do to me exactly?
    Mind_Mistress(13:03 PM) : *Trigger Word*
    Ashley(13:03 PM) : I obey
    Mind_Mistress(13:03 PM) : Your boobs are deflating… πŸ™
    Ashley(13:03 PM) : No
    Mind_Mistress(13:03 PM) : to what they used to be…
    Ashley(13:03 PM) : deflating
    Ashley(13:03 PM) : to what they used to be
    Mind_Mistress(13:03 PM) : and when you awaken you will remember what happened during trance…
    Ashley(13:04 PM) : will remember
    Mind_Mistress(13:04 PM) : Awaken at 1
    Mind_Mistress(13:04 PM) : 9 … 8 … 7
    Ashley(13:04 PM) : yes 1
    Mind_Mistress(13:04 PM) : 6 … 5 … 4
    Mind_Mistress(13:04 PM) : 3 … 2 … 1
    Mind_Mistress(13:04 PM) : Hello πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:04 PM) : You gave me breasts!
    Ashley(13:04 PM) : O my word!
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : my head is spinning
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : and you made me think I was a girl..
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : Thats incredable
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : …
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : but.. why? I haven’t paid you.. I am flat broke?
    Mind_Mistress(13:05 PM) : It was fun πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:05 PM) : I am very much glad you enjoyed it
    Mind_Mistress(13:06 PM) : And there’s no better advertizing…
    Ashley(13:06 PM) : So did I, it felt so real.. I mean I could feel my breasts filling with milk
    Mind_Mistress(13:06 PM) : Mostly, though, I was having fun πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:06 PM) : I love My job πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:06 PM) : πŸ™‚ I bet you do
    Ashley(13:06 PM) : Will this be posted on your site?
    Ashley(13:08 PM) : Thank you so much !
    Ashley(13:08 PM) : πŸ™ Now I am going to be going crazy for the next few weeks as I try to save up…
    Ashley(13:08 PM) : I hate being broke πŸ™
    Mind_Mistress(13:09 PM) : Yes, I’ll post it
    Ashley(13:09 PM) : πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:10 PM) : Though you’re easy enough to hypnotize, especially with the trance trigger already set, that half hour sessions would be possible for you
    Ashley(13:10 PM) : How much would that cost?
    Mind_Mistress(13:10 PM) : 50$
    Mind_Mistress(13:10 PM) : for online
    Ashley(13:11 PM) : Thats still expensive for me the moment but that is definitly more managable
    Mind_Mistress(13:11 PM) : I can just pick a picture I like to go with your log, but I’d rather you send Me a picture of your ideal woman self πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:12 PM) : Any good sites you would segest that I look at to find my picture?
    Mind_Mistress(13:12 PM) : What kind are you looking for?
    Ashley(13:13 PM) : Well, those pictures of chicks with dicks really turn me on
    Mind_Mistress(13:14 PM) : Do you want to be a shemale or a woman?
    Ashley(13:14 PM) : .. I don’t know
    Ashley(13:14 PM) : What would you prefer?
    Mind_Mistress(13:15 PM) : Good female pictures are easier to find, and I’d prefer a woman I think πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:15 PM) : Then a women I will become πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:15 PM) : The sooner you find one, the sooner I can post your log πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:16 PM) : I have one hold on
    Mind_Mistress(13:16 PM) : Do you want the religious part of the log posted, or just the trance part?
    Ashley(13:16 PM) : Thats completly up to you
    Ashley(13:16 PM) : I don’t mind either way
    Mind_Mistress(13:16 PM) : Ok πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:17 PM) : Can you send files through ICQ?
    Mind_Mistress(13:18 PM) : Yes, right click on the file in explorer, ICQ – send to user
    Ashley(13:18 PM) : Sending the pic
    Ashley(13:20 PM) : It isn’t the best picture, but it is what I would like to look like
    Mind_Mistress(13:20 PM) : It’s stalled, try again
    Ashley(13:20 PM) : Ok
    Ashley(13:22 PM) : Its sending
    Ashley(13:22 PM) : So, did you think of what your third wish is going to be after trancing me?
    Mind_Mistress(13:23 PM) : We’ll see πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:23 PM) : πŸ˜‰
    Mind_Mistress(13:24 PM) : Where is this picture from? Public domain?
    Ashley(13:24 PM) : Yes
    Mind_Mistress(13:24 PM) : Good
    Mind_Mistress(13:24 PM) : Say, do your friends call you Ashley?
    Ashley(13:25 PM) : Most call me Ash, but that has always bothred me
    Mind_Mistress(13:25 PM) : Yes?
    Ashley(13:25 PM) : Yeah, I think Ashley is a much prettier name
    Mind_Mistress(13:25 PM) : I agree πŸ™‚ How does it feel to be called Ashley?
    Ashley(13:26 PM) : Really good? I get all tingly
    Mind_Mistress(13:26 PM) : And just reading it here next to every line?
    Ashley(13:26 PM) : Not to be graphic or crude, but it gives me a raging hard on
    Ashley(13:26 PM) : I don’t think I have ever been so swollen before πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:27 PM) : Mmmmm…. Are you going to correct your friends to use your proper name?
    Ashley(13:27 PM) : Definilty
    Ashley(13:27 PM) : I am sick of them calling me Ash
    Mind_Mistress(13:27 PM) : Yeah
    Ashley(13:27 PM) : Yeah
    Mind_Mistress(13:27 PM) : Would you like to have breasts?
    Ashley(13:28 PM) : πŸ™‚ Definitly.. big ones.. with nipples like shot glasses
    Mind_Mistress(13:28 PM) : Mmmmm… I really like dark aureolas too…
    Ashley(13:28 PM) : O the darker the better πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:28 PM) : What color’s your hair?
    Ashley(13:28 PM) : Its a light brown
    Mind_Mistress(13:29 PM) : Like the pic…
    Ashley(13:29 PM) : Yeah
    Mind_Mistress(13:29 PM) : Is it long enough for your liking?
    Ashley(13:29 PM) : No, I would like it just as long as in the pic
    Ashley(13:29 PM) : I like longer hair
    Mind_Mistress(13:29 PM) : You want to let it grow longer?
    Mind_Mistress(13:34 PM) : Still there?
    Ashley(13:36 PM) : When, if possible, would you like our first session?
    Mind_Mistress(13:37 PM) : When would you have saved enough?
    Ashley(13:37 PM) : Well, possibly Saturday
    Mind_Mistress(13:37 PM) : You have a small budget, let’s space them out
    Ashley(13:37 PM) : I get paid to day, which means my check should be deposited tomorrow
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : Yes, I have a super small budget
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : I am almost starving
    Mind_Mistress(13:38 PM) : Paid every week or two weeks?
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : But at the sametime, this feels like something I need more then food at the moment
    Mind_Mistress(13:38 PM) : Hun, food is important…
    Ashley(13:39 PM) : Yes I am paid every two weeks, I make around 300 every two weeks, after rent and other funds it usually leaves me with about 40 spending money for food and gass and such
    Ashley(13:39 PM) : Living on your own, and working a dead end job really sucks
    Mind_Mistress(13:39 PM) : That doesn’t seem like enough to afford sessions at all
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : I can squeeze my budget.
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : I will find away
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : This is something I really want, and ill find away
    Mind_Mistress(13:40 PM) : With 40 $ for food and gas as your only spending money?
    Ashley(13:41 PM) : Ill put my tip money aside, its not alot.. but if I save it will work.. I think
    Mind_Mistress(13:41 PM) : Let’s wait two weeks and see how much you can put aside
    Ashley(13:42 PM) : Things should be back to normal in about a month anyway, then ill have alot more. Its just at the moment I moved into my new place and I have had to put alot of money into fixing some things and buying myself furniture
    Mind_Mistress(13:34 PM) : Still there?
    Ashley(13:36 PM) : When, if possible, would you like our first session?
    Mind_Mistress(13:37 PM) : When would you have saved enough?
    Ashley(13:37 PM) : Well, possibly Saturday
    Mind_Mistress(13:37 PM) : You have a small budget, let’s space them out
    Ashley(13:37 PM) : I get paid to day, which means my check should be deposited tomorrow
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : Yes, I have a super small budget
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : I am almost starving
    Mind_Mistress(13:38 PM) : Paid every week or two weeks?
    Ashley(13:38 PM) : But at the sametime, this feels like something I need more then food at the moment
    Mind_Mistress(13:38 PM) : Hun, food is important…
    Ashley(13:39 PM) : Yes I am paid every two weeks, I make around 300 every two weeks, after rent and other funds it usually leaves me with about 40 spending money for food and gass and such
    Ashley(13:39 PM) : Living on your own, and working a dead end job really sucks
    Mind_Mistress(13:39 PM) : That doesn’t seem like enough to afford sessions at all
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : I can squeeze my budget.
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : I will find away
    Ashley(13:40 PM) : This is something I really want, and ill find away
    Mind_Mistress(13:40 PM) : With 40 $ for food and gas as your only spending money?
    Ashley(13:41 PM) : Ill put my tip money aside, its not alot.. but if I save it will work.. I think
    Mind_Mistress(13:41 PM) : Let’s wait two weeks and see how much you can put aside
    Ashley(13:42 PM) : Things should be back to normal in about a month anyway, then ill have alot more. Its just at the moment I moved into my new place and I have had to put alot of money into fixing some things and buying myself furniture
    Mind_Mistress(13:42): Ah, I see…
    Mind_Mistress(13:44 PM) : Are you sure you changed your nickname on ICQ?
    Ashley(13:45 PM) : I think I did
    Ashley(13:45 PM) : Let me check agin
    Ashley(13:46 PM) : It says it is changed
    Mind_Mistress(13:46 PM) : Good πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:46 PM) : It really does make me tingle all over just reading it
    Mind_Mistress(13:46 PM) : Let’s wait till next week though. I won’t be available this weekend
    Ashley(13:47 PM) : Ok then, that works a little better, that way I can put some more tip money aside over the weekend
    Ashley(13:47 PM) : When is the next time you will be on?
    Mind_Mistress(13:48 PM) : Good πŸ™‚ I’m here most days invisible… I never did get your answer… do you want to grow your hair longer?
    Ashley(13:48 PM) : O yes, I do
    Ashley(13:48 PM) : I think shoulder length would be very nice
    Mind_Mistress(13:49 PM) : I agree πŸ™‚ Just like the picture…
    Ashley(13:49 PM) : Yes definitly πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:50 PM) : So, do you find the girl in the picture attractive?
    Mind_Mistress(13:50 PM) : Yes πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:51 PM) : Thats good
    Ashley(13:51 PM) : I thought she was very pretty too
    Mind_Mistress(13:51 PM) : I liked the old soda bottles better… the glass ones… it so nice to wrap your lips around them…. sucking…
    Ashley(13:51 PM) : Mmmm I bet
    Mind_Mistress(13:52 PM) : I bet you’d like to suck them too…
    Ashley(13:52 PM) : πŸ™‚ I have one of those old coke bottles on the shelf in front of me actually πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:52 PM) : it would be kinda fun to suck I think
    Mind_Mistress(13:53 PM) : Wrapping your lips around the shaft… sucking… drinking…
    Ashley(13:53 PM) : You make it sound like a cock πŸ˜‰
    Mind_Mistress(13:54 PM) : Oh, I’m not suggesting you’d really enjoy sucking a nice yummy cock…
    Mind_Mistress(13:54 PM) : Or maybe I am… πŸ˜‰
    Ashley(13:54 PM) : πŸ™‚ you are slippery arent you πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:55 PM) : Yeah πŸ™‚ Yahoo finaly is working
    Ashley(13:55 PM) : WOuld you like to see my webcam now?
    Mind_Mistress(13:55 PM) : The saliva makes it slippery… πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:55 PM) : Sure
    Ashley(13:55 PM) : I bet it does πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:55 PM) : ha πŸ™‚ I am eyeing that damn coke bottle now
    Mind_Mistress(13:55 PM) : LOL
    Ashley(13:56 PM) : Devious πŸ™‚
    Ashley(13:57 PM) : So, what hours of the day are you on Mostly?
    Mind_Mistress(13:58 PM) : 11am ESt till whenever I sleep…
    Mind_Mistress(13:58 PM) : It varies…
    Ashley(13:58 PM) : Ah Ok πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(13:58 PM) : I need to get going…
    Ashley(13:59 PM) : So, how do you think ill look as a women?
    Ashley(13:59 PM) : O ok, well thank you so much again for everything today. It was amazingly fun
    Mind_Mistress(13:59 PM) : It think you’ll want to show Me your face smooth…
    Ashley(13:59 PM) : Ill talk to you soon I hope. I have some erronds I have to do but I should be back around 3ish
    Ashley(14:00 PM) : Ill be sure to save after I get out of the shower today
    Mind_Mistress(14:00 PM) : Good girl πŸ™‚
    Ashley(14:00 PM) : Thank you, so very much
    Mind_Mistress(14:00 PM) : Have a wonderful day Ashley πŸ™‚
    Ashley(14:00 PM) : You to Mistress Linda
    Ashley(14:00 PM) : Bye πŸ™‚
    Mind_Mistress(14:00 PM) : Bye!


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