Enslaved Online

Real life story !

A woman can turn a male into a slave

I was online and decided to have some fun…

oh where to begin…I’ve been talking to Mind_Mistress for several months now. When I first met her she made it clear that she was mainly into women which I can completely respect. So I assumed my chances with her for hypnosis was slim and none. But from the first conversation with her she seemed so nice, interesting, funny and inteligent I couldn’t help but Instant Message her every time I saw her online. Now a night or 2 ago I went online pretty late and I found her to be on as well so I imediately wrote to her.

using covert hypnosis

Superior females must explain things in simple terms to men…

This conversation started out normal but changed quite quickly when I asked her about the Ericksonian style of hypnosis, saying that I didn’t have any experience with it (or did she get me to ask this question without me even knowing it?). Within seconds I could feel myself going into a trance just from her first few questions. But I didn’t realize this until she did a count from 1 to 10 to put me into a deep trance. By the time she got to 10 it was too late wether I knew or not. This part of our session is still a bit foggy but she must have given me the suggestion that I need to see her pic which was on her page.

making him forget, forget…

I kept talking as his mind kept fading away… telling him how it would be all gone at the count of 10… then told him how he wanted to obey Me… needed to obey Me… more and more… becoming weaker and weaker with every word I typed… and then placed the post-hypnotic suggestions that he would become My hypnotic slave whenever I said his special trigger word… that upon awakening, he would desperately need to see a picture of Me… that seeing My picture would make him want to serve Me and please Me and worship Me… and that he would forget… total amnesia… forget all these instructions until I allowed him to remember…

As soon as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes I could feel the trance coming over me and the need to please my mistress in any way. The more I looked into those beautiful blue eyes the more I realized that I was meant to worship this woman.

filling his mind with post hypnotic suggestions…

I made him beg Me to see My picture… oh how he begged nicely… all desperate and hopelessly aroused… until I finally gave him the URL to My site… and when he saw it… he was hooked!

As she put me under again I gave in even more desiring the pleasure that came from her hypnotic spell and the pleasure in knowing that in some way I will please my mistress.

in a fantasy reality where she is a goddess…

Using My trigger word was unnecessary… he was a good boy, and went into a mindlessly deep and obedient trance upon seeing My picture… his mind was there for the plucking… and I had no qualms about shaping it to My liking. In that trance, I sent him a vision… of Me, and as he stared into My eyes, I told him to re-experience the greatest arousal he had ever felt… and then see Me seductively lighting a long sexy cigarette…

Soon she started to fill my mind with the image of her smoking. The gaze of her beautiful blue eyes and golden smoke coming from her mouth and covering me. With every inhale from her cigarette her breasts would seductivly rise and fall, making me more and more aroused. With every breath she took I became more her slave and soo aroused by her smoking. I never even remotely had this fetish before but now everytime I see a women smoking I think of my experience with my mistress and become aroused.

molding his thoughts and beliefs…

Smoking is so enjoyable and sexy I find… that I decided to deeply conditon and imprint him with a smoking fetish… so that from now on, he will become extremely aroused by seeing a female smoking… more pleasure for him… and one more defender of the rights of women to enjoy smoking, in the current war against simple pleasures…

I have gone to the point of carrying a lighter around with me in the event that a women needs me to light her cigarette. So all I found I wanted was to obey my mistress. And now all I think of is the next time I will get the chance to be intimate with my mistress again and be granted the ability to obey and please her.


and using him for Her pleasure

and each time he sees a woman smoking, his need to obey Me grows with his arousal… though he cannot afford My services, the poor man. I told him he would have the privilege of hearing My voice through online voice chat if he would write me an account of our trance to post on My site. He was a good boy, as you can see. Perhaps he will find some other way to serve Me, to earn the privilege of becoming My mindlessly obedient and hypnotized slave once again… and he’s thinking very hard of ways… because his cravings for My trance only keep growing. Perhaps I will be merciful and make him forget the bliss of My trance, relieving him of that gnawing desire… in a few months maybe…

Mind Mistress

This is a true account! Beware!

Extreme pleasure is extremely addictive.

You have been warned.


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