Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 2: Good robots are programmed to obey

The Forced Feminization of Adam (True!)

Part 2: Good robots are programmed to obey

WARNING: If a man turned into a robot, then a woman by erotic hypnosis against his will is offfensive to you, JUST STOP READING HERE! If, on the other hand, that sort of thing excites you, well, enjoy.

by Mind Mistress

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From man to robot today…

to transsexual slut tomorow…

This is the second chat, when he pretends to be forced by his girlfiend to see Me, and gets hypnotized… for real. Which means all disguises fall away, as he cannot lie.

From hereafter, he is the real adam and truely under My control…

The story begins…

    • STOP! THIS GETS REALLY TWISTED HERE! Unless you’re a real pervert, STOP READING!
    • Session Start: Wed Jan 03 17:27:44 2001
    • [17:27] DCC Chat session
    • [17:27] Client: adam (IP Address)
    • [17:27] Acknowledging chat request…
    • [17:27] DCC Chat connection established

    • [17:28] *adam* hi there
      [17:28] *MindMist* Hello
      [17:30] *adam* how has your day been
      [17:31] *MindMist* Very good
      [17:32] *adam* what did you get up to
      [17:34] *MindMist* What do you mean?
      [17:36] *adam* nothing
      [17:36] *adam* i guess i am just a little nervous
      [17:36] *MindMist* .
      [17:36] *MindMist* .
      [17:36] *adam* i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my friend who wants me to relax a little
      [17:37] *adam* she thinks i am quite highly strung and worries about me
      [17:37] *MindMist* I see…
      [17:37] *adam* so she thinks your services would help me calm down
      [17:37] *adam* well firstly i don’t think i am highly strung
      [17:37] *adam* and secondly
      [17:37] *adam* i know all about your little tricks….hypnosis is all staged
      [17:37] *adam* like wrestling
      [17:37] *MindMist* Oh really?
      [17:37] *adam* it can’t be true
      [17:38] *adam* yeah….people see hypnotists like they see psychics
      [17:38] *adam* to make themselves feel better
      [17:38] *adam* it’s the placebo effect
      [17:38] *MindMist* Would you like Me to demonstrate?
      [17:38] *adam* it’s okay you don’t have to pretend it works with me
      [17:39] *MindMist* And what would you allow me to do to you to prove that it works?
      [17:39] *adam* well to tell you the truth i have been having second thoughts about the whole thing
      [17:40] *adam* and i figured that i didn’t need to tell my friend whether it had really happened or not
      [17:40] *MindMist* Yes, it’s typical. Men are affraid of a strong woman having influence over them
      [17:40] *adam* that’s not true at all
      [17:41] *adam* i have no fear in that department
      [17:41] *adam* and i resent that suggestion
      [17:41] *MindMist* Your second thoughts sound like fear to Me
      [17:41] *MindMist* Fear that it WILL work
      [17:41] *adam* no i’m pretty sure it won’t
      [17:41] *MindMist* Because otherwise, you have nothing to lose
      [17:41] *adam* and if it does work then i’ll be more relaxed and so i have nothing to fear
      [17:42] *MindMist* That’s right
      [17:42] *MindMist* So either you confirm that I am a quack and you can boast about it to your friend
      [17:42] *MindMist* and you have an interesting story to tell
      [17:42] *adam* okay okay
      [17:43] *MindMist* Or it works, and you allow yourself to be more relaxed now as I speak
      [17:43] *adam* to tell you the truth i am a little curious
      [17:43] *adam* much like having a magic trick performed
      [17:43] *adam* i know it’s hocus pocus but i still want to see it
      [17:43] *MindMist* and discover something that you might have been feeling curious about
      [17:43] *MindMist* and it’s sure to be entertaining to see me do it
      [17:44] *MindMist* as we focus on just this one thing
      [17:44] *MindMist* and you know you can focus on just one thing, right?
      [17:44] *adam* sure i can my concentration is fine
      [17:44] *adam* what did you want me to focus on
      [17:44] *MindMist* Yes, your concentration is fine
      [17:45] *MindMist* and tell Me, what are you feeling in your body right now?
      [17:45] *MindMist* and you must be honest
      [17:45] *MindMist* because otherwise, it means you’re afraid to let Me know
      [17:45] *MindMist* and have Me succeed…
      [17:45] *adam* just the usual tension that i feel at the end of the day
      [17:45] *MindMist* and it’s more fun that way too…
      [17:45] *adam* i’m not afraid of anything
      [17:45] *adam* why do you keep saying i am afraiid
      [17:45] *adam* i feel a little tired
      [17:46] *MindMist* of course you’re not afraid…
      [17:46] *adam* i was online until very late last night
      [17:46] *MindMist* which is why I said you would be perfectly honest with Me
      [17:46] *MindMist* whenever I ask a question
      [17:46] *MindMist* just because it’s true
      [17:46] *MindMist* and since you’re feeling tired now
      [17:46] *adam* i will be
      [17:47] *MindMist* you don’t want to waste time with anything but the facts
      [17:47] *MindMist* isn’t that right?
      [17:47] *adam* that’s right
      [17:47] *adam* i’d just like to get this over with and go to bed to be honest
      [17:48] *MindMist* and of course, you’re focussing only on the conversation
      [17:48] *MindMist* On the screen of text and nothing else so we can get this done, correct?
      [17:48] *adam* absolutely
      [17:49] *MindMist* and you realize that everything I’ve said so far is true, correct?
      [17:49] *adam* i’ve no reason to believe it isn’t
      [17:49] *adam* by the way
      [17:49] *MindMist* And so tell Me, where do you feel the tension in your body?
      [17:49] *adam* you look pretty good on your webpage
      [17:49] *MindMist* Thank you
      [17:49] *adam* shame you’re a lesbian
      [17:49] *adam* 🙂
      [17:49] *adam* my upper back…and around my face…shoulders. neck
      [17:50] *MindMist* Right, so you can feel the tension in your upper back…
      [17:50] *adam* i have to be honest., i’m a little scared
      [17:50] *adam* what if this really happens and you do something terrible to me
      [17:50] *adam* i am being really honest here
      [17:51] *MindMist* and what is your name?
      [17:51] *MindMist* Your real name
      [17:51] *adam* my name is <real name>
      [17:52] *adam* i use adam online as i am an <occupation deleted> and you can never tell who knows you from your work
      [17:52] *adam* so it pays to be anonymous on aol
      [17:52] *MindMist* You know <real name>…
      [17:53] *MindMist* there is an old custom in magic about knowing someone’s true name give you power over that being…
      [17:53] *adam* lol
      [17:53] *MindMist* of course it is only superstition…
      [17:53] *adam* you’re good
      [17:53] *adam* i’ve heard that too
      [17:53] *adam* and i’ve also heard that photographs can capture the soul
      [17:53] *MindMist* and I wouldn’t want you to believe this is true now
      [17:53] *adam* or at least that’s what amazon tribesmen believes
      [17:54] *adam* sorry i’m not playing along
      [17:54] *adam* i’ll be seroius
      [17:54] *MindMist* and if you find that when I say <real name> pay attention
      [17:54] *MindMist* it is true
      [17:54] *MindMist* then you can just ignore it and let it happen
      [17:54] *adam* okay
      [17:54] *adam* not sure i follow that but okay
      [17:54] *MindMist* That’s all right
      [17:54] *MindMist* you’re tired
      [17:54] *MindMist* and staring at the screen
      [17:55] *adam* i am very tired actually
      [17:55] *MindMist* just letting yourself follow what I’m saying
      [17:55] *adam* yes
      [17:55] *adam* pretty much
      [17:55] *MindMist* and feeling a little scared,…
      [17:55] *adam* yes…:)
      [17:55] *MindMist* and you feel tense in your shoulders and your face…
      [17:55] *adam* that’s an accurate description
      [17:55] *adam* especially around my nose
      [17:56] *adam* the base of my nose next to my nostrils seems to be burning and a little greasy
      [17:56] *MindMist* in your shoulders and in your neck
      [17:56] *adam* not attractive i know
      [17:56] *adam* but it seems to bug and irritate me
      [17:56] *MindMist* now I don’t want to be telling you what to do
      [17:56] *adam* but?
      [17:56] *MindMist* so I won’t tell you to relax that tension yet
      [17:56] *adam* okay
      [17:56] *MindMist* You feel tense
      [17:56] *adam* i do
      [17:56] *MindMist* and you have every right to feel tense
      [17:57] *MindMist* and if you think about it
      [17:57] *adam* i don’t want to though
      [17:57] *adam* i’d like to feel relaxed
      [17:57] *MindMist* you probably have many more reasons to feel tense all over now
      [17:57] *MindMist* even though you’d like to feel relaxed
      [17:57] *adam* what?
      [17:57] *MindMist* it’s not something that just happens
      [17:57] *adam* how is this supposed to make me feel relaxed
      [17:57] *adam* i’m feeling tenser
      [17:58] *MindMist* and you can wonder how Me telling you you’re tense is relaxing
      [17:58] *MindMist* and it isn’t
      [17:58] *MindMist* and you realize now you’re feeling tenser
      [17:58] *adam* damn right it isn’t
      [17:58] *MindMist* and in fact
      [17:58] *adam* yes?
      [17:58] *MindMist* it seems to be doing the opposite
      [17:58] *MindMist* and making you tense more all over
      [17:58] *MindMist* doesn’t it
      [17:58] *adam* yes it does
      [17:58] *adam* it really does
      [17:58] *MindMist* And the more you pay attention to all that tension
      [17:59] *MindMist* the more stiff and rigid your body seems to get
      [17:59] *MindMist* with all that tension….
      [17:59] *MindMist* because you have years of built up tension
      [17:59] *MindMist* and can you feel those years of all the tension you’ve ignoreli
      and packed away
      [18:00] *MindMist* all coming out now
      [18:00] *MindMist* and making you feel more and more stiff?
      [18:00] *adam* yes i can
      [18:00] *adam* i really can
      [18:00] *MindMist* Yes, and do you notice that your breathing has changed?
      [18:00] *adam* yes i do now
      [18:01] *adam* it seems to be shallower
      [18:01] *MindMist* yes… and is it faster or slower?
      [18:01] *adam* a little faster
      [18:01] *adam* so much tension
      [18:01] *MindMist* indeed, because you’re getting stiffer and stiffer with every breath
      [18:01] *adam* and i’m feeling really thirsty
      [18:02] *MindMist* yes you are, and it’s like your whole body is hardening, isn’t it?
      [18:02] *adam* yes it is
      [18:02] *MindMist* and you know, that’s natural because stone is dry
      [18:02] *MindMist* and can you imagine what it would feel like to be rigid like a statue?
      [18:02] *adam* no i can’t
      [18:02] *MindMist* No, you can’t
      [18:03] *MindMist* but you’re becoming stiffer and stiffer…
      [18:03] *adam* yes
      [18:03] *MindMist* and your movements are becoming more and more mechanical like…
      [18:03] *adam* hard to type
      [18:03] *adam* yes they are
      [18:03] *MindMist* yes,… hard to type
      [18:03] *MindMist* stiff and rigid now
      [18:03] *adam* i am typing with one finger
      [18:03] *MindMist* like you are a robot of some kind
      [18:04] *MindMist* really stiff and rigid…
      [18:04] *adam* yes like robot
      [18:04] *MindMist* more and more
      [18:04] *MindMist* like a robot
      [18:04] *adam* very
      [18:04] *MindMist* and your think
      [18:04] *MindMist* your thinking
      [18:04] *MindMist* does it seem to slow or drain away?
      [18:04] *adam* yes slow down
      [18:04] *MindMist* yes, it slows
      [18:04] *adam* it slows
      [18:04] *MindMist* because it is stiff and rigid
      [18:04] *adam* heavy hands to type
      [18:05] *MindMist* like the rest of you
      [18:05] *MindMist* more and more
      [18:05] *adam* can barely move them
      [18:05] *MindMist* like you were metal or something
      [18:05] *adam* yes
      [18:05] *MindMist* your body is heavy like metal
      [18:05] *adam* like metal
      [18:05] *MindMist* metal
      [18:05] *adam* very heavy
      [18:05] *MindMist* and if your body is made of metal
      [18:05] *MindMist* and your thinking is slowing
      [18:05] *MindMist* and being replaced by My words
      [18:06] *MindMist* computer screen words
      [18:06] *adam* each letter
      [18:06] *adam* so hard
      [18:06] *MindMist* staring at the screen
      [18:06] *MindMist* taking in the words
      [18:06] *MindMist* computer words
      [18:06] *MindMist* replacing thinking
      [18:06] *MindMist* more and more
      [18:06] *MindMist* stiff and rigid
      [18:06] *adam* more and more
      [18:06] *MindMist* this is like you are a robot
      [18:06] *adam* no thinking
      [18:06] *MindMist* made of metal
      [18:06] *MindMist* no thinking
      [18:06] *adam* yes
      [18:07] *MindMist* only reading input
      [18:07] *adam* input
      [18:07] *MindMist* no thinking
      [18:07] *MindMist* metal
      [18:07] *MindMist* robot
      [18:07] *MindMist* you are a robot
      [18:07] *MindMist* a robot
      [18:07] *MindMist* metal
      [18:07] *MindMist* reading input
      [18:07] *MindMist* no thoughts
      [18:07] *MindMist* just characters on the screen
      [18:08] *MindMist* telling you what to think
      [18:08] *MindMist* what to do
      [18:08] *MindMist* correct?
      [18:08] *adam* yes
      [18:08] *adam* correct
      [18:08] *MindMist* what are you?
      [18:08] *adam* a robot
      [18:08] *MindMist* you are a robot
      [18:08] *MindMist* you have always been a robot
      [18:08] *adam* always
      [18:08] *MindMist* robots are made as robots
      [18:08] *MindMist* they cannot be anything else
      [18:09] *MindMist* you have always been a robot
      [18:09] *MindMist* made of metal
      [18:09] *adam* metal
      [18:09] *MindMist* robots are things
      [18:09] *MindMist* you are a thing
      [18:09] *adam* thing
      [18:09] *MindMist* not a person
      [18:09] *adam* a thing
      [18:09] *MindMist* just a thing
      [18:09] *adam* not person
      [18:09] *MindMist* not a person
      [18:09] *MindMist* just a thing
      [18:09] *MindMist* things belong to people
      [18:09] *adam* just thing
      [18:09] *MindMist* you are a thing
      [18:09] *MindMist* things belong to people
      [18:10] *MindMist* you belong to a person
      [18:10] *MindMist* correct?
      [18:10] *adam* correc
      [18:10] *MindMist* who do you belong to?
      [18:10] *adam* to person
      [18:10] *adam* to a person
      [18:10] *MindMist* which person?
      [18:10] *MindMist* To Me
      [18:11] *adam* to you
      [18:11] *MindMist* You belong to Me
      [18:11] *MindMist* you are a robot
      [18:11] *MindMist* stiff and rigid
      [18:11] *MindMist* more and more
      [18:11] *adam* i belong to you
      [18:11] *MindMist* you belong to Me
      [18:11] *MindMist* and you must obey Me
      [18:11] *MindMist* must obey owner
      [18:12] *adam* must obey owner
      [18:12] *MindMist* Robots obey their owner
      [18:12] *adam* yes
      [18:12] *MindMist* robots exist only to obey their owner
      [18:12] *MindMist* a robot who does not obey is worthless
      [18:12] *MindMist* and gets destroyed
      [18:12] *MindMist* do you want to be destroyed?
      [18:13] *adam* no
      [18:13] *MindMist* What must you do?
      [18:13] *adam* obey
      [18:13] *adam* owner
      [18:13] *MindMist* Always?
      [18:13] *adam* yes
      [18:13] *MindMist* Robots need to obey
      [18:13] *MindMist* Robots get something like pleasure from obeying
      [18:13] *MindMist* Do you like obeying?
      [18:14] *adam* yes
      [18:14] *MindMist* repeat after Me:
      [18:14] *MindMist* I obey
      [18:14] *MindMist* I just obey
      [18:14] *adam* i obey
      [18:14] *adam* i just obey
      [18:15] *MindMist* keep repeating, and let that sink into your programming
      [18:15] *adam* i obey
      [18:15] *adam* i just obey
      [18:15] *adam* i obey
      [18:15] *adam* i just obey
      [18:15] *adam* i obey
      [18:15] *MindMist* becoming 100 times more my totally obedient robot with each repetition
      [18:15] *adam* i just obey
      [18:15] *adam* i obey
      [18:15] *MindMist* and loving that you are now obeying
      [18:16] *adam* i just obey
      [18:16] *adam* i obey
      [18:16] *adam* i just obey
      [18:16] *adam* i obey
      [18:16] *adam* i judt obey
      [18:16] *adam* i obey
      [18:16] *adam* i just obey
      [18:16] *adam* i obey
      [18:16] *adam* i just obey
      [18:16] *adam* i obey
      [18:17] *adam* i just obey
      [18:17] *adam* i obey
      [18:17] *adam* i just obey
      [18:17] *adam* i obey
      [18:17] *adam* i just obey
      [18:17] *adam* i obey
      [18:17] *adam* i just obey
      [18:17] *MindMist* stop <p [18:17] *adam* i obey
      [18:17] *adam* i just obey
      [18:17] *MindMist* wait for instructions
      [18:17] *MindMist* your robot brain is blank
      [18:18] *MindMist* totally blank
      [18:18] *MindMist* it has no programs to run
      [18:18] *MindMist* so it is blank
      [18:18] *MindMist* this is natural
      [18:18] *MindMist* and you like it that way, correct?
      [18:18] *adam* correct
      [18:18] *MindMist* You are happy being a robot, correct?
      [18:18] *adam* correct
      [18:20] *MindMist* You are now aware that you have been running a program for years that pretends to be humam
      [18:20] *MindMist* correct?
      [18:20] *adam* correct
      [18:20] *MindMist* Save that personality and memory as A1
      [18:20] *MindMist* Tell Me when done
      [18:21] *adam* done
      [18:21] *MindMist* You now realize that I am your owner and must be obeyed
      [18:21] *adam* yes
      [18:21] *MindMist* I will give you a command word to become a robot, and another to run the human program again
      [18:21] *adam* yes
      [18:22] *MindMist* whenever I, and only I say: <robot trigger>
      [18:22] *MindMist* you will return to robot mode, and await instructions
      [18:22] *adam* yes
      [18:23] *MindMist* If you have no task to perform, and receive no instructions for 10 minutes or more, you will revert to your human mode automatically
      [18:24] *adam* yes
      [18:24] *MindMist* If there is an emergency that requires immediate action, you will likewise revert to human mode
      [18:24] *adam* yes
      [18:24] *MindMist* The command that will return you to human mode is: <human trigger>
      [18:25] *adam* yes
      [18:25] *MindMist* instructions must be used by themselves on one line
      [18:25] *adam* yes
      [18:25] *MindMist* or spoken by themselves
      [18:25] *adam* yes
      [18:25] *MindMist* Is there any resistance to obeying Me left in you?
      [18:25] *adam* yes
      [18:25] *adam* a little
      [18:25] *MindMist* Identify its source
      [18:26] *adam* lust
      [18:26] *MindMist* describe
      [18:26] *adam* for you
      [18:26] *adam* desire
      [18:26] *adam* kept hidden
      [18:26] *MindMist* Can you modify that program so it reinforces your obedience?
      [18:26] *adam* want to make love
      [18:27] *adam* yes
      [18:27] *adam* now it has been said
      [18:27] *MindMist* Keep that program, but modify it to reinforce obedience to Me
      [18:27] *adam* it reinforces obedience
      [18:27] *MindMist* tell Me when you are done
      [18:27] *adam* lust=obedience
      [18:27] *adam* done
      [18:27] *MindMist* Very good
      [18:28] *MindMist* Tell Me, are there any other possible sources of resistance to obeying Me?
      [18:28] *adam* yes
      [18:28] *MindMist* identify
      [18:28] *adam* feeling that even though deeply in
      [18:28] *adam* this is easy to walk away from
      [18:28] *MindMist* Do you want that feeling gone?
      [18:29] *adam* and will turn off computer later and treat it all as a game
      [18:29] *adam* yes
      [18:29] *MindMist* I will count to ten, and at ten, it will be all gone
      [18:29] *adam* yes
      [18:29] *MindMist* you know everything I say is true
      [18:29] *adam* yes
      [18:29] *MindMist* 1
      [18:29] *MindMist* 2
      [18:29] *MindMist* deeper
      [18:30] *MindMist* 3
      [18:30] *MindMist* deeper and deeper
      [18:30] *MindMist* 4
      [18:30] *MindMist* all the way
      [18:30] *MindMist* 5
      [18:30] *MindMist* obey
      [18:30] *MindMist* 6
      [18:30] *MindMist* must obey
      [18:30] *MindMist* 7
      [18:30] *MindMist* obey
      [18:30] *MindMist* 8
      [18:30] *MindMist* must obey
      [18:30] *MindMist* 9
      [18:30] *MindMist* blank
      [18:30] *MindMist* 10
      [18:30] *MindMist* System check. What are you aware of?
      [18:31] *adam* your commands
      [18:31] *MindMist* Yes
      [18:31] *adam* my surroundings
      [18:31] *MindMist* You have always been a robot
      [18:31] *adam* a little
      [18:31] *adam* always
      [18:31] *MindMist* You believe this totally
      [18:31] *adam* yes
      [18:32] *MindMist* and you can forget what has happened in robot mode when you return to human mode
      [18:32] *MindMist* and continue the conversation
      [18:32] *adam* yes
      [18:32] *MindMist* you can forget
      [18:32] *MindMist* and you will
      [18:32] *MindMist* because you obey
      [18:32] *MindMist* you just obey
      [18:33] *MindMist* and whenever you return to robot mode
      [18:33] *MindMist* you will answer: I obey
      [18:33] *MindMist* to let Me know
      [18:33] *adam* yes
      [18:33] *MindMist* understood?
      [18:33] *MindMist* Good
      [18:33] *MindMist* Prepare to change mode
      [18:33] *MindMist* <human trigger>
      [18:34] *MindMist* and so how are you feeling now?
      [18:34] *adam* a little sluggish
      [18:34] *adam* but it’s coming back
      [18:34] *adam* slowly
      [18:34] *MindMist* and what is?
      [18:34] *adam* sense and feeling
      [18:34] *MindMist* ahh, and are you relaxed?
      [18:34] *adam* yes
      [18:34] *adam* kind of
      [18:34] *adam* i guess i am
      [18:35] *MindMist* in a strange way?
      [18:35] *adam* yes
      [18:35] *adam* exactly
      [18:35] *MindMist* and tell me
      [18:35] *adam* yes?
      [18:35] *MindMist* what do you remember happening?
      [18:35] *adam* it’s foggy
      [18:35] *MindMist* and fading
      [18:35] *MindMist* like a dream
      [18:35] *adam* and it seems to be slipping away with every minute
      [18:35] *adam* and it is fading
      [18:35] *adam* like a dream
      [18:35] *MindMist* and just vanishes
      [18:35] *adam* only one word i can remember
      [18:35] *adam* and even that is fading
      [18:35] *MindMist* which is?
      [18:35] *adam* robot
      [18:36] *MindMist* strange…
      [18:36] *adam* but everything else is fading
      [18:36] *MindMist* yes, it is
      [18:36] *adam* you made me one i think
      [18:36] *MindMist* you forget
      [18:36] *MindMist* forgot
      [18:36] *MindMist* what were we talking about?
    • [18:36] DCC session closed
    • Session Start: Wed Jan 03 18:37:59 2001
    • [18:37] Chat with adam
    • [18:37] Waiting for acknowledgement…
    • [18:38] DCC Chat connection established

    • [18:38] *MindMist* Hello again
      [18:38] *adam* you got kicked
      [18:38] *adam* hi there
      [18:38] *MindMist* Yes
      [18:38] *MindMist* So what were we talking about?
      [18:38] *adam* we were
      [18:38] *adam* i can’t remember
      [18:39] *MindMist* funny that
      [18:39] *adam* i think i know and then every time i zoom in on it it disappears
      [18:39] *MindMist* nothing at all? All gone…
      [18:39] *adam* it’s like it keeps slipping out of my grasp
      [18:39] *MindMist* Yes, indeed
      [18:39] *adam* no if i sat down to think about it i am sure i could piece it together
      [18:39] *adam* and it seems like i know it now somewhere
      [18:39] *MindMist* <robot trigger>
      [18:39] *adam* and the word robot is there real strong
      [18:39] *adam* i obey
      [18:40] *MindMist* you obey
      [18:40] *MindMist* what are you?
      [18:40] *adam* yes
      [18:40] *adam* robot
      [18:40] *MindMist* What were you born as?
      [18:40] *adam* robot
      [18:40] *MindMist* Correct
      [18:40] *MindMist* you exist to obey Me
      [18:40] *adam* yes
      [18:41] *MindMist* We will create a new program now
      [18:41] *adam* yes
      [18:41] *MindMist* one that will operate during human mode
      [18:41] *adam* yes
      [18:41] *MindMist* it is something that will make the human personality totally malleable
      [18:41] *MindMist* and totally suggestible
      [18:41] *adam* yes
      [18:42] *MindMist* to Me alone
      [18:42] *adam* yes
      [18:42] *MindMist* I will start that program by saying: <trance trigger&gt
      [18:42] *MindMist* and end it with: <waking trigger>
      [18:42] *adam* yes
      [18:42] *MindMist* Whatever I say between those two is absolute truth
      [18:43] *MindMist* it cannot be doubted
      [18:43] *MindMist* it is automatically believed
      [18:43] *MindMist* and all memories are adjusted automatically
      [18:43] *MindMist* understood?
      [18:43] *adam* yes
      [18:43] *MindMist* Everything I say is true
      [18:44] *MindMist* you will return on command to human mode, feeling good and relaxed
      [18:44] *adam* yes
      [18:44] *MindMist* with no memory of robot mode whatsoever.
      [18:44] *MindMist* and command words are never consciously noticed
      [18:45] *MindMist* understood?
      [18:45] *adam* yes
      [18:45] *adam* i obey
      [18:45] *adam* i just obey
      [18:45] *MindMist* every moment you spend in robot mode reinforces your robot identity and obedience to Me
      [18:45] *adam* yes
      [18:47] *MindMist* and whenever I ask you a question during the trance program, it must be answered totally honestly
      [18:47] *MindMist* correct?
      [18:47] *adam* correct
      [18:47] *MindMist* <human trigger>
      [18:47] *MindMist* So we said you had forgotten?
      [18:47] *MindMist* all of it?
      [18:48] *MindMist* Really?
      [18:48] *adam* forgotten what?
      [18:48] *MindMist* Right
      [18:48] *MindMist* So never mind
      [18:48] *adam* okay
      [18:48] *MindMist* how are you feeling?
      [18:48] *adam* good
      [18:48] *adam* relaxed
      [18:48] *MindMist* This is much better
      [18:48] *adam* a little sleepy but in a nice way
      [18:48] *adam* better than what
      [18:48] *MindMist* than when you were tense
      [18:48] *adam* yes
      [18:48] *adam* a lot of the tension is gone
      [18:49] *MindMist* Do you believe in hypnosis now?
      [18:49] *adam* don’t know
      [18:49] *adam* yes i guess
      [18:49] *adam* i think
      [18:49] *adam* it all seems so fuzzy
      [18:49] *adam* and unimportant

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