Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 6: How to become a shemale (forced to be a girl)

The Forced Feminization of Adam

(True story!)

Part 6: How to become a shemale (forced to be a girl)


Reading Adam’s story is extremely addictive! If you read more than three chapters, you’re likely to keep re-reading them until the subliminal programming makes you become a shemale too! (Maybe I should have mentioned this in the first few chapters…? nahhh…)

by Mind Mistress

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Beth needs her daily dose of cock and cum…

The transformation into a shemale slut goes further…

If you’ve read this far, it’s far too late for you anyway… so you might as well enjoy it…

Adam’s Forced Feminization, part 6:

Adam: (8:43 PM) hi there Linda!
Mind_Mistress: (8:43 PM) Hello!!!
Mind_Mistress: (8:43 PM) I’m happy to see you! Message was sent. User is Offline. The message will be delivered when user goes Online.
Adam: (8:43 PM) good to see you…thank you for your emails
Mind_Mistress: (8:44 PM) Was wondering how much was character and how much was actual change from the session
Adam: (8:45 PM) well it’s hard to tell….and i’m delighted to see you too
Mind_Mistress: (8:45 PM) 🙂
Mind_Mistress: (8:45 PM) Do you have 10 minutes?
Adam: (8:45 PM) there was a lot of exaggeration in the letter
Adam: (8:45 PM) absolutely…why?
Mind_Mistress: (8:45 PM) Yes, I meant in the end of the trance
Mind_Mistress: (8:46 PM) For instance, on a scale of 1 to 10, how attracted are you to women ?
Adam: (8:46 PM) 8
Mind_Mistress: (8:46 PM) To men?
Adam: (8:47 PM) 5
Mind_Mistress: (8:47 PM) How attracted to men were you before?
Adam: (8:48 PM) 1
Mind_Mistress: (8:48 PM) How much do you want to be a woman?
Adam: (8:49 PM) 4
Mind_Mistress: (8:49 PM) And before?
Adam: (8:50 PM) 1
Mind_Mistress: (8:50 PM) How attracted were you to women before?
Adam: (8:50 PM) 8
Adam: (8:50 PM) maybe 9
Mind_Mistress: (8:51 PM) Ok… and if you were a woman now… how much would you be into sex with a man?
Mind_Mistress: (8:51 PM) Penetration… sucking…
Adam: (8:51 PM) 8
Mind_Mistress: (8:52 PM) 🙂 and with another woman?
Adam: (8:52 PM) if i was a woman?
Mind_Mistress: (8:52 PM) yes
Adam: (8:52 PM) 7.5
Adam: (8:52 PM) depends on the woman 🙂
Mind_Mistress: (8:53 PM) Sure
Mind_Mistress: (8:53 PM) And if you were a woman, how much would you like sex with a pretty shemale?
Adam: (8:54 PM) 7
Mind_Mistress: (8:54 PM) And as a man?
Adam: (8:54 PM) as a guy how much do i want sex with a pretty shemale? 9.5
Mind_Mistress: (8:54 PM) Heh heh… ok 🙂
Mind_Mistress: (8:55 PM) This is very cool. I’m having fun…
Adam: (8:55 PM) i’m having a blast….i’m glad i’m amusing you…i like to be your plaything
Mind_Mistress: (8:56 PM) Mmmmmm
Adam: (8:57 PM) and if i really please you and you enjoy it…rather than thinking of it as work…well i’d go to any lengths to achieve that
Mind_Mistress: (8:57 PM) 🙂
Mind_Mistress: (8:58 PM) Work is play. Play is work.
Adam: (8:58 PM) lol
Mind_Mistress: (9:01 PM) Are you going to be on in an hour?
Mind_Mistress: (9:02 PM) My supper is ready…
Mind_Mistress: (9:02 PM) I’ll check for you then… Hugs…
Adam: (9:03 PM) okay….i may not be but do feel free to check for me
Mind_Mistress: (9:04 PM) 🙂
Adam: (10:07 PM) we can talk more then maybe
Mind_Mistress: (10:07 PM) Hi again
Adam: (10:10 PM) hi there…has it really been an hour?
Mind_Mistress: (10:10 PM) Yup. How are you feeling?
Adam: (10:10 PM) good thanks….i love talking to you so it makes it worth staying up…any more questions. did you like the piece? will it do for your page?
Mind_Mistress: (10:11 PM) I’m not sure whether to use it… it’s a little extreme
Mind_Mistress: (10:11 PM) The log is fine. I’ll do some editing.
Adam: (10:12 PM) really? oh well i could tone it down a little…why is it extreme?
Mind_Mistress: (10:12 PM) I’m not sure about the letters
Mind_Mistress: (10:12 PM) Well, it sounds like a total brainwash
Mind_Mistress: (10:12 PM) In a bit too obvious a way
Adam: (10:13 PM) damn…maybe i should try again…if you want a softer approach….i can do that. i thought you wanted a forced fem story so i didn’t want to give the idea that i welcomed it or even knew what was going on
Mind_Mistress: (10:14 PM) Forced fem, sure… it sounds like your brain dribbled out of your ear though 😉
Mind_Mistress: (10:15 PM) It’s good… it’s just too much…
Adam: (10:15 PM) damn…i’m sorry…we’ll find another way to do it…i know a lot of guys would find that sexy though…as fiction
Mind_Mistress: (10:16 PM) as fiction, yes. As reality, it’s not believable
Mind_Mistress: (10:16 PM) Basically, what I want is what effects I truely had on you
Adam: (10:16 PM) okay…we’ll water it down…that’s not a question of style that’s just a question of pitch and it can be moderated….maybe you could give me a “feedback questionnaire” to answer and i could do a few lines for every question…that would shape my reply to what you wanted
Adam: (10:17 PM) okay….i am used to writing fiction
Mind_Mistress: (10:17 PM) Reality is what I’m after. Minimal staging
Adam: (10:17 PM) i think the feedback questionnaire would keep it real. no background info no story, that would send it towards fiction
Mind_Mistress: (10:17 PM) Remember, I have to live up to what I did after… this is what they’ll expect I can do to them
Adam: (10:18 PM) i understand
Mind_Mistress: (10:18 PM) 🙂
Adam: (10:18 PM) but i think a lot of it did have an effect on me
Adam: (10:18 PM) i really felt it happening…and i wonder if any posthypnotic commands would work
Mind_Mistress: (10:18 PM) Yes, that’s what I’m after
Adam: (10:20 PM) well let’s do it through a “feedback questionnaire” that you structure, i answer honestly but expansively…and you add comments on the page
Mind_Mistress: (10:20 PM) So tell me what happened after, regarding what we did
Mind_Mistress: (10:20 PM) sure
Mind_Mistress: (10:20 PM) wanna go to irc?
Adam: (10:20 PM) yes i’d like to
Mind_Mistress: (10:21 PM) ok
Adam: (10:21 PM) i feel a much stronger desire to obey you than i have ever felt
Mind_Mistress: (10:21 PM) 🙂
Adam: (10:22 PM) there are definitely changes in my personality
Mind_Mistress: (10:22 PM) And was the end of the last session, with all the enthusiasm to be a woman and have cock real?
Adam: (10:22 PM) absolutely
Adam: (10:22 PM) nothing during the session was fake
Mind_Mistress: (10:23 PM) Great!!
Mind_Mistress: (10:23 PM) So some has faded, but that’s all right, we’ll take it from where it’s at now

[12:58] DCC Chat session –[12:58] Client: adam ( –[12:58] Acknowledging chat request…[12:58] DCC Chat connection established –

[12:58] *MindMist* Hello dear 🙂
[12:59] *adam* hello there Linda
[12:59] *MindMist* How are you feeling?
[12:59] *adam* what a day
[12:59] *adam* i’m feeling great
[12:59] *adam* i’ve had a lot of changes to get used to today
[12:59] *MindMist* What happened?
[13:00] *adam* well i have never felt so ugly in my maleness before
[13:00] *adam* i went and bought a dildo
[13:00] *adam* and wanted to speak in a really soft feminine voice
[13:01] *MindMist* Yes?
[13:02] *adam* and i went into a shop and bought four sets of panties
[13:03] *adam* which I’ll wear later tonight when i go out hunting for cock
[13:03] *MindMist* 🙂
[13:03] *adam* i keep the dildo on my desk and i can’t go for too long without sucking it
[13:03] *MindMist* so addicted to cock…
[13:04] *adam* absolutely
[13:04] *MindMist* and did you work today?
[13:04] *adam* my mouth feels empty without it
[13:04] *adam* addicted to cock and obeying you
[13:04] *adam* you evil bitch
[13:04] *MindMist* 🙂
[13:04] *adam* 😉
[13:04] *MindMist* evil
[13:04] *adam* sorry typo
[13:05] *adam* work?
[13:05] *adam* i bought nails and polish as well
[13:05] *adam* which i will wear tonight
[13:07] *MindMist* 🙂
[13:07] *MindMist* Did you work today?
[13:07] *adam* no i didn’t
[13:07] *adam* do you mean work as a <profession>
[13:09] *MindMist* yes
[13:09] *MindMist* I thought you had work for the next few days
[13:09] *adam* by the way i haven’t got the log of last night’s chat but it was so unbelievably sexy for me especially at the end
[13:09] *adam* no i didn’t work today
[13:10] *MindMist* Do you have a pic of yourself?
[13:10] *adam* yes have you not seen it
[13:10] *adam* i have 3
[13:10] *MindMist* no
[13:11] *adam* sending
[13:12] *adam* you have to acknowledge
[13:12] *adam* even evil bitches have to do that
[13:13] *MindMist* I’m not seeing it
[13:14] *adam* should be there
[13:15] *adam* trying through icq
[13:15] *MindMist* I’ve got 2 coming
[13:15] *MindMist* no, they failed
[13:16] *adam* i’ve cancelled them both and have sent it through icq
[13:18] *adam* they are pictures of my ugly ugly former male self
[13:18] *MindMist* Is the first one older than the second?
[13:19] *adam* that’s right you can tell
[13:19] *MindMist* Less hair
[13:20] *adam* absolutely
[13:20] *MindMist* Did you know female hormones make it grow back some?
[13:20] *adam* and now it’s all shaved…..all the better for wearing wigs
[13:20] *adam* i am going to go and look for female hormones on Monday
[13:20] *MindMist* When did you shave it?
[13:21] *adam* about 18 months agao
[13:21] *adam* had to grow it back for a part
[13:22] *MindMist* Well, your face has feminine potential I think
[13:22] *adam* good
[13:22] *adam* it’s getting changed whether it does or not
[13:22] *MindMist* heh heh
[13:23] *MindMist* Any doubts?
[13:23] *adam* none whatsoever
[13:23] *MindMist* How will you get the hormones?
[13:23] *adam* i’ll have to see a doctor or i am sure they are available commercially
[13:24] *adam* i’ll find a tv website
[13:24] *MindMist* They are only by prescription here
[13:24] *MindMist* And most of the advertised hormones and creams are a sham
[13:25] *adam* then i’ll see the doctor and start the process
[13:25] *adam* how do you know all this?
[13:26] *adam* are you there?
[13:27] *MindMist* yes
[13:27] *MindMist* I know a lot of transsexuals 🙂
[13:27] *adam* are they all your creations
[13:27] *MindMist* No, some are friends
[13:28] *adam* but some you made
[13:28] *adam* and they had no tendencies in that respect before you made them
[13:28] *adam* but they probably said….do what you like to meadam4[13:28] *MindMist* I don’t reveal information about others without permission… [13:29] *MindMist* Professional ethics… 😉
[13:29] *adam* i understand
[13:29] *adam* but then you don’t have to name them
[13:29] *adam* ethics!
[13:30] *adam* you turned me, a straight heterosexual male, into a cock loving girly bitch slut!
[13:31] *MindMist* Yes, and your point is?
[13:31] *adam* speaking of which…..just a quick suck of this dildo
[13:31] *MindMist* yesss
[13:31] *MindMist* so good…
[13:31] *adam* well there aren’t too many ethics involved there
[13:31] *adam* mmmm really good
[13:32] *adam* god it is so good
[13:32] *adam* my mouth feels really complete with it in
[13:32] *MindMist* Being ethical means following a code of ethics. I do, so I’m ethical. Being moral is another matter… morals depend on society. So in that sense, I am amoral
[13:33] *adam* you know i love you so much because of it
[13:33] *MindMist* Yesss
[13:33] *adam* in the devoted way that a dog loves its master
[13:33] *adam* i looked at your picture a lot today….when i wasn’t looking at cock, and before i went out
[13:34] *adam* and i thought about how one day when i am fully feminized, when my body catches up with my slut mind, we’ll meet
[13:35] *adam* and maybe I’ll get a job near you and in between frenzied bouts of sucking cock, clean your house and do any menial chores you have. just to say thank you
[13:36] *MindMist* That’s a sweet thought beth
[13:36] *adam* i know….i would just be a menial work drone
[13:37] *adam* but at least i wouldn’t be ugly and male
[13:37] *adam* maybe i’ll be a whore who worked for you
[13:38] *MindMist* I can always use the cash to support My lifestyle… 😉
[13:38] *adam* i feel like you have demonstarted your power so strongly that i would do anything foir you
[13:39] *adam* there is literally nothing i could or would not do
[13:39] *MindMist* Indeed
[13:39] *adam* just got to suck that dildo again
[13:39] *MindMist* Good girl
[13:39] *adam* tonight i’ll be getting a real cock
[13:39] *MindMist* I’m sure the guys will love you…
[13:40] *adam* occasionally i catch myself thinking: jesus what am i doing what has happened to me
[13:40] *adam* and then i remember how happy i am as beth
[13:40] *MindMist* Yes, so happy
[13:40] *adam* and your hypnotic programming reasserts itself
[13:41] *adam* it’s tied around me like a snake
[13:41] *adam* slowly stangling the maleness from me
[13:41] *MindMist* And every time you suck it gets stronger and more irresistibly delicious…
[13:42] *adam* all the maleness escaping from me in my breath
[13:42] *adam* yes sucking and drinking cum…and thoughts of that seeme to reinforce everything
[13:42] *adam* i take it that’s the beauty of your amoral bitch programming
[13:42] *MindMist* Yes, it’s all self-reinforcing
[13:42] *MindMist* The pleasure you get addicts you further and further to itself…
[13:43] *adam* until?
[13:43] *adam* is there any end to the cycle?
[13:43] *MindMist* Until I decide to make you into some other kind of toy, or tire of you
[13:43] *adam* what other kind of toy could i be?
[13:43] *MindMist* Heh heh
[13:44] *MindMist* You’re still intelligent…
[13:44] *adam* what are the possibilities
[13:44] *adam* god you mean you could make me dumb?
[13:44] *adam* wow
[13:44] *adam* the power
[13:44] *MindMist* Tying your shoes would be a challenge…
[13:44] *adam* but then i wouldn’t be able to articulate to you how much i love cock
[13:45] *adam* i’d hardly be able to communicate here at all
[13:46] *MindMist* Sure you would
[13:46] *MindMist* Just more simply
[13:46] *adam* what are the other possiblities that i am at the mercy of
[13:47] *MindMist* I could make you a little girl
[13:47] *adam* your baby?
[13:47] *MindMist* Yes
[13:47] *MindMist* I could make you a robot doll
[13:47] *adam* programmed to respond
[13:48] *MindMist* Yes
[13:48] *adam* you could do anything to me and you don’t care….i’m just a toy for your whims
[13:48] *MindMist* Indeed
[13:48] *MindMist* I could make you a cruel shemale Mistress
[13:49] *adam* wow
[13:49] *adam* there are no limits
[13:49] *adam* i truly am putty in your hands
[13:49] *MindMist* Or I could make you a Master who feminizes men
[13:50] *adam* no please
[13:50] *adam* i don’t want to be male again
[13:50] *MindMist* You would love it if I told you to
[13:50] *adam* is it your mission in life to turn as many men into wmen as possible?
[13:50] *adam* i know
[13:50] *adam* i am entirely at your mercy
[13:50] *MindMist* No, My mission is to grant wishes and make people happy 🙂
[13:52] *MindMist* Being a lesbian simply alters what I consider *best* when wishes are imprecise…
[13:52] *adam* but that means nothing because a boy would be happy eating shit and getting showered in piss if you told him to
[13:52] *MindMist* Of course
[13:52] *adam* you should see the movie Bedazzled
[13:52] *adam* the devil charcter is just like you
[13:52] *adam* she grants a guy seven wishes
[13:52] *MindMist* However, I’m not particularly into those things, unless they are specifically requested
[13:52] *adam* and she always looks for loopholes to have more fun
[13:53] *MindMist* Of course
[13:53] *MindMist* Having fun is very important
[13:54] *adam* you’d love
[13:54] *adam* it
[13:54] *adam* the devil is played by Elizabeth Hurley
[13:55] *adam* who looks like you
[13:55] *MindMist* You think so?
[13:55] *adam* my life was turned upside down the day i said to you * oh i don’t mind…do what you want, i like it*
[13:55] *adam* yeah you definitely look alike
[13:56] *MindMist* Being a hypnotist is very much like being a magician…
[13:56] *adam* how so?
[13:56] *MindMist* Being able to change reality at a whim
[13:58] *adam* my reality could change in seconds if it was your whim
[13:58] *adam* i get intoxicated being near that power
[13:58] *MindMist* Indeed…
[13:58] *MindMist* Let your femininity wash over you… it feels so good…
[13:59] *adam* mmmmmm
[13:59] *adam* so good
[13:59] *adam* to be cockslut beth
[13:59] *adam* god your power is so instant
[13:59] *MindMist* *lights a long cigarette, inhaling deeply…*
[14:00] *adam* even thousands of miles away a simple verbal command works on me
[14:00] *adam* mmmmm
[14:00] *adam* love you smoking
[14:00] *adam* makes me want to be your ashtray
[14:00] *MindMist* See My breasts rising with the inhale…
[14:00] *adam* i find it difficult to find you sexy though because you don’t have a cockadam5 [14:01] *adam* but i am drawn to you in a totally submissive way
[14:01] *MindMist* Yesss
[14:01] *adam* yessss to what?
[14:01] *MindMist* To the submissive feelings…
[14:01] *MindMist* Imagine I am wearing a strap-on…
[14:01] *adam* mmmmm
[14:02] *adam* now suddenly i want you bad
[14:02] *adam* you could make me think it was a real one as well
[14:02] *MindMist* It’s a huge black rubber cock…
[14:02] *adam* i want to be worthless cockslut at your feet
[14:02] *adam* opening my mouth to be your ashtray
[14:02] *adam* and sucking your gorgeous cock
[14:02] *MindMist* Worship My black rubber cock…
[14:02] *adam* and begging for ir to pierce my ass
[14:03] *adam* i’d lick it all over while running my fingers up and down your ass
[14:03] *adam* obeying you is my world
[14:03] *adam* obeying you and sucking cock
[14:04] *MindMist* Describe to Me your new dildo collection…
[14:05] *adam* i bought two
[14:05] *adam* and a butt plug
[14:05] *adam* which is in my ass now
[14:05] *MindMist* How does it feel?
[14:05] *adam* one is black and rubber about 10 inches and really fills my mouth
[14:05] *adam* the other is flesh coloured and looks so real…and it’s bigger as well so it’s too big for my mouth…when i get my ass loosened
[14:06] *adam* i’ll go and buy an ass dildo
[14:06] *MindMist* I warned you they need to be thin for the ass
[14:06] *adam* sorry mistress i thought you said that i should loosen my ass with a buttplug first
[14:07] *adam* i’ll go and buy ass ones tomorrow
[14:07] *MindMist* To get used to penetration, you need to start with thin ones
[14:07] *MindMist* then a slow increase in size
[14:07] *MindMist* as you get comfortable
[14:07] *adam* i’ll buy them tomorrow but they looked so small and i wanted ones to suck too
[14:07] *adam* oh Linda
[14:07] *MindMist* You’re such a slut!
[14:08] *adam* i hope one day you’ll be able to hear me sucking cock
[14:08] *adam* i am!!!!
[14:08] *adam* thanks to you!!!!
[14:08] *MindMist* Wanting big cocks when you can’t handle them yet!
[14:08] *MindMist* You must pace yourself beth
[14:08] *adam* yes i will
[14:09] *MindMist* I won’t allow you to injure your tender asshole with something too big
[14:09] *adam* i’ll be fucked tonight hopefully
[14:09] *MindMist* One thing: NEVER allow yourself to be fucked without a condom
[14:09] *adam* i know
[14:09] *adam* thank you
[14:09] *adam* it will never happen
[14:09] *MindMist* Good girladam6 [14:09] *adam* you look after me
[14:09] *adam* you’re so lovely
[14:10] *adam* i’m so lucky to have a Mommy like you
[14:10] *MindMist* 🙂
[14:10] *adam* shit did i say Mommy
[14:10] *MindMist* Yes baby
[14:10] *adam* where the fuck did that come from
[14:10] *MindMist* Mommy has to raise you to be a good little cocksucking slut
[14:10] *adam* yes
[14:11] *adam* Mommy’s cock turns me on
[14:11] *MindMist* It’s easy to feel like you’re a little girl
[14:11] *adam* whhy am i calling you Mommy?
[14:11] *MindMist* Because you’re a good little girl
[14:11] *MindMist* aren’t you beth?
[14:12] *adam* yes Mommy
[14:12] *adam* little girl
[14:12] *MindMist* You like wearing frilly little dresses for Mommy
[14:13] *adam* frilly dresses for Mommy
[14:13] *MindMist* and playing with your barbie doll
[14:13] *adam* yes
[14:13] *adam* gotta get a barbie doll
[14:13] *MindMist* it’s so much fun to play with dolls
[14:13] *MindMist* yes, you need a barbie doll
[14:14] *MindMist* and a ken doll so she can suck his dick
[14:14] *adam* mmmm
[14:14] *adam* wait a minute
[14:14] *adam* i am not in trance am i?
[14:14] *MindMist* How old do you feel?
[14:14] *adam* 7
[14:14] *MindMist* You are 7
[14:14] *MindMist* you’re a little girl
[14:14] *adam* yes
[14:14] *MindMist* How old are you?
[14:15] *adam* how come this is working if i am not in trance Mommy
[14:15] *adam* 7
[14:15] *adam* Mommy
[14:15] *adam* bethykins is 7
[14:15] *MindMist* You are in trance
[14:15] *MindMist* In fact, you’ve never really fully awakened from our first trance
[14:15] *adam* yess
[14:16] *adam* Mommy’s cocksucking slut beth
[14:16] *MindMist* And you go deeper back just by talking to me…
[14:16] *adam* yess
[14:16] *adam* talking to Mommy puts beth in trance
[14:17] *MindMist* And what would you like to wear beth?
[14:17] *adam* always in trance for Mommy
[14:17] *adam* frilly little dresses for Mommy
[14:17] *MindMist* Sometimes it seems like you’re awake… more or less…
[14:17] *adam* but even though it seems that way trance is never far away
[14:17] *adam* that rhymed!
[14:18] *adam* nursery rhyme for Mommy
[14:18] *MindMist* Good girl!
[14:18] *MindMist* Mommy is pleased
[14:18] *MindMist* Can you make more rhymes for Mommy?
[14:18] *adam* Mommy shattered Adam to bits
[14:18] *adam* now all beth wants is Mommy’s tits
[14:19] *MindMist* Yessss
[14:19] *adam* before she had the time to take stock
[14:19] *adam* beth was nibbling at Mommy’s cock
[14:19] *MindMist* Feel yourself more and more on Mommy’s lap
[14:19] *MindMist* Feeling my warm skin… and perfume…
[14:20] *MindMist* My arms around you…
[14:20] *adam* mmmm
[14:20] *adam* yesss
[14:20] *MindMist* deeper and deeper into trance dear…
[14:20] *adam* i’m there
[14:20] *MindMist* all the way…
[14:20] *adam* you summoned me!
[14:20] *MindMist* And look at Mommy’s breast!
[14:20] *adam* thank you Mommy Linda
[14:20] *MindMist* So big and round and yummy!
[14:20] *adam* whenever beth feels really shitty she soothes her cares at Mommy’s titty
[14:21] *MindMist* Good girl… now suck Mommy’s milk
[14:21] *MindMist* put my titty in your mouth…
[14:21] *MindMist* Yesss
[14:21] *MindMist* Suck….
[14:21] *MindMist* hard…
[14:21] *MindMist* feel the warm yummy milk in your mouth…
[14:22] *MindMist* feel my warm comforting arms around you
[14:22] *MindMist* Mommy’s milk is so yummy…
[14:22] *adam* yummy
[14:22] *MindMist* so warm in the tummy
[14:22] *adam* oh Mommy
[14:22] *adam* i love you
[14:22] *MindMist* You’re such a darling girl beth…
[14:23] *MindMist* I caress your head…
[14:23] *adam* mmmmm
[14:23] *MindMist* Suck more…
[14:23] *adam* beth wants to be Mommy ‘s best girl
[14:23] *adam* mmmm
[14:23] *MindMist* you are so hungry for Mommy’s milk…
[14:23] *adam* sucking
[14:23] *adam* so hungry
[14:23] *MindMist* so yummy… so sweet and warm…
[14:24] *adam* yummy
[14:24] *MindMist* so warm –

[14:24] DCC session closed Session Start: Sat Jan 06 14:24:58 2001[14:24] Chat with adam[14:24] Waiting for acknowledgement…[14:25] DCC Chat connection established –

[14:25] *adam* so scary
[14:25] *MindMist* what happened baby?
[14:25] *adam* beth had to leave Mommy because beth got cut off
[14:25] *adam* make it better Mommy
[14:25] *MindMist* There there…
[14:25] *MindMist* it’s all better now
[14:26] *MindMist* *kisses baby*
[14:26] *MindMist* baby beth feel better?
[14:27] *MindMist* Answer Mommy dear
[14:27] *adam* beth screen froze
[14:27] *adam* beth much better now
[14:27] *MindMist* is all better now…
[14:28] *adam* mmmm
[14:28] *MindMist* More milk make beth feel better
[14:28] *MindMist* suck dear
[14:28] *MindMist* My hypnotic milk…
[14:28] *adam* mmmm
[14:28] *MindMist* it enslaves you more baby…
[14:29] *MindMist* and you love it…
[14:29] *MindMist* making you obey Mommy more and more…
[14:29] *adam* enslaves baby beth to Mommy
[14:29] *adam* baby beth loves it
[14:29] *adam* obey Mommy
[14:29] *MindMist* so good to obey Mommy
[14:29] *MindMist* always obey Mommy baby
[14:30] *adam* always obey
[14:30] *adam* so good to obey
[14:30] *adam* Mommy
[14:30] *MindMist* Mommy knows best
[14:30] *adam* Mommy Linda
[14:30] *adam* Mommy mistress goddess Linda
[14:30] *MindMist* Yes dear…
[14:30] *adam* slave cock sucking whore beth
[14:30] *MindMist* so good…
[14:31] *MindMist* milk so warm in your tummy
[14:31] *MindMist* making you more and more My little obedient beth…
[14:31] *adam* mmmmm
[14:31] *adam* little obedient beth
[14:31] *adam* Mommy’s toy
[14:31] *adam* milk so good
[14:32] *MindMist* Wouldn’t it be nice if all the Mommies had hypno milk to make nice obedient babies?
[14:32] *adam* oh yessss
[14:32] *MindMist* Then everyone would obey the Mommies
[14:32] *adam* i am so lucky Mommy Linda does
[14:32] *adam* everyone should obey Mommy
[14:32] *MindMist* And all the mommies would take care of the world
[14:32] *adam* everyone should obey Mommy Linda
[14:32] *adam* nothing for babies to worry about
[14:32] *adam* Mommy in charge
[14:33] *MindMist* Right baby
[14:33] *MindMist* Wouldn’t Stephanie love to be a good baby too?
[14:33] *adam* yes Mommy
[14:33] *adam* everyone should be a baby
[14:33] *MindMist* Good girl
[14:34] *adam* everyone should obey Mommy Linda
[14:34] *MindMist* yesss
[14:34] *MindMist* Would beth like to sit on Mommy’s cock?
[14:34] *adam* Mommy Linda is a goddess
[14:34] *adam* mmmm oh yes please Mommy!
[14:35] *MindMist* Upsy daisy!
[14:35] *adam* mmmm
[14:35] *MindMist* Up…
[14:35] *adam* up
[14:35] *MindMist* and down on Mommy’s cock… into your sweet pussy…
[14:35] *adam* mmmmm
[14:35] *adam* Mommy’s fucking baby beth
[14:35] *adam* thank you Mommy
[14:35] *MindMist* doesn’t that feel better baby?
[14:36] *adam* oh yesssss
[14:36] *adam* feels so sexy
[14:36] *adam* beth loves to be fucked byMommy
[14:36] *adam* beth wants to taste Mommy’s mouth
[14:36] *MindMist* wanna play horsy on Mommy’s lap and cock?
[14:36] *adam* oh yes Mommy
[14:36] *adam* beth wants whatever Mommy wants for her
[14:37] *MindMist* ta da da
[14:37] *MindMist* ta da da
[14:37] *MindMist* ta da da…
[14:37] *MindMist* Whee!
[14:37] *MindMist* Again
[14:37] *MindMist* up and down…
[14:37] *adam* oh yessss
[14:37] *adam* such a slutty feeling
[14:38] *MindMist* riding Mommy’s dildo…
[14:38] *MindMist* Wheee!!!
[14:38] *adam* yess
[14:38] *adam* mmmm
[14:38] *MindMist* feel it going in and out…
[14:38] *adam* split me split me Mommy
[14:38] *adam* use baby beth as your fuck toy
[14:38] *MindMist* That’s a good baby…
[14:39] *adam* mmmm
[14:39] *MindMist* just sit with Mommy’s dildo inside feels so good and suck on My breast
[14:39] *adam* beth likes being good
[14:39] *adam* yes Mommy
[14:39] *adam* kiss baby beth Mommy
[14:40] *MindMist* *kissing*
[14:40] *adam* mmmm
[14:40] *adam* Mommy’s tongue
[14:40] *adam* tastes so god
[14:40] *adam* good
[14:41] *adam* mmmmm
[14:41] *MindMist* Yess
[14:41] *adam* baby beth is Mommy’s slut
[14:41] *MindMist* now upsy daisy!
[14:41] *adam* she sucks on Mommy’s clitty
[14:41] *MindMist* off of My dildo
[14:41] *adam* and as she feels her Mommy’s touch
[14:41] *adam* it goes to bethy’s clitty
[14:41] *adam* off Mommy’s dildo
[14:41] *MindMist* yesssadam7 [14:42] *MindMist* Now, baby grows to a teenage slut…
[14:42] *adam* mmmm
[14:43] *adam* precocious little fuck slut beth
[14:43] *adam* teenage temptress
[14:43] *adam* mmmm
[14:43] *adam* i like this
[14:43] *adam* a little rebel
[14:43] *MindMist* Yes?
[14:43] *adam* who can turn ANYONE on
[14:43] *adam* i like this a lot
[14:43] *MindMist* Yess
[14:43] *MindMist* how old are you?
[14:44] *adam* 17
[14:44] *MindMist* Jailbait…
[14:44] *adam* and all the boys want me
[14:44] *MindMist* how big are your boobs?
[14:44] *adam* big
[14:44] *adam* really big
[14:44] *adam* and you know why
[14:44] *MindMist* Why?
[14:45] *adam* cause that’s just how you like em Linda baby am i right
[14:45] *adam* you like your little sluts to be young and have big boobs
[14:45] *adam* it’s okay
[14:45] *adam* you can tell your daughter
[14:45] *MindMist* Yes
[14:45] *adam* cause i know what you want Linda
[14:46] *adam* and i’m pumpiing full of hormones
[14:46] *adam* and i can give you the fuck of your life
[14:46] *adam* teenage temptress that i am
[14:46] *MindMist* Heh heh
[14:46] *adam* there’s no-one i can’t turn on
[14:46] *MindMist* Even girls?
[14:47] *adam* i could turn the girls on and wrap them round my little finger if i wanted….but i don’t want to
[14:47] *MindMist* Heh heh
[14:47] *MindMist* Feeling a bit dominant now?
[14:48] *adam* lol not to you lover
[14:48] *adam* just feeling like a slut
[14:48] *MindMist* To others
[14:48] *adam* yeah maybe
[14:48] *adam* but sexually i like to submit
[14:48] *MindMist* 🙂
[14:48] *adam* it’s just that it pays to go out and get what you want
[14:48] *MindMist* Yes
[14:50] *MindMist* What do you feel like doing? –

  • [14:50] DCC session closed Session Start: Sat Jan 06 14:50:55 2001
  • [14:50] Chat with adam
  • [14:50] Waiting for acknowledgement…
  • [14:52] DCC Chat connection established – [14:53] *MindMist* Hello
    [14:53] *adam* beth got booted
    [14:53] *adam* but it’s okay she’s back
    [14:53] *adam* so your pussy can stay wet
    [14:54] *MindMist* heh heh
    [14:54] *MindMist* So what do you feel like doing?
    [14:55] *adam* two things
    [14:55] *adam* sucking cock
    [14:56] *adam* but hey what’s new
    [14:56] *adam* and hearing your voice
    [14:56] *MindMist* 🙂
    [14:56] *MindMist* What will you wear tonight?
    [14:57] *adam* guys clothes
    [14:57] *adam* 🙁
    [15:02] *adam* i better go and find some cock
    [15:02] *MindMist* Yes, do you know where you’re going?
    [15:03] *adam* i think so
    [15:03] *adam* there’s a agy district in town
    [15:03] *MindMist* I had a wicked thought… and I’d like you to tell Me what you think of it…
    [15:03] *MindMist* I’m thinking of asking our readers what I should do with you
    [15:04] *MindMist* and have them post their suggestions in My guestbook
    [15:04] *adam* mmmmmm
    [15:04] *adam* well given that i am a teenage fuck slut
    [15:04] *adam* that seems very sexy
    [15:04] *adam* you’re a really evil bitch
    [15:04] *adam* and i like the way you’re asking me
    [15:04] *adam* even though you have no intention of listening to what i say
    [15:04] *MindMist* As if you had a choice… 😉
    [15:05] *adam* that’s so sexy
    [15:05] *MindMist* Although your comments would come into consideration…
    [15:05] *adam* you know i love those thoughts
    [15:05] *adam* about how eveil you are
    [15:05] *MindMist* Having hundreds of perverts deciding your fate by vote! Lovely!
    [15:06] *adam* mmmm
    [15:06] *adam* i could end up being anything
    [15:06] *adam* i want to hear your voice someday
    [15:06] *MindMist* Oh, I believe you have earned that many times over…
    [15:08] *adam* really?
    [15:08] *adam* my voice is still quite ugly and masculine
    [15:08] *MindMist* I’ve twisted your mind into a pretzel, and made a nice story for my site… yes
    [15:08] *MindMist* I may be evil, but I’m fair
    [15:09] *adam* wow to hear all these conversations in your voice will be amazing
    [15:09] *adam* to have you laugh at how much you’ve changed me
    [15:10] *adam* i love you Linda
    [15:10] *adam* lol
    [15:10] *MindMist* Mmmm
    [15:10] *adam* i love you Linda
    [15:11] *adam* to hear your voise abuse me live
    [15:11] *adam* wow
    [15:12] *adam* this is you voice>?
    [15:12] *MindMist* It is a chant I created for a celtic sweatlodge rite
    [15:13] *adam* mmm is it sexy
    [15:13] *MindMist* Not at all
    [15:13] *MindMist* but it is My voice
    [15:13] *adam* oh god Linda how did i ever find you
    [15:13] *adam* you really are my destiny
    [15:14] *MindMist* 🙂
    [15:16] *MindMist* I’m very good at what I do, wether it be therapy, being spiritual, or an evil hypnodomme.
    [15:16] *MindMist* Gemini are like that…
    [15:18] *adam* i’m gemini too
    [15:18] *MindMist* 🙂
    [15:18] *MindMist* I must be going, I have an appointment… for spiritual mentoring 🙂
    [15:18] *adam* beautiful voice
    [15:18] *MindMist* Thank you
    [15:19] *MindMist* I need a little time to replace My black leather wings with the fluffy white feather ones 😉
    [15:19] *MindMist* lol
    [15:20] *adam* i prefer the black leather ones
    [15:20] *MindMist* Heh heh… I deal in all kinds of wishes…
    [15:20] *MindMist* Have fun tonight
    [15:21] *MindMist* *Kiss*
    [15:21] *adam* why the fuck did i ever give you carte blanche?
    [15:21] *adam* now i face an uncertain future as the toy of your whim
    [15:21] *MindMist* Beats Me
    [15:21] *MindMist* And don’t forget all of the readers making suggestions…
    [15:22] *adam* god
    [15:22] *adam* will you pick the most evil one
    [15:22] *adam* what if one of them wants me to fuck him
    [15:22] *MindMist* I’ll pick the one that I find most entertaining…
    [15:23] *MindMist* I really must be going
    [15:23] *adam* me too
    [15:23] *adam* i hate leaving you
    [15:23] *MindMist* Do enjoy yourself tonight, and be safe
    [15:23] *adam* you’re such an evil bitch i love you for it
    [15:23] *MindMist* bring your own condoms
    [15:23] *adam* i will do goddess
    [15:23] *MindMist* Bye dear!
    [15:23] *adam* divine light that shines into my soul
    [15:23] *adam* bye –
  • [15:24] DCC session closed


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