Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 4: Addicted to cock

The Forced Feminization of Adam (True!)

Part 4: Addicted to cock

WARNING: If a straight man turned into a cocksucking shemale by erotic hypnosis against his will is offensive to you, JUST STOP READING HERE! If, on the other hand, that sort of thing excites you, well, enjoy.

by Mind Mistress

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Sweet Beth is addicted to cock


The enslavement into a shemale continues…


Ahh, what’s the use… if you read this far, it’s probably too late for you… so you might as well continue…

Adam’s Forced Feminization, part 4: Shemale hypnosis session

  • Session Start: Fri Jan 05 22:23:07 2001
  • [22:23] DCC Chat session
  • [22:23] Client: adam (IP address)
  • [22:23] Acknowledging chat request…
  • [22:23] DCC Chat connection established

  • [22:23] *adam* hi there
    [22:23] *adam* sorry i got the pitch of the letter wrong
    [22:23] *adam* but everything i told you and did during the session was true
    [22:23] *adam* it wouldn’t have worked otherwise
    [22:24] *MindMist* Perfect
    [22:24] *MindMist* So tell me what happened after we talked
    [22:24] *adam* and i was turned on by the idea that you were shaping me for your pleasure rather than doing what i had simply asked for
    [22:24] *MindMist* 🙂
    [22:24] *adam* i can’t quite remember…i think i went to bed
    [22:24] *MindMist* Ok
    [22:25] *adam* and found myself masturbating about cock a fair bit over the next couple of days
    [22:25] *MindMist* What was your fantasy?
    [22:25] *adam* and i thought of myself as a woman a bit too…thought how wonderful it would be to have breasts and a lovely body
    [22:25] *adam* that i was a cocksucking shemale slut
    [22:25] *MindMist* 🙂
    [22:25] *adam* and that my penis was just an enlarged clit
    [22:26] *adam* i looked at lots of pictures of cock on the net

    Shemale pictures… take your pic!

    [22:26] *adam* joined a shemale site
    [22:26] *adam* masturbated to those pictures a lot
    [22:26] *MindMist* Cool, you can send me some… 😉
    [22:26] *adam* thought about being fucked a lot
    [22:26] *adam* yes
    [22:26] *adam* do you like them
    [22:26] *MindMist* Yes
    [22:27] *adam* there are so many give me a brief
    [22:27] *adam* blondes? brunettes? black girls?
    [22:27] *MindMist* I prefer caucasian facial features
    [22:27] *adam* okay
    [22:27] *adam* hair?
    [22:28] *adam* maybe a nice sexy pale skin blonde haired girl
    [22:28] *adam* i’ll get one
    [22:28] *adam* let’s keep talking here
    [22:29] *MindMist* Sure
    [22:29] *MindMist* So keep telling me about what happened with you
    [22:29] *MindMist* and your fantasies
    [22:29] *adam* well my single biggest fantasy at the moment is sucking cock
    [22:29] *MindMist* 🙂
    [22:29] *adam* and i dream about all different kinds
    [22:30] *adam* i can’t think of much more that has changed really
    [22:30] *adam* and i think a lot about obeying you
    [22:30] *MindMist* have you ever had sex with a man?
    [22:30] *adam* i catch myself daydreaming thinking…how can i obey her more?
    [22:30] *adam* no never
    [22:30] *MindMist* Have you tasted cum ?
    [22:31] *adam* no
    [22:31] *MindMist* Even your own?
    [22:32] *adam* nope
    [22:33] *adam* i am a virgin in so many respects…ready for you to pluck all these wonderful virginitites

    Trance triggered once more…

    [22:33] *MindMist* <trance trigger >
    [22:33] *adam* i obey
    [22:34] *MindMist* You know cum tastes good
    [22:34] *MindMist* What do you feel?
    [22:35] *adam* relaxed
    [22:35] *adam* foggy
    [22:35] *adam* heavy
    [22:35] *adam* aroused
    [22:35] *MindMist* what are you?
    [22:35] *adam* a slave
    [22:36] *adam* your slave
    [22:36] *MindMist* go deeper
    [22:36] *MindMist* and deeper…
    [22:36] *MindMist* your mind is open
    [22:36] *MindMist* wide open
    [22:36] *MindMist* and your mind is open
    [22:36] *MindMist* wide open
    [22:37] *MindMist* more and more with every breath My words sink in more deeply
    [22:37] *MindMist* so deep
    [22:37] *MindMist* so good
    [22:37] *MindMist* isn’t it?
    [22:37] *adam* yes
    [22:37] *MindMist* and everything I say is true
    [22:37] *MindMist* totally true
    [22:37] *adam* yes
    [22:37] *adam* yes
    [22:38] *MindMist* and you believe
    [22:38] *MindMist* everything I say

    Repeating is good for brainwashing…

    [22:38] *MindMist* and everything you repeat for me you believed ten times more every time you say it
    [22:39] *MindMist* cum is yummy
    [22:39] *MindMist* say it
    [22:39] *adam* cum is yummy
    [22:39] *MindMist* cum is so yummy
    [22:39] *adam* cum is yummy
    [22:39] *adam* cum is so yummy
    [22:40] *MindMist* I need yummy cum in my mouth
    [22:40] *adam* i need yummy cum in my mouth
    [22:40] *MindMist* repeat it all
    [22:41] *adam* cum is yummy
    [22:41] *adam* cum is so yummy
    [22:41] *adam* i need yummy cum in my mouth
    [22:41] *MindMist* I need hot cum in my ass
    [22:41] *adam* i need hot cum in my ass
    [22:42] *MindMist* repeat it all
    [22:42] *MindMist* believing ten times more each time
    [22:42] *MindMist* you can taste it…
    [22:42] *adam* cum is yummy
    [22:42] *MindMist* more and more
    [22:42] *adam* sum is so yummy
    [22:42] *adam* i need yummy cum in my mouth
    [22:42] *adam* i need hot cum in my ass
    [22:43] *MindMist* you need it so bad… repeat all
    [22:43] *adam* cum is yummy
    [22:43] *adam* cum is so yummy
    [22:43] *adam* i need yummy sum in my mouth
    [22:43] *adam* i need hot cum in my ass
    [22:43] *adam* i need it so bad

    Feeling like a girl…

    [22:44] *MindMist* are you thinking it with a sexy woman voice?
    [22:44] *adam* yes
    [22:44] *MindMist* What is your name?
    [22:45] *adam* beth
    [22:45] *MindMist* good girl
    [22:45] *MindMist* you’re a girl
    [22:46] *MindMist* you’ve always been a girl
    [22:46] *MindMist* you can feel your boobs
    [22:46] *MindMist* isn’t that right?
    [22:46] *adam* yes
    [22:46] *MindMist* they are so sensitive…
    [22:46] *adam* yes
    [22:47] *MindMist* so good…
    [22:47] *MindMist* your clit is getting harder and smaller…
    [22:47] *MindMist* harder… and smaller…
    [22:47] *MindMist* and with every breath…
    [22:47] *adam* yes
    [22:47] *MindMist* you’re more a girl
    [22:48] *MindMist* your skin is softer and more feminine…
    [22:48] *MindMist* your mind is softer and more feminine…
    [22:48] *adam* yess

    A warm girlifying bath…

    [22:48] *MindMist* mind melting…
    [22:48] *MindMist* like in a warm bath feels so good to relax and melt…
    [22:48] *adam* yes
    [22:49] *MindMist* feel like a warm bath…
    [22:49] *MindMist* melting away all the male…
    [22:49] *MindMist* nice perfumed bath… of womanhood…
    [22:49] *MindMist* breathe it in…
    [22:49] *adam* yes
    [22:49] *MindMist* that scent…
    [22:49] *MindMist* goes to your head…
    [22:49] *MindMist* melts the maleness… more and more…
    [22:49] *MindMist* so hot…
    [22:49] *MindMist* melting….
    [22:50] *MindMist* malleable….
    [22:50] *MindMist* so very nice…
    [22:50] *MindMist* and whenever you go a little bit out of trance… you just go back twice as deep…
    [22:50] *MindMist* so you just keep getting more and more lost…
    [22:50] *MindMist* in what I say…
    [22:50] *MindMist* and being a girl…
    [22:50] *MindMist* a sexy girl
    [22:50] *MindMist* such a good girl beth…
    [22:51] *MindMist* feeling more and more pleasure…
    [22:51] *MindMist* and needing to be a girl…
    [22:51] *MindMist* more and more…
    [22:51] *MindMist* just soaking up that female water…
    [22:51] *MindMist* into you…
    [22:51] *MindMist* through your pores…
    [22:51] *MindMist* feels soo good…
    [22:51] *MindMist* more and more…
    [22:51] *MindMist* going deep inside every cell…
    [22:51] *MindMist* changing you…
    [22:52] *MindMist* changing you are a girl all the way to the core…
    [22:52] *MindMist* always have been,…
    [22:52] *MindMist* breathe in…
    [22:52] *MindMist* your mind is soo female…
    [22:52] *MindMist* so female…
    [22:52] *MindMist* more and more feminine…
    [22:52] *MindMist* and how feminine does your mind feel?
    [22:53] *adam* much much more
    [22:54] *adam* very feminine
    [22:54] *adam* and soft
    [22:54] *adam* and delicate
    [22:54] *MindMist* yes…
    [22:54] *MindMist* and doesn’t that feel so much better…
    [22:54] *MindMist* so much more natural?
    [22:54] *MindMist* so much more right
    [22:55] *adam* yes
    [22:55] *adam* yes
    [22:55] *adam* so right
    [22:55] *adam* natural
    [22:55] *MindMist* in fact… feeling female is natural… totally natural for you…
    [22:55] *MindMist* because you are female
    [22:55] *MindMist* deep down all the way…
    [22:55] *MindMist* female…
    [22:56] *MindMist* so good…
    [22:56] *adam* yes
    [22:56] *adam* female
    [22:56] *adam* deep down

    Oh, yucky maleness water!

    [22:56] *MindMist* now next to you there is a bowl of cold male water…
    [22:56] *MindMist* can you see it?
    [22:56] *adam* yes
    [22:56] *MindMist* I want you to put your hand over it…
    [22:57] *adam* yes
    [22:57] *MindMist* and remember a time when you felt so nauseous…
    [22:57] *MindMist* so nauseous you could throw up…
    [22:57] *adam* yes
    [22:57] *MindMist* you could throw up…
    [22:57] *MindMist* put your finger in the male water…
    [22:57] *MindMist* and relive that…
    [22:57] *MindMist* sooo nauseous…
    [22:58] *MindMist* what does it feel like to have some maleness back?
    [22:58] *adam* yes
    [22:58] *adam* nauseous
    [22:58] *MindMist* more and more…
    [22:58] *MindMist* it’s creeping up your finger…
    [22:58] *MindMist* more and more sick…
    [22:58] *MindMist* what do you want?
    [22:58] *adam* to be back as a girl
    [22:58] *adam* to be female
    [22:58] *MindMist* remove your finger…
    [22:58] *adam* yes
    [22:58] *MindMist* you feel better…
    [22:59] *adam* yes
    [22:59] *MindMist* the maleness drains away…
    [22:59] *MindMist* put your finger back in NAUSEA!!!
    [22:59] *MindMist* UGGHHHH
    [22:59] *MindMist* How do you feel about being male?
    [23:00] *adam* nauseous
    [23:00] *MindMist* take your finger out quick!
    [23:00] *adam* terrible
    [23:00] *adam* horrible
    [23:00] *MindMist* Would you like to be male again?
    [23:00] *adam* no
    [23:00] *MindMist* How does the idea sound to you?
    [23:01] *adam* horrible

    Removing the maleness…

    [23:01] *MindMist* put your hand back into the hot female water…
    [23:01] *MindMist* and let all the maleness drain out…
    [23:01] *MindMist* all of it…
    [23:01] *MindMist* you want it all gone…
    [23:01] *MindMist* don’t you?
    [23:02] *adam* yes
    [23:02] *adam* all gone
    [23:02] *MindMist* the less maleness you have, the more pleasure…
    [23:03] *MindMist* feeling better and better…
    [23:03] *MindMist* as the pleasure returns…
    [23:03] *adam* yes
    [23:03] *MindMist* and how much maleness is left?
    [23:03] *adam* none
    [23:03] *MindMist* good girl
    [23:03] *MindMist* do you wanna stay this way?
    [23:03] *adam* yes
    [23:04] *MindMist* Let the bathroom become more real around you…
    [23:04] *MindMist* you are in a bath…
    [23:04] *MindMist* you can feel the sides of the bath…
    [23:04] *MindMist* you are so happy to be female…
    [23:04] *MindMist* look at the bathroom around… what color are the walls?
    [23:04] *adam* pink
    [23:04] *MindMist* Good girl…

    A hunk in your bed!

    [23:05] *MindMist* and you know there is a man waiting for you in your bed…
    [23:05] *adam* yes
    [23:05] *MindMist* and do you know who it is…?
    [23:06] *adam* no
    [23:06] *MindMist* He’s really a hunk…
    [23:06] *adam* yesss
    [23:06] *MindMist* do you know now?
    [23:06] *adam* no
    [23:06] *MindMist* You knew him in school… so strong and manly…
    [23:07] *MindMist* you looked at him a lot…
    [23:07] *adam* yes
    [23:07] *MindMist* remember…
    [23:07] *adam* yes
    [23:07] *MindMist* you know now?
    [23:07] *adam* yes
    [23:08] *MindMist* what color is his hair?
    [23:08] *adam* strawberyy blonde
    [23:08] *MindMist* Yessss
    [23:08] *MindMist* and what is his name?
    [23:08] *adam* Paul
    [23:08] *MindMist* Yesss… makes you so hot and wet to think of him…
    [23:08] *MindMist* waiting in your bedroom…
    [23:08] *MindMist* and what turns you on about him most?
    [23:09] *adam* the thought of his cock
    [23:09] *MindMist* it just makes you want to rub your clit in the warm water is making you so horny and wet…
    [23:10] *MindMist* such a beautiful cock…
    [23:10] *MindMist* you want it…
    [23:10] *MindMist* more and more…
    [23:10] *adam* yess
    [23:10] *MindMist* feel your desire…
    [23:10] *MindMist* growing…
    [23:10] *MindMist* all female… him all male…
    [23:10] *adam* yess

    Out of the bath

    [23:10] *MindMist* get up… feel the water running off you…
    [23:10] *adam* yess
    [23:10] *MindMist* the chill of the air…
    [23:11] *MindMist* wrap a towel around your torso…
    [23:11] *adam* yes
    [23:11] *MindMist* did you reach the towel ?
    [23:11] *adam* yes
    [23:11] *MindMist* go towards the door of the bathroom…
    [23:11] *MindMist* you’re steamy hot…
    [23:12] *MindMist* even in the cool air…
    [23:12] *MindMist* you want sex so much…
    [23:12] *adam* yessss
    [23:12] *MindMist* you open the door and look at your bedroom outside
    [23:12] *MindMist* what color are the walls?
    [23:12] *adam* pink
    [23:12] *MindMist* you see a girl’s bedroom…
    [23:12] *MindMist* and that girl bed…
    [23:12] *adam* yes
    [23:12] *adam* yes
    [23:13] *MindMist* what are the bed covers like?
    [23:14] *adam* frilly and girly
    [23:14] *MindMist* yesss… you see him looking at you with lust… ohhh, you feel a wave of horniness… shudder!
    [23:14] *adam* yessssss
    [23:14] *MindMist* you feel sooo feminine you love it, need it, so natural, to be female is all you are…
    [23:14] *MindMist* walk towards him…
    [23:15] *adam* yes

    Into his arms…

    [23:15] *MindMist* he gives you a hand…
    [23:15] *MindMist* and pulls you into his arms for a kiss…
    [23:15] *MindMist* Ohhhhh
    [23:15] *MindMist* feels like you’re melting in his strong arms… love it!
    [23:16] *MindMist* sooo fucking good…
    [23:16] *MindMist* kissing…
    [23:16] *adam* yessss
    [23:16] *MindMist* how are you kissing him?
    [23:16] *adam* with my tongue
    [23:16] *adam* probing
    [23:16] *adam* his mouth
    [23:16] *MindMist* his face is scratchy… such a turn on…
    [23:16] *MindMist* so male…
    [23:16] *MindMist* scratchy
    [23:17] *MindMist* mmmm
    [23:17] *MindMist* you feel his hard cock against your inner thigh… ohhh
    [23:17] *adam* oh yes
    [23:17] *MindMist* how horny are you?
    [23:17] *adam* very very horny
    [23:17] *MindMist* yesssss
    [23:17] *MindMist* you want him inside… your pussy is soooo empty…
    [23:18] *MindMist* sooo terribly empty!
    [23:18] *MindMist* need him
    [23:18] *MindMist* so bad
    [23:18] *MindMist* what do you do?

    What to do with a man?

    [23:18] *adam* strip
    [23:19] *adam* let his hands roam all over my smooth feminine body
    [23:19] *adam* let him push me onto the bed
    [23:19] *adam* and mount me
    [23:19] *adam* and press his cock to my pussy
    [23:20] *MindMist* yesss
    [23:20] *MindMist* going in…
    [23:20] *MindMist* in…
    [23:20] *MindMist* in…
    [23:20] *MindMist* further and further…
    [23:20] *MindMist* stretching you sooo good…
    [23:20] *MindMist* ohhhh
    [23:20] *adam* yessss
    [23:20] *adam* ohhhhh
    [23:20] *MindMist* in…
    [23:20] *MindMist* and out….
    [23:20] *MindMist* in…
    [23:20] *MindMist* and out…
    [23:21] *MindMist* pumping into you…
    [23:21] *adam* yes
    [23:21] *MindMist* sooo good…
    [23:21] *MindMist* so good to be filled with cock
    [23:21] *MindMist* you need it sooo much…
    [23:21] *MindMist* more and more with every thrust you need cock in you
    [23:21] *adam* yesss
    [23:22] *MindMist* feel how your need is growing… stronger…
    [23:22] *MindMist* getting addicted to cock…
    [23:22] *MindMist* more and more…
    [23:22] *adam* stronger
    [23:22] *MindMist* with every stroke…
    [23:22] *adam* addicted
    [23:22] *MindMist* totally addicted…
    [23:22] *MindMist* can’t live without cock…
    [23:22] *adam* can’t live without cock
    [23:23] *MindMist* totally addicted to cock…
    [23:24] *MindMist* pumping in and out… oh yeah
    [23:24] *MindMist* more and more pleasure addicted
    [23:24] *adam* more addicted
    [23:24] *MindMist* need more cock
    [23:24] *MindMist* need cock sooo bad…
    [23:24] *MindMist* with every thrust…
    [23:24] *adam* need cock

    Becoming a cockslut…

    [23:24] *MindMist* more a cockslut
    [23:24] *adam* cockslut
    [23:24] *MindMist* a slave to cock
    [23:25] *MindMist* as he pumps in and out…
    [23:25] *MindMist* chant “I’m a slave to cock”
    [23:25] *MindMist* saying it brings you closer to cumming…
    [23:26] *MindMist* a girl orgasm all over your body…
    [23:26] *MindMist* are you chanting?
    [23:26] *adam* yes
    [23:26] *MindMist* it feels more and more true… love cock need cock
    [23:26] *adam* i’m a slave to cock
    [23:26] *MindMist* “I’m a slave to cock”
    [23:26] *adam* love cock need cock
    [23:26] *MindMist* ohhhh
    [23:26] *MindMist* you’re gonna cum,…
    [23:26] *adam* yesss
    [23:27] *MindMist* and when you do you’ll be a slave to cock and a girl forever…
    [23:27] *MindMist* do you want that?
    [23:27] *adam* yes
    [23:28] *MindMist* when I count to ten you’ll cum and be totally a slutty girl slave to cock
    [23:28] *MindMist* each number will double your pleasure…
    [23:28] *MindMist* 1
    [23:28] *MindMist* waves of pleasure…
    [23:28] *MindMist* 2
    [23:28] *MindMist* from your toes to your hair…
    [23:28] *MindMist* 3
    [23:28] *MindMist* “I’m a slave to cock” you chant….
    [23:28] *MindMist* 4
    [23:29] *MindMist* more and more enslaved…
    [23:29] *MindMist* 5
    [23:29] *MindMist* slave to cock
    [23:29] *MindMist* 6
    [23:29] *MindMist* girl
    [23:29] *MindMist* 7
    [23:29] *MindMist* gonnacumsofuckinghard!!!
    [23:29] *MindMist* 8
    [23:29] *MindMist* totally
    [23:29] *MindMist* 9
    [23:29] *MindMist* sooo close, yes?
    [23:29] *adam* yes
    [23:29] *adam* yes
    [23:29] *adam* yes
    [23:29] *MindMist* 10
    [23:30] *MindMist* CUMMM!!!!
    [23:30] *MindMist* hot cum in your pussy!!!!
    [23:30] *adam* yes
    [23:30] *MindMist* Spasming!!!
    [23:30] *MindMist* addicting you!
    [23:30] *adam* gghkjhuj
    [23:30] *adam* addicting
    [23:30] *MindMist* so good…
    [23:31] *MindMist* feeling the hot cum in your pussy…
    [23:31] *adam* yes
    [23:31] *adam* yes

    Cumming so hard! Addicted to cock…

    [23:31] *MindMist* resting in his strong arm
    [23:31] *adam* yes
    [23:31] *MindMist* Oh my god so addicted to cock and cum!
    [23:31] *adam* addicted
    [23:31] *MindMist* you crave cum!!!
    [23:31] *MindMist* so bad…
    [23:31] *adam* crave
    [23:31] *adam* bad
    [23:31] *MindMist* so hungry for cum you could die!!
    [23:32] *MindMist* quick… suck his cock!!
    [23:32] *MindMist* there’s still cum on it!!!
    [23:32] *adam* yess
    [23:32] *MindMist* Lick it, suck it, need it, so yummy
    [23:32] *adam* yummy
    [23:33] *MindMist* do you love it, need it?
    [23:34] *adam* yes
    [23:34] *adam* need it
    [23:34] *MindMist* he’s getting hard again…
    [23:34] *adam* yesss
    [23:35] *adam* oh yes
    [23:35] *MindMist* Ohhh goody!!! more cum, need cum, want cum, gotta have cum, more cum
    [23:35] *adam* hard
    [23:35] *adam* must have cum
    [23:35] *adam* slave to cock
    [23:35] *adam* girl forever
    [23:35] *MindMist* in your mouth it feels so good to have his cock
    [23:35] *MindMist* so fucking good, cock slave
    [23:36] *adam* yes
    [23:36] *adam* cock slave
    [23:36] *MindMist* yesss
    [23:36] *adam* fucking good
    [23:36] *adam* cock slave
    [23:36] *adam* cock slave
    [23:36] *MindMist* so good to have a hard cock in your mouth…
    [23:36] *adam* yessss
    [23:36] *MindMist* take it all the way out of your mouth to look at that cock
    [23:37] *MindMist* it’s so pretty…

    Can’t stand not having cock…

    [23:37] *MindMist* mouth feels empty without cock!!!
    [23:37] *MindMist* so empty, need cock, suck cock now
    [23:37] *adam* must suck cock now
    [23:38] *adam* cockslave
    [23:38] *adam* girl
    [23:38] *MindMist* does it feel bad to not have cock in mouth?
    [23:38] *adam* very bad
    [23:38] *MindMist* mouth needs cock
    [23:38] *MindMist* pussy needs cock
    [23:38] *MindMist* ass needs cock
    [23:38] *MindMist* cock slave beth needs cock so much!
    [23:38] *adam* yes
    [23:38] *adam* cock slave beth
    [23:38] *MindMist* suck it dear
    [23:38] *adam* must have cock
    [23:39] *adam* yes
    [23:39] *adam* sucking cock
    [23:39] *adam* tastes good
    [23:39] *MindMist* you’re such a good cocksucker
    [23:39] *MindMist* Paul tells you so…
    [23:39] *MindMist* you feel so proud!
    [23:39] *MindMist* so proud to be a good cocksucker
    [23:40] *MindMist* keep sucking…
    [23:40] *MindMist* good girl…
    [23:40] *MindMist* you taste precum so good want more!
    [23:40] *adam* proud
    [23:40] *adam* precum
    [23:40] *adam* good
    [23:41] *MindMist* he’s grunting… sends shivers in your pussy
    [23:41] *MindMist* he’s gonna cum…
    [23:41] *adam* shivers
    [23:41] *MindMist* need cum want cum
    [23:41] *MindMist* addicted to cum
    [23:41] *MindMist* must taste cum
    [23:41] *adam* addicted
    [23:41] *adam* must taste cum
    [23:41] *adam* cum is so yummy
    [23:41] *MindMist* you can’t resist drinking all the cum you can
    [23:41] *MindMist* any cum
    [23:41] *MindMist* too addicted
    [23:42] *MindMist* smells so yummy
    [23:42] *MindMist* any cum you can get
    [23:42] *MindMist* must drink it, taste it
    [23:42] *MindMist* he’s grunting! pussy shiver
    [23:42] *adam* yes
    [23:42] *adam* yummy
    [23:42] *adam* must
    [23:42] *adam* drink
    [23:42] *MindMist* pulsating…
    [23:42] *adam* taste
    [23:42] *MindMist* can’t resist…
    [23:42] *MindMist* sucking harder…
    [23:43] *MindMist* want it so bad, love cock, need cum
    [23:43] *adam* so bad
    [23:43] *MindMist* he’s…
    [23:43] *MindMist* he’s….
    [23:43] *MindMist* Cumming!!!!!
    [23:43] *adam* yesss
    [23:43] *adam* yess
    [23:43] *adam* yesss
    [23:43] *MindMist* you cum tooooo!!!!!
    [23:43] *adam* drink cum
    [23:43] *adam* yummy
    [23:43] *MindMist* tastes soooo yummy…
    [23:43] *adam* yessss
    [23:43] *MindMist* orgasm…
    [23:43] *adam* yesss
    [23:43] *MindMist* so good need it…
    [23:43] *MindMist* all in your mouth…
    [23:43] *MindMist* yummmmy!!!!
    [23:44] *MindMist* swishing it in your mouth loving it…
    [23:44] *MindMist* and swallow slowly…
    [23:44] *MindMist* savoring…
    [23:44] *MindMist* sucking…
    [23:44] *MindMist* his softening cock..
    [23:44] *MindMist* feels soo good…
    [23:44] *adam* yes
    [23:44] *MindMist* let it fall out of your mouth…
    [23:44] *adam* floppy

    Praise for good cosksucking…

    [23:44] *MindMist* he says: “baby, that was incredible!”
    [23:45] *MindMist* you beam with pride!
    [23:45] *MindMist* you made him happy!
    [23:45] *MindMist* you did beth!
    [23:45] *adam* yessss
    [23:45] *MindMist* with your mouth and pussy!!
    [23:45] *adam* proud
    [23:45] *MindMist* so proud!
    [23:45] *adam* yesss
    [23:45] *adam* good cock slut
    [23:45] *MindMist* yesss
    [23:45] *MindMist* your mouth is empty…
    [23:45] *MindMist* want more cock…
    [23:45] *adam* need more cock
    [23:45] *MindMist* put it back in your mouth…
    [23:45] *MindMist* sucking gently on it…
    [23:46] *MindMist* feels so right in your mouth,…
    [23:46] *MindMist* so good
    [23:46] *adam* yesss
    [23:47] *adam* so good
    [23:47] *MindMist* so relaxing
    [23:47] *MindMist* cock in mouth…
    [23:47] *adam* relaxing
    [23:47] *adam* cock slut beth
    [23:47] *MindMist* you sleep better with a cock in mouth…
    [23:47] *MindMist* in fact…
    [23:47] *adam* ye
    [23:47] *adam* sleep better
    [23:48] *MindMist* it’s hard to sleep without a cock or dildo to suck on
    [23:48] *MindMist* need one
    [23:48] *MindMist* need to suck
    [23:48] *adam* yes
    [23:48] *adam* need one to suck
    [23:48] *MindMist* addicted to cocksucking
    [23:48] *MindMist* need a nice dildo to suck on
    [23:48] *adam* need dildo
    [23:48] *MindMist* or it’s way hard to fall asleep
    [23:48] *MindMist* such a slut
    [23:48] *adam* addicted to cocksucking
    [23:48] *adam* slut
    [23:49] *MindMist* yess
    [23:50] *MindMist* good girl
    [23:50] *adam* good girl
    [23:50] *MindMist* you’re going to wake up soon…
    [23:50] *MindMist* back in your male body…
    [23:50] *MindMist* but the changes are permanent
    [23:50] *MindMist* you understand?
    [23:51] *adam* yes
    [23:51] *adam* permanent
    [23:51] *MindMist* wake up at the count of 1 in your male body but you are a cockslut girl on the inside all girl always
    [23:51] *MindMist* 9
    [23:52] *MindMist* 8
    [23:52] *MindMist* 7
    [23:52] *MindMist* 6
    [23:52] *MindMist* 5
    [23:52] *MindMist* 4
    [23:52] *MindMist* 3
    [23:52] *MindMist* 2
    [23:52] *MindMist* 1
    [23:52] *MindMist* <waking trigger>

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