Gina’s Roomate

Gina’s Roommate

by Chester, lesbian version by Mind Mistress with permission


Original version posted as Gary’s Roommate on The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

(Chester specializes in gay male erotic mind control and smoking fetish stories )



Gina’s roommate in her third year was the single most beautiful woman Gina had ever seen. Whatever luck granted her the gift of having to live with this young woman with the perfectly chiselled features, the body to die for and even a friendly personality, Gina was very grateful. For a time, that is.

The problem was the she was becoming obsessed with Danielle. She could barely hide her arousal whenever Danielle was in the room and she thought about her constantly. Not that Danielle was around much. Her family was quite wealthy – she was an only child and was given just about anything she wanted. Gina learned that Danielle’s parents pretty well left her to herself – her parents were both CEO’s of different companies and didn’t have a lot of time for her and so Danielle had her own car at school and was out of the room more often than not.

Danielle loved to work out as well. She didn’t seem to be in any organized sports, though she talked about joining the women’s wrestling team, but she liked keeping fit. She was in very good shape.

On a typical day Danielle would rise before Gina and go out running. She’d drop back to the room to change, go out to classes or on weekends the gym and then wouldn’t be seen to late at night unless she stopped by to change for a date.

Studying was something Danielle seldom did but it caught up to her by mid-terms. She was failing two subjects. Danielle seemed surprised at these two failures. It seems that all her year of high school and two years of college she had never had to study and she really didn’t even seem to know how.

The first night after marks were released Danielle stayed in her room to study but she didn’t seem to have a clue how to go about it. She sharpened pencils, got up for a glass of water, went to the bathroom, searched for notepaper – anything but study.

Gina was observing her as she always did, trying not to be noticed as observing. Her imagination was running riot and her pussy was quite wet when Danielle suddenly turned to her and said, “This is really dumb. I really don’t know how to study these things. You seem to be studying all the time. What is it that you do?”

Having been suddenly pulled from a fantasy, Gina was tongue-tied for a second, then said, “You need to learn to relax, first of all. You’re like a caged lion tonight. Do you realize how much you have been getting up from your desk and doing things so that you won’t have to study?”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve always been a bit hyper. I have to be doing things all the time. I never used to have to study – but I’m really having trouble in History and Psych. I’ve got to get those grades up.”

Straight from her fantasy Gina brought it up. “Have you ever tried hypnosis? To relax you? And help you concentrate?”

“You mean like those stage shows where people think they’re chickens and stuff?”

“No, they’re putting on a show. It’s really not like that. It’s very relaxing and helpful. I had a friend back home that raised her marks 40% with a little help from hypnosis.”

“No shit! Where do you go to have it done?”

Gina gulped. “I can do it. No problem.”

“Really. Did you do the girl whose marks went up?”

“Yeah,” Gina said, “That was me. It’s been a hobby of mine for a long time.”

“Then you’ll be a good buddy and help me?

“Sure,” Gina said. “Whatever you want.”

“Right now?”


“O.K.” Danielle smiled. “What do I do?”

Twenty minutes later Danielle was sitting in the one easy chair in the room and her eyes were closed. A shiver went through Gina the moment that happened. She could feel herself shaking – the chance to get this close to Danielle, and the ‘intimacy’ of hypnotizing her – she found quite exciting.

Danielle had been an exceptional hypnotic subject. Gina hadn’t been kidding when she said it was a hobby; she had been doing it for years. For her it had been a way to be around girls without being overtly sexual, and the idea of power over another really turned her on. At least in her imagination. She had always been afraid to do anything sexual with a subject when they were hypnotized. She had never crossed that line – only in her imagination. She had stuck to helping them with their concentration, or stopping other habits they wanted changed like biting nails. She really had raised Jaimie’s marks by 40% – that wasn’t a lie.

But now, looking at the deeply sleeping Danielle her imagination was going crazy. Danielle was wearing only the denim vest that she wore around the dorm room and her bulging breasts were there for Gina to reach out to – in her mind, of course. Danielle’s jeans were fairly tight but she had a nice outline at the crotch.*

Gina began the process of deepening Danielle’s trance – a process that usually took about an hour working with someone the first time, but Danielle seemed to be one of those rare 10% that could hit a very deep trance almost immediately. She was the type they liked to get for stage shows for she was very suggestible.

After about ten minutes Gina was convinced that she was quite deep from a series of tests she usually did.

Next she gave Danielle a key that would put her quickly back into a trance. “Danielle, whenever I say the words: “Did you do your Statistics last night?” and only when I say those words, you will immediately feel your eyes start to close and you will go into a deeper sleep that you are even right now. Every time you go under you will go deeper and deeper. Do you understand?”


In a minute I’m going to wake you up and you are going to feel very refreshed. You won’t be aware anything has happened. In fact you’ll forget all about being hypnotized. But when you wake up you are going to find it impossible not to swear. You will swear more than the worst sailor – but – you won’t even be aware that you’re swearing. I’m going to put my hand on your head now and you are going to feel the need to swear come into you.” Gina reached out and placed her hand on the sleeping Danielle’s head. A frown crossed Danielle’s face. “Do you feel it coming into you.”

“Yes.” And then she formed words on her lips but didn’t say them.

“I’m now going to count to 5. When you hear the number “5” you will be wide awake, thinking that you have to study, forgetting all about our conversation about hypnosis. One… two… three… Gina moved back to her desk. Four… five.

Danielle’s eyes flew open. “Christ, I’m must have fuckin’ fallen asleep. Damn it, I’ve got to fuckin’ study for this fuckin’ test tomorrow.” She got up and went back to her desk. “Christ Jesus, I don’t even fuckin’ know how to go about learning this crap. I hate that fuckin’ bitch.”

Gina looked at her. “Danielle, I wish you’d watch your language round me – I don’t appreciate all that swearing.”

Danielle looked at her as if she were crazy. “What the fuck are you talking about? I never fucking swear.”

“Danielle… did you do your statistics last night?”

Immediately Danielle’s eyes closed and she slipped down off her chair onto the floor – and not very easily. Gina would have to change that direction so she stayed upright when it happened.

“Danielle, I am going to help you up and get you sitting back on your desk chair. You won’t awaken, but the movement will make you go even deeper.” She helped Danielle back into the chair.

“In a few minutes I am going to wake you up. When you wake up you will feel an overwhelming need for a brewed coffee. You will ask Gina if she wants a coffee and you will take her to get one. On the first sip of the coffee you will be able to stop swearing. On the second sip of coffee you will find the lady who served you quite attractive and will want to flirt with her. On the last sip of coffee you are going to suddenly want another coffee – and a cigarette. You will feel an overwhelming need to smoke a cigarette. Have you ever smoked before, Danielle?”

“I tried it. I didn’t like it.”

“Oh, you will this time, Danielle. You are going to want that cigarette so badly and you will enjoy it so much when you smoke it. You will just love it. And you will want to wear your leather jacket to smoke. You love your leather jacket. It makes you feel like a bad girl, and you love that. Also remember, whenever I say the phrase “Did you do your Statistics last night?” you will fall immediately asleep wherever you are but you will stay in whatever position you are in. Your eyes will close and you will go even deeper asleep than you are now. On the count of five you will wake up, feeling the need for coffee very badly. One.. two… three..” Gina moved back to her desk. “Four… five…”

Danielle’s eyes popped open and there was 10 seconds of silence. Then…

“Fuck! I can’t take this any more. I need a fuckin’ coffee. You wanna fuckin’ go for a coffee?”


Like a madwoman, she rummaged through the closet for her leather jacket, slipped it on, grabbed her keys and rushed to the door.

“Fuckin’ hurry up. I damn well need a coffee now!”

I grabbed my jacket and followed but I could hardly keep up with her. She raced down the hall, practically ran down the stairs and raced to her car. She had the car started before I got in. “Nice car,” I said.

“My fuckin’ parents got it for me for graduation.”

“You must get along with your parents well.”

“My mother’s a fuckin’ cunt sometimes. And my fuckin’ father… she gives me these fuckin’ gifts so she fuckin’ won’t have to talk to me.”

Danielle was driving like a madwoman. When we got to the gate and there was a red light, Danielle jumped out of the car and ran over to the button on the post that walkers push if they want the light to change.

“C’mon..c’mon..dammit! I haven’t got all fuckin’ day!” Finally the light turned green and I heard rubber as Danielle raced to the nearest coffee shop.

There was a small lineup and Danielle paced like a caged animal waiting for her coffee. “Fuck, this place is so fuckin’ slow.”

Finally it was our turn. The waitress was a dowdy forty-year old who’d had a rough day. “How do you fuckin’ take yours?” she asked.

“Black”, I said.

“Just give us two fuckin’ black coffees as quickly as possible.” She slapped the money down on the counter as the girl gave her a disgusted look, then turned and got the coffee.

Danielle had her first sip before we sat down. The swearing stopped instantly. “ow. I needed this tonight. It tastes so good.” A second sip. “Did you see that waitress that served us – great body.” She looked over and smiled at her. She, of course, was oblivious. But all through her sipping she kept looking over at her, trying to get her attention and smiling. She even licked her lips, looking at her.

Finally she had her last sip. On doing so she looked around the shop, presumably for smokers. There weren’t any. Danielle started to fidget and looked uncomfortable.

“Say, you don’t smoke, do you?”

“No” I said. Actually that was a bit of lie. I hadn’t been smoking since I got to college because I was trying to control a habit that had gotten out of control. Actually I had a thing for female smokers and found it quite sexy really.

“I don’t smoke often either, but I really want another coffee and a cigarette now. Would you go get a coffee while I go out and get some smokes?” she didn’t wait for an answer but practically shot out the door to her car and screeched out of the lot looking for a store that sold cigarettes. She was back in about five minutes with a pack of Virginia Slims 120’s. She already had one lit when she entered the coffee shop.

I had just sat down with the two new coffees having had a short lecture from the waitress on “manners” and my friend.

We talked for a while about home and school and I watched Danielle smoke. She didn’t inhale very much, but some. She did, however, look like she was enjoying the smoke, and she looked really hot in the black leather jacket. After she put the cigarette out, I looked at her and said, “Did you do your Statistics last night?” Her eyes shut immediately but she remained in the same position.

“You are going even deeper, Danielle. You enjoyed that cigarette, didn’t you?”

“Yes. It was good.”

“You smoke a lot now, don’t you Danielle?”

She looked confused. “I don’t smoke.”

“Sure you do, Danielle. You have a pack of cigarettes with you right now, don’t you?”


“And you love to smoke. It really relaxes you. So you smoke a lot, don’t you?”

Tentatively. “Yes..”

“How much do you smoke, Danielle?”

“I don’t know. A lot.”

“And how much is a lot? A pack a day?”

“I guess so.”

“So you smoke a pack a day and you love it?”


“You can feel yourself wanting another cigarette right now, can’t you?”


“And why do you want a cigarette right now?”

“Because I love smoking.” Danielle replied.

“Yes, you do. And how much do you smoke, Danielle?”

“A pack a day.”

“You love smoking more and more with every puff you need to smoke more and more. Say it.”

“I love smoking more and more with every puff I need to smoke more and more.”

“You’re so addicted you can’t stop smoking. Say it”

“I’m so addicted I can’t stop smoking,” Gina agreed.

“You’re so addicted, you’re going to start smoking more and more. Say it.”

“I’m so addicted, I’m going to start smoking more and more.”


She was so suggestible, taking it all in… what else could she make her do? Then she thought:

“Have you ever thought of getting a nipple-ring, Danielle?”

“Not really.”

“Well, I am placing my hand on your head right now and you are starting to feel like you would really like to get a nipple-ring. It would look sexy on your nipple. A cute nipple-ring on your left nipple. You really want that now. What is it you want now, Danielle.”

“A cigarette.”

“Right. But what else?”

“A nipple-ring.”

“And why do you went a nipple-ring, Danielle?”

“It would look sexy.”

“That’s right. Now in a minute I am going to wake you up and you will finish your coffee, not remembering you have been asleep at all. And you will go back to our room and you will be able to study because you will be relaxed. The cigarettes will help you to relax and study. Now I’ll count to five and you will wake up, not remembering being asleep at all. One, two, three, four, five.”

“Oh, I must have drifted off for a second. What were you saying?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Danielle was reaching for another cigarette. This time she was inhaling a little deeper. God she looked good with a cigarette in her black leather jacket. A real bad girl!

Shortly after we went back to our room. I got ready for bed, then went to bed and pretended to sleep, but didn’t sleep – watching Danielle out of the corner of my eye.

She stayed up till three studying – and smoked almost the whole pack of cigarettes! At one point I came without even touching myself, just watching this chick smoke!


I don’t know what Danielle’s friends thought about her new smoking habit – she never said anything about it, but I loved it. As she smoked more she developed a lovely feminine style and her inhalations got very deep and long. While she studied, she would often hold the cigarette with her lips while taking a puff, her fingers forming a V. I had to change my panties many times over the next week.

The following Saturday at noon Danielle walked in with this nipple-ring – on her left nipple. She was quite proud of it and showed me immediately by ripping her t-shirt off over her head. Then she sat at the end of her bed and told me how she’d always wanted to do that.

I listened, then replied “Did you do your Statistics last night”. Immediately her eyes shut. “I want you to lay back on the bed,” I said.

She did.

I stood there looking at this incredible woman and I could barely contain myself. Then I got an idea.

“Danielle. I want you to go back in time to when you were in high school. To a time when there was a girl you thought was attractive. You are moving back in time and you are there now. How old are you, now, Danielle.


“And who is the girl you find desirable.”

“My English teacher, Miss Dunn.”

“Now if she’s desirable, that means you desire her… don’t you Danielle? ”

“I… desire her…”

“In fact she really turns you on… just looking at her turns you on… doesn’t it Danielle?”

“But… I’m not a lesbian…”

“Danielle, you can just forget the concept of lesbian for now. It’s just a memory. It doesn’t matter. Does it?”


“Looking at her turns you on.”

“Looking at her… turns me on… ”

“What’s she like, Danielle?”

“She’s really beautiful. She wears these short skirts that… are so sexy. Her hair is red and cut quite short… and she has this great smile.”

“You are looking at her now, Danielle. She’s just as you described and you see her very clearly, don’t you?


“And she likes you, too, Danielle. She’s been too shy to tell you, but you can see it from the way she’s looking at you. She’s smiling at you and calls you over. She says that she has some extra work for you and she needs you to go home with her. Would you like that?”


“She’s driving you to her home now, Danielle. You’re in the car and she keeps smiling at you. How are you feeling, Danielle.”

“Horny…she… really turns me on.”

“She reaches out and puts her hand on your leg.” Gina reached over and put her hand on Danielle’s upper leg. She talks to you now.”

Gina’s voice took on a different tone. “I really like you, Danielle. Of all my students you are my favourite. I am so lonely, Danielle and I need you to help me.” Gina slowly moved her hand up the leg and into Danielle’s crotch. “You’d like to help me, wouldn’t you, Danielle?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“You really turn me on, Danielle. Do I turn you on, too? Gina started to massage Danielle’s moistening slit.

“Oh, yes.”

“We’re at my house, now. Danielle. Take my hand and I’ll show you the bedroom where I sleep.” Gina took her hand away from Danielle’s crotch and held her hand. “Isn’t this a beautiful, bedroom, Danielle.”


“I want you to take your shirt off and lie on the bed. You look very comfortable. Now watch me as I take off my things.” Gina described in detail each piece of clothing that Miss Dunn took off. By the end, Danielle was squirming.

“I’m going to undo your jeans, now, Danielle. You must be getting very uncomfortable.” Danielle reached over and undid her jeans. I want you to just relax, now Danielle and let me do all the work. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

By this time, Gina had her shirt and pants off and was kneeling next to Danielle’s sleeping body. She reached over and put her hand on Danielle’s shoulders and felt the strong muscles and the smooth skin of her beautiful breasts. She massaged Danielle as she moved downwards. She spoke to Danielle all the while. Danielle made sounds as though she were really enjoying this fantasy.

“I want to kiss you now, Danielle. Do you want me too?”

“Oh, yes, please…” she begged.

Gina, now on top of Danielle, reached down to Danielle’s lips. At the same time, Danielle’s mouth opened and her tongue went into Gina and for what seemed like an eternity and at the same time only a few seconds, Gina kissed Danielle with all the energy and might that had been building up for over two months. And Danielle reciprocated.

“That was so nice, Danielle. And now I have another present for you.” Gina went down on Danielle’s now sopping wet pussy while her hands roamed all over Danielle’s body.

It was not very long before Danielle came and Gina licked up all her pussy juice. Danielle moaned in ecstasy and called out…”Oh, Miss Dunn, Miss Dunn. I love you so much.”

Afterwards she got Danielle to do up her pants and told her that this would always have to be their secret. Gina spied her Zippo lighter on top of her desk and went over and grabbed it.

“Danielle, I’m going to give you this lighter as a gift. Every time you light a cigarette you will be able to think of me and this wonderful time we’ve had.”

“I don’t smoke, Miss Dunn.”

This threw Gina for a second. “Well, you will start, Danielle. For me. But you must never lose this lighter, Danielle. It must be your most precious thing. If you lose it, you will change from a lover to a bitter, hating person. It will destroy you.” God, Gina thought. Where did that come from. Melodrama or what!

“I’m leaving you now and in a moment Gina will start talking to you again. Listen to her. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” A tear dropped from Danielle’s left eye.

“This is Gina again. You feel very relaxed. In a few minutes I will wake you and you will think you have been just asleep for a short nap. You remember showing Gina your new nipple-ring and then you lay down for a short nap. Put your lighter in your pocket where you won’t lose it.”

“Can’t lose it.”

“You are twenty years old again. How much do you smoke, Danielle.”

“A pack a day.”

“And who started you smoking, Danielle?”

She thought about it for a moment. “Miss Dunn.”

“How did she do that, Danielle?”

“She gave me a lighter and I started smoking.”

“And do you like smoking, Danielle.?”


“You love it, don’t you?”


“You love it so much you are going to smoke twice as much now, Danielle.”

“Twice as much.”

“How much do you smoke now, Danielle?”

“Two packs a day.”

Now Gina could watch Danielle smoking two or three cigarettes before she left for class each morning.

“One, two, three, four, five.”

She awoke. “Oh, I must have really dozed off.” The first thing she did was take out her cigarettes and use the new lighter. She looked at the lighter before she lit it, and smiled.


As Danielle smoked more and more, Danielle’s fantasies grew stronger and stronger and the need to have sex with Danielle again. Then she thought about the lighter and what that might do. During the night on Monday she took the lighter from Danielle’s pocket.

Danielle arose at six to go running as she always did. The difference was that now she had to have a couple of cigarettes before she went out and she found she couldn’t run as far or as long. Cigarette dangling from her mouth, Danielle reached over to the chair to grab the lighter from her jeans pockets. It wasn’t there. Danielle panicked. She madly searched the room and all her clothes and when the lighter couldn’t be found she sat on the bed and cried.

Gina’s response was simply: “Did you do your Statistics last night?” Instantly Danielle’s wet eyes closed and Gina walked over to her. “you are feeling very sad that you lost that lighter, aren’t you?”


“You know that very bad things will happen unless you can find that lighter, don’t you?”


“You can feel your personality changing right now. You don’t seem to be able to get turned on by men any more. Just the thought of having sex with a man makes you ill. Instead you are finding yourself turned on by your roommate Gina. Every time you light a cigarette the new match or lighter is going to cause you to think of Gina in a very sexual way. And you smoke a lot, don’t you?


“How much do you smoke, Danielle?”

“Two packs a day.”

“And every time you light a cigarette, who do you think of now?”


“How does that make you feel?”

Danielle paused a second. “Embarrassed. Dirty. Bad.”

“But still you can’t stop thinking about her can you?


“Those feelings are going to get stronger and stronger every day. I’m going to count to five and you will still be crying about the lighter and you won’t remember having been asleep.” Gina moved back to her bed. “One..two… three… four… five.”

Danielle’s eyes opened and she continued to cry.

“Danielle? Is something the matter?” Gina asked with a yawn.

“You haven’t seen my lighter, have you?”

“No. You came in late last night. You must have left it somewhere. But you can get a new one. What’s the problem?” No response. “Here. Here’s an old one I had lying around.” Gina got up and walked over to Danielle.

Danielle still had her back to Gina when Gina came round the bed and lit the lighter. Danielle, seeing the light, put she cigarette back into her mouth and drew. She drew deeply and long as she did with the first morning smoke every morning.

Then she looked up at Gina. “Thanks,” she said and smiled forlornly.

“No problem.” Gina proceeded to take off her pyjamas and parade to the bathroom nude. She made sure she paused to look through a drawer and pick up a few toiletries she didn’t really need – but made sure she paraded around a bit. Danielle’s eyes stayed focused on her the whole time.

Out of the corner of her eye, Gina could see Danielle deeply drawing in the cigarette smoke and staring at her. While she was in the bathroom she peeped though the keyhole and she was able to see Danielle masturbating on the bed.

I wonder what she’s thinking about, she thought!

The following two days Danielle seemed to stay in the room more. She also seemed to be letting herself go. She stopped her morning jog which was surprising because she never, ever missed that. She stopped shaving her legs and bathing. She stayed in the room sometimes like a caged animal. Smoking like a chimney and leaving the room only to buy more cigarettes. At one point while Gina was pretending to be sleeping, Danielle picked up a Playboy (that Gina had conveniently left there to test her, saying it was for a research paper on American culture) and leafed through it. Five minutes later she was throwing up in the bathroom. When she came out she leaned against the wall and stared at Gina for the longest time.

On Friday Gina said the magic words again and a very unkempt Danielle went under immediately.

“You seem very upset, Danielle. I want you to tell me what’s been bothering you.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, Danielle. You can tell me anything.”

“I..uh… I’m having sexual thoughts about Gina.”

“What kind of sexual thoughts?”

“Like touching her and wondering what it would be like to see her pussy… and touch it.”

“And why does that bother you?”

“I’m not gay. I don’t want to be gay.”

“But if you’re attracted to Gina then you must be gay.”

“Yes, but..”

“I’m placing my hand on your hand and this is not going to bother you anymore. You won’t think about being gay or straight. You will enjoy any sexual thoughts or fantasies you have and not worry about whether they are right or wrong.” She placed her hands on Danielle’s head and pushed down hard.

Danielle shivered.

“Who are you attracted to right now, Danielle?”


“And your attraction gets stronger with each cigarette, doesn’t it?”


“How much do you smoke now, Danielle?”

“Around two packs a day.”

“Starting tomorrow you will smoke three packs a day and your attraction to Gina will go stronger and stronger. How much will you smoke starting tomorrow?”

“Three packs a day.”

“And who do you want to make love to?”


“Do you think Gina wants the same thing as you do?”


“Are you going to tell her how you feel?”

“I couldn’t. No.”

“By Sunday you are going to want her so badly that you are going to have to do something about it because each cigarette is going to make you hornier and hornier. By Sunday you won’t be able to stand it.”


“Do you think about her when you masturbate?”


“Tell me about what you thought about the last time you masturbated.”

“I was thinking about Julian but… his face kept changing to Gina’s. She came into the room and I jumped her and we wrestled on the floor. We were both laughing. Then I pinned her down and she struggled. I kept her pinned and I reached down and kissed her. She struggled but I kept putting my tongue in deeper and deeper. Then she struggled some more and I punched her and knocked her out. She just lay there so I reached down and put my hand under her belt and down to her pussy and rubbed it… up and down… up and down… and then I came.”

Gina’s own pussy was wet now. “You haven’t been running lately, have you?”

“No. I might miss Gina. I like seeing her change in the morning.”

“And why haven’t you shaved or washed?”

Danielle looked puzzled. “I just forgot, I guess. No reason to ’cause I didn’t want to go out.”

“Were you planning to go home Thanksgiving weekend, Danielle?”


“You are going to ask to take Gina home with you because you couldn’t stand to be away from her, can you?”


“Will your parents mind?”

“No. They let me do most anything I want.”

“Do you like your parents, Danielle.”

“Not very much. ”


“They kind of ignore me. Their jobs are more important.”

“I want you to lie on the bed now, Danielle. As soon as you hear the door to the hallway close you will wake up, thinking you have dozed off. You are waiting for Gina to get back. You can’t wait for Gina to get back and you are getting hornier and hornier. How much do you smoke, Danielle?”

“Three packs a day.”

Gina walked out and didn’t come back for four hours. Danielle nearly went crazy waiting for her.


Gina woke up with a splitting headache. Each time she tried to move she realized how much her body hurt. How long had she been… where was… The last thing she remembered was coming into the room Sunday evening.

Slowly she looked around the room. It was dim but not dark outside. Was it morning or dusk? Then she heard a sob from across the room. In the dim light she could see Danielle leaning against the wall almost in a fetal position, sobbing.

She sat up and every part of her body seemed to ache. She wasn’t wearing any clothes and was covered by a thin blanket.

“Danielle?” her voice creaked.

“Oh, God. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Oh, God!”

“What happened?” Gina asked pulling herself to a seated position.

She couldn’t get an answer out of Danielle who kept moaning “Oh my God. I’m sorry,” over and over.

She walked over to Danielle. “Did you do your Statistics last night?” Immediately the sobbing stopped. “You are feeling quite calm and relaxed now Danielle. Very relaxed. Going deeper and deeper. Are you feeling better?”


“I want you to tell me exactly what happened last night. It won’t bother you telling about. You’ll stay very relaxed. O.K?”

“Relaxed. Yes.”

“Now tell me exactly what happened.”

“Gina left about noon and I waited for her to come back but she didn’t come and I kept getting more and more nervous and smoking more and all the time I kept dreaming about what it would be like to touch Gina and touch her pussy and suck on it… but she didn’t come back and I was getting very edgy. Then suddenly I heard her coming down the hall and I knew I had to have her but I couldn’t tell her so I grabbed one of my weights and when she came in the door I was waiting and hit her with it. But I couldn’t stop hitting her for the longest time and then I stopped and I saw her laying there. I couldn’t hold it in any more. I reached down and ripped her clothes off her and kissed her and tried to say I was sorry. I kissed her whole body and then put my mouth on her pussy into but it wouldn’t get wet. And I was so horny I wanted to burst, so I laid her on the floor and took her hand and forced her fingers into my pussy till I exploded. And it felt wonderful but I felt so bad because I hurt Gina and I didn’t want to hurt her… I just needed her so much… and I lifted her and put her on the bed… but she still wouldn’t wake up and I was afraid I had killed her and I didn’t know what to do.” She started to sob again.

Despite her pain Gina thought: I finally had her and don’t remember a thing! “Danielle, stop crying. Go even deeper. More relaxed. I will fix Gina so that she is alright. But you must never hurt Gina again. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Never hurt Gina.”

“For hurting Gina you must always do everything she says. She is your best friend and you will have no others. You must tell Gina how you feel about her, no matter how embarrassed you may feel and Gina will understand – because she is your best friend. By the way, have you asked your parents if you can bring someone home?”

“Yes. They said I could.”

“Starting right now, Danielle, the more you grow in your love for Gina, the more you will hate your parents. And what makes your love for Gina grow, Danielle?”


“That’s right. Do your parents know you smoke, Danielle?


“How would they feel about it?”

“They would hate it – probably forbid me to smoke.”

“That will create a problem, won’t it. What do you love more, Danielle? Your parents or smoking?”

She answered without reservation. “Smoking.”

Then you’ll just have to make them deal with it, won’t you, Danielle.”


“Danielle, in a few minutes I am going to wake you up. When you wake up, you will be pleased to see that Gina is alright. You will ask her if she would like to go out for coffee, but you won’t go inside a coffee shop – just get it to go. You’ll make one other stop – to get some cigarettes at a smokeshop, but when you are buying the cigarettes you’ll suddenly feel like you want a cigarette holder, so you’ll buy one. You’ll drive over to the place where you last made out with Julian to have coffee. You will smoke the cigarette with the holder, making sure you inhale it deeply and you will love smoking it. The cigarette holder will give you the courage to tell Gina how much you love her. You won’t get embarrassed as long as you are smoking with the cigarette holder. The cigarette holder makes you feel sexy and confident. From now on, you love smoking with a cigarette holder. You will tell her exactly how you feel about her. Do you understand all that?”


“And who is your best friend, Danielle?”

“Gina is.”

“And what will you do to make up to Gina for hurting her?”

“Anything she asks.”

An hour later they were at Martin’s Lane – a local lover’s lane and Danielle was inserting a cigarette into her holder and lighting it up. She drew on it deeply, held it in her lungs and exhaled a long, rich stream of smoke toward the open car window.

“Gina,” she started, “I feel that you are my best friend in all the world.” She brought the tip of the holder to her lips, and took another even deeper puff . The smoke came out her nose and mouth in a steady stream as she left its tip on the edge of her lips. Lately I’ve had feelings for you, feelings that I don’t understand and when you came home last night, I’m afraid I knocked you out and hurt you because I didn’t want those feelings. Don’t say anything yet.” She paused for another puff. But when you were lying there unconscious, I abused you… sexually.”

“You did what?”

“I’m sorry. There’s something about you that turns me on so much and I never thought about another girl that way before, but that’s the way I think of you and I’m sorry, but I just had to tell you.” She took another puff from the tip of her holder and tears dripped down her cheeks.

“Danielle… I have the same feelings for you,” Gina said.

Slowly Danielle turned to look at her. There was a one minute pause as if someone had pressed the video pause button, then Danielle reached over and smothered Gina with kisses, still cluthing the cigarette holder that gave her so much confidence, occasionally suckling from it between kisses.

One thing led to another and soon they had their clothes off and were making passionate love in Danielle’s car. At the end Danielle asked Gina to go to her parents this weekend for Thanksgiving. On the way back to the dorm Danielle chain-smoked from her beloved cigarette holder, and Gina watched her, loving every minute of it.


Thanksgiving weekend came quickly. Danielle’s parents were stunned to see the change in her. The biggest argument was about the smoking but Danielle was just as adamant about it as they were. Finally she agreed to smoke in her room or outdoors and that seemed to satisfy them enough to get by.

Gina was introduced as her best friend and if they had any idea that anything was going on between them it didn’t show. Most of the weekend they were left alone as one or the other of the parents went off to do some work related activity or had company to contend with.

Gina had her own room and each night Danielle would tiptoe in about an hour after bedtime and spend the night with her. After they made love often Danielle didn’t sleep but sat there just looking at Gina with great love and admiration on her face.

At times such as this she would sit there until she needed another cigarette and then would come back and sit again. She would often do this for half the night.

On her part, Gina loved the attention and also the richness of the Danielle’s family home. On Sunday night she turned to the adoring Danielle: “Did you do your Statistics last night?” Immediately Danielle was under.

“What do you think of your parents, Danielle?”

“I hate them.”

“And what do you think of Gina?”

“I love her. She’s my best friend.”

“And you’d do anything for her, wouldn’t you?”


During the night she had Danielle go down and cut the brake line on Danielle’s father’s car. Gina knew that they had to go into town on Thanksgiving Day to visit one of Danielle’s dad’s clients. She had heard them talking about it. Then she erased all memory of it from Danielle’s mind.

She enjoyed watching Danielle smoke from the cigarette holder so much she made her want to smoke only from the cigarette holder, conditionning her to feel more and more glamorous, sexy and horny when she did. Danielle soon learned to use the holder with her left hand so that she could relieve herself with the right hand. Gina was a very happy voyeur!

She increased Danielle’s sexual passion for her each time she put her under, linking it with the use of the cigarette holder, so that Danielle’s lust for Gina grew stronger with each day. As a lover she became completely sensitive to Gina’s needs.

She woke Danielle and they made love for another hour before they both fell asleep.

The death of Danielle’s parents came as quite a shock -though Danielle was actually glad they died. She really hated them. The investigation found that there was a frayed brake line and that it could have been an accident or someone could have tampered with it. They gave Danielle a lie detector test at one point and found that she knew nothing about it. The case was dropped.

Danielle decided that she wouldn’t go back to school – with a little help from Gina. There was no reason to – she had more money than she could spend in a lifetime if she invested it properly. She asked Gina to move in with her and quit school as well. Gina reluctantly agreed, making Danielle love her all the more for her self-sacrifice.

Danielle was now thoroughly addicted to her cigarettes, her ever present cigarette holder, as well as a certain woman’s pussy, and would likely be for life.


If you love someone, holder close…

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