Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 7: Becoming a shemale forever

The Forced Feminization of Adam

(True story!)

Part 7: Becoming a shemale forever

(forced to be a shemale)


Reading Adam’s story will turn you into a shemale. If you have read this far, you will not be able to resist reading the rest. Once you have read the final chapter, you will be trapped into becoming a horny shemale forever. No amount of therapy can help you once you have read this last chapter. You may try to resist the final chapter. The longer you wait, the stronger the cravings will get until you submit to your conditioned desires. Resistance is futile. You will be big breasted.

by Mind Mistress

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Once you’ve ridden cock,

you wonder how you’ve ever gone without

that luxurious feeling inside …

Enjoy the final phase of your irreversible feminization into a shemale…

Adam’s Forced Feminization, part 7:

  • Session Start: Tue Jan 09 14:17:06 2001
  • [14:18] DCC Chat connection established

  • [14:18] *adam* perfect
    [14:18] *MindMist* Good girl
    [14:18] *adam* god seeing you online turns me on so much
    [14:18] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [14:18] *adam* with men i am turned on by cock
    [14:18] *adam* with you i am turned on by submission
    [14:18] *MindMist* 🙂
    [14:20] *adam* cock tastes wonderful
    [14:20] *adam* and cum even better
    [14:20] *MindMist* Tell Me of your adventures…
    [14:21] *adam* well there’s so little to tell
    [14:21] *adam* i have been picking up guys in bars and taking them home and sucking them and being fucked by them
    [14:21] *adam* it feels so right when i am fucking
    [14:21] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [14:21] *adam* and i always wear panties
    [14:22] *adam* they love it!
    [14:22] *adam* and i’ve had one shemale and that was very sexy
    [14:22] *MindMist* How many have you sucked and fucked?
    [14:22] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [14:23] *adam* 7 cocks including the shemale
    [14:23] *adam* all of them fucked me
    [14:23] *MindMist* Tell me about her
    [14:23] *adam* and i sucked em all
    [14:23] *adam* and it went on repeatedly
    [14:23] *adam* i just waited for themn to get hard again and it started all over
    [14:25] *MindMist* Tell me about the shemale
    [14:25] *adam* but there is so little to say except how wonderful and right it all felt
    [14:25] *adam* she was so fucking sexy
    [14:25] *adam* a model
    [14:25] *adam* utterly passable as a girl and with great breasts
    [14:26] *adam* so much so that when she approached me i wasn’t interested
    [14:26] *adam* but she was persistent and a bit dominant
    [14:26] *adam* and she said that i should put my hand between her legs
    [14:26] *adam* and i felt a huge cock
    [14:26] *adam* biggest of all the 7
    [14:26] *adam* her voice had given me a clue
    [14:26] *adam* and she just growled at me
    [14:27] *adam* and told me how she liked to make little boys her bitches
    [14:27] *MindMist* Mmmmm
    [14:27] *MindMist* What is her name?
    [14:28] *adam* venus

    seduced by Venus, shemale goddess of love

    [14:28] *MindMist* 🙂
    [14:28] *adam* and then she …
    [14:28] *adam* well the best way to describe it
    [14:28] *adam* is to say
    [14:29] *adam* she raped my mouth with her tongue
    [14:29] *adam* and then i felt cold steel around my neck and saw that she had put a snap on collar with a key onto my neck
    [14:29] *adam* she attached a leash
    [14:30] *MindMist* Yummy!
    [14:31] *adam* and took me round the club to all her friends saying that she was going to fuck me that night
    [14:31] *adam* and a lot of her friends stuck their hands down my pants to feel my cock
    [14:31] *adam* she said i could leave at any time
    [14:32] *adam* but that the collar would stay on…i had to earn the right ot have it removed
    [14:33] *adam* so we went home…
    [14:33] *adam* and i sucked her off so many times that night that i lost count
    [14:33] *MindMist* Mmmmm
    [14:33] *adam* and she also fucked me loads….she was delighted to see i was wearing a butt plug
    [14:33] *adam* she made me lie in the bath while she pissed on me
    [14:33] *MindMist* What is her hair like?
    [14:33] *adam* and then her flatmate came back and i was ofrced to suck her off too
    [14:34] *adam* i felt utterly degraded
    [14:34] *adam* and overjoyed
    [14:34] *adam* she laughed when she saw my panties
    [14:34] *adam* said she always knew how to pick well

    [14:34] *MindMist* another shemale
    [14:34] *adam* yeah the flatmate was a shemale too
    [14:35] *MindMist* Describe their hair…
    [14:37] *adam* sorry screen froze
    [14:37] *adam* venus had dark and shoulder length hair
    [14:37] *adam* really beautiful
    [14:38] *adam* her flatmate had hair that was above shoulder length and blonde…slightly wavy/curly
    [14:38] *MindMist* And their breasts?
    [14:38] *adam* nice
    [14:39] *MindMist* How big?
    [14:39] *adam* the flatmate ahd bigger ones
    [14:39] *adam* venus’s were small and boyish
    [14:39] *adam* but the flatmate had huge ones
    [14:39] *adam* couldn’t really tell
    [14:39] *MindMist* Implants most likely…
    [14:39] *adam* the exact size
    [14:40] *MindMist* Do big fake boobs turn you on?
    [14:40] *adam* they were definitely implants
    [14:40] *adam* i am more turned on by the cock
    [14:40] *adam* if they had been girls the boobs would have done nothing for me
    [14:40] *adam* the only boobs that really turn me on are yours
    [14:41] *MindMist* Do they smoke?
    [14:41] *adam* yes both of them
    [14:41] *adam* venus used me as an ashtray

    Women smoking with a cigarette holder are the sexiest

    [14:41] *MindMist* <trance trigger>
    [14:41] *MindMist* You like seeing feminine smoking
    [14:42] *adam* yes
    [14:42] *MindMist* feminine smoking turns you on
    [14:42] *adam* yes
    [14:42] *MindMist* women who smoke turn you on…
    [14:43] *adam* yes
    [14:43] *MindMist* shemales and crossdressers who smoke turn you on…
    [14:43] *adam* yes
    [14:43] *MindMist* feminine smoking is such a turn on
    [14:44] *adam* yes
    [14:44] *MindMist* But what turns you on the most is feminine smoking with a cigarette holder… that drives you wild!
    [14:44] *adam* yes
    [14:44] *MindMist* A sexy feminine cigarette holder… it’s like seeing her suck cock…
    [14:45] *adam* yes
    [14:45] *MindMist* it makes you so horny

  • [14:45] DCC session closed
  • Session Start: Tue Jan 09 14:49:51 2001
  • [14:49] DCC Chat session
    [14:50] *MindMist* Hello
    [14:50] *MindMist* How do you feel about cigarette holders?
    [14:50] *adam* mmmmmmmmmmm
    [14:50] *adam* very very sexy
    [14:50] *adam* could you answer me a question
    [14:50] *MindMist* what?
    [14:51] *adam* are you smoking?
    [14:51] *MindMist* Would you like me to?
    [14:51] *adam* oh god yes
    [14:51] *adam* got any cigarette holders
    [14:51] *MindMist* I’m lighting one…
    [14:51] *MindMist* Mmmmm
    [14:51] *adam* mmmmmmm
    [14:52] *adam* i’m not really into women…i prefer cock
    [14:52] *MindMist* No, I can’t find mine…
    [14:52] *adam* but if a owman smokes
    [14:52] *adam* that turns me on so much
    [14:52] *adam* shame
    [14:52] *MindMist* really?
    [14:52] *adam* you’re smoking
    [14:52] *MindMist* yesss
    [14:52] *adam* that makes me so wanna be your toy
    [14:52] *adam* god it’s sexy to think of you smoking
    [14:52] *MindMist* Just inhaling the smoke deep…
    [14:53] *adam* oh god yes
    [14:53] *MindMist* and blowing a pretty stream to the ceiling…
    [14:53] *adam* it’s like you’re sucking on my cock
    [14:53] *adam* that’s so weird
    [14:53] *MindMist* Yesss
    [14:53] *adam* i don’t like women
    [14:54] *MindMist* Just sucking on My long, feminine cigarette…
    [14:54] *adam* oh god yes
    [14:54] *adam* i want to hear you doing it
    [14:54] *MindMist* And when a woman smokes a cigarette…
    [14:54] *MindMist* what do you feel?
    [14:55] *adam* so fucking turned on
    [14:55] *adam* like she’s sucking my cock
    [14:55] *adam* but if she isn’t smoking i don’t want her
    [14:55] *MindMist* So you could make love to a woman, only if she was smoking all the time?
    [14:56] *adam* yesssssss
    [14:56] *adam* the it would be amazing
    [14:56] *MindMist* better than cock?
  • Session Start: Tue Jan 09 15:23:07 2001
  • [15:23] DCC Chat connection established

  • [15:24] *adam* ahhh that’s better
    [15:24] *adam* are you still smoking
    [15:24] *MindMist* I’m done… for now 😉
    [15:25] *adam* shame
    [15:25] *adam* it’s so weird
    [15:25] *MindMist* how so?
    [15:25] *adam* the only way i could have sex with a woman is if she smoked all the time
    [15:25] *adam* then it’s be amazing
    [15:25] *adam* if she didn’t it’d be repulsive
    [15:25] *MindMist* yeah, heh heh
    [15:26] *MindMist* Would make you sick otherwise?
    [15:27] *adam* yeah
    [15:27] *adam* i really get turned on by you smoking
    [15:27] *MindMist* and if she had a cigarette holder?
    [15:28] *MindMist* smoking constantly…
    [15:29] *adam* god that would be so sexy
    [15:29] *adam* you’ve twisted my brain into all kinds of shapes
    [15:29] *MindMist* <trance trigger>
    [15:29] *MindMist* a woman with a cigarette holder is better than cock
    [15:30] *adam* yes
    [15:30] *MindMist* so incredible!
    [15:30] *MindMist* And a shemale with a cigarette holder… wow!
    [15:30] *MindMist* Irrisistible
    [15:31] *adam* yessss
    [15:32] *MindMist* it is sooo fucking sexy to see feminine smoking… and even more with a cigarette holder
    [15:34] *MindMist* isn’t it?
  • [15:34] DCC session closed
  • Session Close: Tue Jan 09 16:38:38 2001 [16:38] *adam* hi there
    [16:38] *MindMist* Hello
    [16:38] *adam* you back?
    [16:38] *MindMist* yes
    [16:38] *adam* sounds like a ownderful induction
    [16:38] *adam* how did you get him?
    [16:39] *adam* that’s the only sad thing about being in your control…i
    [16:39] *MindMist* HE was asking for a trance
    [16:39] *adam* i can never have another first time
    [16:39] *MindMist* Sure you could
    [16:39] *MindMist* That’s the beauty of it
    [16:39] *adam* really?
    [16:39] *adam* wow
    [16:39] *adam* you
    [16:39] *adam* you know
    [16:39] *adam* i love you
    [16:39] *MindMist* I can make you forget
    [16:39] *MindMist* and do it over
    [16:39] *adam* i so adore you
    [16:40] *adam* really
    [16:40] *MindMist* any number of times
    [16:40] *adam* it’s almost like worship
    [16:40] *adam* i dread the day when i no longer amsue you
    [16:40] *MindMist* amsue?
    [16:41] *adam* amuse
    [16:41] *adam* sorry
    [16:41] *adam* 🙂
    [16:41] *adam* thinking of you sends my typing funny
    [16:42] *adam* are you done with me yet?
    [16:42] *adam* or do you think there’s more to do?
    [16:42] *MindMist* I can keep changing you from one thing to another…
    [16:43] *MindMist* Tell me, how do you feel about a woman using a cigarette holder?
    [16:43] *adam* oh god
    [16:43] *adam* it’s so fucking sexy
    [16:43] *adam* better than cock
    [16:43] *MindMist* Yes?
    [16:44] *adam* oh god yes
    [16:44] *adam* amazing
    [16:44] *MindMist* What’s so good about it?
  • Session Start: Tue Jan 09 15:39:41 2001
  • [15:39] DCC Chat session
    [15:39] *adam* hiya
    [15:39] *adam* smoking?
    [15:39] *MindMist* Yes
    [15:40] *adam* god you’re such a sexy bitch
    [15:41] *adam* cigarette holder
    [15:41] *adam* or not?
    [15:42] *adam* are you there?
    [15:42] *adam* damn kicked again?
    [15:43] *MindMist* nope
    [15:43] *MindMist* No holder
    [15:43] *adam* oh okay
    [15:43] *adam* thought you’d gone
    [15:43] *adam* i’ll just imagine you smoking
    [15:43] *adam* it really turns me on
    [15:43] *adam* i want to cover my dirty slut girl’s face with your pussy juice
    [15:44] *MindMist* mmmmm
    [15:44] *MindMist* and what else?
    [15:44] *adam* stay there and suck you off for hours
    [15:44] *adam* lick every inch of your body
    [15:44] *adam* be your slut
    [15:44] *adam* your fuck toy
    [15:45] *adam* whatever you want me to
    [15:45] *MindMist* mmmm
    [15:45] *MindMist* hold that thought…
    [15:45] *adam* have you probe my mouth with your finegr making me suck and suck and suck it
    [15:45] *adam* yesssss
    [15:46] *adam* i’ll hold it for as long as you want
    [15:46] *adam* where are you?
    [15:47] *MindMist* Enslaving another… 😉
    [15:47] *adam* i see
    [15:47] *adam* wish i could watch
    [15:48] *adam* one who has paid?
    [15:48] *adam* or doing one against his or her will?
    [15:49] *adam* and did he or she say ” do to me what you want?”
    [15:50] *adam* i love it when your evil streak gets going
    [15:51] *adam* i’ll just be an obedient little bethslut and wait
    [15:53] *adam* but if i take a little while to reply i’ve gone afk
    [15:56] *MindMist* Sure…
    [15:58] *adam* tell me when you’re done enslaving
    [15:58] *adam* so that i can talk more to you
    [16:07] *MindMist* It was a sneaky induction…
    [16:08] *MindMist* He didn’t even know I had put him under when I woke him
    [16:09] *MindMist* Mmm, this smoke is so good…
    [16:09] *MindMist* I just gave him orders he couldn’t resist…
    [16:09] *MindMist* like having to suck his thumb
    [16:10] *MindMist* and having it stuck there until he acknowledged he was My hypnotic slave
    [16:36] *adam* i am back
    [16:36] *adam* you still there
    [16:38] *MindMist* Still here
  • [16:38] DCC session closed
  • Session Close: Tue Jan 09 19:54:11 2001
  • Session Start: Tue Jan 09 16:45:49 2001
  • [16:45] DCC Chat session
    [16:46] *adam* sorry
    [16:46] *adam* got kicked
    [16:46] *adam* in answer to your question
    [16:46] *adam* cigarette holders are so wonderful because i can imagine that it’s my cock
    [16:46] *MindMist* ahh…
    [16:47] *adam* why do you ask?
    [16:47] *MindMist* A lady wih a holder is like a woman with a cock
    [16:47] *adam* yes
    [16:47] *MindMist* and a cigarette is just a smaller, less appealling cock
    [16:47] *adam* yes
    [16:47] *adam* exactly
    [16:48] *MindMist* So as long as she’s smoking, she has the best cock and you’re so turned on
    [16:48] *MindMist* because it’s your cock she’s sucking on
    [16:49] *adam* yes
    [16:49] *MindMist* and tell Me, when did you start having this fetish for cigarette holders and smoking women ?
    [16:49] *adam* maybe
    [16:49] *adam* but it’s only attractive for smoking
    [16:49] *adam* the thought of a woman giving me a blow job isn’t attractive
    [16:49] *adam* god i can’t remember
    [16:49] *adam* very recently i think
    [16:50] *MindMist* How recently?
    [16:50] *adam* today?
    [16:51] *adam* wow
    [16:51] *adam* that’s incredible
    [16:51] *adam* it was you
    [16:51] *adam* you put it there
    [16:51] *MindMist* Yes
    [16:51] *MindMist* I had a request from a reader
    [16:51] *MindMist* to create a cigarette holder fetish
    [16:52] *adam* jesus really
    [16:52] *MindMist* Yes
    [16:52] *adam* am i on your page already?
    [16:52] *MindMist* No, from the other story
    [16:53] *MindMist* How does it feel to be subject to the whims of readers?
    [16:53] *adam* did you ask for requests?
    [16:53] *adam* it feels terrifying and sexy too
    [16:53] *MindMist* Not yet…
    [16:53] *adam* so this reader just wrote in unannounced
    [16:53] *MindMist* yes
    [16:53] *MindMist* Would you like Me to remove that cigarette holder fetish?
    [16:53] *adam* can i see the story page
    [16:54] *adam* and do you print these logs
    [16:54] *MindMist* go to the gallery on My site
    [16:54] *MindMist* There is one account there from another
    [16:54] *adam* i read that one remember
    [16:55] *MindMist* It’s in response to that.
    [16:55] *MindMist* The reader thought it was a story
    [16:55] *MindMist* I bet some will think you are just a story too! lol
    [16:56] *adam* lol…you could arrange webchats through a chatroom on your page
    [16:56] *adam* where you demonstrate your power and prove i am real
    [16:56] *MindMist* I have chatrooms… just havn’t had use for them yet
    [16:56] *adam* even making me have phone sex with the highest bidder
    [16:56] *MindMist* Yes, a nice idea!
    [16:57] *adam* i was terrified as i said it but i couldn’t stop myself
    [16:57] *adam* that would prove i was real anyway
    [16:57] *MindMist* Mmmmm
    [16:57] *MindMist* Yes
    [16:57] *MindMist* Would you like Me to remove the cigarette holder fetish?
    [16:58] *adam* no it really turns me on
    [16:58] *MindMist* *grin*
    [16:58] *adam* and besides what say do i have
    [16:58] *adam* i want what you want
    [16:58] *MindMist* You can ask… then I decide
    [16:58] *adam* if you want to remove it then i want it removed
    [16:58] *MindMist* Good girl beth!
    [16:58] *adam* thank you Mistress
    [16:58] *MindMist* And how eager are you for Venus to use a cigarette holder?
    [17:00] *adam* very very eager
    [17:00] *adam* don’t know if i’ll see her again…venus likes one night stands from what i hear
    [17:00] *adam* but i did my best so maybe she’ll want me again
    [17:02] *adam* you there?
    [17:02] *adam* so what’s going to happen to this new subject?
    [17:04] *adam* that webpage story is so sexy i just read it again
    [17:04] *MindMist* 🙂
    [17:05] *adam* where did you disappear to
    [17:05] *MindMist* He’s paying, so he gets to decide what happens to him
    [17:05] *MindMist* just answering email
    [17:05] *adam* did he give any limits?
    [17:05] *MindMist* Yes, he did
    [17:06] *adam* and because i am not paying i get to be abused [17:06] *MindMist* That’s right!
    [17:06] *adam* what limits did he give
    [17:06] *adam* and how are you going to inventively exploit them
    [17:06] *MindMist* Details are private dear…
    [17:06] *MindMist* He hasn’t agreed to My posting them
    [17:06] *adam* i understand
    [17:07] *adam* although you could make me physically incpable of revealing them to anyone else
    [17:08] *MindMist* I don’t reveal without permission. Period
    [17:08] *adam* i now crave every new torment you’ve given me
    [17:08] *adam* it’s so wonderful
    [17:08] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [17:08] *adam* i am a completely changed person
    [17:08] *MindMist* How is your work doing?
    [17:10] *adam* good thanks
    [17:10] *adam* i may have a job
    [17:10] *MindMist* Yes?
    [17:10] *adam* it; going to be odd trying to work as i get further and further down my transformation
    [17:10] *MindMist* Is what I’m doing to you interfering with your work in any way?
    [17:10] *MindMist* Cool
    [17:10] *adam* it could dop eventually
    [17:10] *MindMist* dop?
    [17:11] *adam* you could have a hypnotised film star pet if things work out
    [17:11] *adam* do
    [17:11] *adam* sorry
    [17:11] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [17:11] *MindMist* that would be neat
    [17:12] *adam* it’s not a million miles away
    [17:12] *adam* just think you could program me to do things in interviews
    [17:12] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [17:13] *MindMist* Tell our people to watch for special signs that you are My slave…
    [17:13] *MindMist* Yummy!
    [17:13] *MindMist* Is that exciting?
    [17:13] *adam* yes
    [17:13] *adam* that is very much
    [17:13] *MindMist* Good
    [17:14] *MindMist* Let Me make this clear: Nothing I do must interfere with your work
    [17:14] *adam* i want to come to you in person and serve you domestially…just doing chores making your life easier
    [17:14] *adam* i understand
    [17:14] *MindMist* mmm
    [17:14] *adam* if it does i will tell you
    [17:14] *MindMist* Good, very good beth
    [17:14] *adam* but that means i cannot become a full girl in public
    [17:15] *MindMist* I don’t want to jeopardize your career.
    [17:15] *MindMist* I want you to be happy… I care for My slaves…
    [17:15] *adam* so i’ll have to stay a private girl
    [17:15] *MindMist* I must go now
    [17:15] *adam* and never have implants
    [17:15] *adam* bye goddess
    [17:15] *adam* i fancy going out and findig some shemale cock
    [17:16] *adam* do you think one day we might possibly talk on the phone
    [17:16] *MindMist* Good idea… keep Me posted
    [17:16] *MindMist* Yes
    [17:16] *adam* mmmm
    [17:16] *adam* i look forward to that
    [17:16] *adam* i’ll look out for you online Mistress
    [17:16] *adam* do something mean to me before you go
    [17:16] *adam* pease
    [17:16] *adam* please
    [17:17] *MindMist* bye

Having read all the parts, your initial
conversion conditionning is complete.

This is the last part of the story. Now be a good girl and read the story again from the beginning…

and this time, keep repeating in your mind: “I need big boobs”

while imagining yourself so happy as a shemale

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    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
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    6. I am entering this site of my own free will, and I agree to hold harmless the hypnotist and owner of the site. I will not hold them liable for anything that occurs as a result of my session.


Accept Decline