Enslaved and Reprogrammed: Part 2 : Slave Mistress Kitten

Slave Mistress Kitten


enslaved and reprogrammed by hypnosis


She remembers being a bad girl as a teenager…
seducing women… into lesbian sex

Subject: report
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 14:04:01 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hello from Kitten!
Mistress wants me to talk about what’s going on in my life. Lets see…. Well, for one thing I am a bit sore and tired from all the fucking and sucking I’ve been doing lately! *L*
Bet my husband is too! πŸ™‚ He is going to flip when he sees my new “look”. πŸ™‚
As much as I love his dick, I am just dying for sum pussy!
You know, when I was a teenybopper I used to be quite the naughty little girl. πŸ˜‰ I got a lot of sexy young girls in touch with their “inner lesbian”. *L* Not to mention the sensual pleasures of smoking.
MMMMMMM…. smoking…..why did I ever stop? Well, I am going to start again. How else can I convert chicks if I dont do it myself?
Oh ya, I forgot to mention that I am going to start seducing sexy young girls again! *L* And since there is nothing sexier than a woman smoking…:)
Well, gotta go. Gotta get some clothes, get some cigs, see my friends…. mostly the tops of their heads! *L*



seducing women into lesbian sex… again!

Subject: report
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:40:46 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hi, its Kitten.
Mistress wants me to tell about my weekend…I will do as she wishes but I am quite embarresed about it. Not everything just…well you’ll see.
It started Friday night, I had plans to hang out with my friend(I will change her name) Shelly. She thought I was coming over to drink and watch movies. In reality, I was coming over to fuck her.
So, I arrived…we chit-chatted yadayada….she asked if I mind if she smoked(she didnt know that I get turned on by women smoking!)…i said “of course not, its your place”….

We had some drinks, she had some more smokes…I was getting horny LOL.. Oh ya..Shelly thinks I dont smoke…she is really the only one of my friends that does, and she is always trying to get us to start smoking.
And I knew she would try with me that night. Did I mention that I used to smoke, stopped, but am now trying to start again?
Anyway…I played it dumb, like I never smoke, teased her a bit…and just when she was about to give up I said..”well ok, maybe just one…to see what its like”. Her eyes lit up! “Really?” “Ya Really!!”
So, she lit me…I tried…and I hacked up a storm!
She thought it was funny! I guess it has been a long time since I last smoked…So I did the best I could, and Shelly offered a trick to help me get used to the smoke. She inhaled some from hers and then blew it back into my mouth…mmmmm that was fun! We did that a few times…each time I could see the lust burning brighter in her eyes…Im sure she could see it in me too πŸ™‚
Well, then we kissed. Softly at first, but then quickly turning passionate. It felt so wonderful. A woman’s kiss is so different from a man’s. I have kissed girls before but….I dont remember it being so different. It was a weird feeling…good but weird….

We undressed as we continued kissing and feeling each other. As soon as I saw her breasts, I immediatly began kissing and licking…even biting a little *blush*… She has such cute little titties πŸ™‚ We rubbed are nips together, I let her suck on mine… We continued to caress and fondle…soon our hands made it down to our pussies…
We kissed and nuzzled while our fingers went into each other…occasionaly we would kiss a tit…we were both moaning and saying each others name…I dont know who came first, I just know it felt wonderful. And i am pretty certain hers was too. πŸ™‚
We held each other for a while, she told me she has been attracted to me from the day we met. That really surprised me! I told her I have always found her attractive too. She wondered why we didnt do this sooner. We both admitted we had been with girls before, although I downplayed just how experienced I really was.
We talked some more, had some more drinks, tickled and played a bit… then we headed for bed. Oh, first i called my husband to let him know I was too drunk to drive home. He understood. I felt so guilty though. I guess I had just cheated on him. I dont feel real good about that.

Anyway…we got in bed…still naked….kissed and felt each other some more…then she went down on me…ohhhhh did she go down on me! I never felt it quite like that before….she was sooooo good! I believe I may have had an orgasm or two…
So then it was my turn…when I got “face to face” so to speak..I felt a bit nervous…I had done it many times hadnt I? I dont know, the smell..the taste…I liked it but…this is confusing but I felt like I had never done it before. I mean..i was sure I had never done it…i just knew! And yet I can remember doing it a lot! Hmmmmm….Methinks Mistress may have something to do with that! LOL

Anyway, I did do it…pretty well from Shelly’s reaction! πŸ™‚ Afterwards, we cuddled a bit then fell asleep…
The next morning, she awoke before me…when I got up she offered me a cig…I smoked and coughed….then we headed for the shower… That was quite fun…we got good looks at each others bodies…played with each others asses and titties…didnt go any farther than that though… We had another smoke…she tried to get me to stay but I needed to get home…wanted to…
She was my ride home, and she jokingly suggested she wouldnt take me home..I was starting to get pissed though so we finally did leave. She wanted to come in and hang for awhile but I said no I had things to do…she started to get kinda upset….wanting to know when we will get together again, can we tomorrow, why not, blah blan blah…. I said I will call her…gave her a kiss…
When she left, I felt soooo guilty! She really likes me….I like her too but not the same way you know? I feel like I used her. As a sex toy. Sure she enjoyed it, but she has real feelings for me that are not just sexual. My feelings for her are purely sexual and as a friend. I dont know whats going to happen now. What if she gets pissed of and tell everyone? I had some cigs in a bag she gave me, I took one out to smoke, still coughing but better I think…


seducing her sister into lesbian sex ?

Now for the next story. I am such a bad girl. I am supposed to be a good girl. Thats my image anyway. A goody-goody(albeit one with an attitude). My sister had the reputation…
My sister. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Sexy. Tall. Smart. I have always admired her. Well…not always. Jealous too. Despised her at times. Maybe thats why I was so opposite her when I was younger. Couldnt be just like her, so go the other way. See, Im a tomboy, athletic, I love sports. Could care less about clothes and fashion and traditional “girl” stuff.
Basically 180 from my big sis. And I was the good one. Or so everyone thought…this is another confusing part…cause I remember doing some not so good things…and yet I know that I was a “good girl” as a teen. Mistress? LOL…
Anyway…nowdays my sis and I are good friends and I just look up to her. She is divorced, but thats not her fault.
Ok, so when I got home there was a message from her. She was stopping by on her way down south. Cool! But she was on her way now! I no sooner put out the cig than she rang the bell! Shit! I dont want her to know I smoke! She came in, we hugged, and she immediatly smelled the smoke on me…I could have just blamed it on being at Shelly’s but…Sis can tell when I am lying so I just told the truth. She was shocked! I expected the riot act but…she was relieved! Turns out she was a closet smoker too! LOL
We decided to go have lunch….sat in the smoking section of course… Ate..chit-chatted…smoked…coughed…it was so weird, smoking with my sister…

She kept asking if things were ok between me and Hub. I assured her they were but she still seemed skeptikal. She just had this look on her face most of the time like..”This is my lil sis?”
We stopped to get some wine(she luuuuvs her drinks!) and came home and talked and drank and smoked. I had one more cig, and when I was done…I started focusing more on Sis…. So beautiful and sexy…..especially smoking….this is so embarrassing….so wrong…so bad…

I don’t know, I guess since I wasnt coughing….I noticed her more…and I got aroused! I couldnt help it…the smoke just does something to me. Suddenly it wasnt my sister. Just a beautiful, sexy woman…smoking so sensually…right in front of me. I started thinking of Shelly….her smoke…her body…her moans…Oh man…
Then it happened! I just sorta hopped over and kissed her! She made an MMPH sound and dropped her cigeratte! I quickly picked ot up and put it on the table…and continued to kiss…it was like i was possessed with lust….she didnt do much…just sorta laid there…but I kept kissing and licking her lips…slowly they opened…and I felt her tongue… and then…oh man…I am just so terrible….
I guess I have to tell the rest. I do not want to displease Mistress. I started to fondle her…and undress her…she started following my lead, which is quite ironic. We eventually moved to the floor, and removed all our clothes….oh my goodness! This did not happen! I am not saying this! Ok..I can do this. I have to.

I…moved down her body…down between her legs…and then I started to eat her…her moaning…it was so loud! I was so hot…I positioned myself so that it was right in front of her face… And then I felt her tongue…Ohhhhhhhh my goodness!!!!!
Yes, my sister and I were in a 69. If we had a video we would be rich. Oh, man. I feel like the worlds biggest perv. Well, we both came I know that. More than once too. Obviously she had ate pussy before. We cuddled briefly…then she got up and dressed and lit up. I got up and used the bathroom and got dressed. She asked to use the shower. While she did I sat and thought about what just happened. I started to cry. Then I lit up a cig. That helped a little. When she came out I asked if she minded if I took one. When I was done, we sat on the couch and watched TV for awhile…we didnt speak much…it was so awkward! I felt so sorry! She said she had to get going….we walked to the door…I told her I loved her..she told me…then we hugged…then we kissed. It was a real kiss, like how a couple would kiss you know what I mean? That was nice. Weird but nice. She smiled…she still had a look in her eyes…sorta dazed like..”what the hell did I just do”
*sigh* Some weekend huh?

I dont know what to think. I wonder if I she will ever want to even want to see me again? I feel so guilty. Let’s see now…I slept with a friend who has a crush on me just for sex…I seduced and fucked my sister…I have cheated on my husband twice now….and I am such a perv that I still get a little turned on thinking about what happened with my sister!
It was good though. If not for the fact she is my sister…it was an incredible experience.
Well, I guess thats everything up to now. Aint I somethin? Im so glad to have this written so I can trance with Mistress again. I always feel good with her. And I need that right now.



becoming an evil mistress herself…

Subject: report
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 15:41:19 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hey from Kitten!
Well….whats new, whats new…..
I got to be Mistress’s “evil” assistant with puppet!(i call him puppy). I love helping Mistress with anything! Especially if i get to be bad! πŸ˜‰ I have done some bad things latley….and I plan on doing more!!! Hmmmmm…”doing more”…..like say Shelly again….making her want me even more….teasing her….I should just make her my bitch! *LOL* Maybe my sister too…
Mistress made me soooooo HORNY today! I was ready to fuck anything! *LOL* Ya know, there are some pretty hot guys in the neighborhood….and I am alone at home a lot…Hmmmm…:)
Jeez I am becoming such a ho! Aint it cool? *LOL*
Well, gotta go. I got cigs to smoke, people to fuck…ya know how it is.



making her husband a feminized slave?!

Subject: report
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:43:01 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hello from Kitten!

So what’s new with me? Well, let’s see….I’ve been busy with my husband. Wonderful man. Great dick. He’ll make a terrific bitch slave. Or is that slave bitch? Anyway…
I started the process a couple nights ago…I tied his arms up to the bed…and told him to call me Mistress…he was a good boy and played along nicely. I teased his body up and down with my tongue and fingers…everything but his cock. He was so hard and ready! Thats when I made him beg his Mistress for it. Then I teased his cock a little…driving him even more wild…making him beg more and more…
I finally started giving him some more of what he wanted…then I stopped and grabbed my black silk panties…then I started sliding and rubbing them on his body…I made him beg for more…teased his cock with the panties… When he finally said “Please Mistress I will do anything for you to suck me off”…thats when I did!
The next night was more of the same….but this time when it got to that point of “doing anything”….I told him he had to wear the panties…. which he did of course…he looked so cute! *L*
I made him pose a bit…I could tell he felt silly…but I told him it drove me mad with lust! Then I hopped on and rode him with the panties on! Afterwards he was quite curious what all this was about…he still felt a little silly doing it but he enjoyed the enthusiastic reaction he got from me! πŸ™‚
I just told him I enjoyed trying new things, that it adds excitement to our sex life. He has certainly noticed that this “new me” is much more wild and uninhibited and passionate. I told him I will stay that way….as long as he does what he is told…:)



A lesbian mistress for her girlfriend

Subject: report
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:51:19 -0800
To: Mind Mistress

Hey from Kitten!

I had a little date with Shelly last night…;)
I haven’t seen her since our last encounter, although we have talked on the phone…. it started out innocently enough….we drank a little… smoked a lot….got horny….then I ate her pussy…:) Actually, I teased her unmercifully….bringing her almost to the point of orgasm and then stopping…..when she got to the point of wanting it so bad she would do anything…..I made her beg….”Please Mistress, let me cum!”…exactly like that…I made her say it a few times, and then I finally let her have it! MMMMMMMM *L*
She wanted to do me right away, but I said no, lets take a shower first. Once in the shower, I made her wash me….very thoroughly…..she even cleaned my asshole….which gave me a very nasty idea….

After the shower, I laid on the bed…on my stomach….and asked her to massage me….she said “ok”…and I said “the proper response is ‘Yes Mistress'”….she started to argue about why I wanted her to keep calling me that….I told her that if she wanted to continue to be my lover, that she had to play by my rules….she sighed and said “fine whatever”….I just looked her in the eye until she sighed and said “Yes Mistress”…”Good Girl” I replied, and planted a big wet one on her. πŸ™‚
As her hands and mouth wonderfully caressed me, I was becoming more and more moist and aroused….I know this part sounds bad but… I asked her…no ordered her…to lick my ass…she did…but then… I told her to put her tongue in….there…. I felt her hesitate….the words “NOW SHELLY” came out of my mouth…and I thrust my hips up toward her….and then I felt it! Oh wow!
She just sorta dabbed it at first….then my howls of pleasure seemed to encourage her and she really started going at it…and then her fingers went in my cunt!! OH JEEZ it was sooooo good! I dont even remember what I was saying at that point….I just know I was cumming! πŸ™‚

We didnt do much else after that…I had to go….we cuddled a bit…fondled a bit…I told her how good she had done….I continued to play the role of “Mistress” to her….she seemed to grow more comfortable in her new role as my slave bitch…I even told her when I left, “you are my slave, my bitch…I am your Mistress, That is the way it will always be for as long as we continue a relationship, Is that clear slave?” She had a look of confusion mixed with fear mixed with desire…
But she responded “Yes Mistress” and I responded “Good Girl” and we kissed. Wow.



A slut walks into a bar…

Subject: My night out
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 13:02:40 -0700
To: Mind Mistress

It’s Saturday night, Im in a bar. Im wearing a very sexy short, black dress. Im smoking a long, feminine cigerette. Im getting lots of free drinks, lots of lights. There are some fine guys here too! Im having all sorts of naughty thoughts…..:)

But then a really cute guy comes in…our eyes meet…I smile…his jaw drops! *L* He comes up to me, offers me a drink. I tell him I have got plenty already. I ask for a light, but he doesnt smoke. Too bad i say. He’s cute so I talk with him anyway. He seems very anxious to have me to himself. I decide to dance with him. He’s very aggresive! Kissing my neck, grabbing my ass. I should probably smack him and tell him where to get off…but instead I end up doing the same things to him!

I can sense the stares from others as we continue to fondle and kiss… Later he asks to go back to his place…I say “What kind of girl do you think I am?” He just smiles….and I go back to his place…:) Once there we immediatley start attacking each other….I go down on him….he’s got such a nice cock! πŸ™‚

Later on in the bedroom….we fuck like animals….he’s an awesome lover! I was pretty good myself I must say! *LOL*
Later on he cofesses he’s married. *GASP*

“Thats okay, so am I”
“Not only that, but I happen to know my husband is in bed right now with a slut he met in a bar!”
He just laughed and said “I know”.



And this is just the beginning…

Mind Mistress


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