Adam’s Forced Feminization Part 1: Setting the stage

Adam’s Forced Feminization,

Part 1: Setting the stage

WARNING: If you’re offended by seeing a man turned into a woman against his will, JUST STOP READING HERE! If, on the other hand, that sort of thing excites you, well, enjoy.

by Mind Mistress

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I was wanting material to advertize myself on a Forced Feminization site, and I had a very willing subject unable to pay. I offered him a deal: Pretend you don’t want to be hypnotized, and I’ll hypnotize you for free. In exchange, allow Me to use the log of our hypnosis sessions on My site and theirs.

He agreed.

So we start with a submissive, totally heterosexual man with no crossdressing tendencies at all, and proceed as planned with the Forced Feminization.

He knew the topic, and he knew what he was getting into. Which was basically to be made into whatever I wanted, to serve My purposes.

The agreement was made in chat on ICQ. Then we went to IRC to facilitate logging, and plan the first part of the story. I thought with minimal set-up, we could make the rest be totally real. But I dislike lying, even minimally. So here is what really happened. Names have been changed, some typos corrected, and some private information deleted. Other than that, you have here the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help Me… oh never mind. He probably isn’t into that sort of thing…

To maximize your experience of these logs, I suggest you imagine hearing My voice as you read My lines, and read adam’s part in your own mental voice.

Feel free to imagine My voice as lovely and entrancing you like…

  • Session Start: Tue Jan 02 18:57:26 2001
  • [18:57] DCC Chat session –
  • [18:57] Client: adam (IP address)
  • [18:57] Acknowledging chat request…
  • [18:57] DCC Chat connection established

  • [18:57] *adam* hello there
    [18:57] *adam* glad we’ve established the connection finally
    [18:58] *MindMist* I love My chat announce sound file…
    [18:58] *adam* i didn’t hear it….what does it sound like?
    [19:00] *MindMist* see for yourself…
    [19:00] *adam* thanks it’s coming through now
    [19:01] *adam* so we are close to establishing the scenario
    [19:01] *adam* i have a good friend called Stephanie who i occasionally sleep with
    [19:01] *adam* she thinks i can get stressed and has said that i should consider hpnosis
    [19:01] *adam* and i have always fobbed her off
    [19:01] *adam* this has potential
    [19:02] *adam* and i can make myself a little more nasty
    [19:02] *adam* here goes
    [19:02] *adam* I’ve always thought that some of the most gullible women in the world can be found online.
    [19:03] *adam* no scratch that
    [19:03] *adam* this isn’t right
    [19:03] *adam* it needs to be clear who i am talking to
    [19:03] *adam* i could be writing a letter to Stephanie
    [19:04] *MindMist* Hmm, yes
    [19:04] *adam* i think the best thing for us to do here is to sort out the outline clearly then i can fill in the gaps
    [19:05] *MindMist* It can either be in the “I used to believe… bla bla bla” or have the tone change through the account
    [19:05] *MindMist* Since by the time you write it, it’s a done deal

    The story begins…

    [19:05] *adam* dear Stephanie,
    [19:05] *adam* allright allright you win. i’ll do it. if it’ll make you happy i’ll do it
    [19:05] *MindMist* I can also quote parts of the IRC log
    [19:05] *adam* the problem is finding someone reliable on the net
    [19:06] *adam* but you know me better than anyone and if you think i need hypnosis to help me relax then that is what i will do
    [19:06] *MindMist* So yes, start with the letter/email to Stephanie, perhaps sent prior to the trance so you are your old self fully
    [19:07] *adam* i ought to explain. stephanie is my closest friend and has been for many years. We talk about most things but recently she has been talking about one subject only
    [19:08] *adam* she thinks i work too hard, and i suppose she has a point. i am an <occupation deleted> and i can end up working 14 hour days sometimes. Well you have to in this business or you get trampled in the rush of people who want your job
    [19:08] *adam* i try to relax but no matter how much sport i play or how much sex i have (and stephanie is very obliging on that front)
    [19:09] *adam* i just cannot seem to relax
    [19:10] *adam* Stephanie is a sweetheart and she keeps trying new things out
    [19:10] *adam* she even bought me scented candles that were supposed to relax me but all they did was stink the room out
    [19:10] *MindMist* lol
    [19:10] *adam* i humour her because she’s sweet, we have a good friendship, and because the sex is so good i would hate to risk it by being a jerk
    [19:11] *adam* her most recent idea has taken such a grip over her that she will not stop talking about it. she really is obsessed
    [19:12] *MindMist* (you’re obviously writing about stephanie to someone else now)
    [19:12] *adam* apparently she has seen some website and there is some woman who promises to hypnotise you inyo a relaxed state
    [19:12] *adam* Stephanie thinks this is the answer. Me? well i think it’s the most ridiculous idea
    [19:13] *adam* i’ve seen stage shows of hypnotists and i have never really believed they are anything other than faked. I mean, we live in a world where scientific truth is so dominant that there really isn’t room for this some voodoo mumbo jumbo to be taken seriously
    [19:14] *adam* but try explaining that to Stephanie
    [19:14] *adam* i’ve argued, i’ve coerced, i’ve cajoled but she is adamant
    [19:14] *adam* i know Stephanie and once she gets an idea she won’t let it go
    [19:15] *adam* last night things came to boiling point
    [19:15] *adam* we were lying in bed, having just made love, (was it my imagination or was she putting a little bit extra into it that night)
    [19:15] *adam* she leaned over me to get her cigarettes and as she lit up she said ” enjoy that?”
    [19:16] *adam* well she never usually asks this so i smelled a rat almost immediately, but as is so often the case with stephanie, you have to humour her
    [19:16] *adam* “that was fantastic. you were amazing. you just get better and better. don’t go getting a jealous boyfriend because i couldn’t do without this and you know it”
    [19:17] *adam* she laughed
    [19:17] *adam* “well you’re going to have to do without it for a little while”
    [19:17] *MindMist* 🙂
    [19:17] *adam* “what?”
    [19:18] *adam* ” i said you’re going to have to do without his for a little while. There seems to be no way i can drag you to this hypnotist, so i have decided that until you go, you won’t be getting this again”
    [19:19] *adam* “oh for christ’s sake Stephanie!”
    [19:19] *adam* but even then i knew it was no use
    [19:19] *adam* she liked her little plan, was so proud of it, that it would be cruel to give her anything other than the total satisfaction that it had snared me
    [19:20] *adam* “allright you win. I’ll go on soon.”
    [19:20] *adam* “you’ll do more than that” she said, swinging her almost perfect legs off the bed ” you’ll go on now”
    [19:21] *adam* she started to get dressed
    [19:21] *adam* “come on Stephanie…it can wait”
    [19:21] *adam* she just smiled at me, took a long drag on her cigarette and proceeded to get dressed in perhaps the sexiest way that it is possible for any man to witness
    [19:22] *MindMist* (there needs to be time now for you to be writing an email to a friend before the trance occurs)
    [19:22] *adam* then she leaned over the table and wrote the url down, pausing only to look over her shoulder and wiggle her perfect ass at me (with Stephanie the only appropriate adjective was perfect)
    [19:23] *adam* *good point. i’ll work it in*
    [19:24] *adam* the door slammed and all i could think of was humouring the girl so i could get her back into bed. i may even have had the computer on before the door slammed
    [19:24] *adam* to tell you the truth i don’t remember
    [19:24] *MindMist* (Perhaps she leaves, telling you to do it now, and you go to the computer, and procrastinate by writing this to your friend.)
    [19:25] *adam* fired up the aol, logged onto the url….
    [19:25] *adam* ….only the site was down
    [19:25] *adam* and would be for the next 24 hours
    [19:25] *adam* so Mike, what do i do?
    [19:25] *MindMist* (not good… give a bad impression of the site being unreliable)
    [19:25] *adam* good point
    [19:26] *adam* no wait i can log on and find you there and you can set a time for a further chat
    [19:26] *MindMist* (could be moving to a new server)
    [19:26] *MindMist* (oh yes, and you can tell people what you thought of me 🙂
    [19:27] *adam* got it. wait. i have the answer
    [19:28] *adam* Stephanie knew exactly how to use her sexuality and always had done
    [19:28] *adam* in my indecent haste to carry out her conditions i must have added about twenty words per minute to my typing speed and logged on quicker than i ever had done
    [19:29] *adam* she sure was one hell of a motivator
    [19:29] *adam* she had left me three sites to look at and i moved towrds the first one
    [19:30] *adam* wow
    [19:30] *adam* maybe this was Stephanie’s trick
    [19:30] *adam* i had expected a dry bearded man to greet me
    [19:31] *adam* or even maybe a frumpy middle aged woman
    [19:31] *adam* but nothing prepared me for the beautiful pvc clad model that graced the front of the page
    [19:32] *adam* well medical hypnosis had certainly moved on since i had last read about it
    [19:32] *adam* this woman clearly believed in customer relations
    [19:32] *MindMist* (actually, my therapy site has me in a purple velvet dress)
    [19:33] *adam* * i’m going to need to think about this section a little more so i’ll stop here*

    The plot thickens…

    [19:33] *adam* didn’t realize you had a therapy site
    [19:33] *MindMist* (which would be the one you’d be sent to perhaps)
    [19:33] *adam* that’s very useful
    [19:33] *adam* can you give me the url
    [19:33] *MindMist* Same address but
    [19:34] *MindMist* adult is a subdomain, but you have to know about it
    [19:34] *adam* it’s a beautiful picture
    [19:34] *adam* that site would be more useful because it would not scare me away like the other one
    [19:35] *adam* if i was not submissive
    [19:35] *adam* i was thinking that you could order me to summarise my experiences so far and send them to you
    [19:35] *adam* as a prerequisite for being tranced
    [19:35] *adam* given that i could not afford to pay
    [19:35] *adam* you could demand i keep a log which you would publish
    [19:37] *adam* i think after we had written a basic draft we could tailor it so as it seemed less like a story and more real…cut of some of the more florid elements
    [19:37] *adam* but do you like the style so far
    [19:37] *MindMist* It’s great. An email to your friend Mike is perfect
    [19:38] *MindMist* 🙂
    [19:38] *adam* i was thinking of a chapter when Stephanie, utterly horrified by what you’ve done to me, comes online to confront you and gets taken under herself
    [19:38] *MindMist* That would be nice… I wonder if I should indulge
    [19:38] *adam* i hope i pass the test
    [19:38] *MindMist* Or let the reader assume she had planned it all along
    [19:38] *adam* because i would love to go under for you
    [19:38] *MindMist* I am pleased with your work 🙂
    [19:39] *adam* thank you
    [19:39] *MindMist* Perhaps Stephanie got advice from one of her friends, on how to make guys less macho, but didn’t realize it would go that far. That could work
    [19:40] *adam* that too
    [19:40] *MindMist* It’s best if your transformation was plotted by a woman
    [19:40] *adam* as you wish
    [19:40] *MindMist* in full knowledge
    [19:40] *MindMist* That’s the point of the site in question
    [19:40] *adam* maybe she has spoken to you before
    [19:41] *MindMist* But the woman in full knowledge might not be Stephanie
    [19:41] *adam* might be someone who wanted both me and stephanie
    [19:41] *adam* we can plot it
    [19:41] *MindMist* Yes, let the reader assume I have talked with Stephanie
    [19:41] *adam* that’s the most important part…sorting out the plotting
    [19:41] *adam* the rest writes itself as you can see
    [19:41] *MindMist* yes
    [19:41] *MindMist* I was thinking for a sound file…

    [19:42] *MindMist* That I would require you to record on tape an essay on “Why I don’t want to be a girl”
    [19:42] *adam* after trance?
    [19:42] *MindMist* yes
    [19:42] *adam* because i wouldn’t do that voluntarily before would i
    [19:43] *adam* that would be wonderful
    [19:43] *MindMist* Saying that I’d release you if you managed to make a good enough case for it
    [19:43] *MindMist* Unfortunately, you will be programmed to become more a girl the more you deny wanting to…
    [19:43] *adam* that’s a great idea
    [19:43] *adam* i could write that
    [19:43] *MindMist* So as you’re talking, the change happens
    [19:44] *MindMist* You won’t need to write it
    [19:44] *adam* after the preamble, what i write will be entirely dictated by that states you put me in
    [19:44] *MindMist* It will be real…
    [19:44] *adam* that’s so sexy
    [19:44] *MindMist* All you’ll need is a tape recorder… start denying you want it…
    [19:44] *MindMist* and keep talking
    [19:44] *adam* you could program me hypnotically for this to happen?
    [19:45] *MindMist* That’s the idea
    [19:45] *adam* wow
    [19:45] *adam* well all we really need to fake then is the preamble.
    [19:45] *adam* and most of it is written already
    [19:45] *MindMist* Exactly
    [19:45] *adam* i tried to make it light
    [19:45] *MindMist* Yup, has to be a believable email
    [19:46] *adam* i can rejig it
    [19:46] *adam* i was writing that one more as a story
    [19:46] *adam* i can add more references to Mike
    [19:46] *MindMist* Yup
    [19:46] *adam* while keeping stephanie as a desirable figure
    [19:46] *adam* she comes across quite sexy in that
    [19:46] *MindMist* She does
    [19:46] *adam* leaning over me to get her cigarettes
    [19:46] *adam* these are all things she has actually done
    [19:47] *MindMist* I keep dissapearing from our chat… because I need to go to the bathroom here to smoke… and… you know…
    [19:47] *adam* the problem is…writing that has made me crave the trance itself now
    [19:47] *adam* mmmm
    [19:47] *adam* now you’re tantalising me with images
    [19:47] *MindMist* It’s very sexy for me too
    [19:48] *adam* i know you’re a lesbian but you don’t mind me desiring you do you
    [19:48] *MindMist* of course not
    [19:48] *adam* good i am glad
    [19:49] *adam* the thought of you smoking and “you know”-ing in the bathroom is enough to send me into trance almost on its own
    [19:52] *MindMist* Mmmmm
    [19:52] *MindMist* Smoking makes me horny
    [19:52] *MindMist* Being horny makes me want to smoke
    [19:52] *MindMist* It’s quite the problem 😉
    [19:53] *adam* i don’t see it as a problem 😉
    [19:53] *adam* i find smoking sexy but somehow i get the feeling that by the time you’re done with me….i might find it sexier
    [19:54] *adam* we could publish a mirc log of the induction on your site
    [19:55] *MindMist* Well… I don’t want to give away all my tricks…
    [19:55] *MindMist* So exerps… yes
    [19:56] *adam* any chance of starting now?
    [20:00] *MindMist* I’m considering…
    [20:00] *MindMist* It’s just very likely I’ll be disturbed here
    [20:01] *adam* i don’t mind
    [20:01] *adam* but then you know that i would say that
    [20:03] *MindMist* heh heh
    [20:03] *MindMist* it must be really late for you there…
    [20:04] *adam* oh i think i could stay up a little longer
    [20:04] *adam* besides
    [20:04] *adam* the later it is here the more suggestive my mind becomes
    [20:05] *MindMist* grin
    [20:05] *MindMist* brb
    [20:09] *MindMist* Okay, when are you free tomorrow?
    [20:10] *adam* hmmmm
    [20:10] *adam* well i could be online anytime that you wanted me to
    [20:10] *adam* i can work around you
    [20:10] *MindMist* Cool
    [20:11] *MindMist* I’m thinking 5pm would be good for me
    [20:11] *MindMist* So that would be 10pm for you I think?
    [20:11] *adam* what time is it there now?

    [20:11] *adam* that would be fine
    [20:11] *MindMist* 8:11
    [20:12] *adam* i’ll come online at 10pm our time and look for you
    [20:12] *MindMist* Great 🙂
    [20:12] *adam* i am going to be so excited by this all day
    [20:12] *MindMist* I’ve made sure I’d have the computer room reserved for that time
    [20:13] *MindMist* Of course… that’s one reason I prefer to give appointments
    [20:13] *MindMist* Gives me and my subject time to work up to it…
    [20:13] *MindMist* These things are best anticipated and savored 🙂
    [20:14] *adam* i understand
    [20:14] *adam* i’ll enjoy my last day as a free man
    [20:14] *MindMist* Heh heh
    [20:14] *MindMist* I like that
    [20:16] *adam* although i’m not really free
    [20:16] *adam* as my mind will be given over to thoughts of you
    [20:16] *adam* thoughts of you smoking
    [20:16] *adam* when you hypnotise me
    [20:16] *adam* you can do whatever you want to me
    [20:18] *MindMist* Mmmm, yes…
    [20:19] *adam* and you can save this dcc log
    [20:19] *adam* so you’ve got proof that i said that
    [20:19] *adam* proof
    [20:20] *MindMist* yup
    [20:20] *adam* i want to be a toy for your amusment
    [20:20] *adam* and i like your evil side
    [20:22] *MindMist* heh heh 😉
    [20:23] *adam* 😉
    [20:26] *MindMist* I’m working on a more suggestive version of the entrance page
    [20:27] *adam* more suggestive in text or in pictures
    [20:27] *adam* it’s pretty sexy as it is
    [20:28] *MindMist* text
    [20:28] *MindMist* I’ve been told it’s too descriptive
    [20:28] *MindMist* and not suggestive
    [20:28] *adam* shame…i really like it
    [20:29] *adam* it covers all the bases and does it economically, shoing you understand the fantasies
    [20:29] *adam* and arouses and intrigues
    [20:29] *adam* and crucially it makes you feel dangerous
    [20:29] *adam* which is what any sub looks for
    [20:31] *MindMist* Interesting… I was trying to also be re-assuring about how safe it and natural it is…
    [20:31] *MindMist* what specifically makes me look dangerous?
    [20:31] *MindMist* Not that I really mind 😉
    [20:32] *adam* not so much the entrance more the remark on the other page about skeptics who have new careers on street corners
    [20:32] *MindMist* heh heh, yes
    [20:32] *adam* and it’s more the tone on the opening page
    [20:32] *MindMist* I meant I’m working on the entrance page, not my bio
    [20:32] *adam* the idea that you are offering everything
    [20:33] *adam* but that you might demand a very exacting price
    [20:33] *MindMist* EVERYTHING! at a reasonable price…
    [20:33] *adam* in terms of handing over my freewill
    [20:33] *adam* it’s like ” come into my parlour said the spider to the fly”
    [20:33] *MindMist* Yessss
    [20:33] *MindMist* Needful Things herein…
    [20:34] *MindMist* Seen that movie?
    [20:34] *adam* no
    [20:34] *adam* is it good
    [20:35] *MindMist* It’s fun…
    [20:35] *MindMist* Gotta go, later! Thanks
    [20:35] *adam* thank you
    [20:35] *MindMist* was a very nice chat… see you likely tomorrow…
    [20:35] *adam* see you tomorrow at 10pm
    [20:35] *adam* thank you so much
    [20:35] *adam* bye for nwo
    [20:36] *MindMist* yes

  • [20:36] DCC session closed
  • Session Close: Tue Jan 02 21:05:14 2001

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