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Adult Hypnotic Wishes

As you turn to look at Her... freezing like a deer caught in the headlights of her endless eyes... heart thumping in your chest... Her gaze reaches deep inside and squeezes your heart, and as you feel your loins warming, blood flowing hot, an electric chill runs along your spine... and a tingling fills your limbs...

You cannot look away, cannot even consider doing so, because she is smiling, the barest smile from a corner of Her lips... knowing you are Hers, in the way the clothes she wears are Hers... suddenly envying the material that caresses her curves, your mind a haze of growing desire as the world fades away to only Her... only Her...

Mind Mistress silver pvc

Mind Mistress invites you...

She is a hypnotic dominatrix, and you are under her spell... never knew anyone could make you feel this way... and as you sink deeper into trance, trading free will for mind numbing pleasure,... that grows with every breath... giving up all your worries and responsibilities,... letting them all drain away... and replacing them with mindless obedience, and total faith in your Mistress... as your purpose becomes clear... you were born to serve Her, please Her and obey Her.... No more doubts, no more worries.... No more aimless wandering. You are her toy and desire nothing more...

hypnose érotique et domination, version français (cliquez içi)

Sexual fantasy!

With erotic hypnosis, you can:

  • Have your arousal turned up or down on command like a dial.
  • Have a mind blowing orgasm every time you hear a trigger word.
  • Be given irrisistible cravings, or new sexual fetishes!
  • Experience any sexual fantasy in the vitual reality of trance, and have them be completely believable. Just like in dreams...
  • Encounter the man or woman of your dreams, and have them acting just the way you've always wanted... seductive, dominant or submissive...
  • Relive the best moments of your life, and make them more intense!
  • Be programmed with post-hypnotic suggestions, and made to forget them, so that you will do things in the days following the sessions without knowing why!

All things are possible! The only limit is consent. You have to agree to the changes and suggestions for them to work. A hypnotist only has as much power as you give them.

I can't really forces someone to do something they don't want without them knowing. However, you can agree to forget some things while in trance for some some fun hypno-games. You won't remember agreeing, but that's part of the fun!

My success rate is around 98%



I specialize in hypnotic transformations. Deep trance is essentially the same state as dreaming, and I can create a vivid dream where you have the body of your dreams, and live out the adventures you desire.

The catch? I'm a lesbian, so I'm not really interested in fantasies for men. However, I'm quite happy to hypnotize women or create fantasies for males who want to be women, or somewhere in between. While I love working with couples and women, most of My clientele is made up of transvestites who want to experience having adventures in a female body, and pre-op transsexuals who want a taste of what it's like to be fully female, or get a that hypnotic push to start transitioning to their female self.

Want to be 20 years younger? Relive your high school years as a sexy school girl ? Be feminized into a big breasted cheerleader, . How about being a robot pleasure drone, or a sexy schoolgirl? Some like furries, so being a cat woman, pony girl dog boy, or a fantasy creature may appeal to you. Some just want to be My slave boys and girls, and do anything I want... Mmmmm...

With hypnotic transformations, it's not just role-playing and imagination...

That's what you see in the mirror!!!

If you want to hallucinate non-sexual fantasies, try Adventure Hypnosis on the therapy site, it's a lot cheaper!

This website is "adult oriented". You must be at least 18 years old to enter. By accepting admission to this site, you do hereby willingly agree to the following terms & conditions:


    1. This site is for "Entertainment Purposes" only. Therapeutic hypnosis can be found here.
    2. I am responsible for my requests to and the resulting actions of the hypnotist of this site.
    3. I understand that I may become hypnotized, even if I did not intend to be.
    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
    5. The information gathered by my hypnotist is private, as is the content of sessions, unless I choose to make some of it public.
    6. I am entering this site of my own free will, and I agree to hold harmless the hypnotist and owner of the site. I will not hold them liable for anything that occurs as a result of my session.

I agree, and certify that I am at least 18 years old

No, I don't agree to those terms and condition (or I am too young)

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