Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 5: Deeply enslaved

The Forced Feminization of Adam

(True story!)

Part 5: Deeply enslaved

WARNING: Adam realizes how deeply enslaved and feminized he is now… helpless to resist My hypnosis and feminizing conditioning. If you don’t like it, tough!

by Mind Mistress

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Sweet Beth is helplessly addicted to cock… and to My hypnotic condtioning


The enslavement into a slutty shemale continues…


Ahh, what’s the use… if you read this far, it’s probably too late for you… so you might as well continue reading the session log… there are 7 parts to this log.

Adam’s Forced Feminization, part 5: Deeply enslaved

    • He awakens from trance
      [23:52] *MindMist* Hello
      [23:52] *adam* hi
      [23:52] *adam* wow
      [23:52] *MindMist* How do you feel?
      [23:52] *adam* amazing
      [23:52] *adam* that was much deeper than last time
      [23:52] *adam* i feel some strong changes
      [23:53] *adam* what have you done to me
      [23:53] *adam* you’ve really changed me
      [23:53] *MindMist* Yes
      [23:53] *adam* at your whim
      [23:53] *MindMist* How realistic was the scenery?
      [23:53] *adam* very
      [23:53] *MindMist* Bathroom, bedroom…
      [23:53] *adam* it felt almost totally real
      [23:53] *adam* i was describing what i saw
      [23:54] *adam* and it was so vivid
      [23:55] *MindMist* :0
      [23:55] *adam* wow….you have gone much further than i thought you would
      [23:55] *MindMist* Yes?
      [23:55] *MindMist* how so?
      [23:56] *adam* i didn’t want to be feminized before…have never really wanted to be a woman
      [23:56] *adam* now i feel more girl than man
      [23:56] *MindMist* Do you want to be a woman?
      [23:56] *adam* yes
      [23:57] *MindMist* Do you NEED to be a woman?
      [23:57] *adam* very much
      [23:57] *adam* and i think you’ve put that thought there
      [23:57] *adam* i really need to be a woman
      [23:57] *MindMist* You do
      [23:57] *MindMist* you do
      [23:57] *adam* i really really need to be a woman
      [23:57] *adam* you have put it there haven’t you?
      [23:57] *MindMist* yes
      [23:57] *adam* you’re just playing with me for your own amusement
      [23:58] *MindMist* I am
      [23:58] *adam* because i told you you could do what you wanted
      [23:58] *adam* you took me at my word
      [23:58] *MindMist* You are a toy to me
      [23:58] *adam* you don’t care what i want
      [23:58] *MindMist* A very nice and fun toy…
      [23:58] *adam* you’re just playing with me like a doll
      [23:58] *MindMist* Not at all… I can decide what you will want
      [23:58] *adam* mmmm
      [23:59] *adam* you are reprogramming me
      [23:59] *MindMist* If I want your opinion, I’ll give you one
      [23:59] *adam* putting in thoughts that were never there before and changing them
      [23:59] *MindMist* Yes, I am reprogramming you for My pleasure
      [23:59] *MindMist* yes
      [00:00] *adam* and you don’t care what was there before
      [00:00] *adam* it’s working
      [00:00] *adam* you’re the archetypal evil hypnotist
      [00:00] *adam* and i am powerless to stop it
      [00:00] *adam* even if i wanted
      [00:00] *MindMist* you don’t want me to stop it
      [00:00] *adam* not at all
      [00:00] *MindMist* you love what I do to you
      [00:01] *adam* but that again is your doing
      [00:01] *MindMist* Of course
      [00:01] *adam* i love that you’ve been so evil
      [00:01] *MindMist* Mmmmm, thank you
      [00:01] *adam* i never really thought of cock before i met you
      [00:01] *adam* and now i crave it
      [00:02] *adam* you’re just playing with me
      [00:02] *adam* remoulding me until i bore you
      [00:02] *adam* and then you’ll cast me aside to live my new life
      [00:02] *MindMist* Indeed
      [00:02] *MindMist* isn’t that exciting?
      [00:02] *adam* yes very
      [00:02] *MindMist* 🙂
      [00:03] *adam* somewhere inside me there is a small voice screaming
      [00:03] *adam* but he is gradually being silenced by you
      [00:03] *MindMist* In vain…
      [00:03] *MindMist* more and more helpless
      [00:03] *adam* i’m goin to be a woman
      [00:03] *adam* i am a woman
      [00:03] *adam* but physically i am going to change into one
      [00:03] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:03] *MindMist* you can’t resist it
      [00:03] *adam* and it’s all because of oyu
      [00:03] *MindMist* and you will crave more sessions…
      [00:04] *MindMist* which will program you more
      [00:04] *adam* did you intend to be so evil, to take me under your wing knowing that i thought you wouldn’t go this far?
      [00:04] *MindMist* and make that voice weaker till it dissapears
      [00:04] *adam* only to take me much further for your pleasure
      [00:05] *MindMist* I can’t resist… it’s so easy… so pleasurable…
      [00:05] *adam* did you intend that?
      [00:05] *adam* was it a trap?
      [00:05] *MindMist* I asked you what you wanted… what your limits were…
      [00:05] *MindMist* you said “do anything you like”
      [00:05] *MindMist* I did
      [00:05] *MindMist* I will
      [00:05] *adam* so that stuff on your webapge about those who said you could do anything and you then turning them into streetwalking whores
      [00:05] *adam* it is true
      [00:05] *adam* you took me seriously
      [00:06] *adam* and now i have given my permission it is too late to take it back
      [00:06] *MindMist* I am very explicit on my page. I grant wishes exactly as stated
      [00:07] *MindMist* you are trapped… by your own desires
      [00:07] *adam* and i was foolish enough to give you a blank page, giving you freedom to play with me as you wanted
      [00:07] *MindMist* yes
      [00:07] *adam* i am so turned on by what you have made me want
      [00:07] *adam* and so turned on that i am giving you pleasure
      [00:08] *MindMist* it turns Me on so much to change you…
      [00:08] *adam* really?
      [00:08] *MindMist* Of course… I’m so wet
      [00:08] *adam* you like abusing men who foolishly allow you to?
      [00:08] *MindMist* I like them better as girls 🙂
      [00:09] *adam* you like to turn men into girls
      [00:09] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:09] *adam* have you done this before
      [00:09] *MindMist* of course
      [00:09] *MindMist* how do you think I got this good?
      [00:10] *adam* to men who have foolishly said “do anything you like”
      [00:10] *MindMist* how does a nice juicy cock sound right about now?
      [00:10] *adam* you are trapping men by their desires and then using them as blank pages on which you scribble your evil whims
      [00:10] *adam* oh god
      [00:11] *adam* i crave cock
      [00:11] *adam* i’d love to have it in my ass
      [00:11] *adam* in my mouth
      [00:11] *adam* in my pussy
      [00:11] *adam* spurting all over my face
      [00:11] *adam* drinking cum
      [00:11] *MindMist* mmm
      [00:12] *MindMist* do you have a dildo?
      [00:12] *adam* no but i am going to buy one tomorrow
      [00:12] *MindMist* Good girl beth…
      [00:12] *adam* i won’t be able to sleep without it in my mouth
      [00:12] *MindMist* indeed
      [00:12] *adam* thank you mistress
      [00:12] *MindMist* You’re welcome slave
      [00:13] *adam* will you ever meet your slutty beth
      [00:13] *MindMist* Perhaps… planes are expensive…
      [00:13] *MindMist* are you happy beth?
      [00:13] *adam* but beth would travel
      [00:13] *adam* very mistress
      [00:14] *adam* beth loves what you’ve done to her mistress
      [00:14] *MindMist* Mmmmm
      [00:14] *adam* i feel so much happier female
      [00:14] *MindMist* I’m pleased
      [00:14] *MindMist* Remember, I have two rules in My work
      [00:14] *MindMist* 1) Grant the wish as stated
      [00:14] *adam* and i know that you haven’t just brought out thoughts that were there before but that you have actually placed totally new ones in there
      [00:14] *MindMist* 2) Leave the person happier than before
      [00:14] *MindMist* Yes, indeed
      [00:15] *adam* and around those rules you can do what you like
      [00:15] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:16] *MindMist* I am an evil hypnotist. But I have my ethics…
      [00:16] *adam* so if someone said ” do what you like”
      [00:16] *MindMist* And I don’t lie
      [00:16] *adam* and you made them utterly overjoyed at being pissed on
      [00:16] *adam* even though they hated the thought before
      [00:16] *adam* you would love that
      [00:16] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:16] *MindMist* Be careful… you’re giving me ideas…
      [00:17] *MindMist* *evil laugh*
      [00:17] *adam* i am so completely helpless in your power
      [00:17] *adam* you have been genuinely evil
      [00:17] *adam* and i love it
      [00:17] *MindMist* do you have anything you can use as a makeshift cock for tonight?
      [00:17] *adam* even though i only love it because you made me love it
      [00:18] *MindMist* Right
      [00:18] *adam* i have a candle
      [00:18] *MindMist* hmm… kinda waxy…
      [00:18] *adam* yes
      [00:18] *MindMist* rubber or plastic will be better
      [00:18] *adam* nothing else…but the shops will be open soon…so i will go and get one
      [00:19] *MindMist* do choose a narrow dildo for your ass… it takes time to train it to relax for bigger ones
      [00:19] *adam* i understand
      [00:19] *MindMist* and when you cum… what will you do?
      [00:19] *adam* i keep coming back to how evil you are because i adore it
      [00:19] *MindMist* yesss
      [00:20] *adam* chant i am a slave to cock
      [00:20] *adam* and drink it
      [00:20] *adam* because it’s so yummy
      [00:20] *MindMist* Good girl!
      [00:20] *adam* i half hoped that you would be this evil
      [00:20] *adam* and i am so glad you are
      [00:20] *MindMist* you can imagine you’re giving a guy a hand job…
      [00:20] *adam* mmmmmm
      [00:21] *adam* you’re just toying with me for fun
      [00:21] *MindMist* you might want to use Lee Press On Nails on the hand you use to masturbate…
      [00:22] *MindMist* you can paint them with pretty nail polish
      [00:22] *adam* you hide your evilness very well when you talk to start with
      [00:22] *MindMist* and then keep the nail polish on them
      [00:22] *adam* ooooohhh pretty press on nails
      [00:22] *MindMist* and just take them off after…
      [00:22] *MindMist* and glue them back on anytime you need cum
      [00:22] *MindMist* you like fake nails with pretty nail polish beth?
      [00:23] *adam* yes yes yes
      [00:23] *adam* so wonderfully feminine
      [00:23] *MindMist* pink or red?
      [00:23] *adam* mmmm
      [00:23] *adam* red is more slutty
      [00:23] *MindMist* you’ll want to get perfume too
      [00:23] *adam* i can’t wait to start my physical transformation
      [00:23] *MindMist* yesss
      [00:23] *adam* perfume
      [00:23] *adam* mmmmm
      [00:24] *adam* i can feel my breasts allready so i am going to start taking growth hormone for them to grow in
      [00:24] *MindMist* yesss…
      [00:24] *MindMist* but Stephanie has small breasts
      [00:24] *adam* and all because of you
      [00:24] *MindMist* I’ll have to train you to want big breasts
      [00:24] *MindMist* Just like I like them
      [00:25] *adam* are you going to transform me physically and then summon me to you
      [00:25] *adam* to admire your handiwork
      [00:25] *MindMist* Mmm, perhaps…
      [00:25] *adam* and then whore me to make money for you
      [00:26] *MindMist* Perhaps not… I kinda like you
      [00:26] *adam* really?
      [00:26] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:26] *adam* so what would happen instead
      [00:26] *adam* i like you too Linda
      [00:26] *MindMist* I havn’t decided
      [00:26] *adam* possibilities?
      [00:26] *MindMist* Maybe I’ll just change you back to the way you were 🙂
      [00:27] *adam* no please!
      [00:27] *adam* i couldn’t do without cock
      [00:28] *MindMist* heh heh
      [00:28] *MindMist* nice juicy cocks…
      [00:28] *adam* although i don’t think of you sexually (because you don’t have a cock) i feel such a deep love for you, and a need to serve you and make your life better in any way i can
      [00:28] *adam* mmmmm
      [00:28] *adam* lovely thick vein rippling gorgeous juicy cocks
      [00:29] *MindMist* yessss
      [00:29] *MindMist* from 1 to 10… how attracted are you to men?
      [00:29] *adam* 10
      [00:29] *MindMist* women?
      [00:29] *adam* 5
      [00:29] *adam* less
      [00:29] *adam* 3
      [00:30] *MindMist* a woman with breasts… a pussy, feminine curves
      [00:30] *adam* i want to be like her
      [00:30] *adam* not to fuck her
      [00:31] *MindMist* Doesn’t do anything for you?
      [00:31] *adam* not reallly
      [00:31] *adam* a little
      [00:31] *adam* somewhere
      [00:32] *adam* makes me feel a little like a lesbian
      [00:32] *MindMist* 🙂
      [00:32] *adam* but if she doesn’t have a cock it is hard
      [00:32] *adam* maybe if she wore a strap on
      [00:32] *adam* i think i am part lesbian
      [00:32] *MindMist* Imagine Stephanie caressing you,…
      [00:32] *MindMist* wanting to make love…
      [00:33] *adam* there is a little feeling
      [00:33] *adam* but only if she wanted to make love to me as a woman
      [00:33] *adam* not as a man
      [00:34] *MindMist* if she had a strap on?
      [00:34] *MindMist* and acted manly
      [00:34] *adam* that would be sexier
      [00:34] *adam* if she made me her bitch
      [00:35] *adam* then she would be like a shemale and that would be sexy
      [00:35] *adam* god that’s a turn on
      [00:35] *adam* being made a bitch
      [00:35] *adam* tell me
      [00:35] *MindMist* 🙂
      [00:36] *MindMist* tell you what?
      [00:36] *adam* are you really writing an article for a forced fem page or is that just something you used as a cover to get me to agree
      [00:37] *adam* or both
      [00:37] *MindMist* I can get any man I want to do for free to do anything I want
      [00:38] *adam* is that a turn on for you
      [00:38] *MindMist* I’m just enslaving you because I like you
      [00:38] *adam* mmmmm thank you
      [00:38] *adam* that fulfills me
      [00:38] *MindMist* I’ve had a few really annoying slaves
      [00:38] *adam* there are things that you didn’t like about me that you’ve removed…like my maleness
      [00:39] *MindMist* I like your maleness. It just doesn’t turn me on
      [00:40] *adam* so you removed it
      [00:40] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:40] *adam* are you moulding me into a shape that will turn you on more?
      [00:40] *MindMist* Actually, it’s still there. It’s just projected onto your dream lover
      [00:40] *MindMist* Yes
      [00:41] *MindMist* Heterosexuals are easy to convert
      [00:41] *MindMist* They already love both sexes.
      [00:41] *MindMist* It’s just a matter of reversing the polarity
      [00:41] *adam* you are turned on by a fully feminised male…and you are shaping me that way
      [00:41] *adam* so that i become a bi sub girl
      [00:41] *MindMist* you liked your maleness inside and your femaleness outside. Now it’s reversed
      [00:41] *MindMist* yes
      [00:42] *adam* i love that you’ve shaped me
      [00:42] *MindMist* Homosexuals are much harder to alter
      [00:42] *adam* and whilst i can’t get turned on too much by women
      [00:42] *adam* i get turned on by you
      [00:42] *adam* not because of your femaleness
      [00:42] *adam* but i get turned on by obeying and being changed by you
      [00:43] *MindMist* 🙂
      [00:43] *adam* and i love what you’ve done and how you’ve done it
      [00:43] *adam* that you must have been licking your lips when i said you can do anything you want
      [00:44] *adam* thinking what a fool in was
      [00:44] *adam* and how many males ahd come this route before
      [00:44] *adam* and how much you enjoyed changing them
      [00:44] *adam* permanently
      [00:44] *MindMist* Yesssss/li>
      [00:44] *adam* an army of transgendered slaves created by you
      [00:44] *MindMist* Mmmm
      [00:45] *MindMist* Of course, it’s best to keep powerful men looking like men if you want to further a conspiracy…
      [00:45] *MindMist* Changing them makes them less useful…
      [00:45] *adam* but you aren’t doing that to me
      [00:46] *adam* you are aking me physically a girl
      [00:46] *adam* do you have CEOs enslaved because they were foolish enough to alow you to do whatever you wnated?
      [00:46] *MindMist* A nice girl never tells… *wink*
      [00:47] *adam* oh do tell
      [00:47] *adam* i’m your property. i can’t tell anyone
      [00:48] *adam* it’s amazing…i don’t feel male at all
      [00:48] *MindMist* Mmm
      [00:48] *MindMist* not at all
      [00:48] *MindMist* you’re all woman
      [00:48] *adam* and i know that whilst at the moment you don’t turn me on…if you want to you can change that in a heartbeat
      [00:48] *adam* i feel like such a total woman this body feels very wrong
      [00:48] *MindMist* Indeed, I can make you want Me so much you’d do anything for Me
      [00:49] *adam* yes
      [00:49] *adam* you can make me so sexually aroused by the thought of you
      [00:49] *adam* i’d already do anything for you
      [00:49] *MindMist* I simply havn’t chosen to control your attraction to Me
      [00:50] *MindMist* Oh, and how attracted are you by a feminine shemale with a big cock? 1 to 10…
      [00:50] *adam* well i found you attractive when i first looked at your page….a lot
      [00:50] *adam* 10
      [00:50] *adam* 11
      [00:51] *MindMist* more than a man?
      [00:51] *adam* yes i think so
      [00:51] *adam* marginally
      [00:52] *adam* is that something you’ll change?
      [00:53] *MindMist* No, it’s kinky, I like it
      [00:53] *MindMist* And you’ll be sending me some nice pics 😉
      [00:53] *MindMist* I like girls. I don’t care about the plumbing.
      [00:53] *MindMist* But shemales are kinky 😉
      [00:55] *MindMist* *sigh*… an Evil HypnoDomme’s work is never done…
      [00:55] *MindMist* *grin*
      [00:55] *adam* lol
      [00:55] *adam* i love you
      [00:55] *MindMist* So many potential slaves… so little time…
      [00:55] *adam* so you like me kinky then
      [00:55] *MindMist* Of course
      [00:56] *adam* you feel it your duty to take the men foolish enough to give you freedom and to mould them
      [00:56] *adam* and to do as many as possible
      [00:56] *MindMist* Nawww…
      [00:56] *MindMist* I just do it because it’s fun
      [00:57] *adam* i love that i have been a plaything for your fun
      [00:57] *adam* you know i am going to end up living as a woman
      [00:57] *adam* thanks to what you’ve done to me
      [00:58] *adam* if i hadn’t given you permission to do what you wanted then you wouldn’t have done this to me would you
      [00:59] *MindMist* Nope
      [01:00] *MindMist* Well, probably not. Depends what you asked for
      [01:00] *MindMist* Vague requests are open to interpretation…
      [01:00] *adam* you would have looked for a loophole to allow you to be more evil
      [01:01] *adam* looked for a way to make me into the slutty little cocksucker that i am
      [01:01] *MindMist* heh heh
      [01:01] *MindMist* Who… moi?
      [01:02] *adam* this is not a fantasy
      [01:02] *adam* i have been forcibly feminised by an evil lesbian hypnodomme
      [01:02] *MindMist* YES YOU HAVE
      [01:03] *adam* god i’m glad
      [01:03] *adam* i feel such total adoration for you
      [01:03] *MindMist* Good girl!
      [01:03] *adam* i’d do anything for you
      [01:03] *adam* anything at all
      [01:03] *MindMist* You will
      [01:04] *adam* i know i will
      [01:04] *MindMist* You will bring Me your friend Stephanie
      [01:04] *adam* you now have me completely enslaved
      [01:04] *adam* do you want her
      [01:04] *MindMist* Yes
      [01:04] *adam* i knew you lusted after her and it turned me on
      [01:05] *adam* but Stephanie’s going to be a bit weirded out by the fact that i am now a woman
      [01:05] *MindMist* I want her to dominate you with a strap on
      [01:05] *adam* and she really didn’t want to go online….i don’t think she’d want to talk to you at all
      [01:06] *MindMist* Maybe you’re right… maybe I should just make you male again…
      [01:06] *adam* i’ll try and get her to do that
      [01:06] *adam* no please!
      [01:06] *adam* leave me as slutty little cocksucker beth
      [01:06] *MindMist* I can’t hear you…
      [01:07] *adam* please goddess Linda my evil lesbian hypnodomme enslaver
      [01:07] *adam* pleaasse don’t take me back to the horrible nauseous maleness
      [01:07] *adam* leave me as a gorgoeus slutty cockslave forever
      [01:07] *MindMist* If you can’t use your feminine wiles to bring her to Me, I’ll have to make you into a Dominant heterosexual male
      [01:08] *MindMist* Never to taste cock or cum…
      [01:08] *adam* no please…i’ll try my hardest to bring her to you
      [01:08] *MindMist* That’s My good girl
      [01:08] *MindMist* 🙂
      [01:09] *adam* mmmmm
      [01:09] *adam* i love it when you say that
      [01:09] *MindMist* Mmmmm
      [01:09] *adam* so tell me…how did you feel when i said you could do anything to me
      [01:09] *adam* when i gave you the key
      [01:09] *MindMist* Predatory
      [01:09] *MindMist* *taking a deep puff from my long cigarette*
      [01:10] *adam* mmmmmm you smoke
      [01:10] *adam* i love smoking
      [01:10] *adam* you thought there was an opportunity to transform me
      [01:11] *adam* and how early in our conversations did you decide you wanted to change me and play with me…even if it was for free
      [01:11] *MindMist* I liked you. I just gave you a chance to play with Me. These are simply the games I play…
      [01:12] *adam* and i jumped at the bait like all stupid males do
      [01:12] *adam* how long have you been changing men?
      [01:13] *MindMist* years
      [01:13] *adam* and you have many victims
      [01:13] *MindMist* Actually, I just got into males. More lucrative.
      [01:13] *adam* what is the most profound change you have wrought in your time?
      [01:13] *MindMist* I prefer to play with females
      [01:13] *adam* you used to change girls?
      [01:14] *adam* into what?
      [01:14] *adam* more lucrative but you’re doing me for free
      [01:14] *MindMist* Yes. But it’s good advertising
      [01:14] *adam* you’re going to publish my story
      [01:14] *MindMist* That was the agreement
      [01:15] *adam* public humiliation
      [01:15] *adam* and i agreed
      [01:15] *adam* and even if i hadn’t you would have made me
      [01:16] *adam* what transformations do you make on girls?
      [01:17] *MindMist* Read my page and figure it out
      [01:18] *adam* you make them into bimbos
      [01:18] *MindMist* Or mistresses
      [01:18] *MindMist* Depends on their potential
      [01:19] *adam* you create dominant women
      [01:19] *adam* wow
      [01:19] *adam* have you ever turned heterosexual girls into lesbians
      [01:20] *MindMist* Do you honestly need to ask?
      [01:21] *adam* lol…..did they also say that you could do anything you wanted
      [01:21] *adam* what do you do when a girl says that to you
      [01:22] *MindMist* I get wet
      [01:22] *adam* what does she become…a bimbo or a domme or something more special?
      [01:23] *adam* and have you ever brought any of them to serve you in person?
      [01:23] *MindMist* No
      [01:23] *adam* have you ever been served in person by anyone you’ve hypnotised…or ever hypnotised one fo your lovers?
      [01:24] *MindMist* Yes, I hypnotize my lover
      [01:24] *adam* and do you change her?
      [01:25] *adam* i’ve just realised…..the forced feminization for fun and profit story that is coming soon on your webpage
      [01:25] *adam* that is me
      [01:26] *adam* i’m going to be filling that page
      [01:26] *MindMist* Yes
      [01:26] *adam* me beth
      [01:27] *MindMist* How do you feel about that?
      [01:27] *adam* overjoyed and humiliated too
      [01:28] *adam* humiliated that people are going to know i was once a male
      [01:28] *adam* but overjoyed in my humiliation
      [01:28] *adam* i am just so delighted that you have been so evil
      [01:28] *adam* i have fantasisied about evil hypondommes
      [01:29] *adam* so when you aksed me about the letter to mike that i wrote
      [01:29] *adam* and said that you didn’t like it becasue it seemed too strong, like a complete brainwash
      [01:30] *adam* that was a bluff wasn’t it. because what you have caused to happen to me is just as strong
      [01:31] *adam* is that right?
      [01:31] *MindMist* Yes, but this one is real 🙂
      [01:31] *MindMist* Rule 3 is, I don’t lie
      [01:31] *adam* so you wanted to check if that one was real before you proceeded
      [01:31] *MindMist* Yes
      [01:32] *MindMist* I may be evil, but I’m honest and trustworthy 🙂
      [01:32] *adam* but it was what you intended to do all along
      [01:32] *adam* to make me into a woman
      [01:32] *adam* a shape more pleasing to you
      [01:33] *adam* a form that could dance and be consumed in your flames
      [01:34] *adam* did transforming me turn you on?
      [01:34] *MindMist* Oh yes
      [01:34] *adam* really?
      [01:34] *MindMist* I *did* tell you the article was on forced feminization
      [01:34] *adam* do tell? that makes me so happy
      [01:34] *MindMist* You *were* fully warned
      [01:34] *adam* true
      [01:35] *MindMist* Oh, I’ve been pleasuring myself at every pause in my words…
      [01:35] *adam* oh wow
      [01:35] *adam* i caused my creator such pleasure
      [01:36] *adam* true you did warn me but i thought either we wouldn’t be doing it for real or that i could pretend and not be affected by it
      [01:36] *MindMist* Admit it, you were hoping it would work
      [01:37] *adam* not really
      [01:37] *adam* now i am so glad that it did
      [01:37] *adam* i was hoping i would be hypnotised
      [01:37] *adam* but the idea of being a woman was repulsive to me before
      [01:38] *adam* now i don’t know how i could posibly ,live as a man…i feel so feminine
      [01:38] *MindMist* Mmmm
      [01:38] *adam* so soft and smooth and silky inside….a real desirable slut
      [01:38] *MindMist* Yesss
      [01:38] *MindMist* If you could get breast implants tomorrow…?
      [01:39] *adam* i’d do it
      [01:39] *adam* no second thoughts
      [01:39] *adam* it’d be gorgeous
      [01:39] *adam* i’d have full tits
      [01:39] *adam* i’d have to ask you for guidance about the size
      [01:40] *MindMist* I prefer C or D cups
      [01:40] *adam* i’m sure you train me to have the tits that you want
      [01:40] *adam* design my body shape just as you want it
      [01:41] *adam* change that horrible exterior maleness
      [01:41] *adam* into beautiful soft femininity
      [01:41] *adam* beautiful gorgeous flourishing womanhood
      [01:42] *adam* to be a beautiful beth
      [01:42] *adam* bethany
      [01:42] *adam* bethany
      [01:42] *adam* beth
      [01:42] *adam* to wear nails when i cum
      [01:42] *MindMist* Mmmmm
      [01:42] *MindMist* and to drink it all up
      [01:42] *adam* i want to be changed into your perfect shape
      [01:42] *adam* oh yesss
      [01:43] *adam* then to buy a maid’s uniform
      [01:43] *MindMist* Of course tasting it will make you more addicted still
      [01:43] *adam* and then be summoned to you for a short time to cook and clean for you and your lover and be a houseslave
      [01:43] *MindMist* mmm
      [01:43] *adam* is that what you’ve done? made me crave cum more the more i drink it?
      [01:44] *MindMist* Yessss
      [01:44] *adam* wow
      [01:44] *adam* that’s evil
      [01:44] *MindMist* The cravings will only grow…
      [01:44] *adam* and you could shape me more and more when i was in your presence and make sure i went cruising for cock at night
      [01:44] *MindMist* of course
      [01:44] *adam* this is only the begining,,,
      [01:45] *adam* my mind is now yours for eternity
      [01:45] *adam* and you can do anything you want to it
      [01:45] *adam* for your amusment
      [01:45] *MindMist* Indeed…
      [01:45] *adam* give me any fetish
      [01:45] *adam* make anything turn me on
      [01:45] *adam* entirely your plaything
      [01:46] *MindMist* but your mouth feels empty
      [01:46] *adam* any fetish
      [01:46] *adam* it does
      [01:46] *MindMist* very empty
      [01:46] *adam* there’s no cock there
      [01:46] *MindMist* it needs cock
      [01:46] *adam* very empty
      [01:46] *MindMist* badly
      [01:46] *adam* it does
      [01:46] *adam* very badly
      [01:47] *adam* i look at your pic and think what a wonderful shemale you’d make if you had a cock
      [01:47] *MindMist* you may want to get a small butt plug…
      [01:47] *adam* then i could suck yours
      [01:47] *adam* really?
      [01:47] *MindMist* your ass is empty too
      [01:47] *adam* to loosen my ass for cock
      [01:47] *adam* yes
      [01:48] *adam* it’s interesting how even though suggestions are at their strongest when i am under…the things you say now also become true as soon as you say them
      [01:48] *adam* like they are spells
      [01:48] *adam* that i must obey
      [01:48] *adam* god my mouth feels empty
      [01:48] *adam* every time i think for a split secoond that your control might not be real….you demonstrate it effortlessly
      [01:49] *adam* i’m going to get so much cock tomorrow
      [01:49] *adam* that pvc dress looks great on you. i wonder if it’ll look as good on me when i have tits
      [01:49] *MindMist* 🙂
      [01:50] *MindMist* How will you get cock?
      [01:50] *adam* i’ll go to a gay club
      [01:50] *MindMist* Let Me know how it goes…
      [01:50] *adam* pick up a guy
      [01:50] *adam* and suck him dry
      [01:50] *adam* i will
      [01:50] *MindMist* mmmmm
      [01:50] *adam* i love you Linda
      [01:50] *adam* take me under again
      [01:51] *MindMist* You’re such a sweet little cocksucker
      [01:51] *adam* play with me some more
      [01:51] *adam* that’s me a little cocksucker
      [01:51] *adam* do with me whatever you want
      [01:51] *adam* whatever you want
      [01:51] *MindMist* Good girl
      [01:51] *adam* whatever you want
      [01:51] *MindMist* Beth, it’s time to go suck your candle in bed
      [01:52] *MindMist* or whatever else will do for a cock tonight
      [01:52] *adam* yes Linda
      [01:52] *MindMist* So obedient
      [01:52] *adam* i’ll look out for you
      [01:52] *MindMist* So nice and sweet
      [01:52] *adam* i’m utterly slavishly devoted to you
      [01:52] *MindMist* Stand up
      [01:52] *adam* i am a blank slate upon which you write
      [01:52] *adam* yes Linda
      [01:52] *MindMist* Sit down
      [01:52] *adam* yes Linda
      [01:52] *MindMist* Raise your left arm
      [01:53] *adam* wow i obeyed before i could even think
      [01:53] *adam* it’s like a reflex
      [01:53] *MindMist* lower it again
      [01:53] *MindMist* You’re My puppet
      [01:53] *adam* mmmmmmm
      [01:53] *adam* i LOVE that thought
      [01:53] *MindMist* My little play doll
      [01:53] *adam* oh yesssss
      [01:53] *MindMist* I can dress you up
      [01:53] *adam* that’s SOOOOOO sexy
      [01:53] *MindMist* and dress you down…
      [01:53] *adam* yes
      [01:53] *adam* i’m your barbie
      [01:53] *adam* barbie
      [01:54] *adam* you can dress me like a whore
      [01:54] *adam* i am so totally controlled ….and by the time you’re finished with me i’ll be so deeply in this will seems like freedom
      [01:55] *adam* you could even sell me to someone
      [01:55] *MindMist* Yes
      [01:55] *adam* and i would happily go
      [01:55] *MindMist* your inner girl is free
      [01:55] *MindMist* you are that girl
      [01:55] *MindMist* so you are free
      [01:55] *adam* i am sexy little slutty cocksucker beth
      [01:55] *adam* i am so free
      [01:55] *adam* thanks to your evil hypnotic ways
      [01:55] *MindMist* Yesss
      [01:56] *adam* and i belong to Linda
      [01:56] *adam* what’s your second name?
      [01:56] *adam* because i want to take it
      [01:56] *MindMist* Heh heh…
      [01:57] *adam* after all you are my creator
      [01:57] *MindMist* I am
      [01:57] *adam* so i should have your surname
      [01:57] *MindMist* I am your mother and Mistress and owner
      [01:57] *adam* mmmm
      [01:57] *adam* beth’s mother
      [01:57] *adam* beth’s mistress
      [01:57] *adam* and beth’s owner
      [01:57] *adam* the woman who made beth a bitch
      [01:58] *adam* and who’s going to do so much more to beth
      [01:58] *MindMist* Next time, I may regress you and have you drink the hypno-milk from My breast as a baby girl… I like that
      [01:58] *adam* mmmmmmm
      [01:58] *adam* that sounds so sexy
      [01:58] *adam* do you like if i call you mommy
      [01:59] *MindMist* In the proper setting, yes
      [01:59] *adam* you’re going to toy with me and play with me however you like it…whenther i wanyt it or not
      [01:59] *MindMist* Ah, but like everything I do, My milk is sooooo addictive and mind melting…
      [01:59] *adam* mmmmm
      [01:59] *adam* i love it when mommy melts my mind
      [01:59] *MindMist* 🙂
      [01:59] *adam* makes beth feel like such a bimbo
      [01:59] *MindMist* You’ll be such a nice baby…
      [01:59] *adam* i’ll love being held to your breast
      [02:00] *MindMist* but now your mouth is so empty you can’t stand it another minute!
      [02:00] *adam* it’s amazing that everything you say suddenlly becomes instantly true
      [02:00] *MindMist* *grin*
      [02:00] *adam* i have stuffed the candle in there
      [02:00] *MindMist* Time for bed baby
      [02:00] *adam* you’re so abusive
      [02:00] *adam* yes mommy
      [02:00] *MindMist* feels better?
      [02:00] *adam* feels so much better
      [02:00] *MindMist* Good girl
      [02:01] *adam* baby likes to suck
      [02:01] *MindMist* Yesss
      [02:01] *adam* baby likes to suck cock for mommy Linda
      [02:01] *MindMist* Yesss
      [02:01] *adam* beth’s a little baby cocksucker
      [02:01] *MindMist* Now go to bed
      [02:01] *MindMist* Goodnight dear
      [02:01] *adam* as you command
      [02:01] *adam* goodnight Linda
      [02:01] *MindMist* Kiss
      [02:01] *adam* thank you thank you thank you
      [02:01] *adam* lingering kiss
      [02:01] *adam* you evil hypnotic bitch
      [02:02] *MindMist* Buh Bye…
      [02:02] *adam* bye
      [02:02] *adam* mommy
      [02:02] *adam* bitch mommy
      [02:02] *MindMist* Now dear! –


[02:03] DCC session closed Session Close: Sat Jan 06 02:11:15 2001

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